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Birthday March 28, 2005[1]
Join date August 20, 2020 (Miraheze)[2]
Description Profanity-hating SJW
Final boss of Miraheze

Benjamin (known online as Blubabluba9990) is a very dumb as fuck Miraheze and former FANDOM user, huge faggot, lolcow and drama king that is infamous for ræping the reception wiki admins really hard in the ass, and when he gets banned, he successfully tricks the Miraheze Stewards into getting him unblocked. He also floods the reception wikis with useless blogs, with some of them being duplicates, and would never EVER shut up.

What is Blubagate?

Eh, it's basically just nothing but some stupid GamerGate knock-off that basically only focused on the drama Blubab committed all by himself, since ScumBob Wiki allowed non-infamous episodes. Yes, it's bad but Bluba, we don't give a shit if you don't like it or not and you're stupid which is why you're not in the Peachy show. This is why no one likes you because of all the drama you committed, we would cross-wiki block you again but we know you'll just go on Meta and rage like a SJW baby punk again. This drama got his Fandom account globally blocked.

Is Prehibernation Week a good episode?

FUCK NO! Prehibernation Week is actually a terrible episode of SpongeBob. It's not even a non-infamous episode, it's actually an ULTRA-infamous episode. It's even worse than "One Coarse Meal", "Are You Happy Now?", "Ink Lemonade", "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy", "Truth or Square", "Dumped", "SquidBob TentaclePants", "Plankton's Regular", and all the other hated episodes of the show.

Has Encyclopedia SpongeBobia ever gone downhill?

Um, wait who said that? Oh yea, it was made a rumor made by Blubabluba9990. Well here's the thing, it hasn't gone downhill since 2019 ever. Blubabluba's stupid ass just believes it has gone downhill due to the amount of drama he committed, Fandom might be bad nowadays but Encyclopedia SpongeBobia will always remain good and get that fact stuck in your head or you're haunted.

Did people vote support on WoofWoofGam3r's discussion moderator request for a stupid reason?

Fucking hell no, WoofWoofGam3r actually DOES deserve to be discussion moderator, so Blubabluba is the real stupid person at this point, not the people who voted support on her request.

What if you try to block him?

Well, good luck trying to block him, because he'll just request to be unbanned on Miraheze Meta so he can do anything he can, including vandalism and get away with it since he's a faggot that always gets away with anything he wants. Blubabluba can vandalize a wiki and he won't get blocked, that's how much of a bad user he is. So guys, please don't let him know about this page.

Current Wikipedia editing


These days he has branched out to TOW, where he appears to have a raging boner for short articles and either splits or deletes part of any article that he arbitrarily seems "too long." Autism or some gay lulzy op to reduce every Wikipedia article to a 2 word summary? Who can tell? Autism. It's autism.

Blubabluba9990's behavior on YouTube

Benjamin has a YouTube channel with a gay ass named "B. M." and he makes the worst YouTube videos ever, think SammyClassicSonicFan but with SpongeBob.


It's safe to say Blubabluba is a total SJW and faggot who gets away with anything he wants. He also has a bunch of people who defend him, so it's safe to say, he's the unstoppable final boos of Miraheze.

External links

  1. YouTube Favicon.png Bluba's YouTube account
  2. Discord-favicon.png Blubabluba9990#1071
  3. Blubabluba9990's Wikimedia account
  4. Blubabluba9990's Fandom account
  5. Blubabluba9990's ShoutWiki account
  6. Blubabluba9990's Miraheze account

See also

  • Retard
  • Autism
  • Fandom - A former website this faggot was on until he got his ass thankfully kicked, although he's getting unblocked in January 2022 according to BookFandumb [3]
  • Encyclopedia SpongeBobia - The wiki that he's been starting drama from during his FANDOM days that he claimed to be "worse than the nazis"
  • Reception wikis - The wikis he likes to go fuck with 24/7
    • ScumBob Wiki - Another wiki he hates
  • BookFandumb - Some stupid faggot whiteknight of Blubabluba9990


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