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What trannies do with their balls.

Balls are those two round objects in that organic bag below your penis and between your legs. The purpose of your balls is to be kicked hard (real hard), put on someones face, or played with. They are also used to store the males cum so it can be later shot out his penis at subsonic speeds into a vajina Its Vagina you stupid fuck, mouth,in the asshole, sock, or onto anything infront of it. They say it is common to find balls on a dude, trap, in your moms mouth, in your mouth, on your face, on someone elses face, or in a sport.

To Possess balls (pl.) refers to the ability of someone to do EXTREME and/or profoundly stupid shit that most people's brains would tell them not to do; said shit is usually awesome. Of course "Balls" may also refer to those round objects that people kept hitting you in the face with during gym class. If you or your balls touch another d00dz balls, you are gay. No exceptions.

What Not to do With Your Balls

Below are things you should not do with your balls. Doing any of them may result in the loss of your balls or may make you not able to reproduce (which in your case may be a good thing).

Henderson's castration tools
What should happen to your balls

Kicked In The Balls


In France, Balls = Instant Win
Your mom might try to tear your ballsack off.
"Testicles? I don't need no stinkin' testicles!"


—You, Trying to regain man points.

"My Balzac I Honoré it"



"It doesn't make a bit of difference, guys. The balls are inert."



Balls gallery

Fact of the Day

The testes of the Blue Whale weigh 26kg which is 4 stone, the weight of an obese dwarf

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