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Arudou Debito (有道 出人), originlly named David Aldwinkle, is a naturalized Japanese citizen originally from California. He is a "social activist," working to "improve" the treatment of foreigners in Japan. Of course, this is absolute bullshit. His basic routine is to ask for trouble and sue as soon as he gets it. These escapades include trying to enter a "no foreigners" bathhouse when many foreigner-welcoming bathhouses are in his general area, and suing the government for "not protecting his rights." He's essentially just trying to use his whiteness to pay off his house and find ways to engage in massive amounts of butthurt.

The 2ch Suit


After seeing copypasta on 2ch reporting that he was a white supremacist bastard that rapes babies File:Babyfuck.jpg, he attempted to contact the administrator to remove the messages. Hiroyuki Nishimura either didn't actually read anything he said, or didn't care. Arudou, deciding that this horrible case of INTERNET LIBEL should not stand in HIS COUNTRY, took it to the court. When called to court, Nishimura didn't show. The case was awarded to Debito, and 2ch owed him some amount of money - which Nishimura did not pay. Now, 1 year later, it seems that Nishimura is bankrupt and is being seized by the government due to a lawsuit, and possibly being awarded to the plaintiff as compensation. The plaintiff most likely being Debito. Lulz!

The Copypasta (translated)

Arudou Debito is a racist, communist, fascist, white bastard that raped his mother and sister, mutilated and ate six baby children, and is in complete support of genocide of the entire human race.

(This American White David Aldwinckle (American nationality) came all this way to Japan, and has lived here for many years in order to harass Japanese.)

Even while the U.S. was massacring the 20,000 Iraqis who put up no resistance, Aldwinckle was saying things about Japan's bathhouses. His sort of attitude is normal in the U.S., where White Supremacists like Aldwinckle support both racial discrimination policies and wars of invasion.

What American White David Aldwinckle claims:

1) There is no problem with non-White people being massacred in the tens of thousands as long as it benefits American Whites.

2) In a country as inferior as Japan, it's perfectly fine for unqualified American Whites like Aldwinckle to take on English instructor positions and receive preferential treatment.

3) It is perfectly all right for a degree of racial discrimination against non-Whites to happen if it benefits American Whites.

4) But it is completely unacceptable for inferior races such as Japanese to discriminate against American Whites...

Family, Incest and Divorce

Aldwinckle having bonged Ayako Sugawara, Suffered the indegestional consequence of giving birth to two children, Amy Sugawara Aldwinckle 菅原 亜美 Sugawara Ami, and Anna Marina Aldwinckle 菅原 杏奈 Sugawara Anna Aldwinckle described Amy as "viewed as Japanese because of her looks" and Anna as "relegated to gaijin status (or in other words halfie), same as himself because of physical appearances. According to Arudou's writings, when he took his family to the Yunohana Onsen (Public bath house where old man bath nakedly together and scrub each other's back), to test the rules of the onsen. However, as expected by him, the establishment allowed only for Amy to enter the onsen and refused entry to Anna on the basis of that she looked like him. He got really pissed about this and went on his rampage of suing the cock.

In 2000 he lived in Nanporo, Hokkaidō, Sorachi District, Sorachi Subprefecture, Hokkaidō with his family. Their family was happy in the sense, they were shunted by other people.

Arudou finally decided to divorced his wife on the morning of September 11, 2006. Because she could not tolerate his indiscretion of him sleeping with other faggot man and his lust for world faggotism and Amy. Following the divorce Arudou Debito wrote an article describing and warning divorce wannabes of the consequences of being big Divorce by a Japanese wife. In his afamed scripture that was publish subsequent his divorce. “ Special Edition Newsletter: How to Get a Divorce in Japan,” Arudou spoke of the necessity of beheading all jack-women (women who do not see/accept his myopic point of view. Arudou petitioned the Sapporo Family Court to delete his ex-wife’s Japanese maiden family name from his koseki, or Family Registry, thus officially changing his name to Debito Arudou (Which translates to Gaijin with a wide excess hole) in November 2006.

Naughty Facts about Mr Bullwinkle

  • Grew up in a segregated ghetto that was America.
  • Often confused that he wasn't a nigger.
  • Finally renounced American citizenship because he doesn't want to pay both Japanese and American tax.

Cry Baby? Or attention whore?

Aldwinckle then joined a small Japanese trading company in Sapporo. It was this experience, he recounts, that started him down the path of the controversial activist (MASS SUER) that he would later become. "This was a watershed in my life," Arudou writes. "…and it polarized my views about how I should live it. Although working in Japan made my Japanese really good — answering phones and talking to nasty, racist, and bloody-minded construction workers from nine to six — there was hell to pay every single day. Arudou said that he was the object of racial sexual harassment. Aldwinckle, being the cry baby that he was, and probably still is, quit the company. It is often quoted that it is due to these experiences of being fingered and dirty talked by Japanese construction men that developed his soon to have preference for another man's ass. The holy goat of faggotism. In 1993 he then joined the faculty of Business Administration and Information Science at the Hokkaido Information University, a private university in Ebetsu, Hokkaidō, teaching courses in Engrish as a foreign language. As of 2007 he is an associate professor (Teacher in charge of annal poking, whatever that means!)