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I've been gaming longer than you, so fuck all of your opinions, they mean nothing to me


Attic Man

BLACKB0ND (Real name: Ryan Galiber) is an internet famous half-breed who spends his spare time making bait videos for YouTube jewgolds. His channel is fueled only by drama, controversy, and drinking the tears of gamers with an opposite preference.

BLACKB0ND called himself the the world's greatest gamer and says he's the biggest Nintendo fan on the planet despite making many troll videos to hate on their business practices. This explains the reason why he hates black people and is on a mission to take down any YouTubers who are black.

BLACKB0ND's videos do however have a purpose; he elaborates upon why his opinion is always valid and claims to "speak the truth". His vocabulary would appear to be limited, as demonstrated by the repeated use of the terms "clown," "social reject,"moron"," "exposed," "damage control," and "cocksucker," the last being one which he utilizes to excess, due to an enormous amount of projection and personal experience.

Ryan the Mischievous Troll

He obviously didn't pay those white chicks to take a photo with him...
...or this one...

Despite on many occasions claiming many times to not being a troll, Ryan constantly goes on other videos attacking small channels and shaming them on his own videos. In summary, Ryan goes around bullying people with a lower rate of subscribers and prevents them from getting a decent amount while claiming he is better than you because he was gaming in the 8-bit era of gaming.

Ryan Galiber is a man full of multiple contradictions. Ryan will usually change his opinion based on what situation is at hand. For example, he claimed that E3 was an event for "social rejects" and "corporate slaves" crying about "who won this and who won that" not knowing that he had already made multiple videos on E3 about the subject and got humiliated as a result, of course he would soon respond in a not at all butthurt manner.

Ryan is a primary school teacher because of his simplistic grammatical ability. What this means is that while Ryan isn't uploading his next bait video, he's stroking his orangutan sausage over school photos of his students like a sick fuck.

To prove he isn't just an attic-dwelling donkey, Ryan has posted multiple videos of his summer vacation expecting people to care about his personal life. As shown, Ryan has also uploaded multiple pictures of him with some girls. What's hilarious about his however is that every women he has taken a photo with is either ugly or slightly below average elegance. Ryan does this to show his haters that he's a ladies man and that he eats more pussy and then gulps it down with their delicious tears. His biggest fear is letting these hoes find out that they have their special spot on his very own Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

Of course, every YouTuber is going to have braindead subscribers like Ryan's. These subs hail Ryan for the overwhelming statements he makes, except these retards don't understand that Ryan is using them for monetization on his videos and that they could easily look up a video game news website to find out the latest gaming information. Ryan's followers always believe that everything he says is always 100% right and are quick to respond to any individual who says otherwise. Giving Ryan any sort of criticism will result in your Jewgle inbox flooding with slanders such as "HAHA U MAD" or "You're just a deluded fanboy who cannot accept the truth, you're just a corporate slave damage controlling for his favorite company, clowns like you are social rejects who are destroying gaming". You can easily tell what makes a loyalist to Ryan if the commenter is using a handful of his vocabulary.

Ryan is known for his self-hatred of black people. This explains why there are no black women in his photos. He believes that the reason no one wants to make their own channel on YouTube is because of "ignorant black people" when in reality it's just black people who scare any potential talent away as discussed in the video below.

25 Facts About Ryan by Himself

Ryan wrote 25 facts about himself and uploaded this at 3:00am. You can find the original here

1. "I watch a lot of ESPN. At home I have two televisions in my room. One for ESPN1 and the other for ESPN2."

2."Despie my height the sport I was most talented in before the injury wasn't basketball but baseball."

3. "I like to play Chess and I started in the 4th grade."

4. "I like to write a lot. I have kept an on going page of quotes from 9th grade to present. It is now up to 106 pages. Lots of interesting stuff and memories."

5. "Due to my past there is rarely a thing in my present life that bothers me. What bothers others is pretty much always a minor insignificance to me."

6. " "Danger Sarcasm!" Yeah I need a shirt like that. I like to laugh and have fun so if you've never been around me much just remember that its all fun and nothing serious."

7. "I've compound a long list of injuries over the years. Since 9th grade I've blown out my right knee 13 times, my left knee 3 times, 2 re-occurring neck stingers on the right side, crushed wrists, 6 busted fingers and a gash across the right side of my face. I'm still young, but man it feels like I have so much mileage."

8. "My mother is black and my dad is Caribbean."

9. "I've been around video games since the original NES at the age of three. I really enjoy them and although its a hobby I've been spending less and less time with as I get older I can't ever see myself putting them down completely."

10. "I didn't get my first cell phone until age 21."

11. "I like Brunettes over Blondes. I still like Blondes its just I like Brunettes more."

12. " I don't like to talk about myself and will often side step questions asked pertaining to myself. As outgoing of a guy as I always keep things inside and to myself."

13. "My favorite animals are Owls."

14. "Jerry Rice is my favorite athlete ever."

15. "Some how I always end up telling stories that people gather around and are entertained by. Just know that if you don't catch it the day it happens then you aren't ever going to hear it. I keep things fresh with new episodes as I hate re-runs."

16. "Rarely does anybody call me Ryan, everyone just calls me Galiber. What's weird is that people have talked to me for the first time call me Galiber and not Ryan like they know how things work. Yeah there is also those few that call my RyRy. Aww how cute.... Don't you ever callingl me BlackBond in real life please."

17. "I've never smoked a cigarette."

18. "I get bored easy, real easy. Most of everything you see in life is something you've already seen before. The real fun is finding something unique and different."

19. "Fate and destiny aren't things I believe. Things happen by chance, because you make them happen or because you didn't make them happen. If people want to believe in fate and destiny so be it. The path I walk is the one that I've created its not something pre-destined and already planned out. There's no way I can accept that life is a linear path rather then one lived through my own choices and my own decisions."

20. "I'm very ticklish and very sensitive to touch. I've always been ticklish but it wasn't until the constant injuries that I became really sensitive to touch. Girls hands around the face will instantly relax and pacify me. I don't know why but its just how it is."

21. "I'm addicted to competition and challenges. I hate losing more then I like winning but in the end I do appreciate good competition. Things that are difficult are more rewarding then the things that are easy."

22. "Every now and then I just like to lay down and look at the ceilings to reflect on things."

23. "I have some what a good knowledge and know how of computers."

24. "I'm just too damn nice and it's hard to say no. I used to be arrogant, over confident asshole. Deep down I still believe I'm by nature a jerk and an ass but it comes to the point where I can't bring the side of me out unless I'm pushed. But its possible that its no longer my true nature and that I have had a legit change in personality."

25. "Friendship and trust are very important to me. Trust not so much as friendship as human nature has sort of made me cynical to the concept of trust. But friendship is a bond that shouldn't be broken and by no means abandoned."

Ryan's Internet Sissy Fights

...another photo with the same chick...

Ryan vs. Doctre81

An on going war between two hardcore gangsters who argue about video games. Ryan has dedicated over two years of his life to making videos about Doctre81 and encouraging his personal army to attack his YouTube channel.

Ryan has been attacking Doctre81 while he does the same to him. They both think they look like the baddest muthafuckas on the interwebs while "pwning" each other. Doctre81's egotism and unwarranted self-importance is similar to Buckbond's. Out of all internet fights, this battle is the most lulziest and has been going on for almost 3 fucking years. They both hate each other's opinions and is a great example of why narcissistic niggas shouldn't be allowed computers with an internet connection.

Doctre81 at first had a much bigger YouTube channel with moar subscribers. Ryan saw this as a chance to leech off his success from a superior YouTube channel, (even though it's still a piece of shit.) All of this was the reason why Ryan has gained a following.

The Blue Fedora One

Ryan vs. AsheVillian

The closest Ryan has ever gotten into a real fight with another gangsta. Ashevillian had been bullied by Ryan for no real reason and due to the Ashevillian's batshit insane nature, he had threatened Ryan with guns and ended up being disgraced on Ryan's own videos. The Ashevillian then began sobbing his eyes out and ran away never to be seen or heard of until he returned as the Black Lebowski.

Make sure you check your email for the defamation case I started against you. We might actually get to meet each other in real life. Makes me a happy boy.


— AsheVilian

Ryan vs. Playeressence

Ryan was fighting cancer, dictatorship and Playeressence in order to gain world peace by calling out on their lies, the man in question was Furious Francis. Francis had apparently blocked people who said different opinions on their website and Ryan was quick to point out that this was deemed deceptive. Ryan was also calling out on Francis who made a video asking Adam Sessler to be fired. Ryan had spread lies and rumours on his channel and tricked his sheep otherwise known as subscribers to spam Playeressence with abuse from the lies he made up. Very plausible indeed.

Before the controversy however, Ryan made an hour long Skype debate with Francis about a chief executive's position at a company. After Ryan lost he didn't decide to stop. He wanted to encourage the threats as mentioned before as a way of gaining respect for his stillborn channel. Oh and you want to know something funny? Francis got an invite to E3 while Ryan didn't, apparently E3 doesn't cater to internet drama queens.

Debating Club

Ryan vs. JackmoveJohnny

Ryan gets bitch slapped by some dudebro. Also Ryan called himself the "face of a generation" while arguing. If you excuse the shit quality from the video beneath; then you will get some hilarious lulz.

Ryan vs. Big Cheese Crusaders

This was the nail in the coffin for our good friend Ryan.

This beef began with BlackB0nd trash talking the most notable ReviewTechUSA troll, The RTU Critic. Soon all hell erupted as the other Crusaders decided to hop on board the B0nd hate wagon. Youtube troll and member of the Crusaders, thegameplayness, made several videos on the matter, criticizing B0nd for being an extreme man child as well as his limited vocabulary of "virgin" and "social reject". "BlackB0nd, Hypocrite, Liar, Stalker #EXPOSED" "BlackB0nd Is LONELY! #EXPOSED #Colapes @BLACKB0ND" "Inbred Virgin Racist Social Reject - A BLACKB0nd Montage #Colapes @BLACKB0nd"

However, a vindictive Ryan decided to strike back and hurl false pedo accusations against his two most notable critics, RTU Critic and thegameplayness. This prompted him to make several videos slandering the two with his false, and illegal, accusations: "The Big Cheese Crusaders Are Racist Internet Pedophiles #COLAPES" "These Big Social Reject Crusaders Are Beyond Pathetic - Blackb0nd (Mirrored)"

This prompted the Crusaders to launch a war against Ryan, with RTU Critic issuing a follow-up video debunking the false pedo allegations. Ryan, not willing to admit being wrong, continued to defend himself in the comment section below, making a fool out of himself in the process.

The Crusaders found his deceased grandfather's obituary and proceeded to spam his Twitter with it. One unknown crusader masqueraded as his grandfather, on Twitter, and proceeded to send Ryan obscene messages, calling him a nigger amongst other derogatory words. A distressed Ryan proceeded to block all of these accounts. "Blackb0nd #EXPOSED False Paedo Accusations"

However, despite this video, Ryan continued to make the mistake of labelling the Crusaders as pedos. In retaliation, he was eventually doxed by the Crusaders, who, in turn, spammed the facebook page of many of his relatives with the videos he made of the Crusaders. A defeated and embarrassed and broken Ryan removed the videos and since has decided to not involve himself in any matter regarding the Crusaders. For the first time in his career on youtube Ryan was made a bitch by a group of bloodthirsty online trolls. B0nd's mutilated ego was dragged all around the streets of the dilapidated side of Youtube: the crumbside.

ErmeyPointingAngry.jpg STOP RIGHT THERE, FAGGOT!
ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about your petty forum feud with that bitch who doesn't agree with your Zutara OTP. Rather than spreading your butthurt vendetta over to this site, how about you read ED:101 and ED:A User's Guide to Article Building. And while you're at it, how about contributing to some actual drama you fucking idiot?
BroKenGaMerz bought a broken game
His prison experience
  • BroKenGaMezHD: A skeleton nigger who thinks that BLACKB0ND's opinions are always correct and praises him up and down. A master troll who has reached 60,000 subscribers despite having boring videos that are usually TL;DW. Despite trolling people with different opinions and acting as an internet tough guy, he doesn't quite generate enough drama to make an article since his videos are dull and uninteresting. At one point, BroKenGaMerz claimed he was going on vacation but spent that time on the internet continuing making clickbait videos, this is because like BUCKB0ND, he has no life.
  • HARD8TIMES: A black walrus who again, thinks everything BLACKB0ND says is words from the Messiah. Has an incredibly obnoxious voice and feels the need to shout in every fucking word he says, he is literally the most unfunny ranter to lurk YouTube.He used to be enemies but then kissed a made up. HARD8TIMES is too shitty to gain his own article, unless you want all of the text in CAPS LOCK.
Another Hypocrite

  • Shokio: Pretty cool guy except too stupid to figure out that BLACKB0ND is trying his best to leech off his success by posting comments like "this clown was a former damage controller, watch MY videos if you want the truth LOL". Shokio still takes it in the ass regardless. Also the brother of BLACKbusterCritic
  • ReviewTechUSA: YouTube sellout who's a total fucking idiot since he said that clickbait videos were stupid and then quoted BLACKB0ND. Many times has BLACKB0ND trolled RTU about his e-begging all behind his back, RTU is either unaware or just doesn't give a flying fuck. Nothing special, just another one of Ryan's dicksuckers, moving on.

Despicable Acts of Niggery

Making Money From a Teen Suicide

Ryan is a self-proclaimed millionaire but that didn't stop him from printing money so he could buy a new graphics card for his PC. The cash making scheme was a video about an hero. In this video, Walt Jr talks about the incident, bear in mind this was before this YouTube Nobody started sucking Ryan's cock the moment he used his channel to troll teary fanboys. This just proves that people only watch Ryan's videos because he has interesting, unbias opinions he wants to share with his subscribers because he makes trolling videos.

Profiting from the dead

Making Money From a Rape Incident

Yet more disgusting shit from the Ass of YouTube. America was lacking teen suicides apparently so Ryan thought it would be a good idea to make money from the raping of an 8-year old girl after her 13-year old brother watched porn on his Xbox 360. Since Ryan was broke he thought it would be a good idea to monetize the video he made about news everybody already knew about. He also says he's under the weather from the winter and that because his roads were icy in the NorthEast of America. He couldn't make it to work which further proves that he desperately made this video for his monthly income of jewgolds.

What's that repeated phrase again? EXPOSED

One of those tragic sexual experiment cases now give me all your money!!!



Blocking People and Censoring the Truth

Ryan gets so emotionally destroyed by other people's viewpoints, he will instantly block them. This begs some similarity to some other YouTuber.




The niglet is also a complete and utter fucking racist and even goes so far to block anyone who isn't as big a nigger as himself:

BLACKB0ND blocks white people.jpg

Monthly Income

Ryan Galiber has made himself a YouTube partner, this means that he makes easy money from clickbait videos instead of doing real work for cash, all because black people like Ryan don't know anything about work. Since idiots continue to give this scam artist views and attention, Ryan can continue making hassle free money to spend on his daily intake of Kentucky Fried Chicken with no end in sight.


Thanks morons, that is all.

Notable Videos

You can find him bitching in the comment section


No I'm not married and I'm going to ignore that


—Ryan Galiber

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