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Andrea Mussolini at her finest
Bodylanguage admirer
Adolf and Andrea on their honeymoon

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an italian shitskin (it's already implicit in italian) dictator who pwnt Southern Europe at least 100 years ago. Her Italian army didn't worry much about the Jews, since her lover Hitler was successfully trolling in the North.

Arrested for Sodomy

Early Life

A poster for the 1937 Naples Gay Pride Parade featuring Andrea
Andrea partied 24/7 way back in the day

Andrea, or Benito, as she preferred to be called, grew up in a pizza parlor in the Crown Heights neighborhood of black person. Her father was a Catholic famous tomato sauce manufacturer, and her mother was a Lady of the Night with a charming affliction. Young Andrea developed a fetish for wearing blood-stained panties that her mother's whore friends would leave on the parlor floor. This is how she met a fellow CD named Adolf Hitler - trading pix via post, since /b/ wouldn't be invented for, like, 10 years.

Love Affair

Andrea and Hitler fell quickly in love, driven by their mutual hatred of Jews and their undying love of teh cock. They decided to elope, fleeing to Denmark, the only country on Earth ghey enough to marry them. There they hatched their scheme for total world domination. It was decided that Hitler would pwn the Jews, Andrea would get the Ethiopians (a sadly powerful demonstration of black on black crime), and some nip would get to rape the rest of the AZNs.


Done strictly for the lulz, WWII was going great for the lovers until some redneck faggots fucked their shit up for good; thereby indebting the whole world to suck their magnificent cock on demand, indefinitely. Hitler famously became An hero on January 3rd, 1956, the same day Mel Gibson was born. Andrea was heartbroken. She took a bunch of pills in a TL;DW cam chat and washed them down with mojitos.

Andrea in her final days hanging out with friends.

Communist guerrillas eventually tracked her down and pwned her and her whore savagely and sweetly in the ass. They then hanged her upside down and hurled abattoir waste at her for the lulz.

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Benito Mussolini
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