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Cat eyes.JPG

Sir Vinson Ngo's RL self, checking out the loli's panty behind the camera.
His IRL self, looking for teh loli.
Certified by the organization, and still active!
Bleedman's new deviantART ID, features himself lusting over one of his underage characters. He is a creepy fuck who tries to set his lolicon preferences appear as a Joke so nobody could take it seriously.
You Complete Me by Bleedman. "Complete" is a code word for "Fuck".
Brother and sister bonding time.

Bleedman (Vinson Ngo) is an AZN pedophilic deviantART (and Snafu Comics) artist who, in a shockingly expected display from a DA user, shows little talent for drawing, and has no imagination when it comes to storytelling. He uses it all on shitty fan comics instead of on something that could earn him money or, in effect, hookers and blow. He is a man who recently entered his 40's, but keeps a close eye on shiny anime; His dA frontpage displays a shitload of pageviews due to his fucking huge fan base made of pure fail, weeaboos trying too hard to appeal to his attention, and of course, the future priests that will take care of your children. Snafu Comics has reached such popularity, that it's said in the legends that there is a red link in ToW referring to that site, which N.A.S.A. calls Virtual Fandom Pedo Area; it is also mentioned in the U.S. Army manuals and has been a typical topic in Christian discussions. The fact remains, however, that Blo'oldman wouldn't have that huge fucking fan base if he used original characters rather than established, not to mention copyrighted, ones. His massive legions of fans are, as mentioned above, illiterate morons. They are trying too hard to worship this pedo, who has passed deviantART rules by his tiny dick almost in every post and laughs at the administrators of the site just because he has enough pageviews to be semi-banhammerproof.

So I herd u liek Bleedmanz? NEWSFLASH: he doesn't liek you. Even if you crawl in your intestines, without eyes, covered in your shit, shit, shit, begging him to notice your talents, he still wouldn't give any crap about you or anyone else who likes him. Try V&'ing yourself for real attention, you whiny twats.


Bleedman crosses over more than John fucking Edward:

Nightmare Before Christmas Meet Joe Black Yogi Bear, Megas XLR, Evil Con Carne, Teletubbies, Invader Zim, Dora the Explorer Danny Phantom Fairly OddParents Spawn Hey Arnold! Frozen and Lenore ...Among other things.

One of Dexter's newest inventions have accidentally transported him and the Powerpuff Girls into a different dimension where machines called reploids are at war. Forced to engaged in combat our heroes must fight their way into battle against these machines. Along the way they encounter a few of number unknown reploids who they must fight with either as allies or foes." Heh...just a little story I came up with for a fighting game "Mini Titans". I've always wanted try game designing.


—Himself, shamelessly fucking things up as always.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Pantyshots of elementary school lolis feature often in this comic. Of course, in Asia looking up little girl's skirts is cute and rape is polite.

The Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi is Bleedman's bread and butter, the thing that attracted a massive following of devianTART's lame cock sucker weeaboo population to him and elevated him to the status of (literally) "The Most Popular Person on devianTART". The comic takes place in some town named Megaville, which happens to be the most original name ever. It crosses over every Cartoon Network show Bleedman happened to be watching at the time, and when he ran out of CN characters to rape (poor holy childhoods) he started throwing in Nickelodeon characters as well, or any other character his fantards begged to see rendered in all their pedophilic animu glory. Kind of like Kingdom Hearts.

Pedobear is unimpressed with his delivery.

This comic features a version of Samurai Jack who is no longer concerned with saving the future from a horrible Japanese demon as he is with making sure the children of Megaville Elementary are well educated in history and are physically fit. It features Dexter of Dexter's Lab fame with a tragic past in which his airheaded sister Dee Dee is tragically killed by his rival science geek. Despite how absolutely stupid it is to introduce horrible murder into an innocent children's comedy, his fans eat this shit up. It also features far too much of Invader Zim in a French maid's outfit. What the FUCK?!.

Also, despite his usual, nearly mental shit retentive attention to canon information, he has decided to turn blindly away from the fact that almost every character he uses in the comic lives in a city of another name, thus showing that his works aren't really much better than anyone else's fan comic... and showing the fuckhead he is.

The end result of all of his redesigns of the characters he puts in his comic is that they look like someone shoved them through Todd McFarlane's brain and up Gary Glitter's ass. Unfortunately his influence has spawned at least 100 other copycat animu Powerpuff Girls all over devianTART and the internets, not to mention the mountains of fanart for Bleedman (especially of his Mary Sue evil Powerpuff Girl), and we can probably blame Bleedman for the creation of an actual, terrible, obviously-aimed-at-lolicon-fucks Japanime version of the show: Powerpuff Girls Z.

This comic, however, ended quite abruptly on dA and has been placed on "hiatus" on Snafu Comics to make way for Bleedman's next, even worse, fandom Bullshit.

Grim Tales From Down Below

Apparently Bleedman is into both loli and guro.
Castrating the creepy from your favorite franchises since 2004.

Grim Tales from Down Below is Bleedman's second attempt at fan comic fuckupery and is along the same lines in it's ability to take good and make it bad. It's a sickening bastardization of a perfectly acceptable cartoon, if only for that fact that it features a picture of the puppet from Saw holding a newborn Grim Jr. Although the fact that he named Mandy and Grim's daughter MiniMandy is a pretty big fault as well. Real clever, douche bag. It doesn't even matter to his fantards that he apparently "borrowed" the characters Minimandy and Grim Jr. from a TARTlet, a slightly less retarded deaddoll00, after which the characters were re-designed to less shittier versions later on.

Oh yeah, did we mention Mandy is now grown up, dresses like Elvira, and is married to Grim? Yeah, she apparently became a Mayor/Hitman, and Grim fell madly in love with her after she did WTC so he came to see her in the form of Brad Pitt in the film Meet Joe Black to ask her to marry him. You can't make this shit up (this page also includes a cameo of the two gangster characters of Loony Tunes fame. Jesus.)

Just how does one have babies with a skeleton anyway? So apparently, Mandy is a slut and got knocked up by someone who actually has a penis (supposedly Nergal Jr.). Grim then gives her a very graphic abortion so the dead baby can become his skeleton son. No, really. WTF.

It also features over 9,000 cameo appearances by Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, thus insuring its instant popularity.

Bleedman recently spawned for himself accusations of incest between his fan characters, Mandy and Grim's children, with this piece. His fans then argued amongst themselves over whether or not Mandy had an affair with Nergal and whether it counts as incest if you're only half-siblings. The official agreement was that it didn't fucking matter because it's a fan comic and fans never know what the fuck anyway. It's likely Bleedman fangirls will accept whatever pedocest he sends their way, because deviantART dote on whatever popular artists draw no matter how disgusting it is.

Apparently MiniMandy also got all fucked up by Oogie Boogie and a big robot in a disgusting guro scene. Once again, truth is stranger than lying for the lulz.

2nd official chapter: What about Mimi is about Mimi, but not so much.

3rd official chapter: GTFO Further Orientation, this time is about characters' backstory, but before the 1st chapter. And this time without Griddles' help.

Sugar Bits

That's a lot of underage pantyshots.

Sugar Bits is Bleedman's breakthrough work in that it is made up completely of original characters and... An original story, I guess. The comic itself is a morass of pedophilic shit about candy and sugar and all the other shit you'd expect to hear from a guy on To Catch A Predator. This comic was not as well-received by the fans on account of the fact that without the licensed cartoons to pretty everything up and the fact that Bleedman changed the main character's panties to bloomers, Bleedman's shitty writing and creepy art become unavoidable. It looks like it rips off elements of The Powerpuff Girls, Chobits, and every other nonsensical shitty anime with a shiny veneer and random character designs to hide its bad writing out there. There's not many pages yet but already it's taken a turn for the strange.

Robin, the flirty little vixen.

An incredibly unoriginal tale about there being "kingdoms" in a magical place called Harmonia that cater to every aspect of human life, from courage The main focus is a place called Confectionaria. That's about all anyone will get out of it before Bleedman's trademark "lazily telling the story through so much blatant, tl;dr narration that it might as well be an illustrated book rather than a comic book" style of storytelling bores them to death.

Apparently the sole job of the Confectionarians is to oogle creepy close-ups of the mouths of small children about to lick ice cream. The main character is the Princess of Confectionaria who, despite living in a magical realm of goodness called "Harmonia", has her bloomers in bunch over a giant robot man taking away her dead mother. Her sidekicks are a rabbit furry named Cupcake who is inexplicably the "Veggie Hut Princess" (whatever that means), and a hardcore little ginger bread man (too bad Bleedman still can't bother to draw fight scenes with complicated monsters) who the Princess created and is in love with her. For srs. Bleedman also decided to write himself into the comic with a self-insertion character. This self-insertion character is a giant, muscle-bound beast that looms threateningly over helpless little girls and carries the bodies of dead women into the night. Scientists are currently determining which parts are wish fulfillment and which parts are the dankest parts of his id slipping into his art. There is now another character named Robin. She is a fox (Oh, like that crappy Disney movie Robin Hood). Robin is obvious fan service to his furry fans for the first scene you see her in, you can almost see her fucking panties. Thus making her "cute", though in a later comic, she's wearing practically nothing at all. (See right.) It is also easily assumed that she is underage, just like all of Bleedman's characters. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!one!


Even his nephew thinks he's a pedo.

Bleedman's work often has the aroma of pedophilia about it. To judge by this blog post, he appears to be an avid loli fan as well. This was also reverberated by an someone who apparently knows him IRL, who stated in a deviantART something along the lines of "If you saw some of his personal doujinshi, you would be disgusted."

His version of Mandy and Grim.

One of my most favorite artist would probably be Oyari Ashito. And If I may caution you most of his works usually involves...little girls as subjects. So if you are easily offended by these kinds of things BACK OFF!!! Yeah...some people might call them sick and weird, and if they think animes aren't sick and weird I dunno what is.


—Bleedman, on his above blog post.

"If I may caution you most of his works usually involves ...little girls."

This is the guy whose art he's talking about. (See also pics on right.)

Lastly, apparently this is what a pedophile from the Philippines looks like. Portal of Evil collected some of the more lulzy responses to his photo:

for some odd reason, reading your comics now feels weird...I actually imagined that you were younger! :D


— Surprise surprise.

I thought you were younger, and female. 0_0; But you are an old dude in a bright orange shirt. XD


— You forgot fat.

um thats you



Knowing your older...and stuff *cough* makes me a bit freaked out on how much you love 10 year old girls with tight panties...



somehow you remind me of my father...O_o;


— She said and began to sob.



—Finally getting it.

Someone tells it to him straight, without licking his balls.

Moar From Bleedman's Fap Gallery About missing Pics
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Mandy Did WTC

Mandy did WTC.
The only record of the Bitch Incident. Figures it'd be fucking tiny.
Not even Shadow the Hedgehog is this edgy.
Bleedman's warning on the above page. He's real sensitive to the fact he used the irl deaths of thousands of people as fodder for his crappy fanfic romances.

This page in Grim Tales resulted in Bleedman getting suspendwrenched for a week on dA. It is safe to assume that realitysquared was not on this case, as his preference for popular users would've saved Bleedman a week of inactivity.

The events of the incident are unclear, save for someone (possibly RoseDincht to judge by the screencap on the right) objected to the idea of Mandy using Grim's powers to execute 9/11 and Bleedman calling them a bitch in response. This isn't a terribly horrible offense, but dA mods are strict and do not forgive. At least when they aren't being a clusterfuck of failure.

In a fit of righteous indignation, bleedman made this journal entry about his suspension wherein he reveals his masterful and not at all childish (but what do we expect from someone who draws fan comics about Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network shows) plan to thwart the overzealous banhammer of deviantART. The responses were numerous. They mostly fell into five categories:

  • Fans who didn't even know he was suspended.
  • Agreement and further indignation at the unjust ruling of the dA admins.
  • Fear that they too would be suspended for all the swear words in their journals, comments, etc.
  • Lame copycat attempts at "tempting" the mods into suspending them by "accidentally" swearing.
  • Suggestions for further ways to censor yourself.

Every few pages or so, there would be a glimpse of the voice of reason, but they were quickly hidden under eighty more responses like this:

XD; i didint know you were suspended XD;;;; but just by saying teh "b word"... i use it all the time and nothing happend ;;>> but good luck using "beeyatch" XD;;; kinda funny really


mewmewpower, a fine example of TARTlet intelligence.

Bleedman's Explanation For His WTC Bullshit

From the page description on deviantART.

tl;dr lulz emphasized

I felt a bit nervous when I started making these pages. And I can truly understand if I have made some people very upset over it .But at least hear me out..

I too am entitled to express my point of view.

I was just trying to find ways how I can relate the concept of the characters with our real world. I guess we'll start off with Mandy. What I love about Mandy as a character is that she sees the real world, not some idealistic “only good and justice prevails freedom for all and love is everything screwed up” wonderland. Although she's just a fictitious cartoon character, for me she's someone I can truly relate in our world. You can’t really blame Mandy for what she did, she’s only doing her job as the Grim Reaper, sure she made the plans. But that’s what every Grim Reaper should do (remember the movie Final Destination) At the same time Mandy is a reincarnation of all evil, her existence is the source of humanity’s darkest and most cruel essence. While Billy on the other hand and is a representation and a source of man’s stupidity .And because mankind welcomes both evil and stupidity so willingly Mandy is able to carry out her plans. In short, Mandy simply presented her ideas to mankind and mankind simply accepted it with open arms. ( Because we am dumb and bad humans.) And as for the natural disasters she came up, let’s just say she had an appointment with Mother Nature. These things happen because I believe there is a Billy and a Mandy in all of us, we can be stupid and evil, and with it comes our bestest friend, The Grim Reaper. We have no one but ourselves to blame.

A couple of themes I want to point out is… ”Will humanity ever learn?” …I guess not. Is Mother Earth pissed ? I guess so. That’s what I like about comics, add a pinch of idea based from our real world. To help remind us of things and never ever forget.

Things like our wounds, and I’m talking not just America’s wounds, I’m also talking about Iraq , Indonesia , Sri Lanka and every other country that’s facing hell. So please look at it not just in your own nation’s perspective , but through other countries as well. Try to look at the wounds through the eyes of the whole world you self-centered bastards. The wounds are painful and have yet to heal , well it shouldn’t. Cause it’s only through these wounds that you can become Hard-ass. It's the only thing that makes you stronger. Pain and suffering is part of life, it's what my pappy taught me. These things happen and will continue to happen so you better get used to it and face it you bunch of wuss.

The images I used were not intended as a mockery or a tribute, but a slap in your face to remind you that life is not all sugarpuffs and candycorns. Life can be cruel, very ,very cruel. Life’s a bitch, and so is Death.

If you feel offended, angry or pissed right now….well ,you should be. If you feel the urge to email me concerning this issue do so. Emails, hatemails, flamemails. You have every right to.

Ok I was just kidding about the “Especially if you’re a wuss who whines a lot” thing on the warning page. Seriously, speak up. If you have something to say about these pages positive or negative, or that I’m a heartless dick, say it. You wanna make a political issue out of this ,knock yourselves out. Please comment and spare your 2 cents. God bless America. Allah bless Iraq.

P.S. I took a big risk making these pages, and if I so seriously give a horse shit about my reputation just so people can love me and praise me I wouldn’t bother posting this in the first place. But I don’t, so hate me, flame me. However, I still give a damn about respecting other people’s feelings and opinions. So I want to apologize to everyone I offended. I’ll be posting a poll on Deviant art whether these pages should stay or not. Technically the grim tales storyline can go on without it.


Which begs the question: Why did you do it in the first place you fucking idiot?!

Cartoon Network trolls back


Sooner or later, Cartoon Network realized Bleedman's popularity and how his fans were buying various forms of the network's copyrighted characters. Instead of suing him into creating original characters, the Jews in charge decided to steal Bleedman's art concept, hire game designers and programmers, and created a new MMO called Fusion Fall (moar liek Fusion Fail, amirite?).

Now that Cartoon Network has launched their own shitty online gaming platform, with all their characters animu'd up the asshole, it now is attracting the same weeaboos who have loved Bleedman and his art for years, and with any luck Bleedman will be out of options (except creating his own stories, or just drawing constant child panty shots panel after panel and drawing porn of his characters like the pedo that he is).

Besides the game's animu fucktartedshit, by some fluke miracle of programming, Fusion Fall is absolute bullshit; even by MMORPG standards. The game tosses out grinding and click based combat for stuff that's just as lameass. Cartoon Network will overcharge the shit out of everybody if anyone(nerds) wants to get past level four with a full skill set. The only redeeming factor about the game is the character customization options to dress up as a fag.

And since Bleedman was using Cartoon Network's copyrighted characters to begin with, the bitchy fucking baby faggot is unable to do a fuck about it!

Galleries of Lulz

The Internets Improves on Bleedman

ED Presents: The BLOODY MAHOOON Gallery

The BLOODY MAHOOON Gallery About missing Pics
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Creepy Fanservice Theatre

Bleedman's popularity comes not just from shiny, soulless animu versions of popular children's cartoon characters, no! But also the constant glimpses of prepubescent little girls' panties.

Creepy Pedo Shit About missing Pics
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Sing it with us now:

Iiiii-Ahh-Iiiii looove little girls they make me feel so good, I love little girls they make me feel so bad! Wheeeeeen theeeeeyy're around they make me feel like I'm the only guy in town! I love little girls they make me feel so good!

Uh oh take a second take
Uh oh it's a mistake!
Uh oh I'm in trouble
Uh oh the little girl was just too little, too little, too little, too little!

Teh Fandom


i assume you don't understand the underlying meaning in bleedman's artwork. he's not the pedophile. most people who like anime like some sort of perversion. anyway, there is a hidden intelligencs that persuades me to believe that he is mocking the veiwer.


—One of his Retard fans trying too hard.

Anyone who believes Bleedman is a good artist are, without exception, TV addicts, basement dwellers, engrish-speakers and either complete virgins or completely in easy business. Those know even less about art than a nigger knows of science, and will try to take you down if you state the obvious.

Bleedman's fans are easy to troll because, being lolcows, they all believe that bleedman is serious business. Facts are:

The average Bleedman fan.

Teh Wannabes/Clones

  • Deviantart-favicon.png julif-art The guy who pretended to be dead for a month and then tricked his fans into thinking he was dead two years ago. It's sad, really.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png DevilCC Julif's girlfriend aka "Psycho Bitch" who is generally rude to everybody and doesn't care about her friendships with anyone. People would use her to form connections with Bleedman and other artists himself.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png bigsheezy The egotistical moron who believes he is "better" than Bleedman. All he cares about is fame, more than his actual friends. He is currently obsessed with Bleed's style and doesn't come up with his own shit. He is known for taking money from commissioners and doesn't do the work for long periods of time, so I advise commissioners not to pay this boy your money or you will get scammed.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Che999 A little shit wannabe rapper who tries so hard to be like Bleedman.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Arttmadness An artist who draws himself screwing with ponies and lolis, particularly Mimi Her. Also accused of being a trace artist and he would trace any picture that exists on the Internet. He tries so hard to draw attention from sick perverts by drawing anime characters pleasuring or getting fucked by him. How disgusting is that sheeeet?!?! This guy also has a habit of making multiple accounts and no one knows if he's even active on his main account or the other. Really irritating, correct?
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Kitten-Sweeper Arttmadness/Angeliccmadness' number one whore. Not much to say about her (yet), other than being another wannabe Bleedman artist while sucking her boyfriend's cock for attention. SICK!
  • Deviantart-favicon.png ovisniger, The guy who left DeviantART long time ago. He was known for drawing all different styles, but his style is exactly like Bleedman's. Some people were trying soo hard to bring him back by making pointless contests.

External Links

Bad Reviews

Needless to say he gets the lowest possible score on virtually all of these.

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