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A weabooish line from a rap song that made every animu and Dragonball Z fans butthurt. The line itself came from the legendary hip-hop troll, Soulja Boy. Somewhere in his dumbass mind, he thought it was a good idea to come out of the closet and show the whole world he was a major weaboo. Claiming to look like Goku.


Know Your Meme claims that the meme started in a specific forum thread, as the retarded retards they are, they were false. The meme actually orignated around July when Soulja Boy thought, "Why not make a freestyle about anime and bitches?" Keeping those thoughts in his brainless mind eventually motivated his to drive to the studio while smoking 500 pounds of weed to record a song about "Anime" and the character "Goku". In the anime song, he repetitively used the word "ANIME ANIME ANIME" while referencing some of the most common anime shows, and Case Closed. In the goku song, he basically combined the 2 elements from the "Anime" song and said, "Bitch, I look like <Insert DBZ character here>".

The Reaction

I don't look like Goku.

As soon as Soulja Boy put this song on one of his millions of useless youtube accounts. It began to create a huge uproar around the interwebs. For wiggers it was just another reason to hate Soulja Boy. For hardcore anime fans, it was the end of life for anime. They swarmed the video QQing and posting death threats. Soulja Boy ignored it as usual and sent to the people who actually liked his song a emoticon or the word "swag". What could be more embarassing is the "rapper" had more skeletons in his closet as it was known that he had a deviantart account. From there, he forced his fans to make him a manga, which they did. But just like every scandal that happens on deviantart, it ended up with every member flaming him and a cause for him to close his account. Weaboos thought they was doing the rap community a favor by exploiting this and ending his careeer, but they actually done the vice versa. Some dragonballs fans actually liked it, and it couldn't touch his career due to too many wiggers loving that Pretty Boy Swag song.

he doesn't look like goku



Wrong ears were bleeding when I heard DeathNote, another good anime but used like that just ruins anime. So to everyone out there that wishes this guy to stop ruining anime post your response.



Bitch, you look like Mister Popo.


—A variety of YT users, believe it or not

dude, this is disrespectful to Goku



best fucking song ever



So using my Super Saiyan swagger from now on.



Well, saiyans are supposed to be monkeys, makes sense



he is destroying dbz for us all he needs to leave fucking bdz and anime alone







Makes a reference to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

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