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For two decades, both Asians and fat basement dwellers have given themselves carpal tunnel playing button-mashing fighting games like Soul Calibur and Tekken. In 2002, the great folks at Illusion and J-List churned out a fighting game that would go down in the history books as one of the best games ever: Battle Raper.

Being that the game originates from the land of sickfuckery, the object of the game is to beat the clothes off a woman and then rape her. Not going as so far as to allow the player to simulate rape, you are rewarded with rape inspired stills and several animated rape sequences.


Like Tekken, but with rape.

Lord Zenon is trying to take over the world, but he's bored, so he creates a tournament called HYPER REALACTION to watch women fight for his amusement... and for rape. You get to play as one of several poorly animated Japanese people, who, depending on the story line, have to either defeat some guy who wants to take over the world in a zeppelin, or defeat and rape some girls who want to stop you from taking over the world.

To defeat your opponent, you can either perform standard non-sexy kicks and punches, or, if you so desire, perform moves such as rubbing the opponent's breasts or rubbing your opponent's crotch - both of which inflict brutal damage. If you play as the white-haired antagonist, you are also able to perform a move where you rape the opponent's face.



The Battle Raper

Zenon is a badass motherfucker. Are those leather pants? You bet your cunt it is. And is that a leather jacket. FUCK YES. AND HOLY SHIT, IS THAT A MESH SHIRT? FUCK YEAH IT IS,BADASS MOTHERFUCKER !!!! Zenon, our new Japanese robot overlord, flies around in an airship trying to take over the world. He enjoys looking like a bear from San Fransisco, flying his zeppelin, and rape.

Mai Kisaragi

Mai Kisaragi is your typical kawaii Japanese schoolgirl, decked out with pink shit which adorn her Jezebel body. Gets raped.

Suzume Hachisuka

Wears stockings which read "Battle Raper"

Suzume Hachisuka follows your sporty, tomboyish archetype. Gets raped.

Fa Taolee

Probably brother of Zenon

Some chick with white hair, which implies she's either badass, or Zenon's brother. Either way, she gets raped.

Chihaya Kagami

For those with a lolita complex.

Chihaya Kagami is either a robot, or a schoolgirl, or both. Nevertheless, she gives the player lots of upskirt action. And gets raped.



It has been said that it is impossible to defeat Zenon which is a good thing, because it means we get to see our character get raped.

Battle Raper 2

Features the ability to change the clothes of the rapees, and monsters. And no rape.

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