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BlackBerry is a brand of 'smartphone' created by the Canadian company Research In Motion. Initially embraced by the business sector due its robust OS and network security it has gone on to be adopted by the youth market for the purposes of arranging social activities and amateur photography.

Typical Blackberry

Blackberry World

Applications for Blackberry devices are available through Blackberry World, a system most users fucking dead

will archive l8r almost unbelieveably describe as 'making the iStore a viable option'. The pricing of individual applications is seemingly arbitrary, ranging from pennies to hundreds of dollars, although these figures pale in comparison to the $240,000 figure asked by Britfag fashion designer Alexander Amosu for a diamond-encrusted Curve 8900. The Blackberry has no games.


My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie, Preview - BBC One
PHONE WAR (Blackberry vs iPhone)


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