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Bimbofication is a fetish involving turning women into mindless sex machines. Or rather, it is the fetish of returning women to their natural secondary state. Technically it is the dirty lovechild of transformation and mind control.

The Justification

Everyone likes a slut, right? They only care about sex and won't laugh at how small your dick is, or how grotesque your face. All women secretly want to be mindless fuck machines anyways.

Why We Love Bimbos

For many of us gentlemen, we ask- why do we love bimbos so much, why do we love the act of bimboization?

Is it a matter of dominance? Is it the exotic thrill? Is it playing into the hands of our pure societal and cultural desires? I wish to be an active and involved member of this community. But the question is- how did I find myself realizing that I want to, need to, have a daily fix of bimbo goodness.

I remember as a child, too young to understand anything beyond mud pies and Tonka trucks, coming across the movie: "Earth Girls Are Easy" and in the very beginning when the average looking brunette character played by Geena Davis was transformed into a blue eyed, blonde bobbed vixen. I was still drinking juice boxes and watching cartoons, but that moment a switch turned on. I loved the California Valley Girl and I loved the transformation for a girl to get there. In between years of regular and wonderful "materials" young men hunt for, I found that makeover shows could be an awesome fix if the result was good of the young lady on the show. Years later- it only got better with extreme makeover shows where average and attractive girls and women were upgraded with amazing breasts or lips, new hair and styles.

Always surrounded by a progressive crowd with dominant female figures, the allure of an airhead became a forbidden fruit. I seem to be a magnet for career-minded and fashionably conservative girls- and oh how deep down I wanted to send them to the salon to get highlights or go blonde, to get nails put on and to take them clothes shopping for something more appetizing. Heels, Tiffany choker necklaces, hoop earrings- fashionable bimboism at its best. Several years ago, everywhere you looked- stores were selling Stepford style sundress, tops with pink ribbons and bows, ruffled miniskirts. The perfect bimbo look was on display very well for a few years until it was stolen away from us.

Yes, we men who love bimbos love the "ultra-feminine". Call it a desire for dominance; call it a preferred flavor of lady-friend. But for some of us- if we don't hear the clack of heels, it’s not nearly as interesting.

And just as much as looks are important- so is the sound. "Bimboese" in its light and high pitch chatter is music to our ears. I "like" isn't used prodigiously in multiples, if there isn't a breathily vapidness in the harmony of her voice, it isn't nearly as sweet as it could be.

So there you have it- a fitting beginning to a worthy blog I hope. Why do we love bimbos? What makes the process of bimboization or bimbofication, depending on your English- a tantalizing fantasy? And how can we achieve that fantasy via artificial means and in some lucky cases- REAL LIFE. I hope to regularly explore the ins and outs of bimbo life and the idiosyncrasies that rule it. Please join me and post!

And if any girls reading this have the slightest desire to surrender to bimboism, you should probably upload your n00dz asap.

We have teeny dicks.

Recipe for a Bimbo


  • One woman. The smarter, more successful, and independent the better.
  • One man. wincest optional.

Reasons why people might be into this:

  • They are too much of a pussy to deal with a real woman and not a glorified sex doll.
  • Intimidated by anything smarter than themselves
  • They are terrible conversationalists
  • It's pretty hot how they turn into Bimbos


Cynthia pleaded, "No! You can't do this!"

"I wish Cynthia would turn into an Asian hooker!" Jack yelled, anxiously waiting for results.

Cynthia stared at Jack in disbelief. Then, she noticed her hair, which was hanging in her face. It had turned jet black. Looking at her hands, she saw her skin getting slightly darker and slimmer. What she couldn't see was her face getting smoother and her eyes slanting.

"I doubt you'll be able to speak very good English anymore, Mrs. Sanders." Jack said smiling.

Cynthia looked up, confused, "Me no Asian! Me American!"

"Doesn't sound like it to me..."

"Me Cynthia... Cynthia no Asian whore! Me... Me..." Suddenly Cynthia's eyes glazed over and took on a spacey look, then she shook her and smiled, "Me so horny, Jack! Me so horny... You wan fuck? Five dolla! Me sucky-sucky." Cynthia shook her hips seductively, trying to sell herself to her teenage neighbor.

"Your IQ is now 20," Mr. Grey interrupted.

Jennifer's eyes went wide, then hung almost closed and glazed over. Her mouth slowly drooped open as a line of drool escaped her. A few seconds passed as the woman stared into space and then she stumbled backwards, landing on her ass.

"How do you feel, Ms. Daniels?"

Jennifer looked around and answered, "Mmmm... Uhhh.. Ugh.... Err..."

"I see. Could you stand back up please, you stupid bitch."

She laughed a dopey laugh and got back to her feet. She slouched over, her arms swinging in front of her with a dumb smile on her face. A puddle of drool was gathering under her.

"Now, tell me, what do you find most interesting about Cultural Anthropology?"

She had no idea was this man was saying to her. She had no idea where she was. In fact, she didn't really know much of anything any longer. Her head was just a cloudy mess. "Heeeeh...Hehhhh..." she said, probably accidentally. She laughed again.

The flier she held was one Jimmy had seen before. "BIMBOTECH" it read in big hot pink letters over the kneeling silhouette of a babe with huge knockers. Underneath was the company logo: 'A Woman's Place is on Her Knees' along with their address there on the 32nd floor.




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