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So simple and yet...
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Bcc is short for blind carbon copy and is primarily supposed to be used when sending email to a large number of your friends or contacts so that the message is received without revealing everyone's email addresses to dozens of random strangers. A message sent successfully in Bcc mode will only reveal the sender's email address.


Failure to use Bcc in the appropriate situations is a common mistake amongst Internets nubs and a sure-fire drama-generating technique. Failing to Bcc is the leading cause of nerd rage and butthurt to seasoned Internets users who will usually respond by personally flaming the sender for being a newbie faggot in reply or publicly respond in turn by sending a message flaming said faggot in reply all mode so that everyone can mock the loser.

The Upside

By saving dozens of email addresses you never had, you can pad your address book with victims for your own spam messages. If you are unlucky enough to know somebody semi-famous, you can often pick up the personal email addresses of bona fide celebrities for your stalking pleasure.

Common Topics


Any group of any given person's friends is going to be a diverse bunch including people of different races, religions and political affiliations. Since many group emailings are going to be sent to the sender's entire address book -regardless of the demographics- it's pretty much unavoidable that common group emails such as petitions and political material are going to end up with unsympathetic recipients. Thus, trolling for butthurt can be easy pickings.

By hitting reply all to a message that has not been sent out in Bcc mode, it's fairly easy to set off a shitstorm of other reply all missives as some fucktard in the group will get their panties bunched and feel the need to feed the troll. Insulting politicians, religious beliefs and/or causes that the emailer is shilling for are always good for the win in these situations, as is killing the emailer's buzz via publicly shaming by replying to all with a Snopes link debunking their virus warning or PLEASE FORWARD THIS MISSING GIRL'S PICTURE bullshit.

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