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Typical thuggery.
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Proof that Rise of the Planet of the Apes isn't a work of fiction.

Black Lives Matter (or Twitter-favicon.png #BlackLivesMatter, aka "The Klan with a Tan," formerly known as Fuck The Police) is a racist anti-police, anti-white terrorist SJW movement/Twitter hashtag created by three black chicks and is the new face of Black Power. The kike nigger puppet-master and founder of this movement is a senile old Neoliberal Globalist Capitalist kike, George Soros, dreaming he can use blacks to createl a Postracial Society.

Black Lives Matter was created in response to the worst Ebola epidemic in history, killing over 11,000 black people in Africa. Just kidding. It was created in Amerilard after nigger criminals kept running away from The Man because they got high and getting shot. Reefer Madness tried to warn everyone that niggers and weed don't mix, but we didn't listen. The group has always been hateful against the White Devils, and thinks all cops are White Devils regardless of skin color. Some argue the movement could be called The Evidence Doesn't Matter.

The group is outraged at non-blacks acting like Judge Dredd when threatened by blacks, and wants set phasers to stun (although nigger gang members will still get to use bullets and fire them during fireworks to mask murders). The group strongly believes that black lives matter, which is why they volunteer to be aid workers and travel to Africa to deal with the Ebola epidemic. They also work to help African-American refugees of police brutality migrate to Africa where life is so much better. Actually, they tell people to "burn everything down", which niggers in Baltimore gladly did, after CVS stopped selling menthol cigarettes. CVS stores may have banned tobacco, but they still smoke in Baltimore.

Black Lives Matter believes the main threat facing blacks are attempts to enforce the law in black communities. Hmm, maybe more blacks should aspire to be cops instead of gangbangers. BLM thinks cops are the problem, not juries who acquit people. BLM has been called a terrorist group by cops, but BLM has said that they are the victims of terrorism. Black Lives Matter is a particularly nasty strain of crybully, as part of the racial grievance industry. Some argue the group should be called Black Lies Matter or Burn Loot Murder.

Protip: If you see graffiti that says Black Lives Matter, simply spraypaint a question mark at the end.


The prequel to Black Lives Matter is a man named "Oswald Bates." See YouTube for more.


The Black Lives Matter movement has no formal hierarchy, otherwise known as an angry mob. The three negress SJWs who created the meme watched it slip out of their control. They were infuriated that the meme's origin story was not being told. However, if the public knew that #BlackLivesMatter was started by a queer nigger cunt married to a tranny, her previous queer nigger scissor sister, and some Nigerian, people would be even more horrified at all the violence the group has incited.

Origins, or Diary of a Mad Black Woman

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where if someone calls the police on them they will be judged by the color of their skin, and not the content of their character. I have a dream today!


—Martin Luther King Jr.

Neoclassical statues decorated by BLM artist in your neighborhood

In February 2012, Trayvon Martin, who was suspended from school and hanging out at his father's girlfriend's place instead of sitting in jail for a burglary he committed four months before, got high and went to go buy Skittles and started casing houses to rob. Martin noticed some spic was following him, so the high thug assaulted Zimmerman and Zimmerman "stood his ground" and shot the high nigger dead. Zimmerman was later acquitted, but Nigger Americans knew better, since The Evidence Doesn't Matter. They knew in their hearts that poor little Trayvon DINDU NUFFIN, just like OJ. The jury, like everyone in America, must have been racist, because marijuana never leads anyone to violence or thievery, and as his school suspension showed, Martin was a good kid. Clearly poor little Trayvon was targeted simply for "walking while black", not because it looked like he was trying to find a house to rob, or because a man was trying to defend himself after being assaulted by a paranoid nigger who thought he was being followed because he got high.

The three Ebony founders demonstrating how lesbians make love

After George Zimmerman was acquitted for shooting Trayvon Martin, three black female "community organizers" named Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza started BLM, inspired by Black Power, black feminists, the LGBT mafia, and Occupy Wall Street. Cullors and Garza are two lesbos that have known each other since 2003, and Cullors thought she had met her soul mate. However, Garza's husband is a tranny. Garza was "rageful" about the verdict but wrote on Facebook, "Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter." Cullors "went off" after she learned of the acquittal, saying "I was hopeful — and probably naïve — that Zimmerman was going to be convicted and when he wasn't convicted I sort of went ballistic. And this generation goes ballistic in public, on social media." Cullors shared Garza's post with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. The Nigerian Tometi was watching Fruitvale Station, about the shooting of Oscar Grant by a BART officer, when she learned of the acquittal. Tometi later joined the two queers Garza and Cullors. No matter what the jury said, blacks knew Zimmerman was guilty as strongly as whites knew OJ was guilty.

For Black Lives Matter, the court of public opinion (based entirely on skin color) is the only thing that matters. Who needs evidence when you can just form a lynch mob made of black people?

In August 2014, a fat nigger thug in Missouri named Michael Brown robbed blunts from an Asian businessman, so he could get high, then he got high and walked down the middle of the fucking street, because he got high. After a cop in a car named Darren Wilson told Brown to GTFO of the street which is for cars and fatso weighed slightly less than a car, Brown tried to steal Wilson's gun and ended up another dead high nigger. Later on, witnesses reported all kinds of mismatching stories, but Nigger Americans knew better, knowing that Michael Brown DINDU NUFFIN and had his hands up when he was shot by a racist white cop. This led to the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" protests, which was a catchier slogan than the "Don't Steal Blunts From Asian Businessmen And Get High And Walk Down The Middle Of The Fucking Street And Try To Steal A Cop's Gun" protests.

Since Michael Brown's body was left in the street for four and a half hours, the queer Garza and other protestors decided to hold a train hostage over 2,000 miles away, by chaining themselves to a BART train for 90 minutes so the doors couldn't close. The protesters failed to realize that if Michael Brown had been walking down the sidewalk like a non-nigger, then his body wouldn't even be in the street, and he'd probably still be alive. If only daddy had been there to tell Mike Brown to never play in the street.

Our message has always been from a place of love.


—Opal Tometi, the one founder of the movement who didn't get the memo from the two queers

After the shooting, Black Lives Matter had 500 people do a "Freedom Ride" and went to Ferguson, Missouri to have "non-violent" demonstrations. Since the cop was white, this obviously led to riots in Ferguson for about two weeks, and a motherfucking no-fly zone. It's unclear whether the no-fly zone was due to reports of nignogs shooting at helicopters, or whether nobody wanted the media filming the fiery chimpout. When the white cop was not indicted in November 2014, that led to another week of riots. And a year after Brown was shot, that led to another few days of riots. All because Michael Brown got high.

In March 2016, Fortune magazine named the founders of BLM as one of the 50 most influential world leaders.


Black Lives Matter later declared every dead nigger a martyr, blaming law enforcement for protecting the public, completely ignoring black on black crime, black fathers abandoning their families two-thirds of the time, blacks not wanting to listen to authority figures in school or in uniform, niggers joining gangs, niggers killing the good ones for not joining them, niggers getting high, and niggers running from police like their runaway slave ancestors.

Alicia Garza said one half of everyone incarcerated in America is black, which is obviously due to racism, and has nothing to do with blacks committing crimes, which has nothing to do with black children failing more than any other race to be raised by two married biological parents because feminists know better. Black Lives Matter was started by three unmarried black women (Wrong! Garza is married to a tranny), who wonder why so many black people under a certain age don't know how to play well with authority figures. Some argue there should be a Black Wives Matter movement, but not even black men give a fuck about black wives. The problem is that every black woman thinks she should be treated like Beyonce, even though black women are 18.5 times more likely to have extra fingers and toes than white women. This helps blacks get a better grip on firearms, a necessary skill after their nigger dad abandons them.

Burn everything down

Sheeeeit Foo! Das waysis! Das jez str8 up ig'nit dawg sheeit. Rasit ass craka!

When we say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ we’re not saying that any other life doesn’t matter. That has never, ever been our message. Our message has always been from a place of love.


—Opal Tometi, the one founder of the movement who didn't get the memo

In July 2015, the queer Patrisse Cullors who helped found BLM, led a protest yelling "Burn everything down!" and interrupted the speeches of Democratic presidential candidates Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders. When Martin O'Malley had the nerve to say "All lives matter", the racist protesters shouted and booed him. The protesters also demanded "Say Their Names!", meaning list off the names of all the innocent little angels who ended up dead after encounters with law enforcement. Because cops shoot innocent people so much.

When people yelled back at the protestors to "Say Their Fathers' Names!", the protestors were dumbfounded, since the protestors didn't even know the names of their own absent biological fathers. Bill Cosby had asked blacks years ago "and where is the father?" but he's a rapist who roofies people, so what does he know about watching over defenseless black people?

Fun Fact: Despite Because Bernie Sanders being cucked by Black Lives Matter onstage, BLM cofounder Alicia Garza claimed to have voted for Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries, saying that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton "use black people for votes."

Black Friday protests

PROTIP: Black Friday is a holiday where shoppers honor black lives by acting like niggers. Traditions include invading the streets, forming mobs, imitating mob violence, ransacking stores and emptying shelves, fighting over shoes and jackets and other consumer goods, and people end up dead. However, money is spent before people leave the store, less windows are broken, and less stores are burned to the ground.

On Black Friday 2015, Black Lives Matter supporters stopped people who were not high on PCP from shopping, since niggers don't believe in paying for things (as seen in Ferguson and Baltimore and New Orleans and everywhere). For example, "My skin is my receipt." Protestors said "No Justice, No Shopping." Although Laquan McDonald's family was already given $5 million, which can buy a lot of fried chicken, the McDonald family would not be allowed to enter Saks Fifth Avenue or The Apple Store to spend any of it. Protestors were outraged that the McDonald's would not give them any fried chicken. Police departments have recommended passing out coupons for free fried chicken as a form of crowd control, but it will probably just lead to more people being trampled to death, like sandniggers making a pilgrimace to Mecca.

Protestors said "Black Lives Matter, not Black Friday", completely ignorant that Black Friday is a time-honored nigger holiday where people fight over TVs and people end up dead over Nikes.

Black Xmas

Before Christmas in 2015, BLM held "Black Xmas" protests in California and Minnesota and something about the Mall of America and shutting down a freeway or some shit. The protesters wanted shoppers to feel the true spirit of Black Xmas by making sure nobody got any presents that year.

Why do so many niggers run from cops?

  • They're high
  • Lean, purple drank, purple jelly, sizzurp, oil, mud, Texas tea, dirty Sprite
  • They're carrying drugs
  • They're carrying loot from a recent expedition of hunting/gathering
  • They're guilty
  • They have outstanding warrants
  • They have unpaid child support
  • They're frightened and don't have the capacity to deal with emotions in a civilized manner (likely due to poor evolution)
  • Massa gon' whip me

Do black parents think black lives matter?

The black version of Home Alone is radically different from the white version of Home Alone. Is now a bad time to mention that Macaulay Culkin slept in the same bed with Michael Jackson multiple times after Jacko called Culkin on the phone "kinda out of the blue"?

You can find me in the club

In an example that Black Lives Matter, in October 2015 in Birmingham, Alabama, 26-year-old mother Katerra Lewis partied with a friend at a night club, leaving her only child, one-year-old daughter Kelci Devine Lewis, alone with five other children overnight, aged 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8. As reported by the 6-year-old girl, when the one-year-old child wouldn't stop crying, the oldest child, an 8-year-old boy, beat the girl to death, like you do. The baby girl died of blunt force trauma to the head and internal injuries. The boy was charged with murder, and the mother was charged with manslaughter. The mother was waiting for Section 8 housing, and was temporarily staying at the house where her daughter died.

Extra Crispy Bucket

In another example that Black Lives Matter, in November 2015 in Houston, Racquel Thompson went to Domino's and Walgreens with her boyfriend, leaving her four kids home alone. Her children were all under five-years-old and by multiple baby daddies. Naturally, a 3-year-old put their 19-month-old sister named J'Zyra Thompson in an oven, and another 3-year-old "made it hot", killing the child. For the invention of Crispy Junior Chicken, the cooking prodigy will later appear on MasterChef Junior where Gordon Ramsay will yell at them because the meat is fucking raw.

Reasons that weren't enough to create Black Lives Matter

Ever seen this on a BLM banner?
  • Africa
  • Worst Ebola epidemic in history
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Childhood obesity
  • Breast cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Malaria
  • HIV
  • Haiti earthquake
  • Niggers in Africa fucking babies and goats thinking it can cure AIDS
  • Female genital mutilation in Africa
  • Boko Haram kidnapping girls in Africa
  • Rape being used as a weapon of war in Africa
  • African warlords
  • Black NFL players and their history of assault and murder
  • Michael Jackson was a pedophile
  • Bill Cosby is a rapist
  • Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rihanna
  • R. Kelly was a pedophile into watersports
  • Crack
  • Whitney Houston was a crack addict
  • Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina was a drug addict
  • Oprah was sexually molested since she was 9 by her cousin, her uncle, and a family friend
  • Martin Luther King Jr. had multiple affairs
  • Purple Drank
  • How come he don't want me, man?
  • Black fathers abandoning their children more than any other race
  • Black-on-black homicide
  • Drive-by shootings
  • Gang violence
  • 911 is a joke
  • African-American males being more likely die from homicide than any other group
  • All the people shot in Chicago on the Fourth of July in 2015
  • Black culture that views someone who values education as being a "house negro"
  • School delinquency
  • Black kids having sex in class at school
  • Blacks dropping out of high school
  • Black culture that attacks any black person who says anything negative about black culture
  • Rap culture that glorifies drug dealing, drug use, hustling, and misogyny
  • Black teen moms
  • Single black mothers not knowing who fathered their children
  • Black mothers leaving their children without babysitters so they can go out and find a new baby daddy
  • Unemployment
  • Rioting
  • Arson
  • Looting
  • Obama wasn't black enough
  • Niggers always having to be annoyingly loud as fuck

Reasons Black Lives Matter was created

Obviously, it's all the po-po's fault, and clearly the solution is for black people to stop calling 911. Or sending only black cops to black calls.

What does Donald Trump think of Black Lives Matter?

After Black Lives Matter disrupted a campaign event for Bernie Sanders, Trump said if they ever protested one of his events, they would have a fight. Obviously, BLM took this as a great way to get free publicity, aping Trump's entire campaign.

At a presidential rally for The Donald in Alabama, police outside the event moved a protest away from the entrance to the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex. Then three protesters entered with tickets to Trump's rally, including Mercutio Southall, named after Shakes Spear. Southall is a big black guy and father of three whose grandparents marched from Selma, and who Birmingham Police described as "an agitator from day one." Inside the rally, the protesters shouted "Dump the Trump!" and "Black Lives Matter!". The big black guy was surrounded by half a dozen tiny crackers who shoved and tackled and punched and kicked him. Southall said his attackers called the three of them "monkeys" and "niggers." He said he felt "swarmed" by WASPS, and it was like facing a "lynch mob." Southall said he was punched in the face and the neck, kicked in the stomach and chest, and somebody stepped on his hand. Southall said he was choked on the ground until he punched a honkie in the groin. Trump said "Get 'em the hell out of here." Southall was filled with black rage that the police who escorted him out never asked him if wanted to leave. Southall says he intends to press charges, but he never did. Southall said "This is the ugly truth of America. It was there like literally and figuratively in black and white."

One of the protesters said "We want an apology from Donald Trump himself" and an explanation why Trump is "going around the country spewing hatred and racism." He said Trump condoned what happened "because he was the one saying, 'Yeah, get them out of here.'"

In South Carolina, Trump mentioned the protester, saying "What an obnoxious, terrible guy that was." Trump said "Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing."

Spike Lee, writer and director and star of the 1989 film Do the Right Thing about racial tension in a neighborhood which involves police killing a black man with a chokehold and subsequent riots, a film which was criticized for possibly inciting black audiences to riot, later said that Donald Trump was "like Hitler", a German man whose is perhaps most notable for the industrialized genocide of millions and millions of people. The title of the film "do the right thing" does not apparently mean that black fathers should do the right thing and be a father to their children.

Shaun King

Shaun King (better known as Talcum X) is an Oprah Winfrey Scholar who wrote lot about Black Lives Matter. After the shooting of Tamir Rice, King raised $60,000 for Rice's family through a fundraising website. Later on Rice's family had never heard of King or the fundraiser and never got any money, which was then seized by the court. Shaun King allegedly has a white mother and black father, although this was disputed by faggot Milo Yiannopoulos based on a birth certificate. King refuted this by saying the man on his birth certificate is not his biological father.


Protip: This guy is black

As a runaway meme (itself a variant of "Our lives matter"), "Black Lives Matter" has spawned several mutants, all of which are extremely offensive to outraged SJWs:


Die-ins are easily solved

A "die-in" is a protest where a crowd lays on the ground, as if they had just been high on PCP but a cop stopped their rampage. A die-in is an extremely slow type of jaywalking. The crowd often lays down in the middle of the street to block traffic, like when fatass Mike Brown got high and blocked traffic by walking down the middle of the street in Ferguson, then continued blocking traffic with his corpse. Everybody lays on the ground as if Bill Cosby had just roofied them. It's a flash mob where people engage in planking and reverse planking. It's like a Spencer Tunick photoshoot, but niggers haven't stolen everyone's clothes yet. It's like nap time in kindergarten, without the graham crackers. Everyone simulates a drunken hobo, but real hobos are not allowed to participate. The silence during a die-in is in stark contrast to the noise in a movie theater in Detroit.

"Black Identity Extremists" classed as a threat to police

How many cops have died because of Black Lives Matter?

Not enough, according to the typical Black Lives Matter supporter.

How to you spell racist? N-Y-P-D!



—one of the chants by Millions March NYC, a week before two NYPD cops were murdered by Ismaaiyl Brinsley

What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!



—angry mob of 100 during Millions March NYC, recorded on December 13, 2014 from a window above Murray Hill

Arms up, shoot back!



—another slogan used by the TMOC

"peaceful protest" is just another form of collaboration w the pigs' violence #turnuptheanger #MillionsMarchNYC




We envision a world where the police are abolished.



—tmocnyc on Facebook

Quite honestly I'm not sure we can have both [policing and the valuing of black lives]. That's me personally...the institution of policing is rooted in the legacy of catching slaves.



—Alicia Garza, cofounder of Black Lives Matter, who thinks law enforcement in every country is rooted in catching African-American slaves

Ultimately, policing in and of itself is problematic...Quite frankly, many of our [Black Lives Matter] members are continuing to investigate what it would mean to have police-free communities.


—BLM cofounder Alicia Garza, who thinks police are the problem in Chicago, where 35,000 people have been murdered in 50 years

A group calling themselves the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee (TMOC) created Twitter-favicon.png #turnuptheanger and was linked to the call for "dead cops." The chant started over 1.5 miles from where the video was recorded. The man who recorded the video later received threats. In front of the bloodthirsty mob was a banner saying "No Cops No Prison", just like in that libertarian paradise Somalia.

When BuzzFeed spoke to one of the angry mob about their chant for dead cops, they said they didn't really mean it. "We wanted to see the police disbanded", said the person calling for deceased police. "It was not bloodlust. Some people were laughing when they were chanting it..." Despite the words they were yelling at the top of their lungs, they said the intent of their call to see the corpses of law enforcement was being "misrepresented" and that they weren't actually advocating for the murder of cops. The day of the chants, two TMOC "comrades" assaulted two cops on the Brooklyn Bridge. A week later, Ismaaiyl Brinsley murdered two NYPD officers because he wanted to see pigs fly and make "pigs in a blanket." Oopsie.

Remember, this is all because Trayvon Martin got suspended from school for acting like a nigger and because he got high.

Dallas police ambush

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Dallas Sniper Attacks.

On July 7, 2016, Black Lives Matter protesters shut down several streets in Dallas, Texas, after the media so responsibly distributed videos of the shootings of Philando Castile in Louisiana and Alton Sterling in Minnesota. When the protest was winding down, a black BLM supporter and veteran with a major malfunction Micah Xavier Johnson decided to no scope to lower the Wanted Level, murdering 5 cops, the most in one day since 9/11. The violent nigger, who believed that melanin is "the God particle", was promply BTFO by Johnny 5, sent by a black police chief with much more melanin, who said he would "do it again."


Clapback is an Ebonics term for payback, revenge, to return fire. When cops are shot and killed, many niggers celebrate on Black Twitter with Twitter-favicon.png #clapback.

As gangsta rap and all black "music" has taught us, cops are pigs, The Man, the enemy. Naturally, any black cop must be an Uncle Tom if they think Laws Matter. For having the audacity to think civilization should have laws, and that laws should be enforced, many dindus think cops should die (since cops interfere with their natural African way of life: violent crime). Since Black Lives Matter is all about justice for black people, maybe next time a black girl calls 911 to say her black boyfriend was shot and killed by another black male, the pigs will stay home and mind their own god damn business.

The following are police officers shot and killed by angry black males simply for being Law-Enforcement-Americans, either after protests by Black Lives Matter, or killed by self-proclaimed supporters of Black Lives Matter. Since many cop-killers are black, not all cops killed by niggers are listed, just the deaths linked to Black Lives Matter.

PROTIP: Challenge BLM supporters to "say their names", the names of cops killed in part due to the Black Lives Matter movement. Since looking at this list would be cheating, the actual names of the police have been omitted (not that niggers can read anyway):

  • Cop killed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley
  • Cop killed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley
  • Cop killed by Micah Xavier Johnson
  • Cop killed by Micah Xavier Johnson
  • Cop killed by Micah Xavier Johnson
  • Cop killed by Micah Xavier Johnson
  • Cop killed by Micah Xavier Johnson
  • Cop killed by Gavin Eugene Long
  • Cop killed by Gavin Eugene Long
  • Black cop killed by Gavin Eugene Long (LOL. Not even cops are safe from black-on-black crime)

Racist /pol/tards shoot people in Minnesota

Minnesota balaclava.jpg

Jamar Clark assaulted his girlfriend and ended up getting shot by cops on November 15, 2015 in Minneapolis. Black Lives Matter protestors camped outside the 4th Precinct and protested domestic violence against women the fact that cops showed up when someone called for them about a violent crime. Eight days after poor harmless Jamar was killed, in a huge win for Black Lives Matter and cementing their Victim Card, on November 23, 2015 five black male protestors were shot, supposedly by four twenty-something white supremacists. This was highly unusual, since young black males are usually shot by other young black males.

Scarsella clearly played too much George Zimmerman's Big Game Hunter

The media reported that the four retards used 4chan to meet up. Names mentioned included 27-year-old Joseph Backman, 26-year-old azn Daniel Macy, 23-year-old suspected shooter Allen Lawrence Scarsella, and 21-year-old Nathan Gustavsson. Some pieces of shit filmed themselves in masks driving to the protest, saying "We just wanted to give everyone a heads up on /pol/" and "stay white." Supposedly, two tripfags from /k/ or /pol/ may have been involved, posting under the trips SaigaMarine and BlackPowerRanger or BlackPowderRanger. Scarsella's bail was set at half a million dollars, and faced 5 counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and 1 count of rioting with a dangerous weapon. In the past, police chiefs have accused Black Lives Matter of being terrorists, but thanks to some stupid 4chan Neo Nazis, Black Lives Matter can now claim they they are the victims of "domestic terrorism."

It's unclear however, if BLM considers niggers doing drive-by shootings or niggers shooting niggers over drugs and gangs "acts of domestic terrorism." Or whether the death of a 9-year-old black girl named Jamyla Bolden who was shot and killed by a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting in Ferguson while sitting on her bed and doing her homework was an act of "domestic terrorism." Peggy Hubbard, a black mother and Navy veteran who grew up in Missouri who is married to a cop, criticized BLM for protesting the death of an 18-year-old black teen (Mansur Ball-Bey) who pointed a gun at cops serving a search warrant, while ignoring the death of Jamyla Bolden. For being black but having the nerve to criticize black culture, Hubbard was called "a house nigger" and "the white man's bed wench."

Will my death be protested by Black Lives Matter?

  1. Do you live in America?
  2. Are you black?
  3. Are there drugs in your system?
  4. Did someone call the cops on you?
  5. Was the shooter not black? Nevermind, a black cop killed an armed black man in Charlotte and the dindus rioted anyways.

Congratulations! You qualify! If you have not won the NBA Lottery or NFL Lottery or Rap Lottery, your family may still be eligible to win the PIGS KEELED MAH BOI lottery! However, once your family are millionaires, they will be required to continue issuing statements to the media that they don't want people committing violence in your name.

Some argue that suicide-by-cop is a valid means of obtaining reparations for slavery.


Since so many blacks die from bullets, only some deaths are worthy of being protested by Black Lives Matter.

If you're high on PCP and stealing radios, then slash the tires of a cop car with a knife, then damage the windshield of a cop car, your death will qualify. Good news Laquan! Jesse Jackson is there to help!

If you're a 9-year-old black boy playing basketball at a playground near your grandma's house and you get lured into an alley for a execution-style gang hit by a nigger because your dad has gang ties, your death will not qualify. Better luck next time Tyshawn! Sorry, your killer had the wrong skin color. PROTIP: Try to get shot by someone who isn't black.

Dead Nigger Storage

Black Lives Matter has protested the deaths of many winners of the Black Darwin Awards, and others. Evidently BLM thinks innocent old black ladies murdered in church are on the same level as felons with stolen guns. You know, because skin color.

Click to expand.[[-][+]]

  • Abdirahman Abdi
  • Akai Gurley
  • Alfred Olango
  • Alton Sterling
  • Andrew Loku
  • Anthony Hill
  • Antonio Martin
  • Aiyana Stanley-Jones
  • Bruce Kelley Jr.
  • Charleston church shooting
  • Charley Leundeu Keunang
  • Corey Jones
  • Dontre Hamilton
  • Eric Garner
  • Eric Courtney Harris
  • Ezell Ford
  • Freddie Gray
  • Jamar Clark
  • James Craig Anderson
  • Jerame Reid
  • Jeremy McDole
  • Jermaine Carby
  • John Crawford III
  • Jonathan Ferrell
  • Jonathan Sanders
  • Joseph Mann
  • Keith Lamont Scott
  • Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.
  • Laquan McDonald
  • Malissa Williams
  • Mansur Ball-Bey
  • Mark Duggan
  • Meagan Hockaday
  • Michael Brown
  • Nicholas Thomas
  • Oscar Grant
  • Paul O'Neal
  • Philando Castile
  • Ramarley Graham
  • Rekia Boyd
  • Renisha McBride
  • Samuel DuBose
  • Sandra Bland
  • Sylville Smith
  • Tamir Rice
  • Terence Crutcher
  • Timothy Russell
  • Tony Robinson
  • Trayvon Martin
  • Walter Lamar Scott
  • William Chapman
  • Yvette Smith

Pop Quiz 1: Of the people listed above, did any of them die in Chicago on the Fourth of July?

Pop Quiz 2: Can you name all the people shot and killed in Chicongo on the Fourth of July in 2015?

Pop Quiz 3: Can you name all the people shot and killed in Chicongo on the Fourth of July in 2014?

Extra Credit 1: Which number is greater? The number of deaths Black Lives Matter has protested, or the number of people shot in Chicago on the Fourth of July in 2014?

Extra Credit 2: What nickname, similar to a Middle Eastern country, have people started calling Chicago?

Since Quentin Tarantino used the phrase "Dead Nigger Storage" in his film Pulp Fiction, footfag Tarantino was filled with white guilt and participated in "Rise Up October" where he called cops "murderers." This was four days after a black NYPD cop named Randolph Holder was murdered by a nigger criminal named Tyrone Howard. Did Black Lives Matter care about the death of a black cop? Tarantino was called a "cop hater" by cops, and police unions in New York and Los Angeles and Philadelphia called for a boycott of his films, mistakenly thinking anyone wants to see his films anymore.


Since Travyon Martin and Michael Brown were "heterosexual cisgender black men" and hogging the victim spotlight, SJW black chicks had had enough. Black Lives Matter needed a vagina version. The Twitter-favicon.png #SayHerName movement was created in February 2015 to "address the invisibilization of black women" by #BlackLivesMatter. This is incredibly ironic since Black Lives Matter was created by three black chicks (two queers and a Nigerian).

Much like terrorists make people recite the Shahada to decide whether to kill you or not, these Black Power movements require people to know the names of every black person who has died recently from causes unrelated to diabetes or obesity. It's the only quiz they care about. Thank God it's not called #SpellHerName.

Black chicks die too

Click to expand.[[-][+]]

  • Aiyana Stanley-Jones
  • Alberta Spruill
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  • Tanisha Anderson
  • Tarika Wilson
  • Tyisha Miller
  • Yvette Smith


In Britain, 2015-16, there were 102 deaths during police contact or soon after police contact. Seven of those were black people.

Mark Duggan (right) "innocent victim" of police brutality, mourned by the black community
Grieving mother, saintly Pamela Duggan (father not included). Nice scar, btw.

Yes, BLM which was Made in America has also infested the UK. UKBLM is UK Black Lives Matter. Like the OG BLM, it appears to have been founded by bleeding heart liberal feminist negresses who fail to make the connection between illegitimate black boys raised by single moms and crime and police shootings. After all, women can do anything they set their mind to, so why wouldn't they be able to single-handedly raise upstanding citizens?

Why does BLM need a UK division? Niggers think of everything in terms of gangs. To a nigger, the police are just another gang. Tupac said so himself. The police just have different gang colors. Do all blacks in Africa think they're on the same team? Hell no. But people self-segregate based on likeness, just like in prison.

The London branch of Black Lives Matter was founded by Maryam Ali, an 18-year-old student from West London. Another so-called "ringleader" of BLM UK is an 18-year-old light-skinned model/student/attention whore named Capres Willow from Waltham Abbey, Essex, who is actually only half black, like a quarter at the most. She is pretty much the whitest black chick ever. After Willow watched a Facebook snuff film of Philando Castile recorded by ghetto hoodrat Lavish 'Diamond' Reynolds (who Castile's mother called his "fake" fiance, saying don't give money to her or the kid), Willow posted about some protest on Facebook over the deaths of two armed US men killed by cops and recorded on smartphones, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. She expected 30 of her friends to show up, and like some house party, about 3,000 people showed up and they shut down Oxford Street, so her prediction was only off by a factor of at least 100.

I've been aware of [the movement] for a while. I'm old enough to take control of my own life and impact on other people's lives. I was wondering, why hasn't London stood up and shown that they give a shit, basically? I understand we're disrupting people’s lives but...that's life, isn't it?


—another spoiled millenial, Capres Willow

The Blimey version of Trayvon Martin is a sweet innocent little angel named Mark Duggan, a drug dealing gangster with six kids who was shot and killed by police in North London on 4 August 2011, which sparked the 2011 England riots. The verdict was that it was a lawful killing since he was armed with a modified handgun.

In August 2016, crime apologists Black Lives Matter wanted to "commemorate" the fifth anniversary of scumbag Duggan's death, so they called for a nationwide shutdown, put up signs saying "THIS IS A CRISIS", and proceeded to fuck with a bunch of airports in the UK: Heathrow Airport and Birmingham Airport. Britfag BLM griefers really like chaining themselves together (even though this is an illegal move in red rover, a game invented by Britfags). The next month, a bunch of crackers decided to protest climate change, so they invaded the runway at London City Airport, since obviously they couldn't think of a new venue. Fortunately, invading runways is SFB and they will almost certainly go to jail as a result.

The protestors...
.. and their victims

#blacklivesmatter blocking Heathrow is pathetic, people work hard all year round to go on holiday..why aren't these people at work?


—England's response

Black people are the first to die, not the first to fly, in this racist climate crisis.


—ukblm thinks that airplanes and climate change are racist. Thanks Obama.

Amusingly, the BLM airport stunt even outraged niggers, but not because of the disruption. Oh no indeed not.

Black rights figures including Stafford Scott and Lee Jasper, a former equality adviser to Ken Livingstone, were publicly critical of the protest, accusing white, leftwing activists of hijacking the Black Lives Matter banner. “It’s cultural appropriation. Even our struggle no longer our own,” Jasper said on Twitter.


The Guardian, 6 September 2016

When crackers don't give a shit, you screech 'Racism!' When they get involved you screech 'Appropriation!' So what you're really saying here is that constantly causing problems is your culture. Fuck's sakes, niggers, sort it out. Do you ever do anything except fucking whinge?

Black Lives Splatter

WTF I hate black people now

Black Lives Splatter is a new augmented reality game created by Black Lives Matter protesters, in the tradition of Grand Theft Auto, or Carmageddon, or Death Rally, or for really oldfags, Death Race or Death Race 2000. It's a game of chicken between pedestrians and motor vehicles, with BLM trolls (who aren't always black) playing as the pedestrians. It's like the opposite of the Knockout Game (which was invented by niggers), but this time the nigger stands in the street and a car gets to throw its best punch. If the vehicle stops, the protester wins the pleasure of inducing road rage, making employed people late, and increasing global warming by creating a carbon monoxide fog (which is unfortunately pointed away from the protester). If the vehicle doesn't stop, the protester is swiftly cleaned off the street. Since most blacks don't have fathers around to tell them to look both ways before crossing the street, they will just walk right into the street and stand there or lay down (like the laziest man in the world, Stepin Fetchit). This is illegal of course, but when has a law ever stopped a nigger from doing anything? Niggers think the "freedom to assemble" means the freedom to piss off people who actually work for a living and the freedom to stop ambulances rushing people to hospitals.

Many BLM protesters who block traffic think they are doing something like the Selma to Montgomery marches of 1965. In 1965, blacks were marching to Montgomery, Alabama to register to vote, it resulted in the Voting Rights Act of 1965, they sought court protection for the 3rd march, and the 3rd march (which moved along the highway) was protected by nearly 4,000 soldiers. Federal District Court Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr. said "The law is clear that the right to petition one's government for the redress of grievances may be exercised in large groups...and these rights may be exercised by marching, even along public highways." Whereas Black Lives Matter are protesting the deaths of criminals, it has resulted in dead cops, mobs don't seek permits to block freeways, they move perpendicular to traffic, and they move across public highways and block roads instead of walking along them. So yeah, just like Selma.

For some reason they think blocking traffic will make the general public sympathetic to their cause of defending criminals, instead of viewing them as "unlovable little brats" like MLK aide Reverend Andy Young called BLM protesters. By committing crimes themselves (obstructing traffic, being a pedestrian on a highway), they are trying to raise awareness about the rights of criminals to do whatever the hell they want. Black Lives Matter mobs have blocked several roads with their bodies, mistakenly thinking the human body can stop a car, because they've never taken a physics class in their life (just like a toddler). Maybe BLM mobs see themselves like Tank Man, but they don't realize that Asians hate blacks even more, and Tank Man was probably executed. In Amerilard, these people think the First Amendment right to free speech includes obstructing freeways. I guess if a couch or mattress falls out of the back of a truck on a freeway, that's just "free speech." The real reason Black Lives Matter groups block roads is because they want the whole world to be on Colored People Time, because the fourth dimension known as time is just another example of systemic racism. Many of the protesters have taken to cementing their hands together, which raises the question of why first responders don't just escort them to a nearby body of water.

Major roads that have been infested and blocked by IRL BLM griefers include:

File:Blm crackers i-94 mugshots.png
Asked whitey to organise a riot ffs
  • M4 near Heathrow Airport in England (with hands fused together by concrete)
  • A45 Coventry Road near Birmingham Airport in England (which delayed an ambulance)
  • the NET tram tracks near the Theatre Royal in Nottingham city centre in England (with hands fused together by concrete)
  • the runway at London City Airport
  • I-40 bridge in Arkansas (where a child with a medical emergency was delayed)
  • I-93 south of Boston (with arms locked in metal oil drums full of cement) (which diverted a car crash victim with life-threatening injuries)
  • I-405 near Inglewood, California
  • I-880 in Oakland, California
  • the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California
  • exit ramp on US Route 101 to San Francisco International Airport
  • Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois
  • the I-75/85 Downtown Connector in Atlanta, Georgia
  • the onramp onto I-135 in Wichita, Kansas
  • I-94 in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • I-35W in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • roads to both terminals at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
  • Brooklyn Bridge in New York City
  • I-40 bridge in Memphis, Tennessee
  • US-75 in Dallas, Texas
  • I-95S near Belvidere in Richmond, Virginia
  • I-64 in Richmond, Virginia
  • State Route 99 in Seattle, Washington (arms locked with pipes, nylon cords, bolts, and sheet metal)
  • the 14th Street Bridge in Washington, D.C.

Don't play in the street kids


Supporters of BLM got buttmad after a bunch of Frenchies got violently murdered by Muslim terrorists (Islamic State, not The Nation of Islam who cares they're all the same.). However, they weren't mad at their fellow Muslims in Europe, they got mad at the victims for not being black enough and for stealing the victim spotlight from criminals in America. This led to the creation of Twitter-favicon.png #FuckParis, because Black Lives Matter More.

Average #FuckParis memer

Shaun King said it was "just lies" that #BlackLivesMatter activists created the #FuckParis hashtag. Hmm, maybe the media was confused due to black Twitards using #BlackLivesMatter and #FuckParis in the same exact tweet. Of course, one of those tweets, both by black men claiming to be God, was deleted, because niggers have apparently never heard of screenshots.

Who started FuckParis?

The Twitter-favicon.png #FuckParis hashtag had been used on Twitter before 13/11, apparently by footballfags (or possibly faggots or French whores).

On 13/11 the second usage that day mentioned people dying in the Mideast. Then black people started mentioning Africa again and again, and saying that Paris "don't really care about us". Black people linked to Instagram posts about cops killing blacks. Blacks mentioned Africa again and again and again, linking to more Instagram posts.

The first usage of #FuckParis and #BlackLivesMatter together appears to be this tweet by Twitter user sodamnfocused which linked to an Instagram post tagged with @blackwatch07. Other black people mentioned Mizzou and others said "UNTIL WE get OURS fuck EVERYONE ELSE" and mentioned Haiti on Instagram. More African countries were mentioned and others mentioned colonialism. Others mentioned Afrakans, some mentioned the murder rate in Chicago or Detroit. Other black people were angry about what the French did to Haitians. Other blacks asked if people pray for Africa. And more about colonialism, and Kenya, and "wake up black people".

Eventually other Twitards wondered why #FuckParis was a thing, and people started saying #BlackLivesMatter and #FuckParis were linked. On November 14, 2015 @ONLY_THAMAN tweeted "I aint seen one dead body on the #ParisAttacks #Prayers4Paris my ass…. #fuckparis #BlackLivesMatter" but apparently later deleted it after being told he was now famous. On November 18, 2015 @ONLY_THAMAN tweeted "Ok #BlackLivesMatter did not start the #fuckparis thing."

With the media mentioning #BlackLivesMatter and #FuckParis together, this led to Black Lives Matter organizers seeking to distance themself from #FuckParis, and condemn radical elements among BLM supporters.

DeRay Mckesson

Known mainly for smoking lots of crack and getting arrested, he was also one of the founding Brother's of Black Lives Matter. He can be found on twitter Twitter-favicon.png @deray trying to abduct children recruit close personal friends.

Haxxored on Twitter

On any given Friday, namely the 10th of June, 2016, this rich black kid was finally opening up, and for once telling the truth. And many lulz ensued.

DeRay Mckesson Twitter Hacked.jpg

Democratic National Convention

At the Democratic National Convention in July 2016 in Philadelphia where Queen Hillary was coronated, Sheriff Lupe Valdez of Dallas County was invited to speak about the five cops killed in Dallas on July 7 by BLM supporter Micah Xavier Johnson. Valdez asked the crowd to join her for a moment of silence for cops killed in action, and some people interrupted the silence like they were at a movie theater in the ghetto and yelled "black lives matter!"

99% of black voters support Hillary over The Donald, because Hillary said "Yes, black lives matter" and because Bill Clinton fucks around as much as a nigger.

With her getting in bed with this Black Lives movement, this dangerous, hateful ideology, she is taking it out on good law-abiding black people that live in the American ghetto. They’re the ones who are victimized disproportionately by crime and violence.


—black Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Mothers of the Movement

Also at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, several terrible black moms who raised terrible criminal children were put on stage after Hillary Clinton reached out to them, since the fathers were nowhere to be found. Almost none of the mothers' last names are the same as their kids, but that's not a red flag or anything. They include the mothers of:

  • Sandra Bland
  • Saint Michael Brown
  • Jordan Davis
  • Saint Eric Garner
  • Dontre Hamilton
  • Saint Trayvon Martin
  • Hadiya Pendleton

A Vision For Black Lives

In August 2016, a short four and a half years after upstanding citizen and known burglar Trayvon "FUK DA SKOOL" "swung on a bus driver" "backpack full of jewelry and a watch and a flathead screwdriver" "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA" Martin was shot in self-defense by a part-African-Peruvian-Kraut neighborhood watch coordinator after getting his nose fractured by Martin, over fifty groups affiliated with Black Lives Matter released a list of their ransom demands entitled "A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice."

Black person negotiation skills.gif

The list had 6 demands and 40 policy recommendations. The groups included Movement 4 Black Lives, Black Youth Project 100, BlackOut Collective, Center for Media Justice, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, and Southerners on New Ground. They referred to earlier statements, like the Black Panther Party's 10-point platform, and the Black Radical Congress's Freedom Agenda.


  • We demand an end to the war against Black people.
  • We demand economic justice for all and a reconstruction of the economy to ensure Black communities have collective ownership, not merely access.
  • We demand reparations for past and continuing harms.
  • We demand investments in the education, health and safety of Black people, instead of investments in the criminalizing, caging, and harming of Black people.
  • We demand a world where those most impacted in our communities control the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us – from our schools to our local budgets, economies, police departments, and our land – while recognizing that the rights and histories of our Indigenous family must also be respected.
  • We demand independent Black political power and Black self-determination in all areas of society.

Throughout the main website and the six subpages of demands, the word "trans" is mentioned 109 times, "queer" 24 times, "LGBTQ" 7 times, "problematic" 4 times, and "mother" 2 times (once in reference to Mother Earth). The words "Target:" or "Target(s):" is mentioned 68 times.

The words "dad" or "father" are mentioned a grand total times. Fathers are absent from "A Vision For Black Lives" just like in real life. Then they wonder why so many blacks turn into thug criminals (because black moms are raising them).


Years after the release of George Zimmerman's Big Game Hunter on EDF2, moar videogames were made. In fall 2016 some shitskins from India made an Android app called #Black Lives Matter, which was a "satirical tower defense game" where players would "defend your police station from crazy protesters and Black Lives Matter henchmen." The Google Play Store banned the game for "hate speech." A shitskin dev from Limited Software said the app did not violate Google's policy on hate speech, since Black Lives Matter is not a race, it's an organization. The game was later released for free for PC and Android or some shit.


The official website of #BlackLivesMatter is

The "guiding principles" on the website include sections on:

  • Diversity
  • Restorative justice
  • Unapologetically black
  • Globalism
  • Collective value
  • Queer affirming
  • Transgender affirming
  • Black women
  • Empathy
  • Black families
  • Black villages
  • Intergenerational (since grandma will be taking care of the kids)
  • Loving engagement

The official Black Lives Matter movement (founded by 2 queers, 1 who is married to a tranny) thinks more feminism and LGBTQXYZ gibberish is the solution, rather than the actual source of their problems. With black single moms raising bastard kids into thug niggers, what do blacks need? More black single moms of course! Black women have been doing such a great job raising their kids by themselves!

We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.


—from the "Black villages" section of "Guiding Principles" on

Using this logic, we should actively work to increase the number of black kids living in single mother homes, absent their fathers, right?


—cishet shitlord black guy Roland Warren

The bottom line is that the Black Lives Matter movement sees no role for black men other than media-hyped props to promote an agenda that excludes and undermines them. As a black man, I find being used this way destructive, offensive and familiar.


—cishet shitlord black guy Roland Warren

2016 Accomplishments

Black Lives Matter has accomplished many things. For example: In 2016, Amerifat's murder capital of Chicago had 762 homicides, the highest in 19 years, more than New York and Los Angeles combined. Nobel Peace Prize winner Obongo will give his farewell speech in that murder capital. Protip: The former police chief of Chicago blames BLM for the rise in violent crime in that hellhole.

Another BLM accomplishment is that cops killed in the line of duty in Amerilard rose in 2016 by 56%. Also, ambushes on police are at a two-decade high.

Katy Perry also bought some BLM shirts from some merchant before Christmas and posted about it on Instagram saying "When your holiday shopping is woke af." And some police union complained, so Walmart stopped selling "Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter" shirts. And BLM in California spit on some cop's coffee at Starbucks or some shit and bragged about it on Facebook.


Some famous critics of Black Lives Matter include:


Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon



—Marchers with a BLM banner at the Minnesota State Fair

I aint seen one dead body on the #ParisAttacks #Prayers4Paris my ass…. #fuckparis #BlackLivesMatter




Black lives matter? Then act like it.




this Black Lives Matter is nothing more than an American born terrorist group



—Police chief who later had to resign due to the Black Card

If YOUR life is in shambles? If your are standing around pointing blame? START WITH YOURSELVES! I speak from experience. You want "black lives matter?" Then START WITH YOUR BLACK LIFE! Keep your racism, my heart belongs to LOVE.



—Peggy Hubbard, black mother, Navy veteran, wife of a cop

I will NOT jump on your "HATE WHITE PEOPLE!" I'm not built that way. I am not viable to my black community, because I am not jumping on YOUR bandwagon to, hate the police, hate white people, scream racism, be "anti-government? Sorry to disapoint!



—Peggy Hubbard, black mother, Navy veteran, wife of a cop

Last night, who do you think they protested for? The thug. The criminal. Because they’re hollering police brutality. Are you fucking kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality. You black people, my black people, you are the most violent motherfuckers I have ever seen in my life. A little girl is dead. You say black lives matter? Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered … Yet you trifling motherfuckers are out there tearing up the neighborhood I grew up in.



—Peggy Hubbard, black mother, Navy veteran, wife of a cop

They need to have their butts at home. They need to be in their home units with their families studying and doing something with their life. Not out here protesting about something that is not really about nothing... I'm an American. I'm not black, white, red, yellow or nothing. I am American.



—Black Vietnam War veteran Robert Valentine on the Baltimore riots

I am a young, black, rich motherfucker. If that don't let you know that America understand black motherfuckers matter these days, I don't know what it is. Don't come at me with that dumb shit, ma'am. My life matter, especially to my bitches.



—Lil Wayne to Nightline


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  • Armenian-American Lives Matter
  • Chinese-American Lives Matter
  • India-American Lives Matter
  • Italian American Lives Matter
  • Japanese-American Lives Matter
  • Polish-American Lives Matter
  • ... etc etc etc. For some reason, it appears that only one ethnic group in the US is seriously at risk from police brutality. It is a mystery.
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