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The Arab region has some of the world's lowest adult literacy rates, with only 62.2% of the region's population of 15 and over able to read and write in 2000-2004, well below the world average of [84%] and the developing countries' average of 76.4%


—John Daniel, former UNESCO Assistant Director General for Education

I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.


—Even Darth Vader hates Sand People.

The Quran and Mein Kampf are two of the most popular books in the Arab world.
Not all of us have it.
Beautiful Arab woman (she's far above average by Arab standards).
A helpful diagram, illustrating cultural differences between Western women and Middle Eastern women.

Arabs are a loose association of semiliterate, thieving, and barbaric tribesmen who originally spawned in the Arabian Peninsula. Other names for Arabs include Terrorists, Haji's, Camel fuckers, Sand fuckers, Durka Durkas, Dune coons, False caucazoids, Foaming rags, Suicide bombers, Ragheads, Towelheads, Dishrags, sand niggers (the scientific term), and oil niggers. There is, however, no reason to ever use any of these names, since the word Arab is also considered offensive. Contrary to popular belief, Arabs are usually poor as fuck. In terms of GDP per capita, even the supposedly oil-rich Saudi Arabia is about half as rich as Israel (but still four times as rich as Iran, poor schmuks).

Mohammed became their boss way back before the Internet, after he convinced them that he could talk to God. Silly as the idea was, under Mohammed's leadership the Arabs spread far and wide from their original nests on the Arabian Peninsula. They ravaged through the entire Middle East and North Africa, they pwnt Iran, and they all but eradicated the many cultures that used to exist in the region. War raep on a massive scale mostly wiped out the non-Arab male genes from the area.

This wave of Arab conquest was stopped by the good christian boys in 732 AD. It may have been all for naught however due to the more recent wave of Arab migration. The Arab countries are full of Arabs, and therefore they are quite terrible to live in. Ironically but quite understandably, the Arabs living in the Arab countries do whatever it takes to escape. They are currently running to Europe in huge numbers. So the Arabs may now be found in places as diverse as Germany (because angela Merkel is a damned whore who loves sucking Kebab cock), Sweden (now THE Rape Capital of the World because of these retards who cannot differentiate between wearing a bikini and asking for it) the Detroit taxi cabs, London, Malmö, France, Guantanamo Bay, Canada, 7-11, and generally wherever there is a terrible stink.


  • Unibrowed genetically inferior creatures
  • Dark brown, swarthy, shit-smelling skin
  • Horse faced
  • Huge nose (similar to Jews)
  • Having Arab genes will decrease the potential IQ of your children by 63%
  • Constant butthurt over EVERYTHING
  • All named after their prophet
  • Smelly, greasy, gross hair, disgusting accent while trying to speak human language
  • Nothing profitable ever comes out of these useless apes, especially to western countries which suffer from Arab immigration
  • They are usually terrorists
Typical Arab protesting the world's opinion of them, which is the fault of the Jews.

Arabs are ugly as hell in appearance, and they are extremely hairy. Even their women and children are hairy. Their hair and eyes are always black, but their skin is colored like shit. They are extremely dumb, and when they are not terrorists, they are cleaners and taxi drivers and garbage men, although they have a reputation of stabbing their infidel clients in the back: literally. They are usually skinny and wiry, although their super-rich oil businessmen are also fat that they cannot even walk without help. Most Arab men also wrap their heads in towels, and Arab women wrap their entire bodies in towels, because Arab men are extremely perverted, and will get a massive boner if they see even an inch of skin, which will probably lead to major raep. Also, if you're not an Arab you can't pretend to oil money. So being an Arab in the Arabian peninsula might be profitable.

Arab traditions

Arabs doing what Arabs do.
They do really love Children.
  1. Islam
  2. Terrorism
  3. Riding through the desert on camels
  4. Raping each of their four wives (who were originally enslaved war booty)
  5. Incest and inbreeding
  6. Raping children
  7. Raping animals
  8. Raping feminists, especially the Swedish ones (because Swedes only wear bikinis while going to work, and according to arab Logic it means they have God's sanction to rape them to death)
  9. Burning American flags
  10. Burning Homosexuals
  11. Burning the French (who are the same as homosexuals)
  12. Burning Journalists (and there is 100% probability the said journalist is a French faggot)
  13. Burning Jews
  14. Almost burning a couple of Jewish satirists
  15. Eating Döner Kebab (made from the aforementioned burned fags/French/Jews)
  16. Getting severe Diarrhea from eating Döner Kebab (srsly, if you don't want your digestive system to turn into a nuclear bomb, eat a taco instead)
  17. Operating Child Prostitution rings for their Jewish friends to keep these Zionists happy and satisfied.
  18. Getting blowjobs from Angela Merkel and her fellow libtards
  19. Profiting from USA's addiction to oil
  20. Honour Killings
  21. killing and raping Kurds
  22. Anihilating Yazidis
  23. Anihilating Christians
  24. Raping anyone who looks like a white girl, just like niggers
  25. Raping anybody who dares show a microscopic portion of skin
  26. Forced Marriages (with Extra Rape)
  27. Mutilating male and female genitalia
  28. Breeding in Britain
  29. 9/11 We all know the Jews (and George Bush who is a secret Jew) did it

Arab religion

Arabs used to worship a bunch of gods, even more than the Indians did, but then came along Christians, who introduced some of them to Jesus and later Muhammad, who introduced them to Islam, which became the major religion of the Arab world. Thus, the Arabs dedicated themselves to world conquest in order to build up their Islamic Empire, which gave them an official excuse to murder, rape, and destroy. Now, the Arabs are in pitched battle with the civilized world, hoping to conquer it. However, when oil was discovered, some of the Arabs began getting into the oil business, so now, all of the bullshit about Islam being a "religion of peace" and that "not all Arabs are terrorists" is only due to Arab oil money. Now, thanks in part to all this bullshit, people of all colors have become Muslim! WTF!?

Arabs in Combat

Waste the motherfuckers!


—Samuel L. Jackson, nigra superhero, right before killing a shitload of ragheads.

Sandniggers are known for their ability to fly

Killing the White Devil ain't easy. It's even harder when you are young, dumb and Arab. But blowing yourself up when near whites is fairly easy. Another tactic is to ambush and kill a bunch of white guys, then take the white's revenge happily, knowing you killed the infidels.

Arabs in America

Despite most sand niggers wanting to destroy America with nukes and airplanes, there are a select few who chose to live there and kill us off with their foul stench instead, sometimes becoming citizens and further tainting what was once a great country. The men like to work in Subway, as pizza delivery guys or cab drivers. They scowl at female customers, spit in their food, and fuck up their orders on purpose while giving the male customers the best service they can offer. The women like to travel in herds with their 19+ children, smothering their faces in cloth till they're practically blind. Arab Americans also take great joy in killing people, in events such as the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Arabs in France

Moar info: Charlie Hebdo

Did you think that Arabs in America were bad? It's worse in France. The dole benefits there are so good that most of those cretins don't bother themselves with a job. Instead, they focus their energy on being Arabs. This means that they at best spend their days being useless ever-whining meat-bags, and at worst they steal, vandalize, rape, and murder, all in the name of Allah the Constrictor. But, to be fair, the French were totally asking for it.

Human Arab rights

In recognition and ratification of the fact that Arabs are not proper human beings, the Arab League supports something called a charter of Arab Rights. The Arab rights are distinct, contradictory, and significantly more narrow than the human rights that apply to everybody else. The declaration does however also guarantee a few rights that no Arab would want to live without.

The full translated document is at As with all Arabspeak, this document is full of double meanings, mystic insinuations and useless repetitions; Arabs can't speak straight unless you (yes, you) shove a telegraph pole up their collective vagina. The following text is a helpfully truthful summary of the document.


  • Faith, Allah, creation, religion, religion, religion
  • We used to be kinda great about a thousand years ago
  • Hating the Jews oops I mean Zionists

Article 2

  • Jews again
  • Just kill some Jews already

Article 3

Of course you can still beat your wife! The only requirement is that the beating should be positive, and it is in Shariah so of course it's positive.

Article 4

Your Sharjah Ruler can disregard most of this charter as long as he really feels like he has to.

Article 6

The death sentence for drawing Mohammed is still OK. But the accused does have the right to beg for mercy.

Article 7

  • Death sentence for children is also cool, as long as your Sharjah Ruler makes it a law.
  • Death sentence for a pregnant woman is not quite as cool. You have to let her have the baby first and wait for two years for her to nurse the baby. Then you can go ahead and hang behead her, oh you glorious and righteous man.

Article 8

No torture, ever. Yes, this one seems to be a real deal.

Article 9

Josef Mengele went a tad too far.

Article 16

  • Sharjah Ruler and his cult are allowed to abuse Children with no consequences. They are above the law. Discussing such matter will result in 5-10 years prison sentence due to mocking the Royal Family.
  • It's good to hang Royal Family member's photos in your home, work, and sticking 'em to your vehicle's window. But don't expect to share the %99.98 country's hidden & apparent budget. Cunt.

Article 24

1-6. The right to freedom of conscience, speech and congregation shall not be violated.
7. ...unless your Sharjah Ruler decides that these rights are bad for the "national security", Allah, or public health.

Article 28

Arabs have the right to leave their shitholes and seek asylum in Europe or in the US.

Article 30

The right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion may be lawfully restricted by your Sharjah Ruler (didn't we cover that already in article 24?)

Article 32

Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and opinion unless your Sharjah Ruler decides that it would be bad for the "national security", Allah, or public health. (That was already covered twice, in articles 24 and 30. It's unbelievable that a ratified international treaty could be so poorly written. Just hire a Jew to copy-edit it for you, OK?)

Article 33–53

tl;dr, probably more vague nonsense repeated over and over again.

Famous Arabs

Just like Jews, Arabs are also involved in all sorts of brainy stuff:

  • Sergey Brin - One of the guys who invented Google.
  • Philippe Kahn - The guy who invented the camera phone
  • The guys who invented eBay

Just kidding! The guys above are all Jews. If Arabs do become famous, it is not for their brains (which are the size of walnuts), but rather for a lack thereof. Consider for example:

Cat islam.gif

List of Arabs Who Are Not Terrorists

The following paragraph is a conspiracy by the Arabs to build up trust among the real Americans. The metaphorical cake is a lie.

You may not believe it, but there are Arabs who are not terrorists. Here is the complete list:

  • Sammy Cahn (1913–1993), Arab lyricist
  • Dorothy Fields (1905–1974), Arab composer
  • George Gershwin (1898–1937), Arab composer
  • Ira Gershwin (1896–1983), Arab lyricist
  • Oscar Hammerstein II (1895–1960), Arab lyricist, librettist
  • E. Y. "Yip" Harburg (1898–1981), Arab lyricist
  • Lorenz Hart (1895–1943), Arab lyricist
  • Tiffany Darwish (2 October 1971) Crappy 1980s singer that did crappier covers of even Shittier music from the 1960s. Like most American wimmins of Arab descent her ethnic pride only lasted until her first husband beat her.

Just kidding about this one too! There are no Arabs who are not terrorists; the people listed above are all Jews.

The real Al-Jazeerah. The logo in English version is on the other side of the screen, which is equivalent to having fingers crossed. (the clip is probably taken out of context, but who knows)

Useful Tips in the Arab Lands

Of course, the most useful tip that anybody could be given for visiting one of the third world Islamofascist shitholes that Arabs make their homes in would be: DON'T.

But, if must you travel to an Arab nation, either for the oil or because you are a leftard, there are some things you should know.

  • According to Wikipedia, you stay alive for 20 seconds of painful bliss after being decapitated, unless you are blown up first.
  • Get a gas mask or get used to the smell( if you don't die from the explosion, you will almost defiantly die from the smell) .
  • You will think this list is funny, until you need it.
  • Male rape is a favorite past-time in Arab countries, only second to female rape. If you are planning to get raped, Dubai is the place to go!
  • If you're lucky, when a Jihad Joe goes full blown martyr and blows himself up you'll die instantly. If you're not lucky, you might suffer for days as you find Religion and pray to G-D to kill you as you suffer from what is popularly called the White Butterfly and gasp for breath because parts of your lungs were liquified from the explosive force.

Arabs and Homosexuality

You can clearly see that this Arab is a male from his clothing, but some retard failed to notice

Although homosexuality is frowned upon in public, most Arabs are actually gay. They are so completely and profoundly buttfucky, flap-army, cuntlessly, sparkly-pink-wings fairytime faggotto, they openly hold hands and kiss each other in public. When put in a closed environment such as in Abu Ghrairiib, they openly flapped their penises in front of American soldiers hoping they would get sucked off (and knowing the US Army, they probably did). They also love male bondage as seen in the pictures of naked Arabs putting on dog collars to be dragged around. Other Arab prisoners in Abu Gharbageib had extreme gay fetishes involving feces. Wahhablabibi Islam even allow jihadists to have anal secks with each other.

Arab Variants

Shore Niggers

Shore niggers are the Arabs of Asia, these guys are Malays, Indonesians and Javanese and partially Filipinos (Mexicans). They are just like Arabs, following Islam, killing infidels and raping goats though the tropical varieties rape orangutans and smoke even more. Shore niggers are slightly better than their desert counterparts, but are still just as angry, butthurt, explosive and dangerous.

Steppe Niggers

Steppe Niggers are Central Asians, friends with Russia. These countries include Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and are home to another common variant of nigger that follows Islam. They contain 350 million Muslims, all ready to bomb and kill the infidels.

Curry Niggers

Despite India being a Hindu country, it has a population of about 200 million Muslims. They are mostly confined to some no-go shitholes and they stink of camel piss and curry.

Arab Spring

Moar info: Arab Spring

This cartoon is from an actual raghead publication, and it illustrates that Arabs are too stupid too understand how liberal democracy must work. Despotic xenophobic theocracy is the only right way to govern those fuckers.
Little-known fact: this is the only liberal democracy on Earth where Arab is an official language.
Muammar al-Gaddafi on his day in court

Recently, Arabs revolted against their bosses all around the shitholes they live it. The CIA is currently using it as an excuse to swoop in and get that sweet black stuff. They succeded in kicking the main men in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The liberal media wants you to think that the ragheads revolted against tyrannic oppresion and corruption, and want to have democracies in their lands. Yes, even among arabs there are those few who understand concepts of western political thought and genuinly fight for change. Those are the types western media like to inteview.

The great majority Arabs wouldn't give a wooden nickel for their liberty. They fight because the price of bread has recently increased to at least 100 (or something around that – I live in a rich country so I don't actually notice how much I pay for the bread since it's a very miniscule fraction of my income). This means it is no longer possible to feed ten sandnigglets on one paycheck, even if four of them are old enough to steal. Most of the ragheads fight because they want cheaper bread and moar Allah.

In the end, you cannot liberate yourself from your own stupidity.


Islam! (see pic)

Revolution! Again! Some will fall, some will live, Dramatica will report on the lulz. Stay tuned!

Egypt Nao yesterday
Egypt Nao.


The fuckers did not get it right. Gadhaffi failed to forge alliances with other crackpot regimes and voluntarily castrated his chemical weapons. This rendered him so impotent that the fucking French and Italians decided it was safe enough to intervene. The regime ended up being replaced by another gang of raging analphabetic murderers. The picture to the right is of Gadhaffi on his day in the Arab court.


The fuckers got it right. The society was split along the ethno-tribal cracks, so when the regime kills somebody in Homs or in Dara'a, the rest of the country doesn't give a shit. Also ISIS is pwning every faction in Syria.

Saudi Arabia

The fuckers got it right. Condemning repression of demonstrations abroad, while themselves whacking off anybody who might start demonstrating before they manage to organize.


The fuckers got it right. Blaming the Jews never fails.


The Arab Spring started there.


ISIS is currently pwning everyone, taking territory to pillage, rape, and create an Islamic Empire. Where do I sign up, goddamit?

Not Arabs

Iranians, Kurds, and even the Jews are sometimes mistaken for Arabs because they look similar and nest close to the Arab homelands. Mistake any of these people for Arabs and lulz will ensue: they will act insulted, just as if you called them something else really bad. Consider this example: if you say to an Iranian that he looks a bit like an Italian, he will be, like, meh no I'm Iranian but I've been to Florence and it's very pretty. But if you insinuate that he looks like an Arab, he'll have to mentally sit on his hands so as not to slap you.

The liberal Jew might try to puncture the lulz by trying to be magnanimous about it. He could tell you something along the lines that Jews and Arabs are brothers in blood, and maybe even top it off by with something about how they shouldn't be fighting. All this talk is just a put-on attempt to appear politically correct. Do not let him full you – that Jew is lying to you and quite possibly also to himself. He will in fact be feeling deeply sick in his stomach while saying that.

Correction: Iranian girls are actually pretty hot. The only way you could mistake an Iranian girl for an Arab is if she wears a burqua. Coincidentally, wearing burquas is made mandatory in Iran by their Arab-instated Islamist government. And yes, Iran used to be a great nation before it was overrun by the Arabs.


(Left) White, (Right) Arab. Can you see the difference?
Don't take the word "sand-black person" literally.
  • 7-11 prefers to hire Arabs. This is because Muslims are not supposed to eat pork, which the sausages are (presumably) made of. So 7-11 believes that Arabs, as good Muslims, will not steal the sausages. The argument is flawed for two reasons:
  1. Some Arabs are apparently Christian, so they will happily take a free sausage.
  2. The rest of them will steal and eat the sausage anyway, because stealing is more important to those thugs than Allah ever was.
  • Israel once tried to introduce an Arab safari, but they had to cancel due to lack of interest – nobody wanted a stinking Arab head hanging off their trophy wall. Although wealthy patrons can still hire a Merkava tank and a street in Gaza as a shooting gallery.
  • There is a time and a place for Arab Jokes – This is not it.
  • In strict scientific discussions, Arabs should not to be confused with Iranians. "Iranian" is the name scientists have given to a recently discovered sub-race of Sandniggers, who are distinguished for being even uglier and hairier than the Arab.
  • Arabs hate each other even more than they are hated by the West.
  • In most cases the 72 Virgins that Arabs get for pwning, happen to be World of Warcraft users at age of 16, male, overweight, power-leveling and farming for gold.
  • Arabs have small peckers, hence Dubai.
  • Why is the camel hump so big? Because it is full of Arab cum. Stupid camelfucker towelhead sandniggers.
  • Arabs did Robert Kennedy.


Arabs would very much love to run the World just like the Jews but don't have the brains for it. However, as the saying goes, one should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Eurabia could become real one day unless we employ some population control.


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