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"Asking for it" describes all women's passive provocation of man to perform various sexual acts upon her. They are ALWAYS asking for it, and to not give it to them is a crime.

Women ask for it so they can blame all their later problems in life on it. This way when they are overweight Wapanese Furfags they can say they were "raped when at age 16" and have a get out of deep shit free card. Of course only overweight beta males need believe this lie: alphas know to just give it to them again, smack a bitch for using excuses, then tell her to get back into the kitchen.


In the Ukraine or any other part of Russia, courts would rule this to be an enforceable contract.

Since God created Eve, all women have been asking for it. Their very existence is an open invitation to rape, with their legs and their walking and their breathing, the sluts.

It is a fact that rape is more gratifying than regular, boring sex, for the terrified convulsing of the vagina around a man's rape rod feels so fucking good. This proves that God intended for rape to be a justifiable means of being fruitful and multiplying, as opposed to plain old, boring sex, which eliminates the drive and "get [h]er done" attitude.

Womens' Studies begun in the late '60s for mainly lesbians later caught on with hetero women in community colleges, has resulted in giving them a false sense of power. Once empowered by their feminist professors, the resulting graduates definitely were asking for it.

In the '70s, certain elements of the female gender decided that they were sick of getting it, and that they too would like to give it. This had the net effect of liberating women and giving them more "choice and freedom" (choice and freedom in who is going to rape them, that is). Feminists will just anger the stronger sex and make their cunts more sought-after.

The modern woman still asks for it as much as ever. In fact, as Shades of Grey and Twilight has made being a vulnerable, easy to prey upon woman more and more popular. Women are practically begging for it and won't even call the cops because it was a "sexy act of love" and they "totally wanted it". At last society is coming full circle as women embrace what they actually want and men get to totally give it to them.

As Homosexuality has become more popular, more and more men have been asking for it as well. This suits the average bottom faggot well because if they are to play the woman, they had better be able to use the same excuses! Giving it to a faggot is a bit harder as they can be stronger than a woman and the presence of GRIDS is a threat, but seeing how his ass twitches as you rail it is priceless.

When Women Are Asking For It

It's never too early to start
A somewhat different variety of asking for it.
Sexy Women asking for it, Suck her Ass

Women are ALWAYS asking for it, but a few situations should be briefly mentioned:

  • Abortion Clinic: This baby killer is whoring for sure. You can help by ensuring she doesn't even have to ask. ITS Awwright!
  • At the Beach: The place where Public Indecent Exposure by women is legal and actively enouraged by law, except that stupid doublethinking girls try to justify it by calling Public Indecency "Bikinis." Males, especially your Muslim immigrant friend, would know better, especially when bikinis are deliberately designed to show the most possible amount of skin, tits and ass, more so than actual underwear/lingerie. Just look at Sweden where everyone goes to work in bikinis and the same time encourage all Muslims to immigrate for an all-you-can-multicultural buffet, which is why Sweden is proud of being the Asking For It Capital of the World.
  • At the Gym: She's ready and sweaty for it.
  • At the Concert: She's most likely going to go crowd surfing. Position yourself within her trajectory and hope she lands on your cock.
  • At the Mall: She is most likely spending a man's money therefore as a piece of property, she is asking for it. Who are you to deny her?
  • At the Park: Where better than to see how wild an animal she can be.
  • Bedridden/Invalid: While not quite as gratifying, if you can't find any females roaming the streets or in an unlocked house, incapacitated females can be quite kinky. You haven't lived until dodging a bed pan or colostomy bag thrown by a playful lover.
  • Breaking up with you for false claims of sexism: Obviously not true. You treat your bitch the right way. She's asking for it.
  • Church: She's not just there to be filled with the holy ghost. Instead of asking for it she will be singing your praises to the heavens. Make her kneel down and catch your amazing graces.
  • Homecoming: She has bought an expensive dress and wanna some dance and fun, so ITS Awwright!
  • Homeless: She'll take it for a cheeseburger.
  • Fat: She'll take it for a cheeseburger too.
  • At school: She's trying to be smart, but remember all women are stupid. She's asking for it, so IT'S Awwright!!
  • Other obvious scenarios for which no explanation is needed: Performing surgery, babysitting, giving birth, having limb amputated, voting, holding puppies, wearing tight pants and tight clothing overall, if she is alive, if she is dead.

Now in Music

Don't you just love when you find that one song that truly encompasses the raw emotions only a man could feel? Here at ED, that sentiment is always appreciated. So for your musical pleasure, here it is. A song unhindered by feminazis and liberals alike. Because folks, she was most certainly asking for it (keep in mind, this is a completely legitimate song).

Another entirely legit song from the same album


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She's begging to get graped

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