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We are faggots. We are virgins. We do not get laid. We never leave our basements. Expect us on the internets.


Co-existence has created a fucking monster.
Twitter-favicon.png @EDdotSE, speaking truth.

Once upon a time, the Anonymous Collective was a mighty, anarchistic troll army with strong ties to /b/ that was feared both by the internets and the world at large. Many lulz were had raiding sites, bringing grief to grieving families, tormenting celebrities, calling out feminists on their bullshit, and, through it all, zero fucks were given by the Anons. During this period, Encyclopedia Dramatica felt no need to report fully on Anonymous, for no report was necessary. Later in Anonymous' history, they became well known throughout the world as a shadowy, hacktivist collective, who, through means of packets (read: LOIC), protesting, and web defacement worked to defend and preserve such ideologies as free speech, freedom of the press, etc. This began to change around 2011, when Sabu, chief of the Anonymous strong arm division known as Lulzsec, ratted out his fellow members to the FBI, and over the next few years most of them all took a ride in the party van. The slow but inevitable downward spiral of the once feared and respected Anonymous into a bunch of whiny, mask wearing, fedora-fag college students who think they are better than everyone else and making a difference in the world was underway.

Today, Anonymous mainly consists of the lowest breed of Social Justice Warriors, who are as sad and pathetic as any of the writers on Jezebel or Salon. Any libtard who downloads a Low Orbit Ion Cannon or guesses a poorly contrived Twitter password thinks of himself as a mighty Anon Warrior while accomplishing nothing of any notoriety or value. Just so that the Jews at Know Your Meme cannot claim that they are the only site with "credible information" on the elevation, accomplishments (for better or worse, depending on point of view), and decline of Anonymous, the internet's premier source for online information presents this article.


For the reader's convenience

The easiest of these puzzles to solve would be: "What is Anonymous?"

First and foremost, Anonymous is NOT a group, or an organization, or coherent collective of any sort. Anonymous is a group of Hack-Fags and Script Kiddies who wanted to troll people and gave us some of the Lulz but in the end turned into neckbeards and triggly puffs using outdated 2006 Emo-Teen Fag agendas of usurping corporation and taking down the Government. Annonymous at large is a group of Script-Kiddies who major Spam system and puts pr0n or some gay shiet on the Interwebz. Encountering any of their supporter or fans you will encounter hispanic or itlalian immigrants who take the few minutes of peace they have between picking strawberries and selling drugs to type comment such as. "OMG WE R HERO" "PLZ TECH ME 2 HACH" " WE R ANUNNYMOUS WE CHANGE DA WORLD.".

A brief history of Anonymous

Anon 1.0
Anon 2.0
Anonymous #2014.
In the end, the Moralfags achieved a complete takeover

The word "Anonymous" originated from the *chan scene, which most readers probably know by now. Anonymous simply was anyone choosing to post as Anon on any given imageboard (as there were multiple "big" ones back in the day).

4chan was founded on October 3, 2003 and for its first few years was yet another e-base for all things weeaboo (and was almost completely destroyed by the GNAA in its early years). Here the first incarnation of Anonymous rose, among the endless posting of Desu and Mai Waifu. The GNAA and YTMND influences brought in a troll spirit to the boards of 4chan, primarily /b/ who began such early "invasions" and trolls such as cyberman and numerous conquests of (at the time) similar web venture Gaia Online.

Such actions became a favorite pastime of /b/, leading to bigger and better trolls to the likeness of Pools Closed and Harry Potter. No better man could explain this era of Anon than Phil Shuman in the infamous HACKERS ON STEROIDS news report (protip: that "former hacker" is Alex Wuori):

One classic series of raids of this time being those on white nationalist turned informant Hal Turner. It was then that the moral side of Anonymous and 4chan began to flourish, taking pride in subtly attacking a man for his racist values as oppose to doing it strictly for the lulz.

More troll targets and trolls came and went, including Tom Green and Girl Talk, Wikifur, and Grawp. However in the year 2008, in the midst of the SOHH defacement and Epilepsy Forums invasion, Project Chanology began. Such was the birth of the "mainstream anonymous", who worked for good and media attention via protests and firing their LOIC at seemingly random targets.

Skip ahead to 2010 and the birth of AnonOps, Anonymous is now known by the masses as a force for moral justice through destructive means (and carrying around those stupid Guy Fawkes masks).


There are many distinct flavors of anons, all of which can be found below.

Pictural Presentation Hangouts Pastimes Description
Benstech newfag.png
The Newfag
Cheezburger Network
Raids, Memes, Cancer The newfag has newly discovered the presence of e-culture. They are dumbfounded by such discoveries, and thus can turn in any given direction, but for the time being are known for their abuse of meme-spam and breakings of Rules 1 and 2. See also: Mercedes Haefer, a prime example of a newfag.
Lover of mudkips.jpeg
The Oldfag
Reminiscing about a fucking internet imageboard like a faggot. The Oldfag was once a newfag, and likely either a moral or /i/ fag, but now has found more productive ways of spending their time than epic times oti. Probably hangs out on /v/, 7chan, 8chan or other forgotten imageboards discussing how cool /b/ was X many years ago.
The /i/nsurgent
Raids, Spam, Ordering Pizza The /i/nsurgent has one purpose: to cause as much grief as possible. Developed from overzealous raid-newfags, they eventually picked up enough CSIII knowledge to control a botnet or preform a simple crapflood. Although /i/ is dead, the /i/nsurgent brand lives on, always willing to completely demolish random furries or youtube vloggers who stand in the way of Anon's e-domination.
The Moralfag
Occupying, Shouting memes at people, Protesting The Moralfag is the more media-friendly side of the Anonymous legion. Encouraged by self-gratifying pats on the back, the moralfag army continues to operate much like evolved-newfags, only semi-organized. They are incredibly annoying, mostly neckbeard fedora-fags that post on Reddit.

Moral Crusades:

The Channer
all other non-notable boards
Posting The *Channer, while far less notable, remains an important part of the Anonymous backbone. They are, much like Anon himself, one and many, driven without a purpose (other than fapping to hentai on a daily basis) they continuously spend day after day driving the force of the imageboard scene.


Newfag Anons have no idea why nobody respects them.

In the past, depending on who one asks, they would have received one of two answers regarding the motives of Anonymous. These being either "I did it for the lulz" or some bullshit about securing a future for generations to come free from oppressive government rule. Because Anon has no face or name, its actions could not be truly justified or understood.

Of course, that was in the past. As noted in the beginning of this article, Anonymous is a sad shell of its former self. The only motivation it has now is to turn the entire internet into a collective hugbox, removing any and all lulz, and making it a Safe Space that Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu would be proud to call home. R.I.P., Old Anonymous.


A perfect portrayal of modern Anons.
The original anonymous.
Ah, the good old days.


Don't think. If you think, never say. If you say, never write it down. If you write it, don't sign. If you think it, say it, write it and sign it, don't be surprised by what happens to you.


Anonymous is one of our generations greatest men, do not insult his benevolence. Whenever one of us strays to the 4chan, it is Anonymous that cleanses our ranks of cancer. We should be worshiping fact, cult time!


—Some protest-fag. Huur

She obviously doesn't know you are a /b/tard then. How would she feel if she knew you were like the rest of us? Yelling AIDS and FUCK for no reason in public places, pretending to hate hardcore music when you know it's all you listen to (fuck you uglyfags) and the fact that at some point, you have considered what it would be like to fuck a horse, or another man (no wimmenz, etc).


—Anon, in regards to another anon's "gf".

So Anonymous are on the case? Then I will sleep peaceably in my bed knowing rough men stand ready to do violence on my behalf.


—George Orwell

Despite all the verbal masturbation anonymous produce, they are really not scary or evil. Anonymous is a Panopticon in reverse. A group where everyone is invisible and appears to speak from the center. Anonymous collectively contains every belief, creed, cultural status, sexuality, fetish, hobby, job, likes, dislikes, (insert any quality), etc. They have collectively experienced every act of violence and kindness. They know every language, probably even the dead ones. They know everything that can be known, and can perpetrate any act a person can. However, because they dwell in a reverse-panopticon, the individual anonymous who "yell" the loudest, most often, or most provocatively will be heard and remembered the most. This is why the anonymous seems so cruel and disgusting. But for every grotesque abomination that posts anonymously, there are probably 100 more who are decent human beings that are just too lazy to post, or are indifferent to the topic at hand.



Anonymous is difficult to define — less an organized group than a loose affiliation of certain websites.

When enough of these users decide to take action against something or someone, they will do so in the name of Anonymous. The group has no leaders, no set agenda and has a tendency to focus on soft targets for its own amusement.


—MSN News, Here

A bunch of quirky middle-class kids.


The Times

Yes, I am a Scientologist. Anonymous is harassing us and making us look bad in the media, and after all this criminal activity, all you can say is LULZ?


—Mary, a butthurt Scifag commenter on

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.



They are hackers on steroids, treating the Web like a real-life video game, sacking Web sites, creating chaos and disrupting innocent people's lives.


Fox 11 News; Moar liek Faux Jews, amirite?

Cyberbullies are now meeting in secret and planning their attacks.


Fox 11 News

This is no different than other forms of organized crime.


Ron Astor



Bill O'Reilly




Then Jesus asked him, "What is your name?"

"My name is Legion," he replied, "for we are many."


—The Bible, Mark 5:9

"Anonymous" is the name assigned to a poster who does not enter text in to the [Name] field. Anonymous is not a single person, but rather, represents the collective whole of 4chan. He is a god amongst men. Anonymous invented the Moon, assassinated former President David Palmer, and is also harder than the hardest metal known to man: diamond. His power level is rumored to be over nine thousand. He currently resides with his auntie and uncle in a town called Bel-Air (however, he is West Philadelphia born and raised). He does not forgive.


—4chan FAQ


The Anonymous Gallery About missing Pics
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