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don't reupload this video idc if you give me content it's still my video lmao


—Berd on a video with music he doesn't own

Typical berd drawing

YouTube Favicon.png Berd Powerword: Zachary Lewis is an unfunny Jewtuber who makes low effort drawings and even worse animations of his character Berd which is a special version of a bird who can't fly and has a hard time doing anything. Berd enjoys being a control freak and doesn't like it when people draw his OC. He makes sure to throw false copyright claims over fan made parodies of his OC and then gets super salty because he's a little bitch. It is well known he is really bad at Smash and to be frank anything he does just makes his parents regret not having the abortion. Probably weighing in at a whopping 300lbs he does nothing but sit at his computer all day and draws something similar to what you drew when you were 4 years old. Difference being his parents never put his drawings on the fridge due to being embarrassed of their son.


He hates cats

Berd's content is very bland and uninteresting, they include reviews of games, animal abuse, animations including copyrighted materials, and his unfunny show about Philbert the Berd and his abusive friend Tommy. With content like this you must be wondering why hasn't this channel blown the fuck up. Well I'll tell you; when animators make small videos under 20 seconds with poor voice acting and animations such as moving a still image around people realize the lack of effort and click onto the next thing that catches their attention. Only the retarded stay behind and look over his channel. Among Berd fans there are few with any resemblance of intelligence.


Berd is a simple doodle of a chubby bird with small wings. This bird has never been seen flying and is most likely some sort of fat penguin. These birds can also talk and tend to have a very poor sense of humor. These cartoons are no better than the Japanese ones with their uguus~ and gay shit like that. He also has a roster of characters such as:


The wondrous adventures of Tommy and Philbert

This is a show about one abusive gay berd being mean to his boyfriend. Tommy being the abuser and Philbert being a nice little gay who defiantly does not have HIV. Tommy will bitch at him for wanting to learn new skills or having a fear of heights. When Philbert is in trouble Tommy would do things like throw bricks at him. This is of course has very bad morals and children should not be watching it at all.


Berd likes vidya and will tell you about the games he is playing. These videos are mostly 15-60 seconds long and include unfunny jokes. Then he made them longer and no one watched them.

Unexpected Popularity

Berd would doodle around and upload reviews of unfunny shit for almost 5 years until he struck gold by both popularizing a song and also himself with one upload. He made a animation of his character dancing to a really gay song. For real the shit that gets popular now on YouTube really explains why it's been in a downward spiral for the past years. Berd will get very upset if you use this video in anything even though he shouldn't be because he is in breach of copyright by using the song. Not to mention making money of it as well.

Quality content on Youtube nowadays

My OC Bawwwww

Expect this if you make fun of berd

Like most deviants Berd likes to bitch about people stealing his original content. He will bitch and moan with long winded messages then eventually report to the jew overlords to shut you down. Even though a 6 year old could do better with MS Paint he will still go as far as to throw unwarranted copyright claims on both fan-art and fan made parodies of his characters. Most of which are much better than his own creations. This is widely unknown among his YouTube subscribers but we have evidence that should make this look more interesting than usual.

Copyright claims

Wops didn't mean to upload that

Before his so called fame, he and another artist would play Smash together. This quickly turned into a major bitch fight with both parties being butthurt. After this event the artist created a video defaming Berd. Like any sensible person he threw in 6 copyright claims on him and then claimed not to be mad. This of course is quite gay and retarded as he might get his channel suspended for filing mutable false copyright claims over a Smash brawl. We can only hope for the best.

The Smash brawl he's upset about

Selling out

He got a big ol' jew nose

Since berd got fired from his porter gig he's been trying to make money of the internet. This for him isn't going too well as he only makes about $1000 per month and spends most of his money on video games. Despite the fact he only only plays his games once and goes back to playing f2p titles or the more autistic version of teraria. It is speculated he still lives with his parents and will continue to as long as he keeps up this act. He has also has been sucking the dicks of drawing tablet manufacturers so they set him up with this glorified drawing pad that he can use to make his animations. Even though he could just use a mouse to draw his shitty drawings like most deviants.

Bitch fights


Berd like smash About missing Pics
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Meanwhile on Youtube

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