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"Bitches Don't Know Bout My Dick" was a phrase coined by producer/composer/fgt "BlingBling" of Colesville, Maryland in the summer of 2004, in his short song entitled "Bitches Don't Know". The song was created to parody the lyrics typically found in most gangsta rap and crunk music of the time. Bling was part of the Colesville satire band/group the "Stonegate Ballers," also known as the "Mic Fellowship" and the "Coalition of the Willingly Crunk," signed to Full Force Entertainment of Silver Spring, Maryland. I'm pretty sure you will get laid before he does.

Internet Phenomenon

The short phrase later became popular in late 2006 as an "Internet disease" photo, or massively popular photo used for montages/photoshop comedy, after a wigger wearing a T-Shirt bearing the phrase surfaced on the Internet. The wigger is, in reality, Rich [last name omitted], co-founder of Full Force Entertainment, who took the picture as a comedy stunt in an attempt to prove that he was comfortable with his masculinity (a lulzy endeavor due to the common knowledge that all white "gangstas" pack as much sausage as a Jewish deli and participate in much literal butthurt).

The original photo was then altered heavily by the online community, with both the face and the words "My Dick" replaced with something designed to get lulz. However, like Demotivators and Advice Dog, it is way oversaturated and mostly used by unfunny newfags nowadays.

Do It Rite

didn't know how to do it right.

  1. Acquire a Cooper Black style font, such as Cooper BT Black, Cooper Black or Cookie Regular.
  2. In ALL CAPS, write:
  3. Tilt it slightly to the right using the move tool.
  4. Protip: If using Photoshop or GIMP, it helps if you take those Rastarized text layers which you just slightly tilted to the right, and apply .5 Gaussian Blur.
  5. ????
  6. Profit

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