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The small stick of in your ear, you know include/understand every possible thing immediately, that the shape of the language is indicated to you in all: the speech, that you mean in if to decode the table of the cerebral uncertainty.

The fish of Confusion that an application Internet- is based are developed from AltaVista (Yahoo of left hour!) which machine the text or the Web page of some languages in others translate. It takes to the relati to you names of the fish an animal invented from Confusion, that di is used for the translation much fast of the language in the novel from Douglas Adam of the heads of the trampers of the galaxy. The technology of the translation for the fish of Confusion is arranged from SYSTRAN to the order, of which the technology the translator with Google works moreover and a determined number of other places of the total one. The French, the German, the Greek, the Italian, the Japanese, Korean, the Portuguese knows, than the Russians and the spaniard they translate under English, the simplified Chinese, the traditional Chinese, the Netherlander. While the methods, that they are used for the translation, are are left over to you, the service does not leave an objection the perfect products of translation: the better thing like if it is is declared, as it possible can urge a reader in order to gain the substance of a side or the text. The quality of translation hangs of the languages in question outside (English-French can be passable, but Japanese who the Kauderwelsch produces normally). A determined number of places of the assembly of the tendency has introduced, that they use the service of the fish of Confusion, in the order in the two senses between or more languages in order translate (the traduction)"aller declared goes", generally with turns out to you amusing behind.

A lot of people think that because they knowing how too to Google and type in Babelfish to go they the capacity has to a lot of different speak languages. In reality they have only lagged behind fucking.

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