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Blueshine's reaction to this article.
Nikki begging for some wolfaboo cock.

BlueshineWolf, real name Nicole Jordan Mohler, (also known by her fans as "Nikki" or "Moon" @[email protected]) is a 18-year-old girl|18-year-old furry/wolfaboo bible thumping Christian (currently attending Valencia Community College in Florida) is most noted for two things: creating unremarkable sparkledog characters and then throwing a bitchfit when people don't start fapping to them. She is currently whoring herself out to her fans by selling $30 figurines of her sparkledog character Assuva, as well as giant posters of her wolf characters, which have been confirmed by several sources to be "creepy as shit."
Despite the fact that she is only a high school student, Blueshine has already elected herself Queen of the Wolves and will proceed to sic her mindless fans on you if you dare to critique her beautiful artwork. This infamous wolfaboo has a very large reputation for being known as "overbearing", dramatic, a thief, self-obsessed, egotistic, and has it in her head that she'll become a famous Disney animator directly out of high school. Still owing many, many people commissions from 2009, but spending most of her time drawing fanart from My Little Pony, and talking about how great she thinks she is as an artist and as a person. On the contrary to her belief, the majority of people who know her (approximately 92+%) see her as a horrible person, nothing less. Though her newer art is enjoyable to many, her attitude and personality has been known to anger hundreds of people ("hundreds" not being exaggerated, since she is well known for starting drama, and of course, her ego).

No matter how hard some people try to like her, many have been known to say "It's just to hard to do because of who she is as a person." Though Nikki was once liked by possible thousands, her popularity now is only founded upon her fighting with anyone who says even the slightest thing negative about her, and then she goes off and praises herself in large paragraphs (mostly seen on her tumblr page). Not only is she self-obsessed, as stated, but she's ripped off many people out of their money, promising to draw for them. Most people haven't received their commissions from 4 years ago. Yes, 4 years. Somehow, she still thinks everyone at Disney will love her. She visits Disney often, being that she lives about 15 minutes away from there, but what good will that do her? Regardless of how close she lives, or how good she may be at drawing wolves and ponies (that's about all she draws), she fails to realize how much more it will take to get her in to the animation studios (not that she even animates much at all anyways). And being known as a thief...what good will that do her? She has too much against her for anyone to like her, frankly. Nikki definitely has the mind and maturity of a young child, and not in the good way, whatsoever.

  • Bragging about herself won't do her good.
  • Stealing money from people over the internet (can get her arrested actually...) and won't do her any good.
  • Drawing nothing but wolves and My Little Pony fandom won't do her any good.
  • Throwing a bitchfit at anyone who even says "She needs to draw more than wolves" won't get her anywhere.
  • Not accepting critique from anyone won't get her anywhere.
  • Riding roller coasters at Disney won't get her anywhere in the studios.
  • Pretending to be close friends with all the animators in the studios will not get her anywhere.
  • Tracing photos of actual wolves won't get her anywhere.
  • Stealing the designs of her characters form other wolf artists won't get her anywhere.
  • Poorly constructing her character an basing them all off of herself while giving them godlike characteristics won't get her anywhere.

All of the above statements are only a few of the dramatic references observed by others. Nikki has become quite the hated person, for very good reasons. Several reasons for that matter. People have tried to "give her a second chance", but after leaving (her place of origin) and then after a year, announcing her "major comeback" on tumblr, she has been seen as an even worse person then she was 1-4 years ago. She's turned into quite the bitch. Overconfident. Self-obsessed. Dramatic as always. Cocky. Childlike. Spoiled. Hotheaded. A Thief. Egotistic. Etc..... She definitely doesn't deserve what she has, by any means.

Twilight Spirits

Hanging with a sparklewolf is not cool, kids. Someone's going to feel stupid for making things like this once they grow up.

Blueshine's pride and joy is her comic, inventively titled Twilight Spirits (yes, fucking Twilight) that she made when she was 12. Yes, fucking 12. She never dropped the generic sparkleshit she thought up of like everyone else did at the age. Unlike Moonshine, she never dropped the stupid shit and moved on to her senses. This completely original and thrilling tale tells the story of a young sparklewolf named Moon who goes on an epic journey to find... to find...well, you see, BlueshineWolf is too busy fapping over her own artwork to even bother finishing her comic. After a thrilling 13-page run, she's halted work on Twilight Spirits to work on a new comic about a wolf living in Japan who takes karate lessons. It ended up being yet ANOTHER comic that she never finished started. Way to go, Blueshine!

Despite the fact that the comic has no plot or substance, despite the fact that Blueshine has stopped thinking about it, and despite the fact that she refuses to discuss it, she has somehow managed to attract a humongous number of fans to her shitty comic despite that she never fucking finished it, always says she's going to finish it, and makes up excuses to evade her angry fantards on WHY she didn't finish it. Repeat.

Edit as of 10/23/11: BullShitWolf is still trying to revive her retarded comic. [1]
Hopefully the fucking 2012 Apocalypse happens before then. Oh, and we can only hope she'll be the first to perish in Hell. The website has remained the same for nearly two years, with no updates whatsoever. And yet, she still tries to sell toys of her stolen character for nearly $40...and one of the very few "fans" she has seems to insist on getting her posters printed, even though the comic will never come.

Nikki showing her writing skills

Truly a master of her craft.

No more Twilight?

Use scrollbar to see the full image

BRB learning how to make comics.

Other Never-Been-Finished-Masterpeices

Not only is she obsessing over Twilight Spirits, Nikki has also mentioned Genisis (more magic wolves), Okinawa-Te (gay wolves that do karate), and several more unfinished comics. Why she persists, no one seems to understand. She'd rather spend all her time taking commission money and making crappy fanart than actually working in owed art and her comics that she never shuts up about. She considers herself an "art master" and yet, has little to show. None of her prized comics have ever really been shown, nor completed, some not even shown. She's mentioned approximately 5 projects in total, all relating to the same concept: Magical wolves with godlike qualities that somehow relate to Nikki herself. The most she's ever shown for any of her comics is concept art, if that, and in some cases, toy designs to make more money. She'll make websites for her comics, but never completes any of them, nor will she ever. This is just one of the many reasons why so many people have turned away from her.

  • Flap about comic
  • Post concept art for one or two characters
  • Create a toy design of the a main character
  • Sell toy for $35+
  • Put comic on hold because she's "too busy to draw it"
  • Draw fanart of other crap, forgetting she's "busy"
  • Posts blogs/journals about how she's working on her comic again
  • Draws a character or two
  • Becomes "busy" again
  • Draws more fanart for a year or so
  • "Here comes the comic!!!"
  • Sells more toys and shuts up about comic

///Repeat/// That's her work process in a nutshell.


Oh lawd, She is now insisting she is getting hired by Disney.

EDIT: Also another update about my art status. I'll be posting my owed artwork as soon as these events pass. I've been getting less and less time on the internet. I've been taking several trips to Disney to take care of artwork matters and such. Big changes are happening, I'll most likely be getting a job at the parks after school ends. Needless to say, things are getting tougher and busier, but things are finally taking a turn for the better, and I'm glad.


— Srsly, u gaiz

Because we all know Disney wants to take in a cookie cutter cliche sparkledog story that wasn't even finished, that was also made by a 18 year old girl, right? (cuz hur granny gawt sick and died omg :[) More excuses for not doing owed art for 4 years. There's an excuse for everything with her. Figures.

Since Nikki lives in Florida, 15 minutes away from Disney (as she's said before) she thinks that by taking many trips, that she'll become a famous animator, failing to realize that you have to animate in order to become an animator, let alone drawing more then wolves and ponies... After attending the Pixar's Master Class in Chicago, Illinois and taking a photo of herself with one of the animators, she claims to have "connections" (being that she thinks she's now friends with them all) she thinks it'll be a cakewalk for her into the animation studios (ahem...located in California. Not Florida....). All throughout high school, she has had the idea in her head that she'll be a "famous red carpet animator" without attending college, simply because "she's just that famous and talented". But of course, anyone who tells her that she needs to spend more time practicing and learning, she will not hesitate to yell, throw a fit, and make a public argument on how great she thinks she is, and how everyone "has no idea what they're talking about. They don't understand and need to know their facts before talking to her. BAM ;) "(Yes, she's said that...including the immature "BAM ;)" remark. And somehow she calls herself a "mature 18-year-old." I'd certainly think not. She's definitely lost a passion for art, and now only focuses on money and fame. Ironically though, she's been known to completely ignore comments from 98% of her fanbase (not that she has much of a fanbase anyways...) and only replies to her comments when they're very detailed about how much the other person seems to like her art. Then, and only then, has she ever replied to her comments, only to say "thanks" and then she actually goes on about how she agrees with them and to give herself more praise. Of course, we all know this isn't the kind of person who Disney should be hiring for anything. Let's hope they do a very detailed background check................


Warning to wolfer-trolls...
...beware of Scenegirls when trolling BSW.
Or they will bite off your nipples.

Of course, since Blueshinewolf is too much of a pussy to fight her own fights, she gets her fans to fight them for her. Since her Granny died fans have been ass-patting her and violently defending her even more than before. However what they do not know is that this is yet another excuse, or perhaps lie, as to why her comics will never be finished.


Its super sad that you believe everything on that website.

She's not using it as an excuse, what kind of sick fuck are you? You are truly a cold person, grow a heart.

Good day.


Typical fantard response to her lies

People like you make me sick. Stfu and do something with your life. Oh and oooolollll she didn't send me. I just felt I needed to say something after coming across your extremely immature comment <33


— Butthurt response

Later in the months, her once-fans are starting to turn on her, realizing that her piece of shit comic will never come to be.

A comment made by of her ex-fans.
More truth from logical people come out.


As a response to all of the anger from her fans, she will come up with any and all excuses as to why she will never make them, (see above).

HAY! Guess what! I'm back...almost. This journal is going to explain things, and for those of you aren't angry with me yet for this sudden disappearance off the face of the internet...thanks. <3

Now, firstly before I go into detail, I have to tell you all something important. There is a reason I hadn't returned in so long. There were several events occurring in my life immediately after I submitted my last journal entry. I was catching up on school projects, and handing things for the end of my junior year. Deviantart was too much of a burden and distraction during this time so I left for a while, in hopes that I could pick myself up and turn things around to end my school year strong. But now that school is over, I'm not ready to return just yet. For the next two weeks I will be spending 95% of my time in rehearsal for my school's production of the Music Man. The show opens in 11 days and we have too much to do in such little time. By the time I get home from and all day rehearsal I'll have to go to bed, and repeat the day again for the rest of the week. It's going to be busy. Very busy.

Now a little something that happened that has changed me. And you guys will LOVE the irony, and some of you may not believe this. I've been getting much closer to a guy friend of mine at school. One Thursday rolled around and we were set on spending the day at Disney together. Sadly, the entire state of Florida was pretty much attacked by a bad storm, you'd think it was a hurricane. That evening, while taking a walk in the rain, he asked me out. Now, we've been happily together for a month, and we both have a strong faith in God and we put our relationship entirely in Him. And remember when I mentioned something ironic? Get ready for this...his last name is Wolff. OH YES. It was meant to be. Completely. xD

Also, my art mentor Brian Gall and I are still getting in contact. Although I may have a new contact that he may set me up with. Brian was just now able to get closer to someone he has wanted to meet all his life...Glen Keane. Now that he knows him, there's a slight chance I might be able to get him to help me get into Disney somehow. Not sure! Glen Keane is incredible, hopefully Brian can help me out so I can meet him too...haha.

Okay! Now art-wise. I haven't drawn anything in weeks. I'm suffering from one of the worst art blocks. I think school has drained me so much I can't even draw anymore. But by the time all the school events are over with, I'm sure my drawing mojo will return. So hang on a little longer.

So technically I'll be more active in the next few days to check messages, but art-wise I don't have much to show at the moment. Grawr.

AND I MISS YOU ALL! So much. All my friends, my watchers, etc. You guys are the best and I'm sorry I left without telling you anything, I promise that won't happen again.

Much love and blessings! Nikki



The basic jist of her journals is basically saying that she is too busy fapping to whatever sparkleart she tends to make. It is also seen on her Youtube page that, while not working on commissions, she plays a game called Feralheart. A game like Wolf Quest, only with more sparkles.

Truly professional, I might say!

The Bullshit Times

Now featuring some of the memories that remind us all who nikki is as a person....

"she's a great artist!!" "jk! :)" Wait...what?! Bitch move on blueshinewolf's part. Of course.

wait... she was 12 when she posted this?? Wow. She's been self centered for a LONG time. >3>

lol wow

  • So lets get something straight....

She goes to Disney all the time. She has expensive art equipment. And yet a DA premium is so much for her to buy?! wow. >3>' When in doubt, BEG FOR MONEY!! Yup. Poor Nikki. She not having a subscription is more important then giving that money to a homeless shelter.

More BAAAWs Well, people have known she's a thief since she was 12!! That says a lot.

SO POPULAR LOLOLOLOL!!!1!!!11!!!one!!1!!111!!

When Nikki has no attention, Nikki is pissed. owo

Leaving deviantART?!

Oh so you don't owe drawings and the drawings you did give were never paid for? Wat. Still trying to be innocent eh Nikki.

Nikki's final solution to the whole problem... getting her sister sockpuppet to end the war for her.

Pfffft. Ahahaha. Talk about Attention Whore.
Hello, everyone. This is Celestialwolven2, typing on my sister's behalf. Unfortunately, My sister can't withstand any more of the cyber bullies on this site, so therefore she will be leaving DA shortly. Let me clarify some reasons and some topics we discussed when I brought all of the trolling to her attention.

1. She clearly understands she cannot just walk into disney after a year of college. She will work however long it takes to get to where she needs to be, where clearly her dreams is to be working with Disney. She understands that it is a lot of work, but she will not stop to fight for her dream. Off of DA, she's working on her college portfolio, filled with necessary requirements to get into an art college or a smaller community college before she goes to UCF. She has this thoroughly planned out, and she knows exactly what she needs to draw.

2. On this account, she much prefers posting her canine art on here. She loves drawing canines, but just because that's all you've seen in her gallery, doesn't means that's all she draws. For her, it's easier, and she did grow up loving dogs, but in all actuality, it wasn't up until she joined DA that she had a passion for canines. Doesn't mean that's all she draws though. Oh, and she also accepts PROPER critique, but bashing on her art and calling it "critique" is just plain stupid. It was up until a year and a half ago that she began to accept it. She's sensitive, but young. She's not used to it.

3. The cyber bullying. You trolls have literally sucked the life out of DeviantArt for her. The majority of you are vicious, mean, and you don't even really know her offline. She's a very nice girl, and yes, she has been extremely busy. She and I had just gotten done with three weeks of 12 hour rehearsals, each and every day, for theatre class, with a ton of finals all in between. She and I have had literally no social life, and because of this, you call her lazy. She's a hard working young woman, and just because you don't see it on DA, doesn't mean she's lazy in RL. She's busy doing tons of art for other people off of DA, and honestly, I look up to her for that.

She claims all of her commissions have been completed, and her messages will all be deleted, and her account will be left alone. What she'll do with the art, I don't know, that's up to her. I'm sorry my sister wasn't able to type this and tell you guys herself, but all of you that supported her, she'll remember. She wanted me to tell you all that she was thankful for her time here on DA, and for the recognition she's obtained. I'd love to thank her too, for helping me gain the desire to be just as good of an artist, and go out of my artistic comfort zone to strive to be as good as her. She wished you all the best, and apologizes for any inconveniences. If you do have a commission that wasn't completed, send her a note on this account.

Thanks guys, ~Nati M., AKA, ~celestialwolven2

PS: she is not leaving RIGHT away. As I already said, she still has stuff to finish with this account, and she'll probably just linger here and there.



The easy way out of giving her fans what they've been waiting for for so long... blaming the "trolls and flamers", and backing out. So much for all those empty promises, eh?

Her leaving has also earned her a dA article.


Police.gif FACT ALERT:
Never left the interwebz but is returning anyway for more fame and glory on DA.

As her latest account, Deviantart-favicon.png AwesomeCoolWhip2 shows it's really her despite being asked if this were true on her Tumblr account. Nikki states this new account is a fraud because in the user name it has the number 2 in it which she says she'd never use despite using numbers on her Youtube account, YouTube Favicon.png Blueshinewolf2. Nikki once gain is caught in the act (this time too easily) of lying her ass off in order to cover her sparkle tracks.

The bitch not only sucks at art but sucks ass at lying.

BlueShineWolf can't wait to return to the internet for more fame (and also money) so she as recently announced a "major comeback" and is making an attempt to pwn all you bitches. So far, this isn't working so well, especially after getting her ass handed to her by WolfRevolution2012. BSW's way of "fighting back" is to write insanely longass paragraphs on how much she doesn't care, failing to realize, that once again, she's starting a huge mess of drama, and showing the world that yes, she does care about her "haters". In the 1-2 years that she's been gone from deviantART, she's actually gotten more immature than she was when she first left. She still has the idea in her head that by living "15 minutes away from Disney, she'll have immediate access to becoming a professional animator right out of high school." Just because she met an animator while attending the Pixar's Master Class in Chicago, she automatically assumes knowing him will make her a "famous animator", even thought she's desperately lacking ambition and a lot of much needed skills. The fact that she bases every fucking character after herself doesn't help either. She's officially been dubbed the biggest mary-sue-wolfaboo the internet has ever known. Seeing as how she is acting now, her thousands of fans have been reduced dramatically to a small few. The rest have now realized what she's become, and they've turned away from her. BSW has failed to realize that, and sees herself as a major celebrity in the art world, again, failing to realize that there are hundreds of incredible artists, far better than her, but of course she expect attention and claims that there's "something wrong with the internet" whenever she posts something that no one comments on. Growing up in a rich family sure fucked her up. Her life has been easy, and she's gotten whatever she wanted. Her spoiled rotten hide is what will be her downfall one day, and it serves her right. Not only have people turned away from her, some have admitted to being afraid to talk to her because of how rude and egotistic she is. Not only does BSW "looove Disney", she also seems to love cutting people down to make sure that no one stops her in becoming famous. It's best to block her ahead of time to avoid harassment from the stupid bitch.

Word of advice to BlueShitWolf: You don't have haters. You have thousands of people who clearly see that you're a fucking egotistic douchebag.

Thefts and Fraud

Remember kids, if you want to throw your money down the shitter give it to Bullshitwolf. She'll take it.
If BleedingFireWolf does actually pay Bullshitwolf money anyone wanna bit she'll tell them to fuck off after stealing her art for fame? It would be wise NOT to commission this woman for anything as she'll take it and run off like the little bitch she is.

Known customers of Nikki whom have yet to receive their payed for commissions:

1. Deviantart-favicon.png KaylaJoy-Art Oh wow. Bullshitwolf ignores this girl on purpose. Proof that she's out to steal from you.

2. Deviantart-favicon.png MelissaR1

If this lazy fucktarded good for nothing cunt still owes you a commission please post your notice on Deviantart-favicon.png blueshinewolf or Furaffinity-favicon.png awesomecoolwhip profile page with evidence of how much you spent on her furfaggot ass.

So aside from the following users above still not getting their owed, ED went far back into her past on deviantart to see other possibilities of who she may still owe art too. And here is the following with dates. Apparently, according to one user BSW stole art from someone simply editing it. In total, there are roughly 49 known counts of theft and dishonored commitments regarding art, both paid for by others, and the rest, just agreements that Nikki completely ignored. A few of those whom have commissioned her have considered pressing criminal charges for not receiving their paid-for art. Sadly, for the others, no legal action can be taken. Other research has shown that some of Nikki's art is, in fact, traced from other users, and actual images found in a Google search.

Other deals Nikki has made, to whom she owes art to:

1. Deviantart-favicon.png kerriganmoonwolf Trade? Request? March 19, 2007 Completed???

2. Deviantart-favicon.png nagowteena101 Trade. April 30, 2007 Completed???

3. Deviantart-favicon.png ribbontail Trade. April 30, 2007 Completed???

4. Deviantart-favicon.png celestialwolven2 Trade. April 30, 2007 Completed???

5. Deviantart-favicon.png Kyuubidagatorgirl 3,000th Kiriban April 30, 2007 Completed???

6. Deviantart-favicon.png celestialwolven2 3,000th Kiriban April 30, 2007 Completed???

7. Deviantart-favicon.png vampy-fox 3,000th Kiriban April 30, 2007 Completed???

8. Deviantart-favicon.png keeraku Commission May 2, 2007 Completed???

9. Deviantart-favicon.png misao-chan Request May 14, 2007 Completed???

10. Deviantart-favicon.png keeraku Request May 14, 2007 Completed???

11. Deviantart-favicon.png sidgi Request May 14, 2007 Completed???

12. Deviantart-favicon.png wolfwindwarrior Request May 14, 2007 Completed???

13. Deviantart-favicon.png stabbled Request May 14, 2007 Completed???

14. Deviantart-favicon.png scoots8564 Request May 23, 2007 Completed???

15. Deviantart-favicon.png inumoon03 Request May 23, 2007 Completed???

16. Deviantart-favicon.png o0spacechannel50o Request May 23, 2007 Completed???

17. Deviantart-favicon.png decayslowly Request May 23, 2007 Completed???

18. Deviantart-favicon.png tastelessfate Request May 24, 2007 Completed???

19. Deviantart-favicon.png vixie87 Art Trade May 28, 2007 Completed???

20. Deviantart-favicon.png tastelessfate Art Trade May 28, 2007 Completed???

21. Deviantart-favicon.png danishgirl2 300th Watcher Request June 19, 2007 Completed???

22. Deviantart-favicon.png Wolf250 Art Trade June 22, 2007 Completed???

23. Deviantart-favicon.png wednesday-mourning Art Trade June 22, 2007 Completed???

24. Deviantart-favicon.png wolfnighteyes Art Trade June 22, 2007 Completed???

25. Deviantart-favicon.png sabrex20 Art Trade June 22, 2007 Completed???

26. Deviantart-favicon.png danishgirl2 Art Trade June 22, 2007 Completed???

27. Deviantart-favicon.png kamashei Contest Prize August 1, 2007 Completed???

28. Deviantart-favicon.png InvaderFan77 Contest Prize August 1, 2007 Completed???

29. Deviantart-favicon.png akokolupe Contest Prize August 1, 2007 Completed???

30. Deviantart-favicon.png vanillakitsune Art Trade August 5, 2007 Completed???

31. Deviantart-favicon.png totosa Art Trade August 5, 2007 Completed???

32. Deviantart-favicon.png mirzers Art Trade August 5, 2007 Completed???

33. Deviantart-favicon.png sundancewolf Art Trade August 5, 2007 Completed???

34. Deviantart-favicon.png moonsongwolf Art Trade August 5, 2007 Completed???

35. Deviantart-favicon.png helterskellter Art Trade August 5, 2007 Completed???

36. Deviantart-favicon.png yamiinux Art Trade September 21, 2007 Completed???

37. Deviantart-favicon.png Fainira Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

38. Deviantart-favicon.png iskii Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

39. Deviantart-favicon.png akokolupe Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

40. Deviantart-favicon.png ForestSpirit13 Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

41. Deviantart-favicon.png kyubigirl Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

42. Deviantart-favicon.png kamashei Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

43. Deviantart-favicon.png HungerPangs Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

44. Deviantart-favicon.png Verlidaine Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

45. Deviantart-favicon.png dragonheroes Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

46. Deviantart-favicon.png crazygirlwithasword Art Trade September 23, 2007 Completed???

47. Deviantart-favicon.png iskii Kiriban September 23, 2007 Completed???

A New Location

As of 1/3/2012, Nikki has moved to Fur Affinity under a NEW identification. But her ugly shit style is so easily recognizable now, she's fooling no one but herself. After creating this account, she seems to have left it dead, until someone got the nerve to post her art of FA. As usual, BSW haaaad to act all "oh I don't care about haters but I'll make myself look all cool now" and post 6 shit drawings for lolz.

Nikki currently resides on tumblr under the annoying name AwesomeCoolWhip. After complaining constantly on deviantart about how she "has a better life outside of the internet, and is to busy for it", she spends nearly 24/7 reposting crap on her tumbr page. Her new obsession seems to be the greedy Once-ler from the cheaply made movie "The Lorax" and crap drawings from My Little Pony. She's even taken the liberty to praise herself in how "amazing" and "beloved" she thinking her art is in everyone else's mind.


Guuys. I’ve been getting insane feedback on my pony art. People have been sending my stuff into EQD and such, and the response on Tumblr has been overwhelming…So I’m tempted on making an Etsy shop to sell some high quality prints of my work. Not just pony art, but other things people would want to see from me. I’m going to try it out because I need a good income of cash. I’m going into my art studies in college and I don’t have enough money to afford what I need to go through. Plus I’m scraping pennies just to afford a tuition for my dream college. I’ve been debating this for a long time, And I’m sure a few of you guys would like to have some prints of ponyl. Thanks for the love guys. I’ll post further updates about my decision soon!


AS usual, BSW keeps her kind focuses on fame and money. That's one thing we all know will never change.

Totally Original Characters

As these characters are all hideously designed sparklewolves, one would wonder why the fuck anybody would care, yet somehow the general public manages to fangirl her horrendous evolutionary dropouts:

  • Assuva: This glaringly bright red wolf is the main target of her h8rs. It is not the trolls' fault, however, that she picked a name that starts with ass. But you see, according to Blueshine, having a character with disproportionate anatomy and 100% saturation coloring does not make him a sparkledog. Exhibit 1 as to why she is a retard.

The fact that blueshinewolf is constantly trying to convince people that she's never copied anything is completely ridiculous. How on earth does she think that no one would ever notice this?! Undeniable proof that she's ripped off her characters. Kay Fedewa's character Blade came long before ASSuva.

Another thing about her character is: that it’s STOLEN!!! Yes, stolen. Bullshit have stolen Moon’s design from -> Airukitty23 and Koalakitty23. Just look at the date: 2005!!! OMG! And what about our lovable Shitwolf: first pic of Moon in her gallery, it's from 2008. Freaking 3 years later.

I don't get it. How? How does my comic look like hers. It pretty much sounds like if Kay Fedewa has wolf fights or red wolves in her comic,that anyone else who has wolf fighting and red wolves in their comic is copying.Kay Fedewa has a completely different storyline than mine. I would never copy her ideas,nor do I intend to in the future of my comic. Please guys, I don't appreciate that. And it's not only me,I've seen it around DA as well. And frankly,I don't think it's fair.


— BSW fails to recognize a clone when she sees one

Here we have Blueshine, bawwing in her journal when people pointed out the many similarities between her and Kay Fedewa's comic BBA - both have red wolves, dire wolves, giant wolf wars, and a female character with rage mode. Not to mention the nearly identical designs and styles.

Blueshine was pissed by the accusations and seemed to conveniently forget that a few weeks prior she'd posted this:

please respect my copyrights.i put a lot of thought into my characters,and it's really flattering if you like him,but i do not like it when you copy him.that goes for all of my characters. that last copy off was pretty similar.i'll tell you how,not to mention some others i've seen.

assuva: markings:red fur,white belly,tail,face, wing markings,leg markings,face markings. comic character rank:captain age: older wolf

copy offs markings:red fur,white belly,tail,face, wing markings,leg markings,face markings. comic character rank:captain age: older wolf


—BSW cares about her brilliant original characters

Got that, people? One comic can't claim red and black wolves as their own! That's totally unfair! But if you make a red and black wolf, Blueshine will jump your ass. Oh hello, hypocrisy.


Blueshine hates neon colours. Oh the hypocrisy...
sick of wolves!?

Blueshine constantly receives constructive criticism from artists who can actually fucking draw and know what they're talking about regarding her deformed doggies. However, she has never been known to reply to the comments. Uncharacteristic of your typical tartlet: the typical reaction would be to suck up to the popular and talented artists.
But it's okay guys, because it's just her totally unique style! She is the epitome of originality. She totally did not rip off Ginga.

Early Period

Blueshine has ripped off pretty much every sparkledog on the face of the Internet; having even traced several drawings from cartoons for a while, judging by the huge style changes before discovering Kay Fagewa and her beautiful comic. Can't forget BSW's origional character, ASSuva!!

Kay Period

When Blueshine discovered Kay, she saw the light that day and decided to write a shitload of journals saying she will one day make a comic featuring colourful wolves. Nikki has been known to copy several of Kay's characters, but the most noted copy is her character, Assuva, copied from Kay's character, Blade.

The Animu Movement

People got suspicious so she ripped off Deviantart-favicon.png SilverDeni's former animu style when she noticed it getting popular. Within a few submissions, Blueshine went from this style to this shit, and we knew she had finally settled on the horribly deformed Ginga Densetsu Crackhead style and lived happily ever after. Her wolves have huge heads, dipped backs, and maws that look like annoying rectangles just thrown together and are always open in a "GASP" expression throughout her whole comic. The only difference between Ginga and Blueshine is that Ginga doesn't have fucking ridiculously huge ears half the size of their heads, and hers are way more furry than necessary.
BlueshineWolf is the only person who can draw worse dog anatomy than Ginga.

Creation of a "Master"

But this isn't enough for her, oh no. Like many Tartlets, Blueshine will defend her sparkledog art to the death. It's her style guys! She can draw whatever she wants! Forget all that garbage about color theory, symbolism, and cohesive designs! And forget if someone else already owns the character, or one similar to it! If she wants it, she'll have it. If you don't like it? She'll throw a fit (though she "doesn't care" what you say), and block you. There are honestly no known characters of Nikki's that are actually original, and not copied or stolen from other users on, or any where else on the internet. Submission dates contribute to this fact.

"Fan Overs"

Nikki's new obsession for some time was big cats! By some miracle, they actually have natural colors. It seems as if she had just discovered feline artists such as Dolphy, Evana, and Balaa. That, or she just finished watching The Lion King. Of course she can't draw them though, without giving them the anatomy of a dog. Nikki is well known for striving for attention, normally in the form of "drawing-for-show". Whenever something becomes popular, that's what Nikki will trend, (example: Homestuck, Wrech-It Ralph, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, etc...). She jumps on various bandwagons for as long as it's popular, then moves on to somehting else, just so she can get flooded with attention. It has been noted that several of her newer "fanart" has been either heavily referenced, or possibly traced.


One of the profits: Sprakledog emo moments.

Painfully simple, yet painfully effective. Blueshine haets critique and will proceed to bitch you out or send her fans to attack you. Because, let's face it, she's clearly a Master Of Anatomy.
Remember kids, screencap any lulz you see immediately - Blueshine is infamous for DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING.


After some flaming and a few kicks in the ass, she's decided to accept critique. Blueshine, herself, has finally realized how shitty she is, and how pissed off people were getting when she wouldn't accept critique. The rules probably still apply, though, since she only accepts "nice" critique. Good luck with that, kid.
If you want to troll Blueshine, it's a very simple process.

  1. Go to her DeviantArt page
  2. Find a picture that doesn't have comments disabled (rare) or just her front page
  3. Write a critique of her art/methods that doesn't asspat her.
  4. ?????
  5. PROFIT!

Sample Critique

  • Your lines are fucking wobbly.
  • Your chins are fucking huge.
  • Stop using crappy photoshop brushes for your background and not crediting for them.
  • Now, how about trying some realism? There is not a single picture in your gallery that IS FUCKING REAL!
  • Stop denying that you draw sparkledogs. Just accept it and move on.
  • Make Moon, y'know... less of a MARY SUE!
  • Move on from wolves. You're 15 now, girl.
  • Can you do any other expression other than "GASP!111" ?
  • Stop acting like you are so freakin popular.
  • Internship at Disney... right.
  • Start fucking studying anatomy. The "wolves" you draw now look like boneless Akitas with back problems.
  • Start fucking studying character design. There is more to a character than LOL SHE HAS HAIR
  • Start fucking studying character archetypes. All your characters are the either so bland you don't notice them or agonizingly cliche.
  • Start fucking studying form. Your foxes look like dogs. Your wolves look like dogs. Your cats look like dogs. Etc.
  • Start fucking studying storytelling. If you wanna rip from Kay Fedewa at least make it have substance and not make it very boring/cliche.
  • Start fucking studying color theory. Stop using bi-colored sparklewolves with blindingly saturated coloration, it is far from natural.
  • Spend more than 5 minutes on your art and actually implement line variation and not-lazy coloring.
  • Learn to do your own damn backgrounds. You're going to piggyback off someone while you make cash off it? Nice.
  • Stop concentrating on trying to whore out your character toys and posters and actually try to improve.
  • You have 4 webcomics going simultaneously. Slow the fuck down.
  • Draw something other than shiney animu animals for once. Goddamn.
  • If you say you don't care about Whining comments, then STOP FUCKING REPLYING TO THEM!!
  • You're not some art goddess, so for fucks sake, stop praising yourself. There are TONS of artists better than you are. When are you gonna realize that?
  • I recomend starting your commissions from 2009 before starting your comic from 2011. -3-
  • Your face pisses me off. Ever consider wearing a bag over it?
  • If you want to make something if yourself, please, grow the fuck up, get over yourself, and move on from using the cookie cutters and the transparent tracing paper. K Thanks!
  • You're not a celebrity. Stop acting like one, and maybe you'll get somewhere.
  • You don't have haters dear. You have people who know you're a fucking liar and a thief!!
  • You've done more wrong then you've done good. Quite while you're so far behind.
  • Your fans are gone for a reason! When will you realize that?
  • Promised your comic in 2008. Still not here in 2013. I think we all see a problem here....
  • You're lucky you haven't gotten sued for art theft. Stop stealing people's shit.


Museum and Gift Shop

A Collection of Beauty About missing Pics
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Merchandise 4 U About missing Pics
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Twilight Spirits - Animooted!

Because Twilight Spirits was in SUCH high demand, Blueshine decided to create a YouTube Favicon.png Youtube account to showcase animations for Twilight Spirits: The Animated Series! While she's still looking for someone with a convincing British accent to play Moon (seriously), you can check out some of her wonderful animations in the meantime! Warning: The following may cause seizures and extreme furfaggotry.

Brought to you by the DDA.

Blueshine Vs. Fanbase

It doesn't really matter if a character was created over 100 years ago or Last thursday, it is obviously ripped off of Twilight Spirits! Most of Blueshine's drama comes from her fanbase itself when she whines that everyone copies her designs. The obvious response is that people do it for the profit. It's clear that her fans respect their idol greatly when they start creating look-a-likes of her characters. And of course ol' Nikki does nothing to stop them because she's just another attention whore.

Blueshine vs. Fanbase About missing Pics
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Fanart to Our Hero <3

Gallery of Loev About missing Pics
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Another one of the many people coming to their senses.

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