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Blunty3000 BDSM Pervert

Blunty3000 (aka Nate Burr IRL, aka Kevin Smith), is the manifestation of what occurs when the power of online communication is beset by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blunty is noteworthy for destroying the image of Lego Aktieselskab by using the Lego pieces in videos that simulate hardcore pornographic sex acts. Blunty was also a member of the community of until he decided to sell himself out on YouTube to provide the masses with super lulz. More importantly, Blunty is probably the most overt archetype of YouTube megalomania. Fortunately, he hasn't restricted his faggotry exclusively to shitty lego films. In the last 3 years Nate has developed into the poster-boy for the ineffectual and frustrated manchild on YouTube. A true keyboard warrior, he's sought to express his pent up nerd rage via YouTube through an unwarranted (and unwavering) self-certainty that typifies most other major YouTube "vloggers".

Blunty3000: Scammer / Internet Panhandler

renetto's thoughts on Blunty

Nate created his YouTube handle and persona based on Kevin Smith, modelling himself on "Clerks" film character Silent Bob - the clothes, the hair, the beard, the backwards baseball cap. Blunty3000 seems ignorant of the fact that Kevin Smith was, in fact, showing a distaste for such morons by doing so. As it turns out, he is also one of the biggest Internet panhandling psychopaths in the history of the internets. This Tasmanian Devil has, from the very start, used YouTube simply as a way to fleece cash from dumb fucks who haven't got anything better to do with their money than give it away to some layabout Aussie stonerHe is also a mutation of CANCER Like the RVGK's.

All about the Money From The Start

Sadly, Blunty3000 didn't set himself on fire during the ritualistic destruction of his perfectly good Windoze 98 Laptop.

This is the truth. Believing shit Lego stop-frame animation was his ticket to conning the internet public out of their cash, Blunty has, so far, managed to scam his way far beyond the panhandling imaginations of Paperlilies or Kimberleigh. Blunty3000 desperately tries not to present himself as a stoner, despite the sativa leafs everywhere, and gets pissed-off with his mate whenever said mate refers to the fact that they are high.

From the very beginning Blunty3000 was simply using YouTube to sell his warez, which is, of course, strictly against the Terms of Service. He rarely appeared on video himself, which was arguably a good idea as he was remarkably less charismatic than the actors in his numerous Lego Brick Films, in which each video description the viewer was pointed towards his website from which you could purchase a burned DVD. This didn't last long though.

Within a year, his channel's main purpose mutated into a pulpit to propagate his pedagogic ideals - in an attempt to sandbag and distract his viewers from the exposing of his panhandling. It has been reported that Blunty3000 even said to his good friend Damien Estreich:

I'll not be happy till I get the shirts off Steve Chen and Chad Hurley's fucking backs!


Could you guys give me money to fly a random girl I met on the internet to Tasmania?

Having learned that he is going to make jack shit selling his burned DVD's of his shitty Lego-Brick Films, Blunty3000 had an ingenious scheme: "I know," he thought, "I haven't gotten laid in years - I'll get YouTube to pay for me to fly this YouTube Favicon.png chick over to Tasmania from California that I have been chatting with on instant messenger for 5 minutes. That'll be cheaper than fucking the shit out of a whore like I did the last time I got laid. Thus Project PayPal/YouTube Get Laid was launched - in return he promised to make another Lego-Brick Film before she arrived; which of course, he reneged on, naturally. Blunty3000 was ably assisted by 'Creepy Dad' YouTube Favicon.png DaleATL who faithfully sold copyright-infringing "I am a YouTubaholic" T-Shirts to assist Blunty in his great quest to "get laid". That is until YouTube objected to their logo being used in order to pay for some Aussie douchebag to be shag some random chick.

Could somebody buy me a new MacBook?

"I need to burn this Win98 piece of shit, cos it makes me look like a stoner"

Having spent a great deal of time talking shit about Apple Mac's, and the glorious benifits of Windows, while at the same time bitching about his crap Windows 98 Laptop that he figured he added-value to by calling it "The Blunt-Top", Blunty3000 finally thought himself up a wonderful idea. Entitled "I will Burn this Piece of Shit in a Video if Someone will buy me a new MacBook". Unbelievably, some dumbfuck trustfund Fanboy actually bought him one. Damien Estreich then bought the Blunt-Top on Ebay for $350 which meant he could not afford to buy food to eat for the next 2 days!

"Can You send me Money to Pay for us to move-in together in a Nice New Apartment?"

"This time I promise will be the last time I ask for Money"

"Ok - Me and this chick have fucked each other senseless for a week!!"

So now in order to satisfy his desires for the filthy lucre, Blunty pimped both himself and his new girlfriend out - but this time with a difference. This time Blunty simply announced on his own channel that now was the time for BluntPimp:The Great Blunty Sellout. In his usual style he was apologetic and claimed it was embarrassing to be "soliciting money against the Terms of Service". Still, NOT embarrassing enough NOT to establish a Stand Alone Begging Channel and WebSite for both himself, and for his soon to be girlfriend in residence Katz20two - who also had her own dedicated YouTube Favicon.png soliciting channel and accompanying WebSite. Note : All references to the BluntPimp escapade / scam has been removed from the archives of the Bluntnation WebSite.

Money is required from you for:

  • Relocating Blunty3000 to Mainland Australia.
  • Deposit and Rent for New Apartment.
  • A 'New Motorcycle for Blunty3000.
  • Flying Katz20two and all her possessions to Australia. College Fees for Katz20two's Theatre Director's Course. Paying off Blunty's overdue bills, new toys and drugs.

The Happy Couple

Naturally, upon Katz20two's Arrival YourTubeNews posted a special episode marking the occasion. This was done at the request of Blunty since he wanted a little more exposure due to his concerns that the latest Blunt Pimp scam had not netted him enough to buy the Limited Edition Harley Davidson he had wanted.

However the honeymoon-period was not to last (oh indeed, it was not) - within a fortnight Blunty had transformed from a mild-mannered, common scammer into a crazed ego-maniacal psychopath, that first reared it's ugly head during the Bobs4Kim Scandal, when he rashly uploaded a video swearing at the YouTube Favicon.png community members 'bold enough' to question his clique's little scheme, because they were all just "CUNTS!! Who simply didn't understand that YouTube Celebs have to get given MONEY FOR NOTHING or else. What is the fucking point! You cunts!"

He quickly came down from this manic episode and deleted the video and apologized. Fortunately, someone had saved this seething explosion of hate, that can now be seen to be a warning sign in YT history pointing to the brutal web saga that was about to take place.

Others have also speculated that this video was made as a pay-off to Damien Estreich in exchange for Winning The Circle Cicle Dot Dot Jamie Kennedy / Stu Stone YourTubeNews Competition.

Fuck off and die! Give me money! You're a retard! DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS



Love makes you Healthy & Happy?

2 months after Katz20two arrived, it seems her confronting him about his bullshit took its toll.

Is it just me or "Can you see a transformation" in Blunty3000's appearance? Where has our Fresh-faced cheeky scammer gone? All that is left is a graying degenerate!

Blunty3000's Very Strange Behavior

Many have Said that Blunty3000's behavior is indeed very strange. Firstly in his video entitled "YouTube MyCash" he demands that he should get paid over $100,000 per year for producing a weekly video. Next there was his This is Art : I am Better Than You which should really have been called My viewers are so thick as shit that over 9,000 will sit a watch me write ego-maniacal nonsensical ramblings on A4 paper. Then there was "Da Prezhidunt of teh ewe ess eh?" aka Perhaps the most Patronizing/Treating my Viewers as Idiots Video I could make. Blunty here as usual plays to his mainly American Audience who he considers to be idiots - Gimmeabreakman did not like being Treated like an Idiot. Neither did Pigslop as you can tell from his comment below.

Nuff Said

The Day YouTubers Started Trolling Themselves

Blunty3000 participated in a charade know as the DumbFuckofTas-Gate in which Blunty3000 trolled himself, in an episode which included him allegedly giving out his own Telephone Number which is apparently +61 0416856101 although this is unconfirmed as no-one wants to call him, since they can simply use the internet to troll him - for FREE!

YouTube Favicon.png Blunty3000's going down - From Deviloftas - 15 February 2007

YouTube Favicon.png A weapon against Blunty. - From Deviloftas - 15 February 2007

A YouTube member corrected the audio pitch on the "Blunty3000's going down" video and proved that it was just Blunty3000, talking about himself, as usual. It is more sensible when changing your voice with sophisticated cumpooters that your original signal is an effected voice and that you don't use the same voice patterns as usual. This confirms that Blunty3000 is either stupid, or believes his viewers are stupid....or both!

YouTube Favicon.png Blunty3000 Trollz Himself (Attention Whore) - - 16 February 2007

Blunty's the Man!! He is the Powerful One!!




The Hatorz Controversy

An example of Blunty's well-known DMCA abuse.

2 March 2007

Controversy one again reared its ugly head, this time it came in the form of his YouTube Favicon.png Hatorz! video in which he directed his viewers to his Hatorz Web 2.0 Blog on Bluntmation.Cock which is TL;DR and can be summarized by:

Anybody that doesn't agree with me, is a subhuman parasite and I fully intended to round then all up and kill them with my own bare hands.



While this seemed, on the face of it, to be the usual Nazi propaganda that is encouraged on YouTube, many have speculated that it was in fact sandbagging and distraction to divert attention away from the real issue, as his attack was aimed squarely at Trevor Rieger's (now suspended) YouTube Favicon.png UTubeDrama channel (the channel not the site. Blunty3000 had been having a comment war with Trevor Rieger, an investigative journalist who reported on YouTube's internal affairs using his UTubeDrama channel. During this comment war, Trevor had his channel suspended after posting his exposé on the Guest Featured Video Editor, which criticized YouTube Policy.

However there has been speculation on YouTube that since Trevor had told Blunty3000 that he had been researching Blunty3000's cash-scamming and that he was going to do an exposé on Blunty, it is likely that this channel suspension (in which UTubeDrama lost its subscriber-base of over 1,000 subscribers) was simply Damien Estreich using and abusing his newly acquired Street Team powers to protect his ally Blunty3000.

As Trevor Rieger's voice on YouTube had been removed by Damien Estreich's banhammer, Trevor relayed his research through an intermediary into the hands of an EDiot so that his research could be published. Trevor created a new YouTube channel called YouTube Favicon.png UTubeDramaQueen. Blunty3000 was contacted for a comment, but his reply was simply:

Fuck off you parasite, I'm gonna fucking kill you!...unless you want to give me some money?


— - Blunty3000


Blunty3000 the Internet Psychopath

The PROOF you were looking for; Blunty3000, is a self-hating Nazi.

Trevor Rieger's UTubeDramaQueen channel, was suspended after 72 hours. His only offense being that he posted a video in which he called Blunty3000 a "prick". He created the YouTube Favicon.png UTubeDramaKing channel which was banned a day or so later. This set the pattern for Trevor Rieger's idiosyncratic treatment on the site.

3 May 2007

Blunty3000 was accepted into the YouTube Partner program, which meant that he would get a share of the revenue created by anyone clicking an advertisement placed adjacent to one of his videos. He promptly posted a stream of crap videos with sensationalist titles and misleading thumbnails to get as many advertising impressions as possible before YouTube could figure out how he was gaming another one of their systems and pissing off their advertisers (by obtaining impressions from a demographic completely unrelated to the one that Blunty3000's Lego-video-watching subscribers purported to represent).

Blunty3000, Doing absolutely anything to get honorz and advertising revenue (video now removed by YouTube)

The titles included:

  • Hunt with a gun? you're a F'in pussy!
  • RE: Adam And Eve Were Gay
  • Shite-Blunty
  • Mountin' Jew
  • Erection Selection
  • Free iPhone - (Just Blunty ebegging for an iPhone)
  • iPhones for $1 - (Actually a pair of shit earphones that can be picked up in any local Canadian Dollar Store.)

Despite the fact that Blunty3000 is now psychopathically kicking off drama at every opportunity (regardless of the damage that it is doing to other members of the site) to get more subscribers/views/advertisement impressions, he still accused a fellow YouTube Partner Renetto of doing the exact same thing in his "Re: Is Greg Solomon...(Paul the conspicuous puppet master)" video. Nate's hypocrisy is nearly unmatched on the tubes.

Three Days of Hypocrisy

rightCunty3000 lying to hide his hypocrisy

9 July 2007

Despite being one of the biggest scammers on YouTube, Blunty3000 made a video entitled "condoning spam" in which he derided the Editors at YouTube for featuring Littleloca.

Stevie ryan AKA littleloca (AKA a metric fuck-ton of other user names) got featured... despite the fact she's a well know abuser of dodgy promotional tactics like SPAM and false accounts!(sic)


—Blunty3000, butthurt.

Some of YouTube Favicon.png Littleloca's videos had been page view spammed and comment spammed 8 months previously by her relatives with unrealistic expectations on YouTube. When Blunty3000 was asked why he was attacking her now he claimed that it was due to the YouTube Favicon.png Littleloca channel being featured (for the first time) on the YouTube homepage.

At that time LisaNova had been self-promoting by using a spam bot to leave comments on YouTube profiles (and making many YouTube members, who thought the comments were actually real, very butthurt in the process).

10 July 2007

LisaNova's LisaNova does YOUTUBE!!!! video was featured on the YouTube Homepage. The closest that Blunty3000 has come to commenting on the matter (12 July 2007) is taken from his latest video, (since comments are disabled on the original "Condoning Spam" video), and reposted here.

11 July 2007

After all the bitching, moaning and defamation that Blunty3000 had been engaged in over the previous two days, the YouTube Editors featured his completely crap Blunty's video at E3! video in the YouTube Gadgets & Games category.

It is obvious that Blunty3000's only reason for attacking the Littleloca channel was to bring himself back to the attention of the YouTube Editors. This display of Second-Child-Syndrome behavior from a grown man may disgust some people. The fact that YouTube consistently rewards this type of behavior may confuse others. The explanation for this apparently dysfunctional co-dependent relationship is very simple - by throwing Blunty3000 a bone every now and then, YouTube can keep his dumb ass making shitty Lego videos for them instead of getting a real job with real pay and having a real life. YouTube gets to keep its resident failure that everyone loves to hate, and Blunty3000 gets a few dollars ($10 per 5,000 views) to supplement his disability check.

Blunty's Removed video On Bobs4Kim

<video type="liveleak" id="476_1244454320" width="420" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>

I'm guessing he still checks this article daily...don't be surprised if he DMCA's it. He's still very butthurt to this day.

Gimmeabreakman on Blunty

All Suspicions Confirmed

Blunty's so-called "apology" video (now removed) which he promptly monetized. Probably the most overt and telling example of his self-serving nature to date. YES, he actually did this.

Not since the YouTube Favicon.png apology (now removed) he was forced to make to the YouTube community and family of the dying cancer victim that he heartlessly trolled (see Battim's video) has there been drama of the magnitude in which was seen in mid January of 2009. Clearly frustrated that his fits of ineffectual e-rage consistently fall of deaf ears, and seemingly clueless as to why people don't sympathize with his brow-beating didactics and long-winded pseudo-psych arguments about trivial pop-culture bullshit, Nate doesn't seem to be able to keep that particular pent-up rage isolated OTI. It was recently revealed - in a series of videos put out by his ex-fiancee Katz (mentioned above) - what many had suspected for quite some time: that Blunty is not only an IRL adulterer, but also a matter-of-fact wife beater and thief.

A PR nightmare of epic proportions for YouTube's biggest manboy, he immediately went into damage control mode and posted a half-hour-long YouTube Favicon.png follow up (now removed) wherein he displayed little or no true remorse for his actions and, moreover, attempted to justify his transgressions - most notably stating that some of the "affairs" had meant nothing because they 'weren't having sex'. Calling Nate's attempted admission of guilt 'disingenuous' would be an understatement to say the least, as he chose to do it only now that he has been exposed. The video is full of false humility and plays to the crowd (mostly his fanboy subscribers), but it is quite fitting that the first thing he chose to do in the video was whine about his (apparently) great fear that the situation is giving all his "haters" the satisfaction of having been right about him. For once, he'd actually be correct. Of course, karma is always a bitch, and no one forced him to be one of the biggest lulzcows on the tubes or produce more epic footbullets than thedramatube and pigslop combined.

A majority of the YouTube "community" responded, almost unanimously, with condemnation. But shortly after, Blunty took down the video. Before he did, though, he had the audacity to monetize the video and exploit revenue advertisements via the YouTube Partner Program on top of it. This totally helped him salvage his already less-than-reputable public image.

Youtube Celebs of Yesterday: Where are they now?

As of January 2010, after the whole donkey punch incident, Blunty has being most deserted by the YT community, except ofcourse for the masses of 13 year old boys that enjoy his immature humor. This lack of loniness also extends to women as he is now forced to spend all the money he has earned from begging (see above)and the Youtube partner program to spend on hookers.

$50 for something his own hand could have done better for free. Lazy fuck.

Gallery of Cunty

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