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IRL Attorney at Lol Edgar J. Steele. His wife is "of 19 years" age.
Typical business card of an attorney at lol.

We take frivolous legal threats very seriously.

Qualified Attorneys at Lol

  • weev — graduated from the distinguished Bann Towne University, concentrating on e-settlements
  • hardvice
  • Ray Gordon - Has tried to sue Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, among others, with absolute failure.
  • jesuitx — jesuitx was awarded his certification by Stanford Lol in July 2006
  • Fred Bauder — disbarred IRL, now the chief justice of the Wikipedia Supreme Court
  • Kelly Martin — law school drop out... of course that makes it (is it a he or a she... who knows) well qualified.
  • Ryan Gentle — What's better than a known scammer? A known scammer who isn't afraid to take all you bitches to Internet Court, that's what!
  • Jack Thompson — Loves Tetris
  • Phoenix Wright — The original attorney at lol.
  • Charles Carreon — Currently suing every last person on the Internet.
  • Sue Basko - Supplements her cases against trolls with witchcraft.