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Are You Fucking Kidding Me (also AYFKM, preceded by ಠ_ಠ) is a member of the bastard clan of RAGE memes, and another easily replaceable, fruitless attempt of someone's attention complex. It can be described as your usual stickman, whose face expresses great disdain upon other person's stupid actions or statements... or this is how its creator probably wanted it to be interpreted, because the reality of it all is merciless. But we'll get to that.

After the successful emerge of RAGE, many users of the Interwebz tried to repeat the phenomenom and become Internet famous, creating variations of this original content. "AYFKM" is one of them, which is not surprising at all. Little is known about the origins of this fine piece of art. It is commonly accepted that meme was started on 4chan somewhere around 2010, but since it quickly turned exploitable and spread on FunnyJunks, 9gags and so on, you can't be 100% sure. What you might want to know, though, is that AYFKM became really well known over the years, and is now used in every manner you can imagine by many. For example, there was a guy called "FunnyJunkBrah", who directly inspired the creation of about 300 AYFKM comics and pictures, but it's only a drop in the sea of poison. Since the meme is supposed to uncover someone else's stupidity in a distinctive and funny manner, it became popular among 13-/16-year old kids and students (as always), now proudly creating four pannel comics in which they mostly grieve over the world around them, argue with cruel reality or present themselves as intellectually superior to their classmates, parents, friends and so on.

If you still don't have enough: there's a direct variation of the meme, tagged Are you serious? (also known as Seriously?), presenting a black and white drawing of some atheist guy named Dave Silverman. It emerged after an on-air debate with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, immortalizing Dave's reaction by including it in ceaseless failure.. Since then, it apparently became even more popular than AYFKM itself and is now often accompanied by the "original" meme or replaced by it. Some people went deeper and created the lady version of this meme. It's good that they love what they do with their lives, right?

Anyway, as mentioned before, the final effect of the meme is quite different and, all in all, similar to that of Poker Face or Forever Alone. Instead of verbally presenting some logical arguments or express a point of view on a subject and support it with some evidence (hell, sometimes a simple "fuck you" would do), this reaction guy is just standing there speechlessly with a moronic expression on his face, looking just like he's trying to take a dump or about to release a huge fart.

Which is probably how you look after viewing the comics themselves. Can't really blame you on that one.



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