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Ayy lmao will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
ayy lmao

A meme so fucking stupid ED couldn't be bothered to write an article about it until 6 months after it became irrelevant, Ayy lmao involved crudely adding the words "ayy lmao" to pictures of aliens. For some reason this caught on until all discussion of aliens quickly devolved into "Ayy lmao" spam. If we ever make first contact, the aliens will likely greatly appreciate us for this. Ayy lmao has been considered by many the most dank meme of 2014.

In a few months it has become the official /x/ "le epic maymay xD" meme, to show everyone that fucking board isn't about role-play and tarot card readings and instead about spamming the same six or seven unfunny alien pictures.


Originally from Tumblr, the "Ayy lmao" may may was designed to show that even when fighting the Patriarchy, pround demisexualkin POC could still be funnay, get it teh alium is saying "ayy lmao" lol.


Even though 4chan apparently can't stand tumblr, they still unironically use this meme. /bee/, a known connoisseur of fine art, felt this specimen worthy of being spammed in every thread, so when you auto-download a pokemon hentai thread you get 20 bug eyes things that look like aliens, and the rest is just ayy lmao spam. The only time it is remotely funny is when "ayy lmao" is imposed on photos of Adalia Rose.


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