Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

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The best game since Superman 64
Stunning graphics

Like superb writings of Peter Chimaera or stunning art of Tori Sue Heck, Big Rigs are considered to be top of its league and, by far, the most epic game evar since Halo 3 and Bioshock, with amazing graphics and superb gameplay and over 4 different levels to choose from, making it almost great as Battletoads. 10,000+ WINNERs bought Big Rigs. YOU'RE WINNER ! Big Rig Winner.png


Big Rigs features variety of truck to choose from, like standard Big Rig to, well, standard Big Rig. As far as the game goes, its like GTA meet Banjo Kazooie meet Pedobear in Arcade-style fighting adventure. Much like any amazing game, its control are flawless and smooth, with well-designed levels to add.

It takes place in China during Cold War, with main character being Ex-con who killed his own teammates. Your goal are to take down Chinese government using special tactics with Big Rigs at hand, defeating evil emperor Ho-Chi Minh, and saving world, all in one hour.

Some of the game's epic gameplay:

If you play this game, then you will become a winnar


Big Rigs also spawn mini meme that plenty of /b/-tards use, over fact that when you win game it says in ALL CAPS "YOU'RE WINNER". Although it were the only flaw in game, many douchebags used it whenever thought they won, which in reality, they failed. Badly.


After being created with help of Sergey Titov, Big Rigs became huge (s)hit with gamer and reviewers alike. Don't believe me? Well, the proof in pudding:

Even Armake21 reviewed this cum rag!
Someone even made a patch to make this fantastic game even better!

The high score given to game by any reviewer is 1/10, which was only high because their system did not have a 0/10 option. In fact netjak had code re-written to allow a score of zero just for game alone. If you need a bit more proof that this is terrible, a site that goes as high as a 5 rating refused to rate it because even a 1/5 would be too high.



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