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A helpful Venn diagram. Most, if not all, babyfurs are diaperfurs, but not all diaperfurs are babyfurs. (However, it should be noted that all Adult Babies and all furries are still batshit insane.)

The junction of two equally disturbing fetish subcultures, a babyfur is a furry who is also an adult baby, and thus pretends to be an infant. They are full of faggotry and often have so many other disgusting fetishes that even normal furries hate them — normal being relative, of course. Essentially, a case of "You got your pedophilia in my bestiality!" They are truly two disgusting tastes that taste disgusting together. Ironically the only exception to this rule seems to be the "artists" who dislike most other babyfurs. One poll on a babyfur social networking site that asked if cub porn was the same as child pornography showed only a few answering yes, and the one furfag speaking out against pedophiles--who was not a babyfur herself but a "caretaker"--was flamed by other sick fucks. They said it wasn't CP because:

  1. They aren't human (ironically they've just admitted to being zoophiles).
  2. They're just drawings.
  3. They don't want it to be.

If you find out that you know a babyfur, it's best to mock them ruthlessly until they cry emo tears, then proceed to IRL B& them.

Babyfur tattoos

You might find that most IRL pictures involving babyfurs are polaroid quality, unintentionally disturbing shit set in rooms littered with toys, with wallpaper out of any early 90s middle class american 6 year old's room. Sick obsession or developmental delay?

If wearing and shitting adult diapers (as furries) just isn't dedicated enough to satisfy their sick fantasies. Get inked, its like that show L.A. Ink but with 2X as many baby pedo fuck present. For instance this fuckwit decided to get his stoner/nazi/incest/babyfur aboomination PERMANENTLY put onto his body (Tattoo removal is only for those who can afford it, not babyfur fucks). Good luck getting a job, dumbass. [1] Unavailable, probably baleeted. Probably the first good idea the dude's had in a long time.

Cubbing out

They fantasize and roleplay as baby animals because they want to relive their childhood, only with moar faggotry and endless diapers. They call this roleplay cubbing out. This is similar to Chimping Out, but involves furfags instead of nigras. They do this by drawing characters such as baby cats or whatever to be their Fursona and role play with that character, much to our lulz.

Cubbing out consists of typical baby stuff such as crawling and being selfish. Dressing up in overalls/dresses, and using diapers, pacifiers, and blankies is what gets them going.


Some of the best babyfurs are dudes that like to be dressed as girls - babyfur transvestites - and are called sissyfurs. They get butthurt easily, and can't argue worth a shit.

Confrontation with sissyfurs (and babyfurs in general) usually end with them whining about being people too, and many sad emoticons.


Basically, the babyfurs enjoy their accessories to add to their faggotry. This includes onesies, booties, plushies, and anything else that babies go apeshit over. One of the moar lulzy things being diapers. Apparently it gives them a sense of warmth and security, but let's face it...all it gives them is unnecessary moisture and diaper rash.

For roleplaying examples see the Lj-favicon.png furry_daycare community on LiveJournal.

(Beware - may make you sick!)

How to successfully troll a babyfur

Incredibly easy and will provide you with many hours of lulz. By far the simplest method is to criticize their faggotry and/or suggest that they're mentally imbalanced. Another method is to criticize their kiddie-porn or suggest that they themselves are CP loving Pedobear wannabes, but the best method is to use a logical approach to dismantle any defense they may use to make being a Babyfur acceptable.

You'll be provided with either a tragic flame, massive BAWWing, or an explosion of rainbow colored faggotry. if you are entirely too lucky, you may even see a combination of any of those which will result in EXPONENTIAL LULZ.

You CAN magnify these exponential lulz with one simple tip. Always remain patronisingly calm. Once you show any emotion other than the disgust that they deserve, they will claim victory so be very cautious as well as remain strong and in control.

Let Bear in the Big Blue House show you how...

My, you've grown,

You've got so tall,

Your diapers hardly fit at all.

It's time to get to know your potty chair...


Bear in the Big Blue House, trolling babyfurs everywhere.

The Great Babyfur Raid of January 2008

In January 2008, the site was DDoSed at a rate of over 9,000 gb/s as well as site security compromised leading to many lulz.


Shimajiro speaking on the dangers of fascism.

Shimajiro, a tiger toddler, is the star of a potty-training cartoon for Japanese infants.

As we know of the Japanese's favorite method of defecation, these videos are lulzy as hell and have a considerably high meme potential.

Watch them - because you can also become a PA-PA-PANTS MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

And finally, if your kid still didn't get it, an instructional Shimajiro Toy.


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