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The original. Ironically, even this has been raped beyond recognition.

Bitches and Whores is exactly what it sounds like - bitches and fucking whores. In actual truth, it's a meme that spawned in the darkest concave of the internet: In 2008 some faggot shooped the phrase in a panel from some raging Persona 4 doujin by Todd Special and uploaded it to 4chan.

Anonymous, being the huge weeaboo that he is instantly identified the rapist in the picture as Tohru Adachi, a smooth motherfucker who's only job was to rape every single fucking bitch and whore around him that dared think she had anything else to do other than make him a sandwich. This includes your mom, sister, daughter and every single twat you've ever known or spoken to in your entire life. Thus, after doing everybody and everything in existence, the man finally sat on his throne and a new meme was born.


God these high school girls today. This world's gone straight to shit.


—Motherfucking truth.

I know how to deal with girls like you.


—Homing in on the kill.



You caught my eye, but it turns out you're another worthless BITCH.


It's not like the fucking bitches deserved it or anything. I just jack off on cabbage.


—Totally playing it cool.

Uh, Adachi-san, they just asked for the time.



You shut your FUCKING WHORE MOUTH you STUPID SLUT. You will SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO or so help me I will fucking throw you inside a TV.





—Adachi NTRing yet another bitch and whore

Don't make me laugh.Just because someone joins the police doesn't make them some kinda"agent of justice."Y' know why I applied? So I could legally carry a gun...That's all.You'd be surprised how many people are like that.


—With a cop like this,you can now sleep peacefully.


When asked why he did it, Adachi simply replied "I was just bored", causing millions of feminists' uteri to collectively implode and bleed to death, as other bitches and whores creamed their panties from the sheer manliness that had intruded their miserable, worthless lives (males inclusive) and sent them back to their sole purpose in life.

Online, people yell BITCHES AND WHORES whenever an extreme display of typical whorish behavior is witnessed. As a rule of thumb, any girl drama you see online should be dealt with accordingly by using this expression every single time she dares to breath or open her whore mouth around you, when she should be making you dinner.


The most common way you can use to rape this meme yourself is to follow the X's and Y's format (preferably with X sounding similar to 'bitches' and Y to 'whores'). After spending hours upon hours trying to think of something to say, cuntpaste your fail into a relevant exploitable, upload and await your imminent rape by hundreds of depraved misogynists for reminding them of the embodiment of all their hate and loneliness.

Fucking Bitches and Whores

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On Screen

Protip: Newfags won't get the Swedish hero relevance until they realize Sperma (the name of the doujin he appeared in) is Swedish for sperm.

The Legend.

3:30 - Prepare your holes.

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You might THINK she's not seeing anyone else...

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