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The man, the myth, the kneegrow.
There's a new sheriff in town.
BlackBusterCritic going insane.
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Don't ever debate with BBC; you won't win, and you'll only stimulate his massive ego.

BLACKbusterCritic or BBC (Powerword: Jamin Williams), is quite possibly the most unfunny nigger you’ll ever come in contact with in your sad, pathetic life, that is if you have about as many brain cells as are the amount of blacks that are in Japan. BBC is a hypocrite and douche who tries to act smart about gaming and life by being an oldfag of /v/, he makes videos saying how gaming companies are cheating gamers and how PC gaming is superior to console gaming presenting facts to his arguments - you know, anything you've heard about on /v/, only being spoken to you by a nigger. He also makes videos about making fun Sonicfags, which is quite possibly more entertaining than all his /v/ shit. Lastly, and what he's most known for, is he constantly gets into debates with idiots and "owning" the shit out of them, however this is usually why his accounts gets banned on YouTube in the first place.


Sonic Brainfart is arguably BLACKBusterCritic's most popular series.

BLACKbusterCritic, being the complicated guy he is, allows a bit of variety in his videos. As such, most of his movies fall into one of the following series:

  • Blackbuster Movie Reviews – As the title implies, this series houses videos dedicated to tearing the shit out of every bad movie you’ll ever see. Nobody really cares about this kind of shit.
  • PC OWNS CONSOLES – This is pretty much common knowledge, but BBC likes to rub it in the faces of those console fanboys, like that hasn't been done before.
  • Guidelines to Being a Customer – A hilarious series detailing all of the retards encountered at his job.
  • Sonic Brainfart – This series involves BBC delving into the deepest shitholes of the Internet and pulling out what he can find on the worst of the worst: the Sonic fanboys. Quite possibly his lulziest and most watched series (although exactly what percentage of the audience are Sonicfags watching out of paranoia that they might be the ones winding up in BBC's crosshairs remains to be seen). This was before his downfall after he decided that talking about the problems with gaming companies and how the PC is god tier are more lulzy and entertaining. It's also the only series on his channel that people give two shits about.
  • Any rants involving gaming companies and DLC – Usually in these videos, he goes on rambling out on the streets like a typical nigger, bitching about how the shoddy practices of gaming companies are screwing over gamers and DLC for content that's locked on the disk is bullshit and blah blah blah, if you go to /v/, it's basically the same shit they say, only you don't have to hear some black guy yelling at you about it.
  • Fanning the Flames – As a result from the series above, these videos typically cause certain citizens of YouTube to collectively soil themselves in anger that somebody would dare impugn the honor of their precious vidya gaems. These individuals often take it upon themselves to declare e-jihad on BBC, which BLACKBusterCritic invariably wins because he uses the unfair tactic of arguing using facts, logic, sense and reason, as opposed to blind fanboyism and Asperger's syndrome. Another common tactic that BBC uses to fight his arguers is to use borderline straw man behavior by remembering what faggots said in the past on video comments/debates/etc and brings it up into the debate as a counter argument, especially if it doesn't match what the idiot is saying currently.
  • Trophies of 'Fail' and 'Faggotry' – These are actually just mirrors of other people's videos, usually them involving massive amounts of butthurt against him so he can laugh at how much they suck, although lately he has just been uploading any video that speaks out against him, no matter if the idiot is butthurt or not. Any of those videos are destined to be uploaded at his BlackBusterLibrary, as every video against BBC is automatically fail and faggotry, regardless of the intelligence of the person. Case in point.

Internet Vigilante

As we all know, the web is full of faggots, especially on places such as youtube, deviantart, and various furry oriented webpages (especially relating to Sonicfaggotry). BLACKbusterCritic, being the vigilante he is, he takes his valuable time documenting these faggots and getting into a series of debates with such, while the victims of such would usually just block and try to ignore the nigger at first, but his constant provoking would force them to fight back, only to get the ownage he wants to deliver to them. The following is the majority of those that he has "owned".

BBC vs LifeInATent

This is the most infamous internet battle that put BBC on the map. While it'll take alot of effort than it needs to do research of why this skype call took place, watch these three TL;DW videos instead.

The Skype Interview: Skip to and check 18:33 to 18:55 of the video instead for Epic Pwnage.

Part 1 of BBC vs LIAT

Part 2 of BBC vs LIAT

Part 3 of BBC vs LIAT


KingMasterReview, also known as Aubrey.

KingMasterReview, or Aubrey, is quite obviously retarded. This child likes to repeat himself constantly, can’t spell the simplest of words for fucking shit (this is not an exaggeration), had to repeat a year of school, plays with Sonic the Hedgehog plushies, records himself playing with Sonic the Hedgehog plushies, believes he lives with Silver the Hedgehog, and engages in anal sex with Silver the Hedgehog (this is not a joke). When BBC first documented this retard, he responded by bawling his eyes out in front of his webcam in a video he titled, “Hert Fellings.” BBC then proceeded to flame the shit out of him, causing KingMasterReview to retreat to the safety of Silver the Hedgehog’s asshole with a major case of butthurt.

KingMasterReview's Sonic Brainfart

RE:Hert Fellings


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Chasethehedgehog.


WaynoPercy06 was a whiny little milquetoast from Ausfailia who took it upon himself to take up arms against the BLACKbusterCritic and defend his pathetic brethren from the mean ol' black man on the Internet. It went about as well as could be expected.

Guptill89 and MichaelDragon800

Guptill89 reacts to BLACKbusterCritic's criticism.
MichaelDragon800's fursona.
MichaelDragon800. When you tap, he faps.

His next Sonic Brainfart episode was double-header with BLACKbusterCritic turning his attention to two Sonicfags in a two part video - Guptill89 (Powerword: Dylan Guptill), a pompous and smug physical embodiment of Asperger's syndrome with an eye for the ladies of the 'Hot Chick Heaven' (his words) that is the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, and MichaelDragon800 (Powerword: Michael Bamborough), a promising young lolcalf from Ausfailia infamous for his love of the modern Sonic games, squawky singing voice, bizarre fetish for tapdancing and stalking tapdancers on YouTube, and most recently being a brony.

Guptill89's Sonic Brainfart

MichaelDragon800's Sonic Brainfart

BBC Commentary on Guptill89's Top 10 Hottest Female Sonic Characters Video

As you might expect, after BBC pointed out their many foibles, both of these young gentlemen took their criticism very well and responded to their detractors in an entirely reasonable and magnanimous manner...

Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton, proudly clad in the color of life.

A horrible hip hop artist who can’t make music for his fucking life. He began a short lived religion called, “Super Sonic Philosophy.” In this religion, he compares life to a game of Sonic the Hedgehog, claiming the circle Sonic makes when he jumps is the circle of life. He also believes pink is the color of life because the inside of a woman’s clitoris is pink, not taking into account abortion, miscarriages, stillbirth, infertility, anything relating to death that involves the clitoris, or the fact that the inside of a woman’s clitoris is not pink. He stands by this so strongly that he is almost never wearing an article of clothing that is not pink. However, his faggotry does not end here. Using probably the stupidest analogy you’ll ever hear, he believes himself to be Sonic the Hedgehog. Because much of Charles’ time is spent in a studio, or, “buried in sound,” he thinks this makes him Sonic, since sonic means sound and hedgehogs bury themselves underground (even though sonic most certainly does not mean sound, nor do hedgehogs bury themselves underground).

Sonic Brainfart Charles Hamilton

Alix Henriol

All hail the almighty Sonicfag Queen, Alix Henriol.

A batshit insane French woman who believes she is married to Sonic the Hedgehog and presents evidence of their marriage by creating a fake marriage certificate in MS paint and photoshopping him into photographs of herself. She is responsible for the horrid internet forum known as Sonic Passion, where faggots pay $30 per month to express their lust for various Sonic characters, discuss which Sonic characters are the sexiest, and make marriage proposals to said characters.


A defender of Charles Hamilton. BBC made quick work of him.


Chris-Chan + Spax3 = Brandon Kennedy.

A defender of KingMasterReview. Inuboy1000/KendoStudio, or Brandon Kennedy, is actually the result of a horrific experiment in which the DNA of Chris-Chan and Spax3 were fused together to create an entirely new breed of dumbass. He obsesses over anime, video games and Star Wars, is desperate for a girlfriend, has considered suicide because he cannot obtain a girlfriend, wishes he could kill everyone who has a girlfriend, and desperately pleas for advice from Yahoo Answers. He first attacked BBC with a series of videos detailing how he is wrong about KingMasterReview without actually providing any details. He claims Aubrey is not really like how BBC says he is, despite people who know him in real life have confirmed that he is, in fact, retarded and is, in fact, obsessed with Silver the Hedgehog (as though we couldn't see that as it was). When BLACKbusterCritic fought back, Inuboy had his parents confront him and threatened him with lawsuits. However, BBC responded to this by flaming the shit out of them, too. The battle was short, but funny.

Incident with LightSpeedBlast

Some idiot under the name of LightSpeedBlast decided he had enough with BLACKbusterCritic putting sonicfags on a barbecue pit for all to see. But what really pushed him over the edge was the slaughter of Inuboy. He phished BBC’s account and had all of his videos deleted. So, like an idiot, LightSpeedBlast assumed he had silenced BBC for good and went on his merry way. However, our hero quickly recovered and reuploaded every single video that LightSpeedBlast deleted.

Better luck next time, Mr. LightSpeedBlast!


HeavyBassX in his special guest appearance on America's favorite show.

After posting a video in which he angrily explained the exploitative business practices of Capcom regarding Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, the BLACKBusterCritic came under fire from numerous butthurt fanboys with more disposable income than sense who, for whatever reason, seemed to be threatened by an uneducated |black man explaining that something was rotten in the state of Denmark regarding the gaming industry.

Among them was HeavyBassX, also known as Tarosan, a whiny, sheepshagging Britfag who is far too old to be doing this shit with a voice that makes it sound like he's choking on a million dicks. HeavyBassX swore that he would avenge the honor of the faceless multinational corporation and, after calling BBC a nigger challenged him to a debate in which he would argue in Capcom's corner. BBC accepted and the battle was joined.

However, when the debate began it became increasingly clear that HeavyBassX had gone to war without any ammunition. He was completely unable to refute any of BBC's claims, demonstrated a tremendous ignorance about how the industry he was defending actually worked and most of his arguments consisted of irrelevant, almost childish shit like, "Uh... Well, uh... What about this character? He's cool!"

After fifteen painful minutes, even HeavyBassX seemed to realize that he was embarrassing himself and he was reduced to pathetically asking BBC to end the debate, apologizing for wasting BBC's time. Like a bitch.


Last Thursday, an obese talentless fuck calls out BLACKbusterCritic to his LiveSteam just to call him a worthless nigger. He doesn't allow BBC to talk to him directly, only to communicate via text chat, while Hellsing talks to him normally. BBC makes a video in response to this, little did BBC know that those that had criticized Hellsing920 before tend to disappear, as his video gets taken down for hate speech. BBC does make a video response to that too. And while BBC was busy sucking dicks at boot camp, his first main channel gets taken down for promoting violence.

BBC, after stealing some rich white dude's suit, talking about how PC gaming is god tier

His own brother in law

In one of BBC's early streams (sometime in 2012) he talked about his personal life regarding his sister and brother in law. His brother in law ran out on his child like a typical black guy does. However one day her husband gave her a good talking too though though giving her a blacker eye. BlackBuster got real mad so he grab a kantana and drove to his house with the intent on killing him for harming his sister. He wasn't home so he just wrecked his house. Other notes and adventures about his half brother. He confessed to this on his stream late at night with a smaller audience with his more hardcore fans where he also mention him hitting his sister too at one point. Remember its only ok if he does it. Total proof that BBC is a complete hypocrite who can't practice what he preaches. Go on, ask him about it.

FanFic Critic

FanFic Critic, after being raep'd by BBC's enormous niggerdick.

On April 16th, 2012, with BBC's rant against Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 still fresh in the Internet's autistic hivemind, a fugly menopausal librarian calling herself the FanFic Critic posted a blog to her deviantArt page attacking the BLACKbusterCritic and calling him one of the Internet's biggest idiots.

BLACKbusterCritic was informed of this by his fans and came to the decision that this shot across the bows would have to be responded to and put down with extreme prejudice.

The fallout from this video and all the drama surrounding it actually wound up with FanFic Critic being perma-banned from the website that she posts her videos to.

BBC vs YouTube Commentaries

All was well and good for BBC's 2nd main account, until BLACKbusterCritic recently got into drama with the YouTube commentary community, with a few no names who made shitty commentaries of his shitty rant videos. So to get back at them, he created four commentary on commentary videos that were each an hour long. The videos in question all involve some nigger criticizing some other faggot's video every five seconds. BBC already had two strikes prior to uploading these videos, and not soon after uploading the third part, his second main account gets terminated for community guidelines.

He now has a new main channel called TheBlackbusterShow. But judging by the fact he seems to continue doing the same shit he did on his previous account, it seems that there is a good chance history is going to repeat itself. He continues to stalk and comment on the channels of the idiots to this very day, although most normal people wouldn't be this obsessive over some aspie's criticizing their work.


This guy still has a hatebonor for BBC. Lol!
He lives to make pictures of Bart, that is his fantasy, to break into that yellow anus, and fill that twinkie with his cream!


—BBC's best joke on SolidMario.

This guy's mind is so far gone, there is no recovering for people like him.


— His thoughts on SolidMario's mental state, which is pretty much fucked up at this point.

SolidMario, also known as DarthChaos among other names was caught by the attention of BBC in 2012 back when he was doing a series called DEVIANTARrtists which were quite similar to his Sonic Brainfart videos, but with DeviantART weirdos like this guy. SolidMario, a pedophile initially became enraged with BBC over the video which he flagged for harassment and later on child porn. He almost succeeded for a year keeping the video off the web until Kiwi Farms managed to somehow archive the video so that it wouldn't be removable. The original YouTube link to the video is gone, but the video can still be viewed here as well as SolidMario's article.


BBC's Losing War

Good ol' Jamin doing what he does best, using the "I'm just a guy over the internet" excuse.

Since it's been pretty obvious that even YouTube doesn't want that nigger around, recently both BLACKBusterCritic's "main" and library accounts were terminated on YouTube. However, being the stubborn nigger that he is, he makes a new account, as well as a new video showing that he hasn't learned a goddamn thing. Gee, I wonder how long before this new account of his is going to suffer the same fate.

Fun Facts about BLACKbusterCritic

Since BBC loves presenting facts, here are some real facts involving him.

  • Even though BBC looks like a nigger, he's actually about as white as Eminem, or tries to be. BBC even saw this ED page and was ashamed that there was a lack of the word "nigger" on it, when it was first made by fantards.
  • BBC works three jobs, but yet can barely support himself.
  • BBC constantly supports the idea that Nintendo is dying, and threw a fit after their 2015 E3, despite the fact that we all know that Nintendo likes hiding things away more than a moneygrubber hides their Jew Gold, and isn't going anywhere soon.
  • BBC supports PC gaming all the way, yet he promotes piracy of games.
  • BBC has a fiancee who wears the pants in the family. However they never got married.
  • BBC is a father now and is e-begging to keep his child, despite the fact that in a Twitch stream about Microsoft, he mentioned how he tricked his girlfriend into having a baby with his black ass.
  • On his personal Facebook page, BBC describes the mother of his child as, "vengeful, narcissistic, apathetic towards the feelings of others and much more."
  • If BBC ever did anything that'd hurt his fiancee, he would an hero. He did once rape his fiancee hard after he got butthurt by aspie faggots online, so he decided to vent his rage out on her, she was left with moderate injuries and her vagina was ruptured in the process. He later on just mirrored their videos just to send his fanboys to downrate them just to feel special and loved, which made him decide to not be an hero.
  • BBC has asthma. This may explain why he mirrors people's videos who make fun of him, as the rage he suffers if the video happens to be liked by random idiots causes him to have an asthma attack.
  • In a review of Avatar, Jamin actually admitted to being attracted to Neytiri, thus proving that he is nothing more than a closet furry.
  • While BBC makes fun of Sonicfags, he himself makes shitty Sonic fan characters of his own.
  • BBC enjoys sparking Jesus-old Console Wars attacking console fanboys with his PC fanboyism, and yet BBC's own drones are more mindless than all gaming platform fantards combined.
  • BBC's ego is about as big as Africa and is as sturdy as the hardest metal known to man.
  • Whoever debates with BBC always loses (especially due to their own stupidity of debating a nigger in the first place), and when they do, the fanbois always cream in their pants, and BBC's ego gets that much more stronger.
  • Even though BBC always wins the battle, he always loses the war when YouTube takes down his videos/accounts.
  • Believes that the youtube is turning into DeviantArt, with them supporting whiners while they take down entertaining content, implying that his content is entertaining.
  • Sees the statement "PC is better than Console" as fact, when it's an opinion, granted the PC is more powerful than the consoles, they both play games just fine, although this may not be the case depending on your PC specs. No matter how many facts and evidence he backs it up with, that statement will always be an opinion.
  • Believes it to be vital to have debates with anyone who dares speaks out against him. No matter the idiot's status, he will invite him to have a debate on one of his video streams and will mirror the idiot's video on his BlackBusterLibrary account without their permission.
  • A typical comment left by BBC goes like this "Dude i just owned you, Capcom is ripping off gamers and the PC is superior to the consoles, and this is an absolute fact not an opinion, but you just say the console and PC are equal when they are obviously not, LOL WUT ROFL XD :D!!!!"
  • Still keeps talking about the people he "owned" in the past, yet those said people have long since moved on and are doing more productive things in their lives, and probably don't even remember the debate they had with BBC.
  • Will stalk you if you have the balls to tell him he is wrong, no matter who you are...seriously.
  • Loves to over use terms such as LMFAO, ROFL, LOL, and various other internet bullshit.
  • Shows traits of being an aspie due to making a big deal out of stupid idiots on youtube criticizing his shitty videos, or just general faggots that he claimed that he "owned" and stalking them for a few weeks, months, and (in KingMasterReview's case) even years after everyone else stopped giving a shit.
  • Says that Microsoft and Sony can brick your consoles at anytime, yet Steam can do the same thing to people's accounts at anytime, only the result can be more severe financial-wise as you lose all of your games that's on the account.
  • Uses the "Im just a guy on the internet" or "lol you got buttmad by a nigger in a suit" excuse to justify his actions, despite the fact he stalks other "guys" on the internet for making an insult towards him.
  • Believes that loli and shota porn is as bad as real child porn, even if they're furry related. And if furfags counter with "they're just animals", then BBC will then equate that to being the same as bestiality.
  • If BBC's child, was looking at furry porn, he'll kick them out of the house and disown them.
  • Tends to have video streams from time to time, and during them he always shows signs of narcissism, and his drones help reinforce it too. It doesn't help the fact that he points and laughs at people with mental disabilities while still acting like a tough guy (or a nigger in a suit in his case) on the internet.

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