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blogTV, now renamed YouNow for the sake of unoriginality, is THE BEST camwhore site you could go to find high levels of unwarranted self-importance, trolls or ranting trans people. Established in June 2007, "blogTV" is a social broadcasting and stickam ripoff where pedobears, trolls and epic phailures go to find Jew gold. To reiterate "Blog" (as the cool kids call it) is where trolls go to troll, and freakin' party hard. "The broadcaster can broadcast to its audience with a web cam" according to TOW; and basically no gives a shit because of all the advertising. The platform also includes a teenchat system, and crappy moderators. The site has a promotional partnership with ICQ which is an IM type platform that still exists in 2015 apparently. It is notable for a high level of anti-lulz, fapping, emoticon-heavy chatting, users of the gay orientation, Justin Bieber impersonators, and overall unfunny material.

blogTV Junior

Last Thursday, the admins on blogTV noticed an abundance of pedophiles hanging out at the broadcasts of little boys and budding camgirls. So they decided to raise the age limit from 13 to 16, resulting in lots of bitching, but pretty much nothing else since age-lying is still as com-mon as water. During this time, over 9000 petitions were formed, and since there was no organized fight, they all failed miserably. Eventually BlogTV got tired of all the emails from all of the faggots and came up with a TOTALLY AWSUM SOLUTION!!1!11!!! And created the jr section for kids aged 13-15. What they didn't realize is the pedos would just make junior accounts and go fap to the kids anyway. So all this did was cost more money for BlogTV to manage and gave another place for the pedos to lurk.

Junior accounts are extremely hard to troll, but this has been proven to be the most effective way.

  1. Make an account.
  2. Use tinyurl to put your video in it.
  3. Pick a random broadcast, preferably the most popular one.
  4. Ask if they wanna see your funny new video (a lot of the time some clever little viewer will say DON'T CLICK @!!11!on! !!!!11 !! just tell them to stfu and it's fine to prove you're not a spambot.)
  5. Lulz ensue and you get kicked, unless you're fast enough to log out.
  6. If you get kicked/b&, delete your account.
  7. Show carries on after lulz fades.
  8. ????
  9. PROFIT!
  10. Rinse and repeat.

BlogTV goes Mobile

Since BlogTV thought just making an ass of yourself on a webcam wasn't good enough, they decided "How about we can give our internet whores a chance to blog on the go?", thus making an app to let them stream through their phones and show their daily lives like anyone on Youtube would do. Totally helps when you show off where you live among other stupid things. Now you can also become an hero wherever you want!

Raids on BlogTV

Raids on BlogTV have been a increasingly practiced pastime for anons, and they have not failed to include there fair share of win. A tactic of befriending the host, asking to Co-host the show, then if she/he agrees to let you Co-host there show, put as much offensive material as possible on the screen before the host declines the show, It's quite a popular tactic.

Other methods include posting offensive material from our Offended page and immediately logging out (preventing bans or kicks for lulz) and creating new guest accounts whenever kicked by disabling Flash Cookies

Finally for camwhores add this to your profile/The Playground


Before adding this, run no-script for Firefox, so you don't get raeped with your own last measure.

And tell them to view your profile, they will then be Last Measured

The Youtube Age

Once upon a time, all of the Youtube whores deemed blogtv as the cool place to have all their fangirls and fanboys come and watch them talk about their opinions, their day, and have their fans cream or squirt themselves to the sound of their voices while not having their existences acknowledged.

Youtubers and Blogtv had a great relationship until the summer of 2009, when most of them moved to Ustream because blogTV was a pedo-paradise and was basically dead. Bigger youtubers such as sxephil, dfizzy, Shane Dawson, and just about every other Jewtube whore that followed suit all claimed it has better quality and the twitter feed is cooler than blogtv's. But in the long run, it just doesn't pay enough for their needs of owning the golden dildo that they all wanted and craved, and doesn't automatically feature the gods of youtube the second they grace blogtv with their presence. In this recording, dfizzy talks about how he is "leaving blogtv FOREVVER D:<", even though he came back.

Now a majority of Youtubers broadcast on Ustream. BlogTV is still used by retards like TheAmazingAtheist and MannixThePirate, though.

blogTV, The Future of Entertainment?

I've given BlogTV an honest try. At first it was pretty cool. And then it happened, utter shit. All of the ops there are whining butthurt fags who'll kick you the second you question the leadership. It's a fucking circle-jerk of camwhores.


—Stevaloosaurus, falling for the trap.

Blogtv typical view.jpg

sauce! blogTVDrama [1]

Future an hero


Notable Members

  • RustyRay: The typical deadbeat dad member of the GOP, his soul hurts when he's trolled.

Trolling BlogTV

Usually, blogtvers were trolled with Last Measure

"Blog" Gallery

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