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Bigots are the worst fucking people on Earth. Bigots are not even human and lower than dogshit. All bigots need to be put on trains, herded into showers, and gassed to death, while other bigots covered in corpse-soot shovel the bodies into crematoriums. Is there anything worse than a bigot who hates people? Can't we just fucking kill every bigot?

Bigots hate tolerance

People who hate bigots are tolerant individuals. Why can't everyone be tolerant and hate bigots with the fury of a thousand suns? Everyone knows that to rid the world of killing we need to kill the killers, then there will be less killing in the world. Likewise, to rid the world of hateful bigots we need to hate the bigots, then there will be less hate in the world.

Modern usage

More generally, OTI a bigot is anyone who disagrees with you. If someone OTI does not totally accept your sick fuckery, batshit insanity, all of your opinions, and everything about you, that makes them a bigot who deserves to die. By calling someone a bigot, you can then peacefully force your beliefs down their throat. A person doesn't have to actually commit violence to be a bigot, they just have to hurt your feelings and not worship the ground you walk on. This watering down of the word bigot is deeply offensive to armed groups who take hate and violence seriously. Today, disagreeing with someone online is now equivalent to actual genocide.

It's super easy to call someone a bigot and it's the worst thing a person can ever be. Just don your victim complex and everyone around you is a potential bigot who is getting in the way of your fucking bullshit behavior.

Types of bigots

  • anyone who doesn't agree with everything you say
  • the rich
  • people with any morals, values, standards, or opinions
  • Chinese people
  • Burmese people
  • every race on the planet
  • feminists, who hate men because men aren't attracted to them
  • homosexuals, who hate the opposite sex and are disgusted by them, and would rather fuck the ugliest member of their own sex than even admit to being attracted to the hottest member of the opposite sex
  • trannies, who hate their own bodies and genitals
  • atheists, who hate religious people and think a world without religion would be a utopia, just like it is for wild animals
  • every company that doesn't shit rainbows
  • heterophobes
  • every butthurt channer
  • everyone but me
  • You

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