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Fuckin' ass.


—Christian Bale

I WANT YOU OFF THE FUCKING SET, YOU PRICK! No, don't just be sorry, THINK! For one fucking second! Dude, the FUCK are you DOING? Are you proffesional or not? Do I walk around, and rip th- NO, shut the fuck up, Bruce. Do i wal- No. NO!. Don't shut me up. I'm not gonna walk around and rip your fucking lights down, in the middle of a scene. Then why the fuck are you walking right through? A-ta-da ta-ra, like this in the background. What the fuck is it with you?

Bale Out or the Christian Bale Ragefit refers to one of the greatest moments in cinematographical history.

The recipe for a Bale Out is to mix rage and self-pwn in equal parts.

The story broke when a video was posted on a certain video site, containing an audio tape of the goddamn Batman shouting random swear words at an on-set worker who decided to walk on the set during the filming of a scene.

Hilarity ensued. Well, for about 30 minutes. 31 minutes later YouTube was full of retarded remixes of Bale's unique brand of anger management.

The Bale Bomb

It all went down during the filming of "Terminator Salvation" in New Mexico, when some guy, supposedly the cinematographer, walked onto the set and unwittingly detonated the Bale Bomb.

The innocent retard tried to apologise, but by this point Bale had built up a full head of steam and was running on momentum. The screaming continues, with Bale threatening to quit the movie unless the hapless prole is fired.

Eventually Bale's meds kick back in, and the return to normality is signaled by the words "Fuckin' ass."

The best video out there - the audio with subtitles.

I was... Looking at the lights.



RevoLucian remix

Bale Out by Lucian Piane, the least shitty of the funny internet videos which came in the wake of Bale's headsplosion, was chiefly responsible for naming the meme. The artist himself later explained his motives, probably out of sheer physical fear that Bale would track him down and give him his pelvis to wear as a hat.


Soon afterwards, Mr. Bale came down with Troll's remorse and apologized to the unfortunate henchman in numerous interviews for the "Misunderstanding." It was not reported whether Christian Bale himself has heard any of the remixes, but seeing as how California is still there and not a smoking crater, we can probably assume not.

The TR - notice how everyone is figuratively performing fellatio on Mr. Bale.

Random Note

Christian Bale puts on his rape face
Christian bale golden globes.jpg

Some may say that Christian was being possessed by the angry spirit of the dead body in his rental house while he was filming the Terminator movie, which turned out to be the ex-husband of the home's landlord. Truly, you cannot make shit like this up - of all the places to rent in Albuquerque to a fairly popular acting cunt, he gets the one house with a corpse in the garden for eight years.

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An extremely lulzy reenactment of the incident.

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