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The ADM chat room

AntiDisneyMovement (commonly shortened to ADM) is a troll cult on YouTube made up of 13 year old boys that enjoy trolling 12 year old girls that like the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, and anything else related to Disney. The Anti-Disney Movement started as an account on YouTube in January 2008. Quite possibly one of the few groups with almost as much cancer as 4chan, these kids spew memes to the point where even that fifth grader who goes around at recess telling all his friends that his liek for mudkipz is over 9000 would start to get annoyed. Their era was ended when on June 11, 2009, they were hacked by a group known as the Unholy Alliance.


Me? A newfag? I don't know what you're talking about!
Typical ADM member

The ADM's members are all newfags and Internet Tough Guys that think raids are super funny and awesome. In their spare time, they enjoy making videos showing Nick Jonas's head exploding, visiting 4chan, and raiding Jonas Brothers's fansites. Anyone who dares cross them immediately earns themselves a 5-minute video in which the word "fail" is used at least 30 times. Oh, they also get spammed by all 3,000 of the ADM's subscribers. And if you're lucky, the Anti-Disney Movement himself will PM you a novel explaining how much you fail. They also like to make sockpuppet accounts, troll other ADM members for a few days, and then hack log back into the account and make it LOOK like they hacked it. They also enjoy heavy metal, memes, and Windows Movie Maker.

Major Players (note their usernames)

  • antiantiantidisney
  • FAILincorporated
  • 1xXLedZeppelinXx1 (self-proclaimed new leader of the ADM)
  • JonasFagsHaters
  • RageagainstJONAS
  • DeathToJonas
  • DisneyChannelFails
  • DieDisneyChannel
  • PowerMetalDude357/DataWarDan (Tried to fuck this page up but unfortunately does not know how wikis work.)
  • thedragonfruitking
  • Wisemer8

Mortal Enemies

  • harvestingofghosts67
  • patworx1
  • BrownyGee
  • sugarspook45 (his anti-metal resulted in about 50 butthurt videos from ADM members)
  • kaitxjonas18 (pwned one of ADM's members by saying she was glad that her mom died)
  • MetalMind9 (owned the ADM with smart comebacks till the fag decided to not comment back then offered him a alliance like a bitch)
  • TheDisneyRebelion (Handed password over to Dogmai20f)
  • NoMooreMercy (once powerful member, troll'd DataWarDipshit)
  • Dogmai20f
  • JustShootYourself


We are also against everything mainstream, thus making our enemies bigger. Will we lose? Definite no.



Seriously get some fucking proof and stop trying to "take away the ADM" because when you try to take away the ADM you are trying to take away our opinions!



How can you call me a nigger if im not even black? and how can you accuse me of being a homosexual if you have no proof that i have a boyfriend or i sleep with men. even if i were gay their is absolutely nothing wrong with that life style.



The ADM will never fall to idiotic shit storm creators like who ever made that page of nonsense. Even though I admit I failed to destroy it completely, I still left my mark and that became the main objective since I already could see that site was full of Pussy Blocker Admin.


—PowerMetalDude357 Regarding ED.


It's corrruppptt. You'll regret ittt... ohhhh you willll. Don't become a media-slave like crayned7. break the bonds that the Disney Corporation holds on you. BREAK!




Teh Anti Disney Movement shall rise!!!11!!
HELP ME! I'm getting pwned by 12 year old girls!

Many Youtube users have recently been spamming the ADM's page, saying that anyone who hates Disney so much that they actually start a fucking club about it is a luser. Of course, since ADM supporters cannot take any criticism, they round up the rest of their groupies and spam the page with the word "fail" over and over and over. Obviously, this makes them about as fun to troll as the fangirls. The only difference is that this time, you're trolling 13 year old boys instead of 12 year old girls.

How to hack (according to the ADM)

Lets h4ck teh Jonis Brothurs!

1. Create sockpuppet account (preferably with a name like "jbforlife123", or "TheDisneyEmpire")
2. Troll ADM members. Remember: you're "pretending" to be a Jonas fangirl.
3. After you've done enough damage, log back in a few days later and make it look like you hacked the account.

  • It's always a good idea to plaster the phrase "WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE ARE LEGION BLAH BLAH BLAH" all over the page.

4. ?????

A Message from One of the Anti-Disney Movement Trolls

The ADM just rules and whoever made this page originally is too butthurt. BTW - You have been PWNED by the AntiDisneyMovement Member: YouTube Favicon.png PowerMetalDude357 and have fun reconstructing this page again and again. Your just some idiot we PWNED before obviously or a Johoe Fanbrat. Either way, I don't give a rats ass. Let this be a lesson to ALL who view this page: THE ANTIDISNEYMOVEMENT RULES AND WE TAKE NO BULLSHIT. Now then, have a nice day and remember this much - I DID THIS ON MY OWN FREE WILL AND WAS NOT ORDERED TO AT ALL. Did it for the pure LULZ of it. You have a back up copy of this crappy shit storm right? If not, it just proves your stupidity. What a pathetic excuse for Trolling you must be... LATER MY BITCHES.


—Sadly Danthax doesn't understand how wikis work.

The Anti-Disney Movement steals from ED

Compare and contrast the following images and tell us if you see any significant similarities.


On June 11, 2009, the Anti-Disney Movement was haxx0rd by a group known as the Unholy Alliance. Well, not really. One of the users that ran the account decided to hand the password over to the leader of the group, Dogmai20f. Much drama and BAWWWW has since resulted.

DataWarDan being a faggot.

DataWarDan's thoughts

Reborn and re-killed

Like the cancer it is, the ADM refused to die in a hole like it should have. Someone started a new Ning site- for the third fucking time and recruited an insane total of 15 members. Watch out, Disney! On February 19, 2010, some EDiot found that site and used an ex-ADM member's Ning account to get adminned. After weaseling the password out of the guy responsible for making this abortion of a site and locking him out, he raeped the site a third time. Third. Fucking. Time. The sad thing is that the guy whose account was being used knew what was going on and didn't try to stop it.

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