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Children Beware!

Bill122460 is a man on a mission to overthrow the U.S. Government through the power of streaming media and the internetz. Bill suffers from severe mental illness and believes the government is out to get him. He posts at least 3 videos a day on his YouTube channel. These videos contain bizarre rants about women, true forced loneliness, the government, children, and whatever else comes to the corrupt mind of this sick fuck. He posts videos begging the military and civilians alike to turn on the government and save the world from New World Order. Bill is also a Christian and uses the bible as his main source of evidence.

True Forced Loneliness

Bill came up with True Forced Loneliness because he believes women are purposely forcing him to die alone. Bill claims that the U.S. government is using television, music, movies, and every other form of media to brainwash women into stereotyping guys out and forcing them to be alone. Of course Bill doesn't take into consideration that he is a redneck trailer trash basement-dweller that uses all his spare time to make YouTube videos and chat with all his fellow basement-dwelling cunts on MSN. TFL has made Bill the laughingstock of YouTube and many forums.

Lame TFL graphic from Bill's YouTube page.
When Bill122460 has had enough of TFL

The TFL Movement

In April of 2008 Bill and his e-partner Dwayne Holloway started the TFL movement. This movement consisted of hundreds of YouTube vids in which Bill and Dwayne griped and whined about their lives and hated on women. They let a nerdy fuck named Steve Hoca join the movement, but removed him when he lusted for Bill's cock. Later Dwayne backed out of the movement after being told by his personal Santa that Bill was a bad influence thus leaving Bill a one man army to wage war against Balack Shazama's corrupt government.


Bill claims he doesn't hate women, he only thinks they deserve to get raped, murdered, used, beaten, and treated with no respect. In his twisted mind, women are just tools used by the government to destroy men across the world (Somebody's been reading too much Shaw!). He developed this position after studying and perfecting how to occupy the fringes of society. Although here at ED we agree with the rape.


Dwayne Holloway

Dwayne is the ex-best friend best friend of Bill. After mommy told 32 year-old Dwayne not to talk to that childish cunt Bill, Dwayne went on a crusade to destroy his former bff. Dwayne started a new YouTube account known as *YouTube Favicon.png billanddwayneexposed and posted videos "exposing" Bill using the chat logs he had strangely saved over the last 5 years. He made sure to edit out names, addresses, and other personal info. He also deleted the parts where they discussed cock sizes and gaping; cum filled; assholes. Bill, experiencing the heart-wrenching pain his jilted lover had inflicted, tucked his tail between his legs, swallowed his pride, and issued an e-peace offering.

Bill versus Baron Rothschild

Having lost his first account to secret, behind-the-scenes Illuminati sabotage as reprisal for Bill's constant slander of the Rothschild name, Bill has resorted to using his digital fallout shelter, bill1224602, to continue his assault on the Jew Bankers and their nefarious world scheme.

From the reinforced confines of bill1224602, TFLBill has raised the flag of battle, posting three declarations of war - a series of videos with detailed, and totally legit messages from 33rd-degree Master of the Inferno, Jew, who asked Bill to stop his work against the Illuminati - as it was hurting the family image (despite Jew urging his friend, Rothschild, that he not tangle with the likes of Bill).

While at first skeptical of the dubious nature of the totally legit e-mails sent to him by the user named BaronDavidRothschild, Bill recounted how he has been trolled mercilessly, so he "knows trolls" -- and "this was NOT troll!" The evidence was overwhelming. Severely lacking life stimulation [other than planning the serial killings of all women in his zip code], Bill readily accepted the legitimacy of the letters and urged his viewers to rally against the NWO oppressors; The second video was a plea posted by Bill, "concerning the e-mails of Rothschild". Resolute in his belief that Youtube was in bed with Baron Rothschild, and had, on the Baron's request, "blurred" the [greatly reduced in size screen shot] evidence Bill had included in his first video (*and all subsequent ones) in order to dissuade viewers from accepting the truth, Bill told his viewers to download the evidence and see for themselves; The third video featured yet more of the same evidence. Bill, mumbling something about "watching the dates", also added clips from an internet cyber security conference, whereby he comes to believe the panel discussion pertains less to the internet and all its users as a whole, and more indirectly to him. The video is concluded by yet more grainy captures of "the evidence" that Youtube keeps scrambling.

Whatever the verdict - be it a genuine letter from the world's most eminent inbreeder, or successful troll, TFLBill is on a mission. While common sense would lead one to believe that the letters are totally credible, it seems equally plausible that they may be an elaborate ruse perpetrated by the parents of all the women murdered by Bill, his TFL crew and fat fucking nigger Dwayne Holloway in the name of True Forced Loneliness, in a high-stakes scheme to re-focus Bill's limitless rage onto something less meek and helpless than womankind.

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