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Chu reads Encyclopedia Dramatica... Hi Arthur!

Arthur Racian Chu from Euclid, Ohio, is Zoe Quinn's greatest and most inept white knight. Believing himself to be a genius, Chu has gone on a crusade to defend her honor, in the process repeatedly offending rape victims, implying that black people who disagree with him are uncle Toms and creating a mountain of evidence that that he is actually retarded.

His other exploits include: Being on Jeopardy!, insulting people who didn't like his playing style on twitter, humiliating himself on television, trying to start a boycott of TotalBiscuit while he was in the hospital recovering dying from cancer, inadvertently giving him more followers, trying to sabotage charities, mocking the deaths of the employees of Charlie Hebdo, implying Zoe Quinn getting trolled is a bigger tragedy, practicing black magic and covering up an actual rape.

Chu No Sex.png
And that's the truth.

About Arthur Chu

Literally, who?

Arthur Chu is a fat, Asian nerd who, according to himself, is a genius.
He says that, when he was little, he took an IQ test that revealed that he is a super-mega-genius and his parents were told he could grow up to be either the next Einstein or the next Unabomber.

Although leaning more to the latter, Chu eventually opted to become neither of those and instead became a failed actor, failed stand-up comedian, failed voiceover actor (his grating voice and slight lisp are to thank for that), an unsuccessful tour guide and an even less successful internet journalist who writes exclusively about boring nerd bullshit. Failing all those things, he now spends most of his time (which could be spent doing actual things like using his "genius") going on Twitter and crying over the GamerGate boogeyman.

In his personal life he is a giant dweeb who proposed to his wife that he met LARPing with a lightsaber because his entire identity revolves around a forced display of pride in being a nerd to shield his ego from admitting that he couldn't be more of a beta if he tried. Chu owns two cats, enjoys science fiction and is a practitioner of black magic. He is actually a panda bear in disguise.


Yep, fucking black magic. The Theodore Kaczynski jab earlier wasn't just a baseless insult. However, while Kaczynski chose to live in the forest and send bombs to people, Chu instead decided to stay home and cast spells on them. There are a number of examples on the internet where he talks about this (including one where he says MLK had magic powers), the most known of which is quoted above, wherein he describes culture as "A cutthroat war of memes" and himself as "A neutral arbiter of memes". As for his supposed brilliance, it doesn't seem to extent beyond memorizing droves of useless, trivial information (as evident from his constant humiliation of himself in ways a smarter person would know to avoid), which leads us to...



Chu first became internet famous when he appeared on "Jeopardy!" and became known as one of the most hated contestants to ever be on the show. The reason for this was in part that he jumped around from topic to topic, looking for the daily double, and betting $5 on topics he knew nothing about (he obviously couldn't answer even the simplest question about sports) but only picked because he was trying to find it. The more interesting reason for why he was disliked was because, when people got on twitter to complain about him, he responded in typical internet tough guy fashion and started calling them names.

He eventually won a bunch of money and was invited to the champions show where he came in second. He responded to his loss by uploading this video where he dances around like a retard and at one point falls over:

The Jeopardy! Scam

What would a social justice warrior be if he wasn't also a scam artist? I guess winning literally hundreds of thousands of dollars wasn't enough for Chu because he soon went to KickStarter to beg for money to make a documentary about himself, complete with a website and Fb-favicon.png Facebook page. Thankfully, he never reached his goal because few people were dumb enough to actually want to watch that.


The Daily Beast

A Chu sanctioned article

At the moment Arthur is ArchiveToday-favicon.pnga writer for "The Daily Beast", where his favorite topics are: himself, himself and himself. The rest of his articles revolve around gay, nerd crap and the majority of those are about why GamerGate is bad and nerds should become SJWs to redeem themselves in his eyes.

His other articles contain such gems of questionable content as: ArchiveToday-favicon.png"The Hulk Should be Asian" - where he describes his ideal version of the Hulk's alter ego that is essentially himself (chubby, azn loser who uses his Hulk powers to exact his psychotic revenge on the people who are cooler than him), ArchiveToday-favicon.png"The Case Against Cards Against Humanity" - where he jumps on the bandwagon of people who realized Max Temkin is an SJW after he apologized for and removed rape and tranny jokes from CaH (and with a letter written for him by Zoe Quinn, no less! It was so she doesn't have to stop accepting his Patreon money. He also left in all the Holocaust jokes because I guess he hates jews) to try and convince him not to deny a rape he was falsely accused of, ArchiveToday-favicon.png"Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie" - an article about how the people at Charlie Hebdo deserved to get shot and anyone who disagrees is a racist, and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngan article dedicated to his obsession with his favorite black mage MLK. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHe also occasionally write for "Salon" (the articles are exactly the same) where is latest masterpiece is a column about how Kanye West's retarded stage rushing is ArchiveToday-favicon.pnga brave stand against the evils of the white man.

Obviously, none of this even resembles news.

Chu Vs. Park

Still, Chu's most notable article was his first, entitled: ArchiveToday-favicon.png"Sorry Miyagi, Asians Need Villains"/"An Ode to Angry Asians: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Suey Park" (I suspect the second title was added later, but can't be bothered to check).

The article talks about fellow asian SJW retard, Suey Park and her internet campaign to cancel The Colbert Report because he ironically made a racist joke on twitter to parody something said by an actual racist. However, there is a reason people with Downs are called "Mongoloids", and the retarded are known for understanding jokes literally.

Suey responded by having her mob of internet faggots descend upon Chu, who is too much of a girl to deal with nasty tweets without having an emotional breakdown, and accusing him of being a "tool of white supremacy". The spineless faggot ended up caving, apologizing and the entire ordeal ended with Suey displaying that she still hasn't internalized the meaning of irony and unironically telling him that she "Hopes to help (him) further (his) understanding of race/gender", despite both of them being a couple of gooks.

Chu Enters GamerGate

"Arthur, pls stop"

Chu was the one of the first people to jump to the defense of Zoe Quinn and embarrass her despite her asking him not to. In what seemed like a feverish fixation on her, Arthur immediately began drawing attention to the situation that Quinn had been trying to suppress by tweeting, writing multiple articles about it (one hilariously blaming #GamerGate for the death of Leelah Alcorn) and posting some teenager's dox who at the time was believed to be a 13 year old tranny, all of which was responded to by Zoe with essentially "Arthur, please stop". Chu still insists there is nothing wrong with doxing people, and if you disagree, can use his dox (which can be found here) to call him and tell him about it.

Not satisfied, Arthur began injecting himself into various debates on the topic, in what appeared to be a naked grab for attention, but was probably driven by his honest belief that he is some sort of intellectual superman and that Zoe Quinn is a damsel in distress in need of his rescuing.

This lead to a series of debates on various networks, wherein he proved that his supposed superior intellect that he is so quick to brag about does nothing to prevent him from being verbally bitch-slapped on every occasion. The most notable of these being one on Al Jazeera, where he agreed to debate the admin of 8chan and a random gamer, alongside some old lady who was supposed to be on his side and help him, but instead spent the debate spamming memes in a sad attempt to recapture her youth.

The conversation ended when, after being verbally destroyed, Arthur conveniently needed to "take a drive" somewhere which couldn't wait until after the interview because "OMG I SUPER DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS!". In other words, he ran away using the excuse of a 13 year old girl getting trolled off a web forum.

Chu On Pakman


But that wasn't it. Arthur also arranged to appear on the David Pakman show (despite admitting while on it that he's nobody and his opinion doesn't matter... then why did he volunteer?). He spent over 40 minutes endlessly talking about Zoe Quinn, despite her having nothing to do with any of the questions he was asked, and mentioning her name close to 80 times before going off about the time he knew about a woman getting raped and did nothing.

You see, Arthur was expecting to be asked this so he decided to strike first. Unfortunately for him, David had no intention of asking him about it, so by bringing it up himself he only drew more attention to something he was trying to hide. Embarrassed by his callous mistake, Chu reverted to his "Jeopardy!" twitter days and began doing this:


Chu spent the next week or so telling Pakman to go fuck himself, calling him a racist homophob, and finally saying he will no longer talk to him, believing himself to have thusly identify himself as the bigger man (metaphorically speaking, obviously).


Failed Hashtags

Unable to defeat the brutes of GamerGate with his superior intellect, Arthur turned to the next doomsday weapon in his arsenal: Moronic hashtags that always seem to backfire on him.


That's just sad, Arthur.

His first, truly inspired attempt at creating a hashtag was Twitter-favicon.png #TweetLikeNotYourShield. For those who don't know what "Twitter-favicon.png #NotYourSheild" is: It's a hashtag trend where "women" and "people of color" respond to SJW claims that all of GamerGate is just straight, white men by posting pictures of themselves.

Arthur's spin on this was a series of tweets where he implies that the women and minorities he has been so passionately trying to defend are a bunch of stupid sluts and house niggers if they disagree with his opinion. This went over about as well as you might think and the tag was soon flooded with pictures of people in blackface.

Chu seriously uses the "Fake gamer girl" argument
Chu doesn't see the irony in him sarcastically mocking
the same argument his SJW friends use every time someone says anything critical of women or trannies



His next "target" was TotalBiscuit. You see, SJW hate TotalBiscuit because he's a straight white whale guy who constantly talks about gaming journalists taking bribes, doesn't want to be part of their clique and refuses to either bow down to them or pay lip service to their idea of feminism. And in spite of all of this he is more successful and influential than any of them. Obviously, he had to go.

Even though TB never actually tweeted about GamerGate, seeing that the whale was weak because he is dying of ass cancer (seriously), Chu believed that he would be the man to take him down. Thus came about "Twitter-favicon.png #ZeroBiscuit", which was the closest Arthur Chu had ever come to refusing food. Amazingly, of the two men claiming to have a MENSA level IQ, TB somehow proved to be the slightly less retarded one.


Obviously, Chu's plan did not work. No one was going to boycott the person they spend most of the year begging for a plug and asking them to do so would be like asking them to punish someone by punching themselves in the face. Humiliated again, Arthur spitefully admitted defeat. However, not only was Chu's asinine plan unsuccessful, it actually backfired, resulting in TB trending on twitter and subsequently this:




For his final imbecilic hashtag (so far), Arthur took stupid and offensive (as well as his obsession with Zoe Quinn) to a new level. After turning twitter into a virtual minstrel show, and after asking people to harass someone dying of cancer, Chu decided to parody the Twitter-favicon.png #JeSuisChralie hashtag about the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack by creating Twitter-favicon.png #JeSuisZoe. This after he spent the week writing an article where he implies the people who died sort of had it coming and tweeting about how the terrorists were the real victims and people who are angry because they don't want to get shot in the face by muslims are "Islamophobic". Which is why, according to Chu, getting your head blown off by ISIS is not nearly as bad as getting made fun of online because you sleep around, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a stupid bigot.

This is made all-the-more ridiculous when you consider that just recently Chu was complaining about people converting the Ferguson hashtag Twitter-favicon.png #BlackLiveMatter into Twitter-favicon.png #AllLivesMatter.


Arthur Chu and Rape

Out of Arthur's various slips of the tongue, an abnormal percentage of them seems to focus on rape.

Arthur Covers for a Rapist Because Rape is Normal


In one of his first attempts to dip his toe into the GamerGate pool of urine, Arthur wrote an article about how all gamer nerds are a bunch of rapists. He was invited onto a news show to speak about his article where the reporter asked him about something that, until that point, had not occured to him that he maybe shouldn't have mentioned. That being that he knew a rapist and didn't say anything.

Since then Arthur gets flustered every time the topic is brought us and responds with a collection of ever-changing excuses, ranging from his distrust of the police, his dislike of lawyers and his belief that the victim's right to privacy is more important that future victims' right not to get raped. But how does Arthur really feel about the rights of rape victims?


Arthur Making Rape Jokes

But surely Chu takes rape very seriously and would never make a rape joke, right? WRONG.
Below is a video audition by Chu were he is supposed to act out a monologue and the one he chose was about participating in a gang-rape of a small child.

Arthur Hates Charity and Rape Victims

Most of us can agree that charity is both good and important. But "most of us" does not include Arthur, however.


Here he is gloating about GamerGate's money being refused by 13 different charities. Now, not only is this not true, but it also means that he is boasting about his hard work leading to people in need being denied money that they are desperate for, like he's some sort of cross between Ayn Rand and Hitler.

"Charity is stupid, man."

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, because when someone tangentially related to GamerGate tired to promote a charity for a rape victim, it was Arthur's time to shine. Mercedes Carrera, a porn actress and engineer, was having a donation drive for a colleague that had been robbed and gang-raped in front of her children after her husband was beaten to a pulp. She attempted to reach out to Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu, thinking that they could set aside their differences for a moment and join together in a cause she believed they could get behind as feminists and compassionate human beings, but she was wrong. Since neither woman is either of those things, and since promoting a donation drive will get people to give away money to someone when they could instead be giving it to them, they both gave Carrera the cold shoulder.

Arthur Chu took it a step further by not just ignoring her, but by calling her charity drive "stupid" and encouraging people not to donate to it. Apparently, to Arthur, gang-rape is just a big joke (if the video wasn't enough to convince you of that already) and if you are even a friend of a friend of someone who supports GamerGate you deserve to get raped.

"Arthur Chu thinks this bitch got what she deserved."

After everyone told him what a fuckup he was, and after an actual news article popped up about what he had done, Chu retracted his statements and begrudgingly donated money to the charity (or so he claims). Which, like the conclusion of almost every other section of this article, is ironic. After accusing GamerGate of donating money to charities of causes they don't care about or hate for ulterior motives, he ended up donating to a charity he hates to save his own (yellow) skin. Chu then proceeded to block most, if not all, of Carrera's Twitter followers.

Bomb threat + Rape jokes = MELTDOWN

At one point, after everything mentioned in this article already happened, a series of unforeseen events drove Chu into full meltdown mode.

"It ends tonight"

The letter sent by Chu

It started when the GG faggots announced that they were going to be holding a meeting at Chu's old home, Washington, DC. Unwilling to let his old city be tainted by the stench of gay, negro scum, Arthur began frantically emailing the owner of the bar in which they were to converge. When, instead of kicking them out, the bar owner forwarded the email to Milo Yiannopoulos, Chu got even more butthurt and ended the conversation with a cryptic tweet saying "Whatever happens, it ends tonight".

However, his butthurt level has yet to reach 9,000 because, as the meeting was going on, someone tried to put a stop to it by pulling the fire alarm and then SENDING A BOMB THREAT.
No bomb was ever found, but due to the ominous tweets made by Chu, everyone accused him (be it in jest or all seriousness if the accusations were made by conspiracy fags). Milo wrote an article about how Chu's bomb threat got his faggot ass laid and the internet exploded with shoops mocking Chu and sticking his head onto "Hatred". Chu himself then exploded, thinking he was being seriously accused of this (some reported him to the FBI for the lulz), and entering meltdown mode. Chu then blocked Milo and announced he is quitting the GamerGate debate.

...For a while.


IT ENDS TONIGHT About missing Pics
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Rape joke found (that ED already found)

The picture everyone stole from this article and claimed as their own

But Chu didn't really leave, and was still stalking everyone involved online. Which came in handy when BroTeamPill found an old account of his and a picture where he makes rape jokes WHICH ED ALREADY FOUND AND HAS BEEN ON THIS ARTICLE SINCE MONTHS AGO. In response to this, Roosh V, who has latched onto GG like a leech in an attempt to make them his MRA cronies (he even created a gaming website even though he knows nothing about it), wrote an article about it where he points to the other accounts found including a tranny porn tumblr that Chu claims is a troll. In any case, Chu un-blocked Milo so he could argue with him and ended up going apeshit, much to everyone's amusement.


Ragequitting twitter (but not really)

Finally, after a few days of abuse, Chu announced that he is quitting twitter. In a moronic rant which, like every other article he has ever written in both about himself and in no way resembles news, Che compared himself to Joss Whedon who had just been driven off twitter by his feminist fiends a few days before and said he's leaving twitter.

However, his account seems to still be active because he's too obsessed and has nothing else in his life besides twitter so he can't actually leave.

Chu Tweets

GH Review #1

"Discrimination is bad. We should to let everybody be corrupt"
GH Review #2
"Nigger and women who don't agree with me are obviously retarded
GH Review #3
Chu supports harassing the suicidal
GH Review #4
Literally think they're his personal army
GH Review #6
Translation: "Be an SJW"
GH Review #8
Chu thinks that suicide is okay
GH Review #7
And that for trannies suicide is the logical choice
GH Review #5
Which might be because Chu thinks trannies are disgusting
GH Review #10
Chu somehow blames Elliot Rodger on GamerGate
GH Review #9
Saving this one for when he finally kills himself
GH Review #1
Chu says that anyone who uses godwin's law should go to his room.
Which is funny because...
GH Review #4
This guy who just compared gamers to nazis that same day writes for the same site as him
GH Review #2
Chu's opinion on giving to the needy
GH Review #3
Chu, Sarah Butts and A Man in Black. The pretend journalist trio
GH Review #6
Devout SJW Arthur Chu uses hate site "Encyclopedia Dramatica" as a source (about Alex Wuori)
GH Review #8
Chu joined the journalists telling Max Temkin not to deny his false rape allegations and says that, even if she's lying, the woman will still be the true victim
GH Review #7
Chu thinks he's MLK
GH Review #5
More MLK comparisons... what is up with Chu's obsession with him? He won't stop talking about him
GH Review #10
"HAHAHAH Gamers are so mad at all those article that were TOTALLY A COINCIDENCE!!!"
GH Review #9
GH Review #1

Chu accesses #SadPuppies (the GG of the Hugo Awards)
writer of being a racist who married a nigger to hide it.

Which is funny because...
GH Review #4
Last year he was ballot stuffing that very same award show
GH Review #2
Methinks thou dost protest too much
GH Review #2
Presented without comment


No breaks on the rape chu-chu About missing Pics
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The response of a genius

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