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Typical Apache server cluster.
A properly functioning Apache web server.
Modern Apache logo.

Apache, formerly NCSA httpd, is a web server used by many modern servers. The name allegedly came from a contraction of "a patchy" web server, because over time the original httpd daemon accumulated lots of patches.

Unlike sendmail and the BIND domain name server, Apache has had far fewer high-profile security breaches, limiting its potential for drama. That said, Apache is regularly combined and configured with the PHP Zionist scripting language and the MySQL database server. Self-taught h4x0rz who create 300-page websites about how they overclocked their Roomba to function as a mobile gun turret regularly use their super-1337 PHP coding skillz to throw up a website that chokes and dies as soon as it gets linked by Slashdot. This so-called "slashdot effect" was a boon for karma whores, because it provided them with an excuse to preemptively copypasta the article into a comment and earn an instant +5 karma.

Recently, Apache is recently being replaced with a Russian server called nginx, to the point that it eventually took over Apache in use. In fact, nginx currently powers Encyclopædia Dramatica.

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