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TFW you left a woman to do a man's job

Prepare your anus.
The nigger-in-chief
Born in a Kenyan manger.

Barack Jesus (/b'rɑːk jee:zuhs/), the immortal God-Emperor of Blackkind, was the first reptilian president and was the last leading idol of the liberal world and consumerist media from 2008~2016. Also known by the names Barack "Barry" Soetero Obama, Black Hussein Osama, Frank Marshall Davis, Jr., Black Blair and by Republicans as Muslim o'Gunbomb, he was the first White (like 40% black, 59% white, 1% Jew, 100% Satan), 3/5th final president of the Jewnited States of Americunts and Primo Finesse Pimp of the land. As of Last Thursday, El Presidente owned the body of every American Citizen, fulfilling his manifest destiny of being King of Pimps and Lord of Lords. Nancy Pelosi is his Bottom Bitch. Obama worked a second job as a stripper in order to pay off the national debt, even though it's only 8 dollars. If you disagree with even the slightest thing he does, even if El Dumbo did it as well, you're obviously a racist.

Obama owes George W. Bush a session of hardcore buttfuck fun due the fact that if people learned how congress worked, and stopped blaming Bush for everything, the country would never have elected an unknown Indonesian-Muslim nigger whose greatest contributions was picking cotton and secretly keeping his gay sex (p.s. He went to Lake Forest Middle as a niglet, figures) "on the down low".

This epic win for the lurkers of the Internet (not to be confused with the NORP infested tubes of the Internet) came after an entirely TL;DR harblfest from 2006 to 2008 and dubbed Survivor: Murka, a reality TV election contest where he outwitted, outpwnt and outlived the rivals from both his own Democratic party, the GOP and a YouTube Favicon.png pipe and pole smoking faggot on YouTube who claimed he sold Obama crack and gave him a hummer in the back of a Hummer.

Most of all however, Obamunists and butthurt Republicunt bawfags can thank a brave civil rights pioneer named George Dubya Bush who spent 8 long years tirelessly campaigning on behalf of the junior Senator from the most politically corrupt state in the Union and laying the groundwork for an elitist, abortion-loving, black Moslem with no birth certificate an obvious shoop to prove his US citizenship and his anti-American, political simpleton, wife to get elected in the world's most racist country. No mean feat given that Obama came packing a Socialist agenda of "personal responsibility", "shared sacrifice", and "hard work" to a people perfectly happy with their time-tested value system of being lazy, fat, greedy cheats, and who couldn't care less about the next guy. In his spare time he can be found forcing Catholic women to abort their own unborn children at gunpoint because that's what democrats do. In May 2012—the election year—he apparently came out to the media that he was gay.

Obongo served as el presidente for 2 terms, in which he promised hope and change, but nothing came of it except for a severe amplification of the disastrous Bush presidency. Obongo vouched for his libtard successor, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 Presidential Elections. Despite winning by over 3 million illegal immigrant votes, crooked Hillary got BTFO by The Donald- triggering Obongo and his followers everywhere, shitting all over his rubbish legacy [1], and causing several high intensity chimpouts on a global scale. America went from a sex offender to two apes to a guido douchebags, proving that it is a real life Idiocracy.

The Obongo Presidency can be summarized very easily; local Chicongo chimp promises change from horrible Bush presidency - ends up being direct sequel. During his nearly decade long reign of terror, obongo:

  1. Created a disastrous healthcare system called Obamacare which forced uninsured people to buy it or face increasing fines- up to 5,000$ a month. Keep in mind almost all uninsured were poor anyways.
    1. Said healthcare system was practically useless with doctors often rejecting it.
    2. Caused premiums for everyone else to skyrocket 666%, helping to reduce the middle class by up to 25%
  2. Said to have created millions of jobs and the longest streak of job growth ever, but most of the new jobs are minimum wage, low paying part time jobs or unpaid internships. Killed industry.
  3. Extreme use of drone strikes which slayed thousands of innocent people- often children. Then cried about the victims of the Sandy Hook hoax.
  4. Failing families- highest divorce rate EVER!
  5. Political Correctness at highest point ever- SJWs in de-facto control
  6. Women the dumbest and sluttiest they ever were, with girls as young as 4 dressing in micro-mini skirts and society accepting this
  7. Mass Shootings & terrorist bombing on a weekly basis
  8. Real wages are down up to 20% compared to Clinton era
  9. Despite being a promise for greater race relations, they are now at the worst they've been since the 1992 LA Chimpouts. Racism against whites at an all time high.
  10. Fucked up the Middle East despite promising to end the war of terror. Helped in the creation of ISIS.
  11. America on the brink of Civil War- leftists have become radical and violent, alienating 2/3rd of the country. Tensions are extremely high.
  12. Less freedom; W used 9/11 as a pretext to erode civil liberties. Obongo did nothing to stop that ball from rolling.
    1. You can now be legally killed as an american citizen outside of the mainland by the president, which Obongo did a few times.
    2. You can be indefinitely detained without a warrant forever, should some bureaucrat get pissed off at you.
    3. NSA and all other corrupt agencies now legally spy on all aspects of your life, internet or IRL, without warrants without restriction - a HUGE violation of the constitution. Passed further by the 2012 and 2013 NDAAs, which obongo didnt even object to.
  13. Alienated Russia, bringing them to ally with their former arch nemesis China
  14. Allowed the fucking Chinese even more $$$ out of the American pocket. China now economically equal to America- close to surpassing our GDP!
    1. China taking over the South China Sea
  15. Helped with the process of igniting the Syrian Civil War which caused millions of rapist refugees to flood Europe (which will soon spark massive civil wars)
  16. ATF Fast and Furious Scheme - Obongo gave weapons to Mexican cartels in attempt to track them
  17. Failure to provide care for Military Veterans - thousands die / commit suicide
  18. Failure to call out ISIS or any radical islamic terrorists, instead blaming whitey
  19. Attacked Libya without approval of Congress, fully destabilizing the formerly great nation
  20. Made america Iran and Cuba's bitch in disasterous deals
  21. Gave over 200 million to Palestinian terrorists in last hours of his presidency
  22. Flooded america with millions more illegal savages
  23. Passed the Keystone Pipeline
  24. Nearly $10,000,000,000,000.00 more debt
  25. Got a record high amount of Americans sapped on Uncle Sam's tit through Medicaid, Food Stamps and other Gibs - all out of the dwindling Middle Class' pocket.
  26. Record 92,898,000 Americans over 16 years not working

A Master of Black Arts

Obammessiah won the 2008 election using several clever tactics. These include:

  1. Faptastic rhetoric
    His "Hope and Change" message left many leftards wet and hard. Hope and Change implied that the "status quo" (which any lefty worth his/her salt HATES) was broken and simply bad. Obama implied that he WAS Superman, Jesus, Muhammad and Marx all rolled into one, neat little chocolate package.
  2. De-regulated donations
    Ironically, despite the fact that he LOVES pretends to love government regulation over Wall Street, there was an alarmingly small amount of regulation on the Obama online donations list. On this list include many odd entries including Micky Mouse, "Cousin Osama" and Adolf Hitler residing in "Number 1 Reichstag, Berlin".
  3. He's black
    See: White guilt.
  4. Media
    The Media simply got a massive hard-on for Black Jesus. All of the old media outlets (except Fox News, of course) like CNN (Clinton News NetworKKK), CBS, ABC, and (most notably) MSNBC became 24-7 Obama info-mercials. The ad breaks simply provided a moment for the anchors to fap. The printed word (New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, TIME, etc.) simply became printed porn for Obama-ites and otherwise sensible people that had been sucked into the cascade of bullshit.
  5. Economy
    Despite all of this, John "Old Fuck" McCain and his hoe Sarah Palin were by no means out of the race... until the economy went tits-up. Once this happened, Obama was able to use all of his strengths listed above to secure his landslide victory. In order to fulfill the prophecy of the Elders of Zion, Obama commissioned a secret organization known as the Church of Scientology, in order to brainwash the citizens of 'Merica into giving up all their hard earned (welfare) Jewgold so that they can learn a story even crazier than the Bible. Obama uses the billions of moneys collected to fund his fetish for white wemmin.

Around baracks never relax.png


"Change" into a negro!


And so the lord, your God, looked upon unholy Bush and proclaimed "BEGONE SATAN, for in this man is christ. And the power of the holy spirit lifted the devil out of him and made his pimping hand strong. And with this, Bush's skin turned black, his hair fell out revealing the scalp of the king of the negros, and all trace of any work ethic had left this once misguided man. -Blacks 5:21-24

"Change" into a Muslim

"they have served in our government... they've won nobel prizes"


—"barack" on Muslims, noticing a common theme here?

Iniggeration Day


Fruit on the bottom, hope on top.


—Mitch Hedberg foretold of the Black Jesus coming to power

He did it strictly for the lulz, (coincidentally so did most of the people that voted for him).

On January 20th, 2009, Barack became the first NIGGER president to not be assassinated at his inauguration, much to the dismay of bookmakers and two million punters gathered in DC with money riding on a headshot because he was wearing a bulletproof suit. He also made history by not really becoming president until the following day's re-edit, after the oath of office was accidentally trolled by W's boy Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court during the official swearing-in.

Taking full advantage of the glitch in the Matrix, BJ spent the evening hitting a handful of inaugural balls in search of Lewinskys from starstruck white wimmins without fear of impeachment.

Meanwhile, Bush and his Darth Cheney were dispatched from office and sent packing for exile in Texas and Tatooine to a chorus of "Booooo"s (and cheers from the MSNBC media tent) to a severe tongue-lashing from the incoming n00b, who condemned everything BushCo had done for America over its 8 years in power.

NIGGER historians noted that America came a way vis-a-vis race relations because had Obama been the Commander In Chief that turned the country into a laughing stock with an 8 year legacy of EPIC FAIL at home and abroad. The mob would have been two million angry crackers with torches and nooses and his final destination would have been hanging from a tree in the National Mall on the end of a rope.

Some people are enticed by this prospect taking place in the next four years of even moar epic fail. What will a bankrupted cracker mob do to Nobel Peace Prize Winrar NIGGER Jesus when his Chamberlain-like policies result in an mushroom cloud upon The New York Times building?

First 100 Days

Obama's first presidential speech.
And he's just the beginning.
Obama may be whiteproof.

BHO didn't waste any time delivering on the change he had promised to bring to Washington. Within two weeks he had alienated both the right with his orders to close Gitmo and allow 9/11 bombers to become part of Wreckonomics and the left with many of his cabinet appointments, his vow to continue extraordinary renditions (because WE DO NOT TORTURE! we just send them places that do) and get the troops on the first flight home from Iraq (with an indefinite lay-over in Afghanistan).

He angered most of the people who voted for him by announcing he would sell China the parts of America they don't already own and give the billions to the Jewish who helped Armenians bring the global economy to its knees by providing them unlimited amounts of credit to go with their food stamps and welfare.

He spent a great deal of time trying to provide an anal stimulus package that would provide substantial investment for alternative energy, causing great butthurt to climate-change deniers & economically-sound Republicans who knew it for what it truly was (and still is): big-government spending that will usher in a new era of socialism in America. Obama tried persuading the American sheeple by spinning it as vital for national security and economic recovery before going into the usual tree-hugging BS. This was passed by the Senate and will work as follows:

  1. Taxing for the purpose of forced mind rape.
  2. Introduce a carbon crap-and-trade system. Which overcredits everybody allowing for it to make no difference for at least three decades, by which time the system will be eliminated anyway.
  3. Increase investment in failed, backwards technologies like nuclear energy and glue coated butt plugs with spikes full of splinters.
  4. ?????
  5. PROFIT!

Where the white women at?


—President Obama addressing the 111th United States Congress.


Info non-talk.png Black Jesus tried to become The Final Boss of the Internet. Faield lol.
Barack Obama holding a speech.
"They say great talkers are little doers... So it's a good thing Barack Obama is not a great talker!"


—Typical libtard

The old media blows blackie every day, and only few have the balls to tell us the tr00th about what's really going on in Washington. We only know that Black Jesus Hussein Obama has failed at everything.

Britain: A Special Mention For A Speshul Friend

Obama also has pulled off a remarkable feat in pissing off one of the few countries that can stand Americunts. Despite Britain being filled with mentally retarded tea-drinking sheepfappers, they have feelings too. Like all niggers who wouldn't take no shit, he's pissed off at the Brits because they owned the area where his ancestors would perform tribal dance shit. Plus, his father was a Kenyan which meant that they pwned him. Therefore, when he got into the White House, he got rid of the Churchill bust to make sure everyone knew he meant srs bsnss. Nigger probably took it to Cash Converters or some other shit. He then went and said that the BP oil spill was all Britain's fault despite the workers at the rig, the federal regulators, the company that made the piping shit and half of BP itself being owned by Americans.

ZOMG Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Leading by example.
Obama drones.jpg
and the collection keeps growing.....

Another defining cultural moment in Obama's political process came when he received the Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry and outstanding achievements in the field of excellence. The technical conditions of his award were intended to recognize his commitment to nuclear disarmament, and his multi lateral diplomatic approach, which is championed as being very internationally sensitive and cooperative.

Simultaneously the administration is increasing the number of nuclear weapons produced in the United States, and continuing to directly fund nuclear proliferation capacity in US colonies like Israel. During a major conference of nations held by the Obama administration regarding the need to protect against nuclear terrorism, several middle eastern countries were not invited or permitted to attend.

The war effort in the Af-Pak region has also accelerated since 2008 past anything the previous AOIC (Administration Of Illuminati Control) could have hoped for. The Obama Administration made official announcements, pledging that the number of nuclear weapons in the United States arsenal would be reduced by 35 percent by year 2020. Even if you believed this line, it would still just mean that in a decade the US would have 3500 nukes instead of 5000, which still translates into several dozen extinction events. Wow, what a peaceful gesture indeed.

Hope change.jpg

I did not realize the Nobel Prize for chemistry had an affirmative action quota.


—Erick Erickson, of forgetting about Mandela, Coffee Anon and other Nigger Terrorists

Importing the Obola Virus

Two truths in one photo

Seeing how keeping the country in The Great Depression [II|Electric Boogaloo], Obummer decided that what the country really needed was a good 5-cent disease that kills in less than a month, and ties up 60-70 healthcare workers PER PATIENT.


Tim Geithner

Tim Geithner was a Wall Street bigwig who is awesome at evading taxes and becoming Secretary of the Treasury. When Geithner was announced to be Black Jesus' pick for Treasury Secretary, Wall Street made it very clear that he had made the right choice. Geithner is best known for smoking a lot of pot, saying the word "fuck" all the time, skateboarding, tree-hugging and being a hipster.

Tim Geithner received a cumstorm when, during his confirmation hearings, it was discovered he owed $34,000 in late taxes. People told him to withdraw his name, but he was too high to understand them. But hey, what's an extra $34,000 between taxpayers and gov't officials?

I use Turbo Tax.


—Tim Geithner, giving a ringing endorsement.

Geithner payed his back taxes and paid off Chris Dodd and Lindsey Graham and ended up as the Treasury secretary. When he isn't getting high with young folks at Morrissey concerts, he can be found ruining the American economy and having no fucking idea what he is doing. Refer to the South Park episode on the banks and bailouts. The Treasury chart is pretty much how they work irl, too.

Rahm Emanuel

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Rahm Emanuel.

With three words that will ring from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea: we are doomed.

Rahm Emanuel is Obama's fucking insane Chief of Bullshit (Head of Staff). His middle name is Israel and the only Jesus he believes in is Black. He only has one middle finger and he is known for sticking it so far up the ass of dissenters that he can tell them what they had for breakfast. Rahm is most notable for saying the word "fuck" on the Senate floor many times (much to the excitement of the CSPAN censors) and IRL trolling the Republican party, including sending a pollster a dead fish and stabbing papers with the names of Republicans on them. His closest friends are Jospeh Stalin, Yasser Arafat, Ayn Rand and Meir Kahane.

Of course, Stephen Colbert and I do have our differences. Stephen believes the messiah is Jesus Christ. In my briefing books, that’s Barack Obama.


—Rahm Emanuel, on religion.

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.


—Rahm Emanuel, on rape.

Dr. Peter Orszag

Dr. Peter Orszag is a blogger who Black Jesus put in charge of the budget and finances for America. He, of course, is a Jew who likes the word "fuck." He also worked with Rahm Emanuel in the Clinton Administration. He is loved by neocons, Republicans and tr00 Americunts such as Lou Dobbs for his deep love for cock and his tendency to quote Toby Keith lyrics every chance he gets. He is also a notable eco terrorist, having authored an entire book on how to save the trees while growing our economy.

I don't believe in fiscal restraint.


—Dr. Peter Orszag, on liberalism.

We are in a very deep hole.


—Dr. Peter Orszag, on Oprah's snatch.

Jon Favreau

It is obvious to you by now that Black Jesus is partial to hipsters with an affinity for pot and partying hard. This has never been more apparent than in his barely legal speech writer, Jon Favreau. He is known for taking advantage of all the perks of working for the President, such as dating White House aides and interns as well as supermodels, living in a rich and gay part of town and spending all day in Starbucks Facebook-stalking and writing speeches. He is known for doing whatever the fuck he wants and for noone giving a shit about it. He also frequents high stakes XBox Live LAN parties at the State Department and is famous for owning them in Rock Band battles.


This is what ethnically-challenged atheists and philosophers actually believe.
On that fateful day, Obama fiddled as D.C. burned.

I'm getting too old for this shit.


—Barrack Obama to Mel Gibson in the film Lethal Weapon.

Niggachrist is a man of the people, obviously a typical American. After graduating from a crash course on Islamic Values from an Indonesian Medrassa he furthered his studies under the wing of ugly Jew and prominent Socialist, Saul Alinsky. The wholesome all-American combo of Jihad, Communism and Jewish Materialism, tarnished with East African pedigree proved very popular to the American Public allowing him to get all his nuts in a roll to make the New Socialist Man:

  • Put sanctions on every country for the benefit of the US, which is similar to balancing a cinder block on a toothpick
  • Promote a culture of Promiscuity and ignorance of preventive birth control methods
  • Impregnate single women
  • Provide free and mandatory abortions (this is a bad thing how? what's a condom?)
  • Use the parts of the aborted fetuses to assemble a new race of Superhuman Liberal Babies for glory


  • Sell the stem cells extracted from the fetuses to the Chinese and the Arabs for profit

A rich and beautiful person's response to President Obama's actions

Dear President Obama:

You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike Any of the others, you truly scare me.

You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no Visible signs of support.

You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth Growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus Don't understand it at its core.

You scare me because you lack humility and 'class', always blaming others.

You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned Yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to Publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail..

You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the 'blame America ' Crowd and deliver this message abroad.

You scare me because you want to change America to a European style Country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

You scare me because you want to replace our health care system With a government controlled one.

You scare me because you prefer 'wind mills' to responsibly Capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose That lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of Living in the world.

You scare me because you have begun to use 'extortion' tactics Against certain banks and corporations.

You scare me because your own political party shrinks from Challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider Opposing points of view from intelligent people.

You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both Omnipotent and omniscient.

You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything You do.

You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaugh's, Hannitys, O'Reillys and Becks who offer opposing, Conservative points of view.

You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will Probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

Note: This letter was sent to the Jew York Times but they refused to acknowledge it. No surprise there.

Marriage Faggotry

Last Thursday, Obongo became the first president ever to openly endorse gay marriage, officially making Obama the antichrist in the views of every insane fundie and closeted Republican across the United States. Shortly after Joe Biden said gays should be able to get married on MSNBC on Sunday, May 6th, 2012, Obongo had to change his position on gay marriage entirely, or risk being upstaged by his honky vice president on a political issue.

Ever since, the entire political sphere was lit on fire.

Rush Limbaugh, said between his fourth and fifth marriages.



His views on marriage are gay.

Rand Paul, trying to make a joke. Paultards proceeded to furiously masturbate in response.



—I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

Mitt Romney, flip-flopping on his core values.



Rape Controversy

Back in 1990, in a small, quiet town near Harvard Law school, occurred the rape and subsequent murder of a young, white woman. After the police investigated the crime, they quickly narrowed the list of suspects down to two men. One was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Caucasian man who was an upstanding citizen. The other was a half-breed Negro who engaged in unamerican activities. It didn't take long for the police to clear the good name of the first man. With overwhelming evidence they arrested Barack Obama. Mysteriously, all the evidence disappeared and Obama was a free man. Now, years later, Obama is trying to frame an innocent man for his past crimes and people are asking: Why he doesn't take responsibility for what he has done?

Assassination of US Citizens

B-rack Hussain Osama Bin Biden has authorized the CIA to murder US citizens if they are suspected, not verified terrorists. Again here even more here eventually he found a war exception here, so it's ok to do this and finally argued that it was secret here.

For video

I'm a huge fan of executive power, but if someone came up to you and said the government wants to target you and you can't even talk about it in court to try to stop it, that’s too harsh even for me...


—George Bush, the guy who thought it was ok to waterboard.

Proposed assassination, 2012

Barack obama - the final solution .png

Notable Quotations

You ain't my bitch, nigga, buy yo' own damn fries!



—Barack Obama, nigga president

There are white folks, and then there are ignorant mother fuckers like you!



—Barack Obama, arrogant president

Now you know that guy ain't shit. Sorry ass mother fucker got nothin' on me, right? Nothin'!



—Barack Obama, motherfuckin' president

I'm not an economist.



—Barack Obama, economic idiot

Sure, you can have my number baby!



—Barack Obama, mack president

When I was a child, Kenya was my happy homeland, until I grew up and realized there was something else out there. So I decided to leave them niggas starving. To get a decent life, I had to fly in a roflcopter to the states where I could get a falsified green card if I sucked a couple of dicks.



—Barack Obama, the honorable president

I'm coming Weezie!



—Barack Obama, genius president

Shit's getting way too complicated for me.



—Barack Obama, trying to learn the Oath of Office.

That's it! I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!



—Barack Obama, and no, this isn't a mistake. He actually repeated the line from SoaP several times after it was released in theaters.

I'm rich, bitch!



—Barack Obama, rich nigga

They say great talkers are little doers... So it's a good thing I am not a great talker!!



—Barack Obama, logical wizz

I am Jewish in my soul.



—Obama [2]

(Be sure to google for MP3s.)


Actual footage of Obama
Forgot Cocaine shot?
The horse's mouth
Proof of the Antichrist
The mack daddy pimps black bitches and white bitches.
Obama hates the first amendmant

Obama's Mom

Kenyan Fried Chicken; niggers love fried chicken so much that the President himself would franchise KFC on his hometown.

I’ve been screaming about this for more than two years: Obama is the loyal son of a left-wing anthropologist mother who sought to expiate her white guilt by going to bed with Muslim Third World men. He is a Third World anthropologist studying us, learning our culture and our customs the better to neutralize what he considers to be a malignant American influence in world affairs.



Well, thank God someone's neutralising our obviously malignant influence---someone's got to do it, and it's a dirty job and we're too lazy to do it, SO SEND IN THE JANITOR---that's what you do after the rich, white, frat-boy's vomited all over the place.


—Every sane human, aspie, and furry, on Earth


That's right, folks. The president of the United States is in fact a furry, having been in Pittsburgh during Anthrocon, and Seattle during rainfurrest. His next stop is Los Angeles during Antheria.


Galería del Jesús Negro About missing Pics
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Say what you like about Obama, but at least he refused to hire Steve Bannon

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Assault Rifle 🔫 Gun 🔫 Gun Control 🔫 Murder 🔫 Arson 🔫 Bombs 🔫 Mass Shooting 🔫 School Shooting 🔫

Haters gonna hate:

Daisy Hogg 🔫 Killers 🔫 Republicans

Acts of revenge:

Boston Marathon Bombing 🔫 Sandniggers in Paris 🔫 Ariana Grande Massacre 🔫 London Bridge Attack 2017 🔫 Capital Gazette Shooting


Charlton Heston 🔫 James Holmes 🔫 NRA 🔫 Osama Bin Laden 🔫 Republicans 🔫 People planning a massacre 🔫

Pre-2012 Gun Massacres

Columbine 🔫 École Polytechnique 🔫 Dawson College 🔫 Virginia Tech Massacre 🔫 Austin, Texas 🔫 NIU Valentine's Day Massacre 🔫 Hungerford Massacre 🔫 Anders Breivik

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