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sexual attacks!

William Henry Cosby, Jr. (a.k.a. Bill Cosby and The Coz) is an African American television actor, sweater-aficionado, comedianfucking dead

will archive l8r and professional old person who was popular for about a week during the 1980s before the world entirely forgot about his existence for the next three decades. Unfortunately, this era of peace was shattered in 2014 when several dried-up fashion models from the 1900s began mounting a public smear campaign against Bill Cosby and alleged that he had been drugging and sticking his puddin' pop inside women and 16-year-old girls since the 1960s and had somehow managed to get away with it for 50 fucking years despite being a negro in the 1960s.

In typical fake rape hysteria fashion, almost all of Cosby's accusers have either had their stories easily debunked by hard evidence or have a documented history of crazy and often downright criminal behaviour such as lying, stealing, prostitution, drug addiction and talking to God. Despite this fact, following a hung jury and two long and extremely drawn-out trials that were designed to deplete Cosby's remaining life force, Cosby was finally convicted on April 26, 2018, on three counts of sexual assault and Quaaludeing a witness.

Cosby's inevitable appeal will most likely target the fact that a fuckwit judge allowed inflammatory testimony from a bunch of Gloria Allred-funded women who were completely irrelevant to the one alleged sexual assault that he was actually charged with. Unless Cosby wins his appeal, it seems almost certain that he will soon be dying of a ruptured anus after being greeted by his bigger, blacker cellmate named Tyrone.

Prelude to a Quaalude

Bill Cosby's career as a made-for-TV Uncle Tom began in the mid-1960s when he landed a starring role in I Spy – A blatant and shitty ripoff of better and much more successful spy-themed shows such as James Bond and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. T.O.M. He then produced Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, a shitty cartoon about a morbidly obese teenager who lived in the ghetto with his fellow gang members.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Twitter's Verdict.

He doesn’t have a plane, you asshole!


—Bill Cosby, speaking about himself, when described in court as a "flight risk" (stupid black person)

Ambulance-chasing feminist and Jew Gloria Allred, the lawyer for the vast majority of Bill Cosby's accusers.

As a famous and rich celebrity, Bill Cosby has long been the victim of scam artists who want to take his hard-earned money away from him through any means necessary. Since the early 2000s Cosby has been the target of numerous false rape allegations which generally follow the exact same narrative – Cosby presents little white mystery pills to bitches, bitches accept said pills and then wake up 5 hours later mysteriously covered in Bill Cosby's semen. Bitches may also be asked to smear oatmeal on their faces and act like the Queen of Jordan.

While Cosby was able to successfully defend himself against these slanderous accusations for over a decade, this all changed in 2014 when Hannibal Buress, one of Cosby's fellow unfunny black comedians, sold him out during a stand-up "comedy" show and directly accused him of being a rapist. The ensuing shitstorm in the court of public opinion destroyed Bill Cosby's reputation as an unfunny nigger and successfully rebranded him as an unfunny nigger rapist who is literally worse than Hitler.

The one thing that most of Cosby's accusers seem to have in common is the fact that they are represented by man-hating feminist attorney and despicable human-being Gloria Allred – A woman whose life's ambition is making men suffer and who is most well-known for attempting to spin anything and everything into "sexism".

The "Victims"


Howard Stern's lesbian sister, Andrea Constand.
Andrea Constand is a bulldyke and professional Howard Stern lookalike whose accusations against Cosby are, so far, the only ones to actually result in criminal charges. It is highly probable that this lesbo was seduced by the Coz and then felt regret after cheating on her girlfriend with an elderly black man.

No it didn't, but I could say it did. I could say it happened, get that money. I could quit my job. I could go back to school. I could open up a business.


—Andrea Constand, on getting raped ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Botox-addict Janice Dickinson shows off her cancerous tits.
Janice Dickinson (pronounced "Dick-In-Son") is a washed-up old hag and compulsive liar who has been known to refer to herself as "The world's first supermodel." despite being born 60 years after the first known use of the term "supermodel". She has permanent duckface and has been forced into bankruptcy as a result of spending all of her money on Botox and plastic surgery. She definitely has no monetary motive to accuse Bill Cosby of a rape that never actually happened.

It's all a fabrication there because I wanted the paycheck for my kids.


—Janice Dick In Son, on getting raped ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Judith "Judy" Huth claims that Bill Cosby forced her to give him a handjob at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15. Huth has admitted to lying about her age in order to enter the Playboy Mansion in the first place.
Chloe Goins is a literal whore and heroin addict whose accusations against Cosby are nearly identical to those made by Judy Huth, the only difference being that she claims she was 18 at the time. Video evidence exists that proves that neither her nor Bill Cosby were even at the Playboy Mansion on the day that she claims to have been raped.
Beth Ferrier was Bill Cosby's long-time mistress who alleges that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her after she broke off their affair.
Tamara Green is a former lawyer who was disbarred for stealing $20,000 from a client and is known to suffer from mental health issues. After Bill Cosby publically denied sexually assaulting Tamara, she immediately filed a frivolous lawsuit against him and his attorneys that alleged that his act of defending himself from her allegations had "Impugned her reputation." – Funny when you consider the fact that SHE STOLE $20,000 FROM ONE OF HER OWN CLIENTS.
Louisa Moritz (born Ciro Netto Castro) is yet another plastic surgery addicted Jew who claims that Bill Cosby stuck his willy in her mouth during a taping of The Tonight Show in 1971. Records prove that she and Cosby were never on The Tonight Show at the same time, yet she still insists that she is a victim and deserves money.
P.J. Masten a.k.a. Patricia Masden is a former Playboy Bunny who claims that Bill Cosby raped her and 12 other Playboy bunnies in the 70s and 80s. She also accused sportscaster Marv Albert of sexually assaulting her in the late 1990s after another woman had publically accused him of sexual assault – Hilariously, the original accuser ended up accusing Patricia of being a liar who was "Riding her comet."
Joan Tarshis and her retarded dog.
Joan Tarshis (a.k.a. Velma Dinkley) is a former child-detective who was the star of the 1970s animated sitcom Scooby Doo. Despite claiming that Cosby forced her to give him oral sex, she admits that she did not bite off his willy as she should have. Is a known alcoholic and claims to have talked with both aliens and God.
Chelan Lasha is a criminal whose lengthy record includes prostitution, theft, disorderly conduct, trespassing, weapon possession and false reporting. Judging from her mugshot, she is also most likely a meth user and manufacturer.
Linda Joy Traitz is a convicted drug trafficker who was released in 2012 after serving more than 3 years in prison. She has also been convicted of fraud.
Beverly Ann Johnson is a niggerette and former supermodel whose own manager has publically stated that both she and Janice Dickinson are lying about being sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. She also falsely accused Chris Noth, her ex, of domestic violence after their breakup ended up costing her money. She also made false allegations against Mark Burk, another ex, who has provided proof that she is a mentally unstable liar. We also know that her story is bullshit because the majority of Cosby's other accusers suggest that he isn't even interested in the dark meat.
Shawn Upshaw had a consensual affair with Bill Cosby and is currently the only woman that Bill Cosby has admitted to having an affair with. Shawn's daughter, Autumn Jackson, was sent to prison after being convicted for attempting to extort $40,000,000 out of Bill Cosby (who is possibly her biological father). After learning of the other accusations against Cosby, Shawn Upshaw suddenly determined that Cosby must have drugged and raped her as well and then made her own accusations against Cosby.
La'Chelle Covington went to the police immediately after Bill Cosby allegedly attempted to guide her hand towards his crotch – After this failed and the police said no crime was committed, she changed her story and claimed Bill Cosby had also fondled her tits.

She wasn't molested.


—La'Chelle's sister who witnessed the incident ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Renita Chaney Hill claims that Bill Cosby traveled the country with her and paid her tuition while drugging and raping her. Her parents approved of this arrangement.
Sunni Welles is a Christfag and "spiritual medium" who claims that she can see "Angels of God".

In 1994 majestic beings of light spontaneously stepped out of a mirror in Sunni's bedroom as she was sitting on her bed. These beings identified themselves as angels of God. They told Sunni that God was answering her heartfelt prayers she had been praying to be in service to Him, and that she was going to be assisting His angels in sharing essential and crucial heavenly messages for the world. Afterwards Sunni was given amazing spiritual gifts for this purpose and to also comfort the bereaved. Her book is a compilation of the angels' messages. Welles is highly respected in the field of bereavement support, where she uses her unique gifts to console others. Sunni's associate pastor tested the angels himself to be certain they were from God. He concluded that they indeed were angels of God.


—Sunni Welles, on being batshit insane ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Sammie "Mayor Gonzo" Mays is a self-described "con-artist" who claims to have once broken into a minimum security prison so she could harass an inmate into giving an interview.
Barbara Bowman is a failure of an actress whose career was so shit that she doesn't even meet the notability requirements for an article on TOW. Barbara claims that she was drugged and raped multiple times by Cosby, yet she kept coming back to him for years despite being constantly "raped" by him.
Katherine McKee is the attention-starved trainwreck ex-girlfriend of Sammy Davis Jr. who decided to join the bandwagon and attempted to sue Bill Cosby for "defamation" because he denied raping her.

McKee took concerted steps meant to influence the public's perception of whether Cosby was, in fact, a sexual predator.


—Judge Sandra Lynch, pointing out that Katherine is a whore ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Cosby's Supporters

Damon "M'lady" Wayans
Damon Wayans referred to Cosby's accusers as "unrapeable" and called their actions "a money hustle", he also questioned the size of Bill Cosby's penis due to its apparent amnesia-inducing properties.
Whoopi Goldberg defended Bill Cosby on The View which resulted in people making angry calls to the network because they disagreed with her opinion. The network heads then forced Whoopi to change her opinion under the threat of being fired and lynched.
Kanye tweeted "BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!" and was promptly bombarded with harassment from Twitter feminists and SJWs who vowed that they would never listen to his music again (despite never having listened to it in the first place).
Phylicia Rashad defended Bill Cosby and was quickly misquoted by the media in an attempt to demonize her.
Camille Cosby has continued to defend her husband despite the fact that he has admitted to cheating on her and is the unfunniest man on Earth.
Eddie Griffin has publically stated that the accusations against Bill Cosby are part of a systematic conspiracy to bring down all successful black men.
Waka Flocka Flame believes that Bill Cosby is being framed and the accusations against him are "propaganda" and an "organized lie".
Don Gibble is Beverly Johnson's former manager and has publically suggested that both Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson are lying. He is the only white person to ever defend Bill Cosby.
Rush Limbaugh thinks that CNN set him up in response to Cosby doing the 'Pound Cake' speeches to blacks telling them to take some personal responsibility for once.
LulzKiller and Meepsheep think that there's no way Cosby would fuck with any of those ugly ass bitches when a high-end escort who knows to keep her mouth shut would not at all be a financial burden when you're Bill Cosby.

Cosby as a Trolling Technique

Camille Cosby, actually a troll.

Trolling Cosby Haters

  • Say that Bill Cosby is innocent.
  • Point out that the vast majority of his accusers are known criminals, liars and batshit insane bitches.
  • Make Cosby rape jokes.

Trolling Cosby Fans

  • Call Bill Cosby a rapist.
  • Say that Bill Cosby was never funny.
  • Make Cosby rape jokes.

Meme Me!

During the height of his rape scandal, Bill Cosby made the grave mistake of asking Twitter to meme him and upload the results under the hashtag #CosbyMeme – This immediately backfired and resulted in at least 100 rape-related memes featuring Cosby quickly flooding the hashtag.

House of Cosbys

Quality production values.
Family Guy ripped off House of Cosbys but replaced Bill Cosby with Robin Williams.

House of Cosbys was an unfunny animated web cartoon and Family Guy ripoff that was created by Justin Roiland in 2005. The series revolved around a sad, lonely man who made a cloning machine and used it for the sole purpose of making over 9000 clones of Bill Cosby that he would then sedate and rape. The series lasted for a mere 4 episodes before Cosby's lawyers sent a C&D to the creator.

At one point Ebaumsworld, being the thieving Jews that they are, even watermarked these videos.[citation not needed – Ebaumsworld steals everything, you dumb twat]

House of Cosbys Episode 1
House of Cosbys Episode 2
House of Cosbys Episode 3
House of Cosbys Episode 4
House of Cosbys Episode 5 (Made by a third party after Bill's lawyers shut the video series down.)

Cosby Sweater



Just Coz

*Unintelligible Blabbering*


—99% of what Bill Cosby says

You have to be careful about drinking around me.


—Bill Cosby, warning you about Bill Cosby

Sometimes you try to help people, and it backfires on you, and then they try to take advantage of you.


—Bill Cosby, on helping ungrateful bitches

Civilization had too many rules for me, so I did my best to rewrite them.


—A wealthy Cosby made his own rules after years of working for “The Man.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids -- $500 sneakers for what? And won't spend $200 for 'Hooked on Phonics.'


—Cosby was an education advocate.

I'm a Christian. But Muslims are misunderstood. Intentionally misunderstood. We should all be more like them.



When this movie comes out, you are going to need two [bleeps] because women are going to be all over you.


—What Cosby allegedly told Keenan Thompson about the Fat Albert Movie

"Victim" Impact Statements

When Cosby was done, there was a horrible mess of semen all over my face. I bordered on vomiting. He was mumbling that I had been blessed with his semen as if it was holy water.


—Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer, THE POWER OF COZ COMPELS YOU!

Midget was his pet name for me.


—Joan "The Midget" Tarshis

I knew these women weren’t fabricating stories and conspiring to destroy America’s favorite dad, but I did not want to see yet another African American man vilified in the media. As I debated whether to come forward, I struggled with where my allegiances should lie – with the women who were sexually victimized or with black America, which had been systemically victimized.


—Jewell Allison was forced to choose between Black America and her "rapist"

Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take 30 years for people to believe my story?


—Barbara Bowman, asking why noone believed a story that she never told

Bill Cosby gave me one of those "don't be dirty" lectures but I was unconscious & he was talking about my a-hole


Sarah Silverman, tweeting a Cosby rape joke

I have ABSOLUTELY no reason to lie or make up this up!


—Michelle Hurd, lying her arse off


What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy.


—Phylicia Rashad sees through the conspiracy

There is a systematic effort to destroy every black male entertainer’s image.


—Eddie Griffin

I’m old enough to remember the ’70s. The ’70s is a different time. Did he rape these bitches? Why would you go to the room of a known married man?


—Eddie Griffin, questioning whether Cosby raped those bitches

@hannibalburess shame on you for attempting to sway @BillCosby‘s reputation, your just jealous that you will never be as great as he is.


—Geno Cuddy, keeping it real and telling it like it is

Bill Cosby ought to slap these thots for lying and accusing him.



How big is his penis that it gives you amnesia for 40 years?


—Damon Wayans, on Cosby's penis

Don’t you do a kit when you say someone has raped you? Perhaps the police might have believed it, or the hospital.


—Whoopi Goldberg


Special rape sauce

The græt and powerful wiseman talks about the Quaaludes.

Therese Serignese, a remorseful prostitute.

The Jell-O rape song.

One of Cosby's lawyers destroys Lamont Hill.

None of these bitches will ever win an Oscar.

Fellow nigger and unfunny "comedian" Hannibal Buress feeds Bill Cosby to the sharks.


He Wrote a Book have to roofie them first, though.

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This is Cosby's lawyer (which might have influenced jurors to convict him)

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