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Bestiality is the practice of willingly having sex with animals. Like being a furry only the animals don't want you shoving your penis in the ass of their fine fuzzy fundament. Of course one leads to the other: furry is the hop and skip and before jumping into bestiality. After a few Zeta Toys the furries always end up wanting "the real thing".

Many debates around the subject center on whether animals can consent to sex. Most normal people believe that no, animals cannot consent to sex. Is that correct? Some say no, because even though the sick bastards knew the dog wasn't smart enough to recognize the fact that the peanut butter was on your balls, it still licked the peanut butter off by its own free will.

The Difference Between Zoophilia & Bestiality

Nothing. Some argue zoophiles are simply people who liek animals a lot - often developing romantic relationships with them. People who actually have sex with animals however practice bestiality. This is of course bullshit - in every sense of the word.

Because their relationship is not just about fucking, Zoos often feel a deep spiritual connection to the animals of their choice - most likely because they lust for their thick knotted cocks in place of their own tiny wart-covered dicks.

Since zoos claim not to have sex with animals, the issue of consent is not a problem - most zoos just rape their pets. Unlike the bestiality crowd, they aren't stupid enough to brag about it. Not surprisingly, this page isn't as popular as the other pages because zoos claim they don't liek teh sex. The knot makes them bleed. Sorry readers, you'll have to lurk moar for material to fap to.

Drama Llamas

Most participants in bestiality make largely the same excuses as the gheys, the polyamorous, the pedophiles, the stoners, the intentional fatties and the White Supremacists: That it was intended to be that way from the beginning, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and that anyone who thinks any different is obviously a Hitler-worshiping Nazi with a lifelong determination to quell and oppress those who disagree with them. Like these other groups, bestial freaks (like WolfJLupus) devote their entire journal to documenting their disgusting perversion, often spending several hours in a day posting about it. They make the same arguments about oral consent, maturity disparity and the role of sex in reproduction being irrelevant, and generally spend more time justifying their life than actually living it. This makes trolling a beastophile shockingly simple; just say something to the effect of "You do realize that you are sticking your cock into animals, right? Isn't that like, rape?" or "If animals don't have souls, how can they feel love for you?" The only exception is if they let male animals fuck them, in which case they're either fags in perpetual (and even more pathetic than usual) denial or soon to face life threatening complications of intestine trauma. The poor lol-cow will be helpless to do anything but fall into your trap; animal-rapers exist only to prove their point to everyone, and can't resist debating every dissenting voice that crosses their path.

If you agree or believe in any of the new-age bullshit these people spout please, do the world a favour Kill yourself

And now for truth that furries rape animals:

yep. so i went to work this morning and some freak came intoday, fat.neckbeard, pull over hoodie with a sterotypical woflie furry with RED AND BLUE EYES. anyway he had a golden with him and as he passed the dog off to me he was jokeing with my boss how "hes such a hottie" "he has a tight ass" "hes packing" "hes a PLEASSSSSSURE to be around" . mind you. hes not hitting on my boss, hes reffering to his dog. but whatever i bring the dog into the back and i stared alittle, his nose seemed off to the side. like it was squished. so i picked up the dog to put him on the table makeing him yelp AND OH MY GOD. this hurts to repeat it.

his lower left jaw was broken and separated from the right side. part of the nose was pushed in on one side. the sheath on the dog had been cut back, the whole area swollen and dripping puss. the penis itself was dried and cracked, was bloody. his anal glands were impacted. the anus was.. well it looked like a blown out ear lobes, just more puss filled and dried blood. the dog tried to make a movement (restroom) makeing him scream and flail in pain.

what. the . fuck.

i called my boss back and well he called the police and animal group quickly, they examined the dog, finding his pelvic bone was also 'not in the right place', the skin around his nails was all pushed back and there was nail marks around the dogs neck, it was under weight, dehydrated and they mentioned they would most likely have to put the dog down.

the police found the guy quickly i heard. but what a shame. i hate people. what makes you think this is a good idea to do this to your dog?


i expected to get like two comments on this and everyone to shrug this off so THANKS FOR CAREING REALLY. this has been fucking the inside of my skull since it happened and im happy other people feel the same way i do.

unfortatenly i cannot tell you anything about the guy, i do not know his name. i do not think hes 'bashing' furries. i have a description of the character on his shirt? but its pretty bland. -white 'wolf' red and blue eyes. an X on its chest and a curly tail-. im sure many people have similar things so dont go attacking people.

i will also not know ANYTHING untill i go to work Saturday. including the guys name and the fate of him and the dog. i may have to make a statement and testify if this goes to court.

again a huge thanks for everyone who is reposting this. i appreciated you all linking back to me and showing me the link aswell.

OK edit again:

i never asked anyone to repost this, i mean, if it bothers you, you wanna rant about it sure whatever but i mean.. this isnt the latest youtube video or candy...just saying. also sending me 20 notes isnt makeing me figure out things any faster.

EDIT, again. since theres more i have to clear up: i do not have photos. i was way to concerned over the dog to whip out my phone. from above the dog didnt seem to have a problem, when the man left is when i examined the dog. i dont have names, records, any of that since i am just an EMPLOYEE. if i ran the place id have all the information. i got a call from my boss, im going to a SMALL trial saturday morning. i NEVER asked this to be re posted. i am NOT a vet. i am a GROOMER. i dont work in a clinic. i NEVER said this guy was a furry, just that he had a drawing of one on the shirt. again i never asked this to be re posted and people i dont even know or never even heard of have posted this. i dont know what your trying to do? gather more information? thats what the police are for not a whole E team.

and ill repeat this. - i didnt expect to get ANYTHING off of this-, i came home from work and needed to get my day out in words, it was eating me up since around 9am this morning and i had to work through the day. ONE person reposted and im FINE with that, but before knew it it was 5-8-19- and i dont even know how much more there are now. i dont understand what you want me to do, im not hideing any details? granted i didnt describe any smells, but thats the only thing i 'left out'. Source:

Legal statu

Zoophilia is currently illegal in Canada, Netherlands, most of the United States, Australia (except for the ACT), and New Zealand. Almost 5 countries... out of 195. Not bad, for arrogant American moralfags.

Motherless used to be one of the few sites that had the balls to host bestiality and zoophilia, but as of a few years ago they pussied out removed it all. Meanwhile, you can still watch videos of transexuals shitting on midgets and dudes cumming on pictures of 12 year olds so fear not, your freedoms are still safe.

Until recently, bestiality was legal in the state of Washington. This has been mentioned on Mind of Mencia and is why Mr. Hands is so famous. Thankfully for residents of the homeland of Jameth, bestilolity was outlawed in 2006. WolfJLupus then GTFO of the state.

Protip: In the United Kingdom, any animal that has died is classed as a foodstuff, regardless of what type of animal it is. It's not illegal to fuck food. If your pet dog was to have a fatal "accident" and you were to "accidentally" place your penis into its dead anus, that would be no more illegal than smearing jam on your cock.


Although bestiality is a criminal offence in countries mentioned above, engaging in sexual intercourse with apes is legal and are exempt from these laws.

Also, if you're a Muslim, you can get a free pass in raping goats because the above countries will be too scared of being accused of Islamophobia.

Watching Horse Sex

For those perverted few who enjoy watching bestiality, here's a handy way to get your pr0nz for free.

  1. Download media player to play .flv videos
  2. Go to
  3. Right-click on the thumbnail for the vid, and choose Copy Image Location.
  4. Paste the image's URL into the address bar and hit enter:
  5. Copy the numbers and characters before the preview_image_xxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxx.jpg
       e.g.  489590115e61a
  6. Paste the just-copied text to the end and remove th3e mv2. at the start:
  7. Add .flv to the end and hit enter:
  8. ????
  9. Cry yourself to sleep for discovering that this method no longer works.


In an effort to hide their sick lifestyle, zoophiles often substitute the lowercase Greek letter Zeta (ζ) in their various internet profiles and lists of interests in lieu of DOG FUCKER. Searching for this symbol on various social networking sites can result in many lulz and a great list of potential targets.


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A Fun Story

My mother spent a few months in jail in her life or would run off with some guy or on some scheme, and during these times I'd go to stay with some family out in the country. They had some animals like goats, chickens, rabbits, and more. The animals were all pretty typical farm animals, but those I remember the most were the dogs. The dogs were the most friendly I'd ever met, they would never growl or bite. They were barely older than puppies, and all still had a playful puppy disposition. Being dogs of one or two years old, they were quite frisky and certainly quite horney. Though I was just a young boy and actually didn't have any idea what "horney" was.

The dogs ran around the property free of any chains or fences. They were all mutts of some variety or another and given their youthful libido, would quite often hump in the yard, house, or wherever, and no one cared a lick about it. There were seven dogs total, two bitches and five studs. One was similar to a Beagle, and he was called Snoopy. He would be my first stud. I would be his first bitch. Snoopy was the smallest of the bunch by far. He was maybe 20 pounds to the other dogs 50 or 60. I should be grateful for this. Since he was my first stud and I was barely three, any larger dog would have ripped my bowels right out of me.

I was always interested in what the hounds were doing, even their fucking. I was amazed at how the stud turned and faced the other direction, his cock seeming just staying in the bitch for nearly 20 or 30 minutes. My twisted family kept me interested, showing me nature books and such. Pointing out the bull or horse on the farm fucking the cow or mare. Always with the talk of the "birds and bees." By the time I was 10, sex was a preoccupation of mine. I never made the bashful, embarassed connection most people do when discussing sex. Seeing my mother get fucked since I was in the cradle gave me an interest in sex at an early age and my family kept me interested through my entire childhood. To me, it was just something we did.

I'm not sure I was even two the first time one of my cousins dogs tried to hump me. The family got quite a laugh out of it then. Little me, running around the yard in just a diaper, with the dog trying to hump me. I was encouraged by thier laughter, and I only thought the dog was just playing. I would stop and get on my hands and knees, and the dog would mount me. The family did nothing to discourage me and I had no idea this was considered wrong or taboo by society. I knew myself as "the Bitch" at an early age, not knowing that the word was in reference only to female dogs.

The only "society" I knew were my family, and they laughed about my sexual interests. They would outright encouraged it to happen, they would tell me to "play with the doggie," specifically meaning to let one of them hump me. It was on dozens of occasions where my aunt or my cousin would rub the dogs cock and get him excited, then lead him over to me to let him hump my diapered ass. My uncle even took a few of my diapers and rubed it into the crotch of one of the female dogs when she was in heat. He would put one of those diapers on me and send me outside to play. It must have looked like a feeding frenzy of horney dogs trying to fuck the shit out of me.

The first time I was actually penetrated, I was just a bouncy, happy three-year old toddler. At that age, I spent most of my day running around outside in a beat up pair of tennis shoes, a diaper, and a t-shirt. On the day my ass-cherry was officially popped, I had been playing in the puddles around the house and was pretty well covered in mud and grime. My Pamper wasn't staying on very well. It was full of water and mud, and these were the old hourglass Pampers from the late 70's and were not meant for extended containment. My aunt decided it would be better to just take it off and let me run naked.

I'm still not sure if my aunt considered the wisdom of taking my diaper off in light of my encouraged behavior of letting the dogs hump me. At that age, and having never been fucked before, I didn't consider the possible outcomes. Then again, perhaps she did consider what would happen. Maybe she knew it was my time to be the dogs bitch for real. Time to stop being the cock tease.

Snoopy and one of the other dogs had been chasing me around for a little while. The bigger dog would keep sniffing at my butt or my balls, and he would occasionally give a lick. I think that felt really good because at one point I pushed my butt into his face. He must have thought of this as my invitation, my consent for sex.

The dog chased after me and easily knocked me down. Two-year olds don't run very well, and I wasn't running to get away - I was playing the "game" just like always. As I fell the dog jumped over but Snoopy was on my ass in a flash. I felt the soft fur of his sheath rubbing in my ass crack, and I remember trying to get up onto my hands and knees. As I did so, I could feel his penis tap my butthole a few times, and I remember the sudden bright of the pain as his cock made it to home plate. I remember his dick going in vividly, it felt like to having to poo while constipated and then forcing my load into the diaper. Then the thrusting began. Snoopy had his front paws hooked around my waist, his dew claws scratching my sides. He was humping at a pace I've never experienced before.

It hurt like hell and I was terrified, but I don't remember crying. I did try to get up, but Snoopy held on tight. The fucking gave me a strange, full soreness in my ass. Although it hurt when he first went in, as he humped it wasn't nearly as bad. As an adult I wonder if he was taping my prostate, giving me the feeling of pleasure. Even now as an adult, being fucked is something I almost constantly think about. From my own dogs now, or from one of my many friends. I relish the knot now, I wait for it and love the bond, but way back then, I had no idea what a "knot" was.

I knew the stud fucked his bitch, and this part of it I was currently enjoying. I also knew that after the stud was done humping, he turned around and was butt to butt with the bitch, but somehow his penis just stayed in her cunt. I didn't contemplate what this meant to me. My uncle told me this was the stud being tied with his bitch, that his knot kept them together. I was never told what a "knot" was. Poor me, I was going to learn all about dog knots and being a tied bitch today.

My aunt came running to my screams 5 minutes later as Snoopy passed his knot into my ass. She sat with me until the knot went down and the dog was done pumping his dog cum into me. She rubbed my head and told me how much I was a good boy, and how good I was to let the dogs hump me, How much the doggies, Snoopy especially, love me for it. She rubbed Snoopy for being good too. She said I was being a good dog bitch. I don't know if she was trying to sooth my sobs or ready me for what would be the rest of my life.

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