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Azure-Neon, or better known as, Zoe-Chan, is the very epitome of a suethor, made obvious by the seemingly never ending gallery of self-inserted Pr0n pin-ups, and character drama. Azure-Neon, or just Zoe, is a 23 year old virgin Canadian who lives with her parents and has no IRL friends due to her crippling sociophobia.You know, assburgers. Because of this, she relies on her fantasies and porn to make online friends or seeking fandoms with male characters to pair herself up with and fap to. She claims that none of her original characters are self-inserts, but they seem to all have suspiciously similar personalities and bios filled with angst and tragedy. But every third Thursday of each month during a rain storm of about 5x8 miles after a thick fog proceeding a unicorn bat-mitzvah, you may be able to spot a rare but not very valuable safe for work piece.

Using an Irken by the name of Tula, she depicts her fantasies of being fucked by children and aliens. Simultaneously. Note the jealous canon females in the background. I smell sue.

In the Beginning

This is seriously the second picture in her FA gallery. Her being fucked by Zim

Forget starting off slow and appealing to a wide variety of viewers and estabilishing herself like any learned artist! On her FurAffinity account,Zoe-Chan, she hits the ground running with Anthro animals, thanks to her furfag sister, and Invader Zim pornography, thus appealing only to her fellow sexless perverts and assburger doll fucks. Why not right? Everybody knows that if you appeal to them, you will be instantaneously famous and loved. At least she got that right. Appeal to the largest crowd onFur Affinity, virgins and lonely men. No sooner after having joined, out of the 39 first pics on there, 18 of them are pornographic, most of which Invader Zim fan art involving the 12 year old Dib, Zim or both, fucking her as an Irken. Also note the shitty Evanescence mash up. THEY SING HER PAAAAAIN!!!11

The Many Forms of Azure-Neon

  1. The Fursona
Typical self inserted sue; Sexy and much skinnier than the actual suethor
Being the drama whore that she is, her self insert burst into tears during her fantasy sex sequence, and Dib pretends he cares.

Just like every other sex deprived teenage fur-fag, Zoe decided she'd depict herself as the stereotype of sexy; A cat. Somebody thinks a little way to highly of themselves considering the animal and that it's slender and, well..her back fat eats the straps of her tank-tops.

The animal in which I speak of is a five-foot-tall,or cub, cream and white, blue eyed cat who is always naked. The earliest version even had a ponytail. In every picture made, she is fused to Dib and rubbing her furry tits on the fictional cartoon character. In most of the pictures, the two are merrily fucking away like there is no tomorrow, her fursona portrayed as innocent and sexy. In one, her character begins to sob in the middle of their sex-capades. Drama whore much? It's never revealed why. She just likes the attention.

  1. The Irken

Perhaps one of her first Invader Zim self inserts is Tula. Yeah, that's right, Tula, like from that 90's movie about a frugly Greek women hooking up with Hair Man, except ten times the drama. Having to be different, Zoe went and gave her bright blue eyes. The standard Red, Green or Purple was simply not 'unique' enough. Tula appeared in Zoe's second Fur Affinity submission, you know, the one with Zim fucking some random Irken female? That one.

No back story, not even a name. Zoe wastes no time in whoring out her latest self insert
She doesn't care who it is. Zoe will have her inserts fuck everybody. EVERYBODY

As if one Canon character was not enough, Tula even whips out her lesbian side for Tak. And Zim. Zoe spared no time in mashing Dib and Tula together in a graphic sex comic. Which,of course, was on the very first page of her first submissions. It's four pages long and about Tula throwing herself at Dib, much like a common hooker might, except she doesn't seem to want money for it. At least not in the comic. Luckily for us, she got to the fourth page before dishing out yet another casserole of distasteful, self inserted,pedo-xeno smut. Instead she hints at it with onomatopoeia. Although she claims that most of her work is not self inserted smut, it makes one wonder why her characters are ever so often nude in pictures where it is not necessary, and in sexual poses. This just in, Tula isn't her first Sue Self Insert. That would be an Irken by the name of Vix. Her first an only pic has three doodles, two of which are of her being the only thing Azure-Neon can draw herself as, a rebellious sexy hard ass. The third is of Dib lusting over the totally oblivious Vix.

If you browser through her furaffinity gallery, first chug a bottle of Pepto-Bismal, you might find a scribbling by the name of Surprise return. Here Zoe reveals that Zim traded Tula to the Tallests as a sex-pet and years later returns to Dib pregnant with, who else, Tallest Reds bastard kid. When they meet they proceed to make out, talk, then Dib brings her to his office so they can fuck while his wife, yes, his wife, is probably upstairs totally oblivious to her husbands romping with a pregnant slut who's fucked every male character, even a female or two, in the fandom. It's cool though, Dib doesn't judge.

  1. The Human
Zoe, as Cali, in her natural environment doing what Sues do best. Zoe managed to pull off the look as if Cali had never had this problem before. Bravo

She's dreamed of screwing a cartoon character as an alien and a cat, so naturally she moves onto human. It's an inigma as to why she didn't just have her character get pregnant while they were at it. They certainly fucked enough.

Her human form is pretty much her fursona, except without the fur, tail and anorexic physique. Much like the greasy, skinny jeans clad emo kid Dib, she depicts herself as a greasy,eye liner abusing babe. Which she is far as babe goes anyhow. Judging by the pics she submitted to her gallery, she looks at least 130 pounds, but every one of her self inserts looks 110 pounds at the most. For a brief period of time, Zoe submitted a series in which she and her underage lover are caught screwing in various places. In one, she fantasizes that she is even a bicycle babe. Too bad that government check she collects for her social retardation won't be enough to get her a real bike.

Not So Original Characters

  1. Iona and Xodi
The very first time they meet, they're dry humping. Is that how they do it in Canada?

When she grew tired of Tula, she literally dropped her and replaced her with Iona. In her debut' pic, Iona is being fingered graphically by Dib. What else did you expect? No ref sheet, no basic intro, no. She's being finger fucked in her very first pick. Upong realizing the new oppertunities,Zoe then proceeds crank out at least another 15+ graphic pictures with Iona fucking Dib, an Irken who is suppose to be raping her, and another original character of her own, Xodi, a Vortian. Azure-Neon finally sticks to one guy after having Iona, sweet and innocent fuck two guys first. They don't meet at a restaurant, or work, or on the street. They meet when they 'bump' into each other, landing with her crotch in his.

Just one pic later, they are already boning. No time to build up a story. You don't have to know somebody to fuck them in Zoe's little world. Only eight pics later, despite being different species, Ionia and Xodi spawn a mutant.

  1. Kivana
It's revealed in the comments that this was during her infatuation with the lizard, and that she hoped Skylar didn't find out. In short, Kivana is unfaithful, slutty and probably diseased.
It only took eight pics, all but two, were nothing but sex, and making out.

Shortly after Xodi and Iona spawn their little troubled mutant, Zoe holds a contest for all of her talentless cunt suckers to compete in. What for? Create a male to be whored out with the mutant child, Kivana. The contest went on for a while until she finally choose what she wanted, which was of course, some rare giant lizard. Something normal would not do. She had to have a rare species to bone the mutant offspring of the two fuck-and-run characters prior. After all of the blood, sweat, tears and seamen her watchers put into it, Zoe totally ignores the contest winner, Skylar, and tosses him aside so that Kivana can fuck one of her friends who are horney for her flappy labia.

Zoe's Other Fap-Fantasies

Furries, Twincest and Dolls, Oh Mai!! Drawing pictures of herself sexing up little boys and aliens just didn't get her off after a while, so she moved onto the next best thing. For a while, Zoe resorted to drawing the character Dib as a teenager, and the child Dib, fucking each other. Yum. shota twincest anybody? Her earliest source of orgasm was furries, seahorses and Pokemon. In her deep roote desire to be attractive in the slightest, every thing she draws is meant to be sexy. Because if you can sort of draw sexy, then you ARE sexy, amarite?

Almost every single piece she did for Shane Ackers shit movie 9 is of her self insert being doll-fucked by two different dolls. Her first oc Felecia is a bright pink doll with the number 101 writtin 'across her goddamn thighs. Later she adds a show girl outfit so she can be just like the hookers in the ol' west! Her second was named Azure which she admitted was her..dollsona? This one was shy, innocent and had a past racked with tragedy! She later says that her OC has developed vast differences from her. Probably because she get's laid.

Her second fan art piece. RagDoll Porn of course
Faust is just one of the two rag dolls her self insert whores herself out for. Vincent is the other

Lulzy Journals

BAAWLEEETED EVERYTHING. But basically she made journals insisting that she wasn't popular. She did this by posting how many pageviews and comments she got (which was actually quite a bit thanks to her self inserted pornography). She even made a journal about how her subscription was about to end and I quote "oh well" then followed it up with another journal where she acts surprised that somebody (wasted) money on another subscription for her. Which she ended up RAEG QUITTING on.

How Zoe Spends Her Time

Warning: If you have much better things to do than to read an rp about burlap sacks having sex, go do it.

It was in that moment that Faust noticed that no one was in need of either him or Azure. Excited at the prospect, he turned to Azure and whispered, "Come on, let's get out of here."

He took her by the hand and ran with her, searching for a secluded place. He then remembered the place where he had been moping before, atop his favorite book "Faust" on the cliff, where one could watch the perfect view of the golden red sunset across the terrain. He lead them to that place again, careful that no one would see them.

Azure followed as quickly as she could, giggling and trying to keep up. Her heart pounded in excitement as they ran, the memories of her horror a million miles away. She'd never felt so happy!

When they finally reached that place, Faust led them to the west-facing spot where they could watch the setting sun.

"It's so beautiful, Faust." she sighed as he took her into his arms again and kissed her braids continuously. "I was beginning to worry we'd never have another chance of this," he told her, stroking her back. "I've missed you so..."

Azure's eyes softened near the point of tears, "I've missed you, too.. I thought I'd never-- I... I want to make love.." she whispered, dropping her gaze shyly, "I want to know what real love feels like.." JUST FIVE POSTS IN. FIVE.

"Come here, then," he said in a low, seductive whisper. He chuckled as he whisked her away in his arms, dipping her back and kissing her slowly. She was nearly swept off her feet as Faust kissed like never before. She melted in his arms, closing her eyes as her heart began to beat faster. The two looked like an illustration of romantic ballroom dancing, frozen in time in a perpetual state of happiness.

But slowly, the fairy tale image began to fade away, as Faust began to lose himself to his animal desires, and he breathed her in again. That familiar scent, old worn pages lined with sugar, it brought back so many memories. This was not going to be like last time, not if he had anything to do about it. While one arm was wrapped around her back, his palm held firmly at her hip, the other hand began to drift down from her soft cheek to her defined shoulders and even further down to her supple bosom. He lifted her body upright, if only to take possession of the body he had claimed long ago. Once he broke his kiss from her, he wasted no time planting his lips all around and below her subtle ears.

When his lips broke from hers and began to travel across her skin... she shivered, clinging to him. She'd almost forgotten what his kisses could do to her.

"I must warn you," he said breathily between kisses to her neck. "my gentle ways may have escaped me this time..."

"Ple-please try... to be gentle. I don't want anything to ruin this." she panted softly, letting him lead.

She kissed his neck gently, her eyes closed, trying to keep unwanted thoughts from entering her mind. Nothing was going to ruin this.

"For you, anything," he said as he lifted her off her feet like a groom would a bride. He carried her over to the open book, a familiar place for them both, and laid her down. For a moment, he just watched her, the way her chest rose and fell, the way her blonde tresses flowed and cascaded over the German words beneath her. Basking in the light of the setting sun, she looked as though she was glowing. He could feel her hands cup his face, and he gladly kissed the palms of each hand. He gulped lightly, the sight of Azure beneath him made his heart race, but he had to remember to be gentle. Restraint was a vital element of every gentleman's code.

"I love you," he said as he slowly laid himself on top of her, bringing his lips to hers. He adored the way her lips pressed against his, his heart feeling warm with sparks as they shared long, passionate kisses. "Let's take it slow this time, would you like that?"

She nodded breathlessly, eyes closed, lips parted ever so slightly, her breaths short and shallow. "S-Slow is.. good.." DERP she whispered softly. Her body tingled so delightfully. She felt so warm.. She wanted to feel this way every night, for the rest of her life, just like this. She wants to be fucked every night of her life. Typical Zoe self insert To wash away the memory of her ordeal ordeal? she means DRAMA with sweet, passionate lovemaking in the arms of her mirror-faced knight.

"I love you... forever.." I love you for as long as you fuck my fugly sags she breathed, arms around his shoulders as she pulled him in for another kiss.

"How about we start here then?" he said as he brought his lips down to Azure's fastenings. With slow precision, he undid each of her little black buttons with his teeth, making sure to soothe and circle each one with his tongue. And every space between each button, he trailed his way down with long, slow kisses. His hands in the meantime stroked up and down her torso and thighs, his palms putting just the right amount of pressure on them to soothe her. While reading this, Zoe whipped out the Miracle whip and began fapping

Her heart beat faster, pounding in her chest and her breathing became short, erratic panting. "Oh.. Faust.." she cried in a soft mewling voice as he slowly undid her fastenings with his warm mouth. Her body reacted perfectly to his touch; tingling, shivering, burning.

When he finished undoing ever single one of her buttons, he began to undo his own, until his pinstripe vest was completely undone. He then took her legs, an ankle in each hand, and rested them atop his shoulders. Wait..this is slow and gentle? Obviously both are virgins

She felt so hot. And when he began unbuttoning himself, slowly... teasingly, she stared wide-eyed, lips parted, panting.and slobbering She never realized how... absolutely stunning and attractive he was! She had fallen for the faceless masked knight who had rescued her purely on actions and personality alone,yeah. whatever helps you sleep at night but whoever had restored the face he'd hidden was truly a master.

"You ready?" he asked softly, while planting soft kisses on her thin, shapely leg against his cheek.

His soft question snapped her out of her slack-jawed ogling. She started to feel a bit anxious... a bit unnerved by this position, but nodded.

"Yes.." she answered, her soul wriggling inside her with anticipation.

With one last kiss to her delicate ankle, he looked down at her and smiled warmly. He lowered his body to hers, their openings coming closer together like a chaste kiss. The glow had already begun to emerge from between them, and Faust kissed his lover's lips as he slowly began to grind his hips into her. He snaked his tongue into her mouth, wanting to explore every part of her mouth in lustful curiosity.In real life, this wouldn't work.But how could you expect two virgins rp'ing burlap sacks to know this? His lower torso moved into her slowly, but deeply, the glow brightening into periodic flashes of light. He moaned as they kissed, his face feeling unbearably hot and his whole body tingling at the entrancingly slow way the traces of her soul sank into him. He shut his eyes tight, panting harshly, losing all focus and reason with each pleasure filled groan.

Azure writhed and gasped, moaning in such a delicate way.Only zoe self inserts can drool and seize delicately She felt so hot and every breath was a struggle for sweet cool air, but every gasping exhale came out hotter than the last as their bodies pressed against each other, grinding and thrusting.

He opened his eyes again, and adored the sight of her. The way she writhed, her panting, her delicate, perfect body shivering beneath him.her self inserts are sues. LMFAO He nearly lost control at the sight, his hips now moving at a quicker pace without him even realizing. "A-Azure! Azure, my love!" he called her name, grunting and groaning in between as the light began to shine brighter for longer, "I-I-Ahh!! Oh God, it's so good!" As you can see, they've learned what sex is through PornHub and Smut novels

"Faaust!" she moaned out his name, hands around his neck, head dipped back. The way his hips moved against hers, it was driving her insane! But she was finding this position becoming less and less comfortable with her knees pressed against her chest and her ankles around his shoulders. She felt.. pinned. She squirmed, trying to shift her position, unsuccessfully. "F-Fau-Faust.. Wait.. I-I-I ca-can't breathe..." she panted harder as panic began to fill her.Once again, Zoe shits some character drama in the middle of her fantasy sex

"What?" panted Faust as he opened his eyes. While she did seem like she was enjoying this, the way her face tightened looked as though she was afraid. "Can't breathe?" asked Faust, his mind too cloudy with pleasure to immediately understand what she meant. "Oh..oh! Dear God, I'm so sorry!" he said, lifting himself from her as quickly as he could. He laid down next to her, hoping he hadn't ruined this moment. "You know I didn't want to do anything that would make you uncomfortable." In their perfect world

Azure let out a deep sigh as he moved off of her, allowing her to stretch out and move freely again. She began to calm, taking deep breaths as the heaviness in her chest lifted. She'd almost ruined a perfect moment with her fear... but maybe it could still be salvaged. Almost? If they'd ever had real sex they'd know that moment is through. Right then and there. But of course it can be salvaged! Zoe hasn't come yet!

An idea soon popped into Faust's head, "How about this?" He sat up and kissed her once more, "Would you like to ride me?" he said with a smile.

"R-Ride..?" she asked, not quite understanding.because her self insert is SOO innocent and sheltered She kissed him again, cupping his face in her hands. Her breathing calmed and the tension in the air slowly dissipated. His kisses were so soothing to her skittish heart. She sat up and moved to sit in his lap. A mad rush of blood flooded his cheeks as she lifted herself onto his lap.

"L-Like this?" she asked, her blonde tresses falling sexily wow. That was that the worst description of hair ever, but it's probably difficult to write with fap coated fingers but over her face. He found himself stuttering, too overcome with ignited attraction to the blue girl on top of him. "Y-yes," he said, giggling nervously, "That's just fine. You know, I've never seen you with your hair down, love." That's probably because they only knew each other for a few days before this.

He didn't want to embarrass her, but the view from where he lay was incredibly sexy. He caressed up and down her thighs, his hands traveling up her hips, her little waist, her shapely bust.Which Zoe is not any of. Accurate description? The view from wehre he lay was incredibly clausterphobic. He slithered his hands up and down her sagging, dusty thighs, his hands traveling up her thick hips, her rolling waist, her bust? They're ragdolls. The only female in the movie had NO bust. But..this is zoe and her fap buddies we're talking about

"Take me, dear. Do whatever you want to my body." KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Azure blushed madly at Faust's words, dipping her head and hiding behind her long golden golden. Not blonde, not buttery..golden tresses. He had never let her take the lead before and being on top... it felt so naughty! She smiled shyly down at him, trying to work up the nerve to begin.

"Sh-Should I.. move like this?" she asked coyly with a sultry smile on her face as she slid her hips forward a bit, then back, working up a slow rhythm. Faust immediately gasped as he felt her hips grind against him. But she's so innocent! Oh wait..

"Ohh!" he moaned, unable to do anything but take what she did to him. Her heart began to race again as the momentary lull in their passionate lovemaking began to rise to a fever pitch once more.

She panted quickly, moaning softly as she began grinding her hips harder and faster against him, "Mmn... Fau-Faust.. It-It feels so good!" she whimpered, eyes squeezed shut as she braced herself against his chest with her hands and felt his caress her thighs and hips, pulling her against him to increase the friction.

This position certainly allowed her more freedom and much more control over how fast or slow she wanted to go... and she wanted this to last. She slowed her hips and struggled to maintain this slow and steady pace, gasping, panting, and moaning her pleasure. Oh, but she felt so HOT! She leaned forward a bit, bringing their openings closer, her soul flowing out and lapping at his LMAO WHUT as sparks leapt between them, the light growing brighter.

"Ohh, Faust.. my knight.. I-I love you so much.." she gasped.

Watching her was enough to drive him over the edge, her sweet face and the beautiful noises she made, the way her tresses fell over her shoulders and gathered between her bosom. The light between them began to dimly glow, small sparks slowly flowing between them as she lowered her opening closer to his. How many times has she written that? They should be inside each other by now.

He gasped and lolled his head back, mouth hanging open and eyes shut tight. Azure in control was both surprising and the most incredibly erotic thing he had ever experienced. The way her body moved against him, just watching her demure hips grind smoothly against him, he couldn't even think of anything else. He lifted his head to catch his woman's lips, feeling so wonderfully helpless beneath her. His hands grabbed at her rear tightly, desperate to make her grind against him harder and faster.

"Ah! Aah! A-Azure, oh God, it's so good! M-my body! Use me, dear! Use me!!" Almost, Almost, Almost, There we are.

"N-no.. Do-Don't say that- Ah! I-I don't want to use you.."Her player does she whimpered, laying her body against his chest and shuddering at the closeness of their souls as she held his face in both hands and stroked her thumbs across his cheeks, "I want to love you."

She pressed her lips to his, moaning into his mouth as she slipped her tongue inside. She kissed him slowly, rubbing her body against him. The feel of his soul touching hers brought back memories of their first night, her first time.. She was so glad it had been with him, despite the circumstances, so glad that her Innocence was in safe hands. innocence? What innocence?

What would she have done if Vincent had been the first to claim her? She shuddered at the thought. It was bad enough he had taken her second time. She might never have been able to allow another man to touch her had she'd been raped a virgin.

Faust's eyes shut tight, his body tight, the inside of him feeling like it was burning and ringing with a fiery heat, it took him all his concentration not to throw her down and make her scream. He appreciated her act of comfort, feeling her kiss against his lips, but in mind-numbing lust, he took her face in his hands and pressed his lips hard against hers. He snaked his tongue into her mouth again, bullying her tongue into wrestling with his.

Azure whimpered as Faust, in his passion, turned the kiss on her, attacking her tongue with his own. She relented under his force, moaning submissively as he pressed his mouth hard against hers.

It was then that a trace of her touched a special part inside him that left him breathless.

"Aaah! Oh GOD! W-Wha- Ohhh!!!!" he cried, taken by surprise at the hidden area of pleasure in him that had just been revealed. "F-Forgive me!" he cried as he took Azure's rear into his hands and began to pull her back and forth against him with rapid speed. The light between them heightened in intensity, Faust desperately moaning and crying as the felt all the familiar sensations of that fateful night passed rush through him in apologetic motion. Azure gasped loudly, fingers clawing into his shoulders as she panted faster, moaning frantically as he pushed them both to the edge.

"I-I love you!" he cried, moaning shamelessly and feeling himself nearing the edge. Do you know anybody who says that only and repeatedly during sex? Besides random hired women?

"F-F-Fau-Fau-aust!! Ah-Ah!! S-S-Slo-Ahh! Ohhhh!! Ah!" she gasped and whimpered. She was so breathless, she couldn't even form complete or coherent words, let alone string them together to form sentences. She gave up trying to stay lucid and moved with him, clawing at his shoulders and vocalizing her unbridled lust.

"Ahh! Ahh! Aaahhhh!" Faust cried out as the two lovers furiously ground against each other. He gritted his teeth as he felt himself one step away from climax, taking one last look at the sight of shy, demure Azure yelling with the utmost non-virginal passion.the same passion she shot all over the place with the other guy she fucked Within seconds, the flashes of light between them erupted into an explosion of green light, blinding everything around them.

Azure let out the most passionate, orgasmic shrieking cry she had ever made in her life as the world exploded in a shower of stars and angeldust Angeldust.Who is she? Stephane Meyer?. She lay on top of him for the next several minutes, panting and trembling from the experience. That was the most amazing thing she had ever felt! It was a thousand times better than the first time and a million times more enjoyable than her unfortunate second.Sex is perfect in Zoe world. Even when she's being "raped"

Faust kept her arms around her, held her tight to him, even after the light had died down and both their bodies were tingling and shuddering in the after effects of orgasm. He panted for air, adoring the cool evening breeze over them. "You have no idea," he gulped, his spirit on Cloud 9, "how long I've been wanting that." He looked up at Azure, smiling gratefully to her, stroking her blonde hair. "You're better on top than me," Faust laughed.she's a natural. Naturally.

She blushed and hid her face behind her long, tousled blonde braids. "I love you..." she whispered softly. She had rather enjoyed being on top and was almost ready for another round... after a short nap, of course. It's rare for women to be able to orgasm again that quickly unless you're 30 or older. But..AGIAN....these are virgins we're talking about. Oh...and they're rp'ing burlap sacks having sex so it totally works.

As the two cuddled together, enjoying the warm, last rays of the setting sun, Faust wondered to himself what Scarlet was going to say to him when he told her about this. Before he could offer Azure one more time to come with he, Scarlet and Calypso, a faint bloodcurdling scream could be heard from far away. Cue the drama

"Did you hear that?" asked Faust, looking upwards. He waited for a second, and heard the scream for a second time. "One of the girls is in trouble. I have to go,"one of his hoes he said instinctively. He then looked over to Azure, hoping she wouldn't get mad. "I'm sorry," he told her, "I hate to leave you here." Hate to fuck and run! Just kidding!

"No... Don't go." Azure pleaded softly, "I want to stay here with you. I.. I'm sure they'll be fine. The- the others are there to help.. Please stay.." She didn't want to seem selfish, but she didn't want their moment to be cut short. Don't worry about them! I'm sure the scream means nothing! Please stay and fuck me again!

She wanted to fall asleep with him, to stay with him all night, like they'd never gotten a chance to before. She wanted to wake up in his arms, to see him bathed in the first rays of morning light and know she was his.

"Please stay. Just a bit longer. I don't want to stay here alone." She cuddled closer against his chest, hoping that fate would allow them just a bit more time together. Clingy much?

"I'm sorry, dear. I have... a responsibility. It sounded too much like 13, and I promised I wouldn't let anything happen to her. I'll be back as soon as I can." He kissed her once more on the lips and slid off the book.

Azure sighed as Faust ran off to do his hero thing. Curling up on the book and tracing the letters of the foreign words beneath her, she tried to imagine he was still with her, still holding her, but it just wasn't the same. She missed his warmth already.

She gazed upward, watching the first stars emerge in the ever-darkening sky. How long would he be gone? Would she be asleep when he returned? Would he even return at all? She began to worry now. Were the others in real danger? What if something happened to them? To Faust? especially her sex toy

She sat up quickly. She couldn't stay here alone while her friends were in danger! While Faust was in danger fighting off whatever monster was attacking! She had to help!OF COURSE. Her sweet,innocent, natural porn star mary-sue is going to go be a hero now!

But she suddenly doubled over, crying out in pain as something twisted at her insides. She rolled onto her side again, curling up in agony. Oh, God! What was wrong with her?! This pain! It was just like before! On the cliff after they had rescued her from Vincent! But this was worse and it wasn't stopping! She-She was dying! She was going to die here all alone! SPOILER WARNING! SHE"S PREGNANT WITH HER SO CALLED RAPIST!!

"Faauusst..." she whined, squeezing her eyes shut against the pain and crying softly. Why did he have to leave her here alone?

Tl;DR Rp aaaalll about doll sex.

Other Things She's Syrup Fucked

Gorillaz. That alone deducts 20 points from her already emaciated pool of TTLY AWRSUM points. For a seemingly brief period of time, Azure-Neon fantasized about the blue haired lead singer of the band who lost his eyes skullfucking Murdock Nicols. She also had a brief moment for Treasure Planet, and against all odds, she submitted only one picture and it wasn't pornographic! Good job Azure-Neon! Before her obsession with retard British singers and animated movies with cliche plots, she was into Osmosis Jones. This was was into enough to create a Mary Sue for. No other pictures..juuust her self inserted Sue and Thrax sucking each others nuclei. What else? She didn't just make one Sue, oh no. She made TWO, Sonya (another Red Death virus of course) and some purple haired pus thing named Roxy. Which totally isn't an over used rock name at all.
NEW Azure-Neon has moved on, seemingly, from 9 and her fuzzy, emaciated bugs to Gargoyles and and old show called ReBoot about people who live in a computer. In her Gargoyles work she has the canon character Brooklyn falling in love with her (but in the actual series he hooks up with Katana..some Japanese Gargoyle and they have their own kid) She's also working on a fanfiction (which hasn't been released yet)and her self inserted character, Liberty, gets knocked up. In her debut picture Liberty is standing on a building with a bulging belly. Go figure. Let us pray and beg that it doesn't belong to Brooklyn.


The most NSFW Gallery ever. EVER. About missing Pics
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Deleted Everything

Just yesterday Azure deleted fucking everything because some other asshole told her to stop being a whiney little bitch about her dead cat. And while cats are sacred this faggy cat was name Tundra and wore two equally faggy bells that got broken when some soccer mom squashed it with her SUV full of rugrats. Apparently when Azure got home she found her cat bleeding from the ass in a sewer grate. Sadly there was nothing the vet could do so they killed the poor fucker - unfortunately euthanasia could not be used on Azure so now she's forced to wonder the Earth - taking pictures of the scene of the crime (hitting animals isn't a crime BTW) and posting them to get asspats and e-penis. Even though she left DA for a few hours just to see how many people baaw and become heartbroken, she never left her FA. Since everybody on DA could see through her facade and refused to suck her cunt, she left to devote her time to FA where everybody would suck her cunt, neigh, tongue her ovaries for the self-inserted desperate cartoon pedo porn she peddles out. She hasn't yet gotten off of 9 yet, but she's moving onto Mass Effect. You can bet your major organs she'll invent another self-insert with a horridly tragic history and has become a bad-ass to fuck everybody.

She has officially deactivated her account and one can only pray she doesn't pop up under a different name in a week. Stay away for good and actually learn your lesson. This just in, she has in fact re-joined DA within the same week she deactivated. You can find her under Neon-Azure.

It has returned!

Yes! Azure-Neon has returned to deviant art..about two days after RAEG QUITTING. She quickly handed over her account to a 'friend' then later rejoined on her current DA so that she may subjugate us to her poorly drawn Reboot and MegaMind fan art.

Zoe's newest sex deprived zombie sucks her cunt on her userpage, counseling her that this very article is 'stupid' and a 'waste of time' even though it succeeded in pushing her to RAEGQUITE Da. Also, sex is a natural topic but that doesn't mean it should be ALL you draw.
Undersexed fur fags stream in from all over FA to counsel Zoe and assure her that she still has fellow sex addicts.
She is such a virgin, she doesn't recognize a pair of testicles when she see them

Parasitic Bugs FAPFAPFAP

After her brief dabbling in MegaMind and ReToot, she's stumbled upon a film by the name of, A Monster in Paris, which is about a giant ass flea who falls in love with a human. It's Twilight all over again. Her second Monster in Paris deviation, do I even have to tell you it's sexual? It's only the second and already she's pinching that clit. If you've read the article to this point, then you know everything she touches becomes an orgy and fucking. In one picture she draws over a screenshot and draws in the shape of his leg in order to prove he has double jointed legs as if she's made some sort of crucial find even though you can see it in the ads and trailers. Probably shouldn't expect much from the women who didn't even recognize a pair of testicles on her own damn cat.

Zoe making out with a giant cockroach. Makes sense. And knowing Zoe, we can safely say that she fucked it in her RP too

The tenth deviation, the psycho bitch is being embraced by the bug, both of them naked, of course. She then proceeds with the shitty Gargoyles and cat cross overs. Cat versions of characters? SOMEBODY GET THIS WOMEN A MEDALDERPDERP. After that it's mostly pictures of her lusting for bug cock. Just when we thought she couldn't get any more sad, she draws pictures of human-bug sex. When inter-species sex lost it's galore, she moved onto pictures of the bug being 'raped' by his evil alterself. At this point we all know that Azure-Neon is some sick, desperate virgin and so thinks that being 'eh' about sex and being raped is the same thing. Browse every image of 'rape' and you'll see for yourself that the victims are never actually struggling. More like just laying there like spineless faggots and boohooing over their being violated. BAAAW

The Main character of A Monster In Paris, a giant flea, and two rip-off "OCs" who she admits to having raunchy bug three ways with in RP
One of her fellow virgins attempts to white knight for their beloved queen. The same user shows up on kissing ass on her porn.

Even your Parents' Childhood isn't safe

Because the United States can't shit out an original to save it's economy anymore, it re-made the 60's movie The Lorax by Dr.Suess which immediately got this back-woods inbred's attention thanks to its totally inconspicuous use of dark-haired blue-eyed, tall male characters. She's yet to squat and menstruate out a self insert for the fandom, but it's Azure-Neon. It's going to happen, and when it does, there will be copious amounts of over dramatized sex and dramatic rape filled pasts. For now she's settling for over saturated depictions of her next victim, sometimes beating his former self because fuck logic, amarite? And we all know Zoe has low enough self respect to draw twincest, it's only a matter of time before she's shlicking in her basement-bedroom to pictures of the Once-ler being anally raped and hog tied with a Thneed by the Greed-ler. No 12 year old is safe from her sick lustings for child-cock.

Deleted Everything. Again.

Starting as far back as March 20, 2012, Zoe began to submit baaw journals about her uselessness and ineptitude. Maybe she's finally catching on. Up until the fifth of May she's threatened to kill herself. Over art. Even after receiving the asspats her e-vag demanded, she pretty much ignored her friends and continued making baaw journals. On the actual suicide journal, there were only nine comments but it was enough to feed her shallow hunger for attention and hugbox action so she made a journal to apologize for nearly doing the world a favor and becoming an hero. After sixteen comments full of virtual clitoris tickling, she immediately returned to making more dramatic asspat harvesting journals by the very next day. Despite her desire to be left alone, she made a journal full of angst and butthurt telling everybody to leave her alone. She's whored to everything with a penis, might as well go after attention too and it's huge veiny cock. If the internet population is lucky, she'll deactivate and let everybody enjoy the internet and their fandoms without having to look at her sagging lunch-meat vagina being fucked by beloved cartoon characters who are usually underage.

The evolution of her most recent Asspatapalooza. Even after getting fangroups for her fan species, her characters whore behavior being accepted and having her shit reach the front page of the Lorax query with over five hundred faves, the asspat devouring e-vag is not appeased

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