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What the fuck is it with cats?

Ass rape is like regular rape except that it's in the ass. The politically correct term for ass rape is surprise buttsecks. Frivolous mentions of ass rape are triggers that send the almost raped into rabid convulsions of self-righteousness and generate many lulzy proclamations about how insensitive metaphors contribute to their victimhood. Like normal rape, victims of ass rape are asking for it.

In order to help the almost raped overcome their painful experiences with foreplay, it is important to use the phrase "ass raped" at every available opportunity.

Health Benefits

As the inside of one's ass contains far more membranes than any other orifice, it will absorb the rapist's semen at an accelerated rate, entering it directly into your bloodstream and providing you with well needed protein. Being ass raped will help prevent aging.

For this reason, you must never let the rapist felch you after depositing his semen. You must keep his sweet victual nectar contained in your ass for as long as possible, giving it a chance to seep in.


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