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Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring...
Banana phone!
Raffi goes punk

Bananaphone is a song written by Raffi, which became an internet phenomenon at one point of time. It provides a small amount of lulz followed by a huge amount of hatred for mankind.

The Original Song

Bananaphone was written in 1994 by famous humorist Raffi Kevorkian. Like other children's entertainers such as Barney [1], Walt Disney, and Pixar [2] [3] [4], Raffi enjoyed placing various subliminal messages into his songs to corrupt the minds of the youth. In this case, he sang about bananas and ding-dongs (reflecting his pig bottomedness) and then added some random words and sound effects for good measure.

Like any Raffi song, listening to it causes the need to kill or mortally wound infants. One might say they were better off that way.

Bananaphone as an Internet Phenomenon

Eventually, some fat, lonely basement dweller got a hold of this song. Then (clearly intent on spiting the rest of the world for the miserable life he had to live), he increased the song's pitch by 6 semitones, combined it with a shitty meme from 4chan, and created a flash video out of it. Other basement dwellers soon saw this and used it to make more flash videos, combining the song with an even shittier meme.

The video spread like a destructive wildfire across the internets. Millions of people got the annoying song stuck in their heads and died horrible, horrible deaths [5]. The meme forever scarred the already fucked up YTMND community, resulted in the complete collapse of the entire Russian economy, and caused bloody civil wars in several third world countries.

The video was eventually banned by both the United Nations and the U.S. Government. Today, even mentioning the flash is considered a serious felony and can be punishable by jail time or even death.

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