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Get the FUCK out of my way

Black Friday was traditionally the Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday, but as of 2011, Wallyworld decided to move it backward to 10:00 pm on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is most popular for the human stampedes caused by Nintendo Switches in which the tradition is to trample at least 4 elderly women per Walmart in order to get a Nintendo before them. Occasionally moms fail to reach that coveted Switch before the other moms which results in such feelings as not getting to play video games right away. In America, this results in a high rate of going outside sometimes. A little known fact, it was created by the Jews as another scheme to get more golds.

Kill me.

Customary Black Friday Activities

In stores now, leftists!

As Black Friday was started by the groids, all Black Friday activities are modernized versions of customary activities in AIDSland. Such as:

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