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He's a fat fuck that is swallowing all the aborted fetuses with his whale sized mouth.


—Avant's entire sad existence in one sentence

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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AvantGardePony is a whiny, autistic 30-year-old brony faggot manchild who in just 4 short months was able to make a colossal asshat of himself for the whole cesspool that is deviantSHART to see. 

Being a shit-clobbering hypocrite and a painfully virginal basement-dweller, AvantGardePony in his natural habitat is known to obsessively search for any stamp or deviation that expresses an opinion or concept he doesn’t agree with and make sure people know how enraged and asshurt he is by their difference of opinion. Ultimately, he ends up making an epic ass of himself, and everybody laughs. But of course, in his mind, he wins every internet argument ever and is a hero to all.

File:Ponyboi isn't Boogie.png
We'd apologize if Boogie and AvantGardePony weren't such faggots.

The dArama Begins

AvantGardePony, being a radical conservative thundercunt and moralfag with an abhorrent personality, decided to make a name for himself in the bowels of deviantSHART by taking time out of his busy life to search and seek out pieces, usually deviant stamps, and spew his autistic filth in hopes others will realize his hidden genius. As he redundantly kept posting in every corner of the site, people began to take note of his legendary level of retard and gathered to watch the trainwreck.

Some lovely things Ponybro will argue are that people who have casual sex, or ANY sex at all are endangering the public and on the same level as serial killers. Perhaps this attitude stems from the fact he can’t seem to get laid.

That women being abused by their partners deserve to be killed by them. wat

And, that people who get abortions or support abortion are ALL IRRESPONSIBLE SLUT SCUM AND DESERVE TO DIE, NO EXCEPTIONS!!1

I support raping abortionists. You already know what they'll do if you knock 'em up ;)


— AvantGardePony, showing his support for raping abortionists

When he realizes that people replying to him actually leave their fucking house and experience life and thus know more about stuff and shit, his stock response is to call everybody stupid and accuse them of having daddy/mommy issues. Because that is an instant win, amirite?
 He will also abuse the "flag as spam" function when people come to his profile to engage in debates he sparked in various corners of the site. Not only is Pony a despicable human being, but he also can’t keep his shit together for the life of him.

Hark, the Faggot Sings!

Upon discovering this article was being written for him, Pony was immediately enraged and mass deleted everything in his gallery to SHOW THOSE LAME TROLLS they have nothing on him, however he failed to realize that all evidence of his bullshittery was still public in his activity feed and visible to everybody and their brother. He then proceeded to report all comments mentioning his article, and yell at everybody in Deviantart-favicon.png #I-Call-Bull. He told them that he was not mad, but amused, and that he had nothing to hide from them. I guess this is why he deleted everything from his gallery, amirite?

Immediately after, he posted a super whiny and USI-filled as fuck journal where he expressed his anger towards the idea of having an ED article.

Apparently someone thinks that my (Oh SO original....) opinions on abortion etc are worthy of an Encyclopedia Dramatica page. Uh... K.


AvantGardePony being a faggot in his journal.

He reassures his 1 watcher that ED will obviously side with him and remove this article because he knows ED pretty fucking well and because that's totally how it works on ED. Obviously.

A couple hours after the article was published and people came to notify him about it, he again flew into an epic rage and posted up SOME SERIOUS PROOF that the article was a motherfucking lie!!111!

As per request (and as a little proof that the writer of my ED article was half full of shit, lol):

I sincerely hope you will be able to more forward with your life now that you've seen this .. XD


— A delusional fuck.

As soon as Ponybro actually read the contents of his article, he posted up another hilariously butthurt journal entry where he insists the totally true information in this article was BULLSHIT. He also pretends he's not offended and instead writing out of boredom, however the very fact he's taking the time to write multiple journals and act all tough like he's some sort of hardcore faggot kind of makes us believe otherwise. The journal also eloquently finished off with a pretentious explanation of what ED is for retarded people like Pony. Because we all know how fucking well Ponybro knows Ed.

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! If I can't trust Encyclopedia Dramatica, WHO CAN I TRUST?!


— Because truly, ED is the last bastion of journalistic integrity.

Apparently because I feel an eye-for-an-eye about practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine is fair, somehow I want "DEATH TO THE CHINESE!", like ALL of them!! But you can PLAINLY see in the screen cap, that I specified "Not all Chinese, just those who use TCM"


— Remember, it's not racism if you only want the extermination of a certain part of a race's culture.

I'm a tranny, a furry and a brony.




He is no doubt one of the most hypocritical ragetwats on the face of the internet. Some of his blatant hypocrisies include:

  • Being vehemently against abortion because bawww it’s murder, however he states a number of times he would rather kill a kid than his own dog and that dogs have “contributed more to human society than children”.
  • Saying deviant stamps are a waste of time and totally not art and don’t belong on dA, yet has a mass amount of stamps in his favorites collection, including ones that say “I love talking about sex”, “Legalize prostitution”, and “Abstinence only sex ed is bullshit”. lol irony much?
  • Claims he is proud to be an immature fuck, but calls other people immature as an insult to make himself feel better. what is this i don’t even
*Says people can't critique shit they know nothing about, but does this all the fucking time.
  • Will tell people expressing what they hate publicly is dumb.

Personal Life

AvantGardePony is a disgusting pre-op tranny who had a shitty upbringing due to batshit conniving parents behaving like 6 year olds and putting him and his brother in the middle of their divorce. It had a profound negative influence on poor young Ponytard, who quite clearly inherited the immaturity of his parents to cope with the troubles of life. He expresses this immaturity on a regular basis, and even boasts about being an immature fuck.

Due to his severe autism, he isn't known to have many friends, even on the internet. How terribly sad.

As Pony is a hardcore brony, his artwork consists of MLP OCs fucking each other with giant donkey dicks. He clearly makes no effort whatsoever to hide his sick fuck fetishes from the rest of the civilized world. Formerly in his dA account but now largely his tumblr, he posts disgusting MLP porn for his fellow sick fuck followers to fap to. Shame that such a thing could be considered "human" at all.

How to live as a happily married man

Easy ways to piss off AvantGardePony

  • Tell him you think abortion is awesome.

  • Send him pictures of aborted fetuses and tell him it looks just like delicious orange chicken.
  • Tell him you’ve had sex. Even better, tell him you’ve had sex more than once with different people!

  • Tell him you've never heard of him until you read his ED article.
  • Tell him that he has absolutely no future, and he will end up at the same trash pile as Chris-chan and other such ilk.
  • Being a brony is the exact same thing as bestiality, and that abortion is less sinful.

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True origin

Not many knows that he's not actually a human being, but rather, a Hutt.

Places you can find him

See Also

  • NeoGAF - Former member, now banned and being bullied by NeoGAF for not taking sides.

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