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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Nobody cares who you are

We’ll beat you with a bar

Die, you fucking Barneyfag

You’ll gain many more haters

Your intelligence won’t save you later

Die, you fucking Barneyfag

And you’ll bask in the shadow of your past childhood But jet fuel can’t melt steel beams

Fuck off, you manchild, you fucktard, you loser,

Fuck off, you master of lies and deception, and die!


—One of many poorly written poems by Barneyfag. The fifth line doesn't even match the fucking meter."

Has a poster ever been so dick-lickingly willing to spurt up rudimentary statistics from his ragged damaged mouthhole for nothing but the emotional reactions & ensuing default-mode appreciation from the welfare-slave mods and mal-educated /b/tard hordes?

Ugly waste of life Barneyfag knows what he's doing, and it's textbook autism. A person's cartoon choice is not autism. People exercising their last vestiges of primordial knowledge & evolutionarily-ingrained tendencies toward their favorite TV series is not degeneracy. It's what the fuck drives them. It's how they managed to create more original content than Barneyfag ever will and have the passion to move onto much better things.

"No more of that for you, Barneyfag! Instead of giving young minds an incubatory dreamworld to fascinate themselves with, instead of being the cohesion of self-awareness that used to keep all fandoms intact, they're all the most degenerate cancer in the world!"

Cut to years later, Barneyfag is over a standing desk at some godforsaken afterhour, sporting a pair of virtue-signaling relaxed-fit denim jeans, planning a thirtieth-birthday suicide, loathing the last bleak reason for being that he supplanted his real dreams for; whining about MLP all day on a weeb discussion board.

That's how your fuckbackwards social justice is served, Barneyfag.

You've been banned, Barney boy. You've been banned a thousand times over. When you repeat your bullshit on your inglorious road-to-nowhere vendetta, I hope you feel a twinge. just a little pin-prick at your heart, to remind you of what a shamelessly autistic dolt you are.


PROTIP: Don't get suckered into writing tl;dr truthbombs on Lee. It will never work.

The humanpussy slayer
Barneyfag clearly has patrician taste in art.
Such a well-minded individual

Barneyfag (Powerword: Lee Goldson) is a shitposter on 4chan, a site full of normal people discussing a series of niche topics. He, of course, is a genius that is AWARE that bronies do indeed exist on this planet, and he is the ONLY one on the face of the earth with the willpower and the moral values to point them out every time anything remotely related to My Little Pony is posted anywhere, all in the name of protecting this pure planet.

Despite being irrationally opposed to bronies, he actually manages to be even WORSE than your everyday horsefucker. If you stumble upon any post by him or his impostors, any response you make, no matter how lucid or eye-opening, will be met with nothing but ad hominem and half-truths and he will disregard it entirely to shitpost some more. He complains about autism despite compulsively spamming his god-awful copypasta every time anything slightly associated with My Little Pony is posted. He complains about degeneracy despite wasting the finite consciousness of his life evading bans just so he can remind everyone for the millionth time of the day that the picture of a generic-looking anime girl is actually from My Little Pony and the OP is trying to impose his "degeneracy" on everyone. He complains about little girls shows and how liking it is morally wrong despite being a fan of Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, Littlest fucking Pet Shop, and the video game Splatoon, but remember, Barney & Friends aired on this one channel right before My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic this one time. That's immensely important.


The image that started it all

One morning, Barneyfag woke up and decided to stuff his face with his daily cheesy dusty cancersnack when he realized that bronies are taking the world (in 2011) by storm. It occurred to him that bronies were literally Nazis, and decided to start this vendetta against them. He stumbled upon the picture on the left and for whatever reason decided that bronies were all "Barneyfags" because some random channel put them back-to-back. He then knew he should head over to Google and look up forum posts comparing Barney to My Little Pony and cherrypick them so he could execute his demented idea of a vendetta on 4chan and the rest of the Internet, because there clearly isn't enough anti-brony vitriol on the Internet.

Posting habits

According to Barneyfag, this image will turn you into a horsefucker (it was animated by DHX)

For the past few years, this idiot's been on the site posting and pasting the same shit to try and disparage a tiny corner of culture that doesn't affect his stupid ass in any way. Barneyfag has proudly spent his time being so ultimately triggered by the same things over and over, and yet cannot eke out a unique or original thought about the matter. Not once, not ever. Just a faggy ritualistic poem, and the routine re-posting of it serving to satisfy his crippling compulsion without the burden of actually having to create or evolve. He thinks he is saving the world by spamming his garbage everywhere, even though most people that see his posts hate him since being borne out of a deranged need to be the contrarian in a sea of genuine people discussing their interests is cancer. Once people started to ignore his posts for the first time, he started making them even longer so more people would notice, thus derailing a thread in which would've been a seemingly normal discussion thread had Barneyfag not noticed the same pixels used in the show. Most of the time, threads are made specifically to troll Barneyfag, which is pretty much the only reason why the fandom even has any relevancy on the site in this day and age aside from them having their own board. He wishes so hard to become a mod, which will never happen since they ban him every time he posts and he ban evades every time, sometimes more than once in the same thread.

On top of his retardation on 4chan, he also has a page on DeviantArt where he posts the same cherry-picked images and brony quotes taken out of context.


Barneyfag likes Nintendo games.

Barneyfag is ironically a bigger embodiment of autism than the majority of bronies. Unlike bronies, who watch the show because they enjoy it, he watches the show just so he can know the references that posters make and hamfistedly lose his mind over them. His obsession with miniscule relations to the show is so extreme that he stopped liking one of his beloved bands because a Brony was playing the song. It was to his music what Twilicorn was to bronies. As stated before, Barneyfag enjoys kids shit like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, Littlest Pet Shop, Splatoon, and probably more since Barneyfag doesn't want to ruin the narrative of him being the true perfect human being.


Thought this was a human? Lies! This was posted by barneyfags to break down your morals, to erode your sense of decency, to make you a horsefucking degenerate!

Last Thursday Barneyfag continued to get compulsively triggered over the same thing over and over again when, being the ditzy sack of shit that he is, revealed that he attended McMaster University. Coupled with his cluelessness with his privacy, he's basically begging to get raped by a haxx0r at some time.



These images will trigger Barneyfag About missing Pics
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Lee's filmmaking passion project
Another classic film

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