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An excellent trolling resource., is a site that tries to save the entire Internetsseriously. This includes sites that have been pulled and illegal images. It allows people to look at saved versions of websites from years ago and comes greatly in handy when writing ED articles about sites that no longer exist, or digging up past lulz that is otherwise being removed from the Internets. When it's working, that is. The fucking thing craps out a dozen times a week.

The Wayback Machine

ED main page from at least 100 years ago. Doesn't it look n00bish?

When a re-re decides to delete their LiveJournal after the trolls descend and they just can't take it any more, the Wayback Machine allows us to laugh at their stupidity for all eternity. Unfortunately it is possible for websites to request exclusion from the archives by putting the file robots.txt in your home directory. This prevents websites from getting robo-stalked—as is the case with MySpace—which tampers with the ED writers' trolling arsenal.

Apparently the name of the site is a reference to an episode of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. While this reference to a shitty TV show that died before anyone can remember makes the website look like garbage, don't be fooled, it is in fact quite useful. Unless you're looking up a MySpace, in that case, use— doesn't care about robots.txt.

Pages pulled up by can be used as blackmail, as demonstrated by professional webcomics troll Scott Kurtz when he bitched about another web cartoonist re-publishing a blog post he wrote. Ironically, he has now apparently deleted that post, thus making the circle of lulz complete.

Other services also has a huge archive of 1900-1989 B movies. When you see them, you'll shit bricks. Hundreds of Mujahideen Videos are also submitted every day to the archive, only a handful being deleted. Another reason to go to is the massive population of experimental musicians. Deleted CP sites are also archived.

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