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Typical "stamp" on Blingee.

Blingee is yet another one of those godawful seizure-inducing Web 2.0 sites aimed at the underage teen crowd. The site enables users to upload images and coat them with tons of sparkly animated .gifs to give off a bling bling effect of some sort.

Content and Uses is a site that encompasses a wide range of what the internet has to offer. On one hand, the site is prime for attracting 11-year-old girls, attention whores, emos, goths, and all other manner of loathsome creatures from around the web.

But of course, with something as exploitable as Blingee around, there's obviously going to be those who abuse the gif creator like a 5 dollar whore. And so lulz was and is still created, brought forth by Goons, channers, and many other e-warriors who upload memes, shock pics, and other lulzy images to Blingee-fy.

Blingee is also quite a useful tool for getting e-revenge by mocking your online foes. There are few things that spark drama and get the message across like plastering your enemy's pics with sparkling hearts and lens flare.

Besides creating your very own entertainment via Blingee, you can also browse Blingees made by dumb kids who actually use the site seriously, providing a decent source of JB and wiggers, if you're into that sort of thing.

Some important things to remember when creating a blingee

  1. Utilize every square inch of your pic. If you can still make out the original image beneath the mounds of platinum chains, glittering text, and seizure-rific flashing stars, you're not trying hard enough.
  2. When you're forced to vote on others' creations, always vote 1 star.
  3. It needs more Snoop Dogg. No exceptions.


Every image created through is adorned with a little watermark in the bottom right corner. While it doesn't matter much since most people are only using the site for trolling purposes, it is possible to remove the watermark if you wish. The "legitimate" way of doing this is by going directly through the site and accumulating "credits" that can be used to remove watermarks from your blingees. Credits are gained by recommending the site to friends that you don't have, subjecting your computer to assloads of spyware by filling out surveys and registering for shit, or by straight-up purchasing them with a credit card. Since nobody in his/her right mind would actually do this, the other way is to manually shop out the mark. The easiest way to go about this is to add a small blank bar (roughly 35px in height) to the bottom of your image before you upload it. Don't add any blingee accessories to that blank area, and the watermark will appear there by itself when you're done. Next, open the image in any app that creates gifs, and manually crop out that bottom section from each frame. Worth your time? No, not really. Not unless you really fucking hate watermarks or something.

Blingee'd-up Shit

No nudity or offensive content allowed, or your computer will be banned.



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