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Beebee890 is the only person to succeed in posting over 9000 (literally) of the same vlog to Jewtube. He "likes you tube." He's from somewhere in Hicksville, Ayluhbamuh. Some cruel, sick person decided to teach this family-fucking piece of shit how to use the intarnets, thus unleashing him on Jewtube as a joke that went horribly wrong. His hobbies include:

When he isn't doing the above things, hes doing them on his shitty webcam that makes him look purple and his hueg mole even HUEGER. Its called CONTRAST, FUCKWIT, CONTRAST. He is also a virgin.

Thanks for making a 13 second video of yourself waving; you idiotic cunt.
1000+ TWO THOUSAND PLUS videos of pure fucktardation.

The Mystery

No one really knows quite what is wrong with Beebee890. There are many theories as to how someone could possibly continue to function with so little intelligence. While most of his regular motor functions are virtually entirely inhibited and he has trouble operating his computer, how does he continue to survive? Colonel eppigy has made many hypotheses as to what is actually wrong with Beebee890. But, time will only tell what the fuck is wrong with him.

With every video young fuckwit Brian makes, he sets the bar for pointless vlogging a bit higher. After all, what could be better than listening to fucking police scanners? For great brain cell death, watch his awful videos. This complete degenerate has over 2000 videos in a little over 2.5 years, averaging about 2.2 VIDEOS PER DAY. Each one is completely pointless, consisting entirely of what he did during his day, which is by any normal person's standards is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. How does and why must he unleash the plague upon the glorious internet. Please Beebee890, please become an hero.


Well, not really. But, here's a Protip for you: If you ever decide to troll this fuckwad's videos and his "fans" then do this:

  1. Go on to one of his recent 500 videos he made of him stating useless information
  2. Start spamming things like "Oh my God, I can't believe that Beebee890 is dead! I heard he died in a car accident. :(" or "I heard that Beebee890 died from choking on a Chicken bone. Real sad." OR "Guys, I'm a close friend of Brian (Beebee) and I grew up as a close childhood friend of his. I'm really sad to say this, but he's just passed away. :("
  3. If you start doing this enough, other people will start doing it too.
  4. Beebee will make a video saying "STOP SAYING I'M DEAD" or something like that.
  5. Troll that video.
  6. ????
  7. PROFIT!

But, now Beebee890 has grown weary of such nasty comments and threatens to block anyone who says anything nasty to him. OH NOES!

The Cause?

well, this may explain a thing or two. (He says "neurofibromatosis".)

2008 Presidential Election

On June 24, 2007, Beebee890 sat in his darkened room and announced that he will be supporting Hillary Clinton for the next US President. and that "I would like you to vote for Hillary Clinton too". Beebee890 ended his announcement with: "Okay, talk to you later. Bye."

Early September, 2008, Beebee890 decided to vote for Obama "100 percent", being that Hillary Clinton is now out of the race.

On September 4th, 2008, Due to to the fact that Vice President Sarah Palin has a retarded baby, Beebee890 has decided to vote for McCain. He says he is going to vote for McCain "100 percent"

Later that day, Beebee890 has decided to vote for Obama.

The next day, Beebee890 is seen wielding a McCain bumper sticker claiming he talked to a "McCain supporter at the McCain headquarters" that had convinced him to vote for McCain.

The saga continues to sway the retard vote..

Yep, he's a thinker!

User Beebee890 hasn't been checking his comment box for sometime. Making it lulzy to show others the stupidity that he posts EVERY FRICKEN DAY!(posts are shown in reverse order.)

10/30/2008:happy birthday Ashley (showing how much he sucks at singing).

rampratXL: rip beebee :( you and your moles will be missed.

LightTim:RE: What mole? I thought he just forgot to wipe himself after visiting a lemonparty and drinking lemonparty juice. Which would explain the mudkip stain.

Superunii: RIP Fagbee1337.

kidcadaverr: RIP Beebee890, I know your up there in heaven smiling down on us all and doing a can crush for all of humanity.

unbootable: can you do a can crush for john mccain?

kidcadaverr: RIP Beebee890 you were a good man.

fcwbaker: sometimes I think beebee doesnt read these comments anymore

LightTim: RE: Then I hope he will stop making videos altogether. We all know he stinks at singing and making original ideas for videos. The audio preview from the comments listings is a better singer then this turd. This guy is a LOL cow in-the-making and probably has mudkips forced upon him daily, in his butt. What what? in the butt.

fcwbaker: RE2: LOL I try to give suggestions but he never does them =[. BEEBEE DO A BOTTLE CRUSH, CAN CRUSHES ARE GETTING OLD!!!


LightTim: RE3: Better yet... DO A BOOTLE GOATES! Bonus points of you pwn/fail yourself!

LightTim: Ashley soon became an hero with a butter knife after seeing beebee890 singing happy birthday to her. RIP Ashley 10/30/2008. Her last words were "Even the devil doesn't want this guys soul".

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