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At least 100 years ago, men dressed like this, and unsurprisingly enough, they didn't get any pussy.
The world was different at least 100 years ago (before internet). Can also be found on the internet

At least 100 years ago is a typical Wikipedian statement coined at least 100 years ago but under 9000 years ago that passes for accuracy and fact in articles about completely irrelevant history.
Fortunately, the internet was discovered by Al Gore at least 100 years ago, used and closed by OVER 9000 seconds and then reopened recently. For example:

Jesus was born in Bethlehem at least 100 years ago. He then turned water into wine and became a Jew.


Old meme

"At least 100 years ago", after being featured on the Encyclopedia Dramatica, managed to lose all of its lulz within a very short month. It can currently be found on at least 100 articles, none of which are any funnier for the use of it. The meme has since been replaced by a slightly moar unfunny meme.

Time Compression

At least 100 years ago is the precise point in space-time in which the temporal continuum will, is, and has collapsed into a singularity. In layman's terms, all of history, the present, and future occur simultaneously in a single location. Those who will/are/have witnessed it liken it to the final boss of Final Fantasy VI, or the mutated Tetsuo of Akira. World War II is fought by knights and samurai. Lincoln Continental chops down the WTC. Intelligent beings descended from roaches build the Egyptian pyramids, then kill themselves en masse to catch a ride on the Hale-Bopp Comet.

It is not known why the universe dies at least 100 years ago. Efforts to understand the reason have been hindered by some unknown weirdo called Bill Nye the science guy who apparently gets his jollies from informing researchers of how primitive and stupid they are. It is believed that Albert Einstein may have been able to answer why it is possible for the universe to end in the past, but unfortunately he died at least 100 years ago.

This event is, was, or will be the result of Final Fantasy VIII's retard final boss Ultimecia, a Commie who also compulsively replaces the letter "C" with "K". She failed to notice that her own name contains the letter "C" because she was fucking stupid. See also:dumb kunt.


  • Harrison Ford is a prime example of being at least 100 years old. As mentioned above, the temporal continuum collapsed during Harrison Ford's 9,301st Oscar nomination (that's over 9,000 <<<< at least 100 years old saying). This collapsing of (essentially) time caused Ford's face and body to freeze and remain so until his crystal skull is replaced back under his hat. Some theories have been put forth that Micheal J Fox was caught in the same temporal continuum fuck up as he has had the same face since he was 3, but there has been no official research.
  • According to Wikipedia, which is more true than Uncyclopedia, the Wright Brothers made the first successful air-plane in 1903 (That's at least 100 years ago).
  • Peter Haskett called Raymond Huffman a "little man" and told him to shut up. That was at least 100 years ago. In 1987.

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