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The longtime enemy of the glorious Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat is the opposite of him, the cat from the basement. While being the analogy of the Satan to our God, he is not as e-famous on /b/ as other cat-inspired memes, such as Peter, Longcat, Tacgnol and That Fucking Cat. He is however retardedly famous on other tubes as Ceiling Cat's nemesis and Tacgnol's partner in ushering the Catnarok. Basement Cat is often confused with Tacgnol.


Basement Cat lurks in the darkness

Everything in existence must have an opposite. For example, religion is characterized by positive and negative ideas which are unified but are ultimately contradictory forces. Basement Cat is said to be in every basement at once, watching your every move and waiting for the right moment to tempt you. To do what you ask? Masturbate. He's been known to use every trick in the book to tempt you to wank. Leaving sexy things out in the open, like Playboys, dildos, your sister's underwear, and naked pictures of your mom.

The War

He waits...

It is commonly known that Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat are mortal enemies. Like, 3P1C enemies. Although the facts of who would win in a cat-fight are commonly disputed, it is clear that Basement Cat would win becuz he sendz nukes up there. And we all known the only thing that can kill ceiling cat is basement cat and nukes.

The prophecy of basement cat

It is said that basement cat would someday defeat ceiling cat, and on this day basement cat shall ascend to the attic, where he shall take complete control of all that is fluffy and white. And then, he shall make all that is fluffy and white fuzzy and black, thus plunging the world into the depths of the basement forever.

Basement Cat's Music Video

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Basement Cat's Arch Nemesis!

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