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This article is about Something Awesome, for Something Painful, see Awesome.jpg.

New and clean version of the Awesome smiley

Awesome Face, or just Awesome, as some people call it, is a rather highly populated shitty meme on 4chan, Something Awful and Facepunch. In current times it is no longer "Awesome", but overused and about as funny as AIDS, srsly. Only fags, basement dwellers, script kiddies or, in other words, 13-year-old boys use it as their profile picture to show how tough, funny and "Awesome" they think they are.


The very first Awesome Face

It all started on some poorly designed Wapanese forum called Pokemopolis. A female anon (who also happened to be a member of the forum Something Awful) drew the Awesome face as an emoticon for the community. Somebody thought it was very funny at first, but cried when they realized it was just a shitty drawing of a face looking diagonally and doing the :D face. In retaliation he posted it on 4chan, from where it spread across teh internets. It eventually became so damn annoying that even the original artist began hating it, and hoped that posting it anywhere would summon the banhammer, according to this quote:

"I drew the icon years ago as part of an emoticon set he wanted for their new forum software, and I think he showed you all the other ones that were designed along with it. I’m not really sure what exactly I wanted it to represent but I think the ‘ridiculous childish glee’ that it now signifies is probably close!

I’m also a member at Something Awful and the first time I saw it posted I did a double take… I even remember my mind racing as to why and HOW someone had picked up a crappy lil’ icon off a tiny website, and I’m still not sure to this day… I assume a Pokemopolis member posted it on 4Chan. At that point I thought its posting would be a one time thing, but then I saw it more and more. It got to the point where I couldn’t read SA because everytime I saw it I’d just be completely freaked out, and naturally I came to hate it! I hoped every day that it would become bannable to post it, but the next best thing was replacing the VBCode. I also posted in BYOB in a thread Whalley made saying that I had made the icon originally, trying to get him to divulge where *he* had gotten it from. Most of SA assumed it was a ‘BYOB thing’ which was probably good because they’d probably want to lynch me if they actually knew where it was from.

I never expected it to become such a widespread meme, and I can’t say I even understand why its popular or why people want to make bag pins of it (Sure wish I could get some commission for the design though haha). It still weirds me out when I see webcomics use it though I’ve grown used to it now, sometimes I even tell nerdy neckbeard types that my dirty secret is *psst I drew THAT smiley*, which makes them say “MOAR!” or whatever is cool on 4Chan this week.

Though just for clarity sake my excuse for being on a Pokemon site in the first place was that I was young and stupid. But that’s the price of Internet fame! - Original Artist of Awesome Face, documented by Chris Ainsworth


Ever since it started becoming lame, the smiley has had different versions made. It's even still going on now, with a few prime examples of said versions being "Nobody fucking cares", "It's not funny" and "It won't ever get as popular as the original and you should stop wasting time on making them inside your mom's basement".

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