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Info non-talk.png Oh lol, Anontalk finally went down. Partytime!

brb, ddos back, lol Goodbye cruel world. Back again, guis! lol an phoenix'd. an coma'd an dead


—Kimmo Johan Alm

Yummy! Feed me more original quality posts! Many more! Constantly! They taste sooo good! Nam-nam-nam! ^_^


—Kimmo "The board" Alm, on how he is insane

Pedobear small.gif
Type "Anonymous" Textboard with forced IDs
Founded 05-Feb-08
Location Sweden
Key people Kimmo Johan Alm, Chris Hansen
Motto War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
Censorship is free speech
Industry Allowing pedophiles to talk about shit without being v&
Products Spam, child pornography

AnonTalk (aka. PedoTalk or AnT) was an illegal unauthorized clone of Tinychan, a bulletin board. AnT was inhabited entirely by pedophiles and love shys, where mainly topics such as "Sexy 2 year old Emily dancing," "This is how I want my future toddler girlfriend to look," "How do I perform oral sex on my ten year old boyfriend," and "I want oral sex from a 12 year old girl so badly" were discussed.

Its owner, Kimmo Johan Alm, is a miracle-worker: he somehow manages to be a bigger failure at life than Chris-chan. For example, he had a unique way of begging for donations, which involved constantly insulting and degrading his userbase. He then wondered why nobody ever donated and why his co-moderators regularly turned against him. Kimmo loved to put the board in lockdown mode, preventing anyone from posting, then send his users derogatory PMs about how badly they fail for not keeping the forum fresh.

AnonTalk was notorious on the chans and Wikipedia for delivering huge amounts of spam on these websites, since most of the visitors of the chans and of Wikipedia had the potential to become AnonTalk regulars. Every single person who knows about the site has learned of it through spam (even you, whether you know it or not). Endless spam poured out advertising AnonTalk as a free speech zone when AnonTalk had the least free speech of any forum on the internets. The only free speech the site allowed is as a practical how-to guide for child molestation. For everything that's not about that, Kimmo banned everyone nonstop purely for his own entertainment. So, naturally, whenever his website was banned by something, he completely lost his mind.

But it gets far worse, my friends...


Kimmo Alm posts on AnonTalk about how he is using a botnet to downvote 4chan.
I simply cannot kill my own child, so I will continue running AnonTalk BBS even without the domain. I consider it lost and even if I somehow get it back, I will not use it; only about two registrars in the world remain and they would likely soon reject it anyway. http:// or https:// followed by are now, unfortunately, the official addresses to AT. I have removed most instances of references to ".com" around the site and will update any remaining ones later. Proxy hosts continue to work for now.


— Everyone's favourate Sweedish Pedo


The reason for his lack of traffic is that: 23 hours a day his site is in "lockdown mode" so only those with high post counts can post. Plus, every thread is locked so only people with an even higher post count can reply to it. Creating a new thread is also impossible without waiting a very long time to post. Plus, trying to post means getting past a CAPTCHA and wordfilters that instantly IP ban people for everything, even saying the site's URL. And contacting Kimmo is impossible without a high post count. Anyone even trying to figure out how to post on his site will eventually try doing a test post, which will also fail to post because it's in "lockdown mode" and Kimmo reads the logs of every attempted post and message sent to preview on his site and five minutes later he will manually ban your IP permanently because you tried to make a test post, even though it never posted. And anything that actually can get posted that's neither pedo content nor created by Kimmo, he will delete it and ban the poster's IP forever.

How it began

More important than a 100,000 dead Haitians.

Around summer 2006, 4chan banned raids and lolicon for legal reasons. Those who still wanted it went to places like 7chan. In January 2007, after Kimmo got banned for posting lolicon a lot, he emailed moot the question:

Why bully loli? Why do you bully loli?


—"Kimmo Alm" <[email protected]>

moot never answered. So Kimmo thought, "I'll create the most horrible anonymous BBS ever and everybody will love me. I mean, who are the mods to cooperate with the law and try to keep their site from getting taken down?" And thus, AnonTalk was born.

How to tell when "Sysop" (Kimmo) posts anonymously

Kimmo samefagging it all up.

Every few topics start with the extremely annoying phrase "what grinds my gears". Most of these topics are created by Kimmo, but then so are pretty much all topics on AnonTalk that avoid getting deleted. Anyway, one example is, Topic: What really grinds my gears: Random Capitalization; no one except Kimmo cares about this and Kimmo is obsessed with it. If you're smart, you'll notice all the replies to the topic are him samefagging, too. Whenever Kimmo deletes a post for a typo in it, Kimmo will make a topic starting with this phrase and if the victim apologizes to Kimmo in it, Kimmo will delete their public apology thinking that nobody knows he's the one who posted that topic.

Kimmo also regularly posts requests for help with his anger and if you read any of his bulletins, you know he's got anger issues. In this topic, we learn that he regularly smashes holes in his walls and destroys his possessions over simple things like not being able to find an avi to mp4 converter to watch movies on his ipod.

Most of the "random pedophilia" such as "I fantasize about living on the moon with a little girl", "This is how I want my future little girlfriend to look when we walk in the fields of gold. I'll promise to keep the darkness out. She'll promise to keep night at bay", and "Lovely video: 9 year-old Nabokovian nymphet dancing" are him as well. He also often rips stories directly from Digg when he thinks that the site is too quiet. As of late, when it's quiet, he'll also post a thread as anonymous encouraging people to donate, and the stats on his site show only one donation over the past three months, which is of course because whenever someone is convinced to donate, he unconvinces them before they can by being such an asshole.

He also posts anonymously on the Bulletins section. Gaybitchbulletin.png

Kimmo's shit list

Over the years Kimmo has acquired a huge list of people whom have denied him service on the grounds that he's a disgusting paedophile. Let's share some of the highlights:

Made a promise beforehand that there would be "no problems" hosting AT. Once a payment was made, it took them only days to send a "pack up and leave" letter because of "pedophile site". Talking to the admin, it became apparent that he is a deeply religious nutjob who refused to refund my money and instead gave it to his local church as a donation. Oh, and they managed to fuck up twice before they correctly installed the server. Extremely incompetent. The only reason I selected them was that they offered DDoS protection for a relatively very small amount of money.


—Props to SharkTech for not tolerating Kimmo's shit.

I had never used these services in the past but when I signed up and tried to add this domain, they both gave errors about it being banned. Unbelievable? You better believe it. Seems like some fucking moron has added the best site on the Web to some sort of blacklist.


—Kimmo, on blacklisting the worst website!

While their interface was completely retarded, that's hardly the biggest problem. A few days after setting things up, visitors dropped drastically to near-zero. I wondered what the hell was going on since the server was not under attack. Tried to log in to the account but instead of letting me in, it gave this message: "Account suspend[...]Reason: Abuse reported: there has been multiple messages linking to images of underage girls exposing themselves, posted on". OK. What? You ban customers without investigating AND don't even let them know? No sane person would use that service after reading this


—I'm guessing this is why Kimmo was using this service.

(Second-hand experience.) These iDiotz quickly removed the whois privacy, then started making threats without investigating the fake abuse reports with drivel about "child porn" (which has never, is not and will never be hosted here). Yet another crappy company.


—Kimmo, on lying his fucking teeth out

Quietly censored away this domain, actually hosting a message claiming that it is "illegal", shown to all visitors. Never notified me about any of this. Had to find out via a user who reported it. At this point, I didn't bother to even ask about what the fuck they were doing since nobody ever responds to my e-mails. Avoid these complete retards.


—Apparently child porn isn't illegal.

Looking up what other controversial sites use, I found that uses Moniker for domain privacy and apparently has been for quite a while. So I switched to them. Of course, after paying, it took them only a couple of days to REMOVE THE WHOIS PRIVACY AND EXPOSE THE PERSONAL INFO TO THE WORLD, simply "letting me know" about this, stating no reason. None of my many e-mails asking them why they were doing this were replied to. All I got back was: "This matter is closed. Thank you." and then complete silence. I also asked them why they allow that other site still, and I also asked the owner of that domain, but no replies were given. This is just unbelievable.



First time: Out of the blue, I get the "classic" letter about being suspended, this time actually providing a reason: I had entered "false" whois data. Except that is a lie; I had used correct info. Since they didn't give any details, the only part that I can think of that would be "false" is the telephone number, since I don't own a phone. I believe I entered "123456" since it wouldn't let me through unless I entered some number.


—Kimmo, on not understanding what "false" is.

Actually immediately offered to sponsor AT when I asked them about their services and prices, calling it an "interesting project". After a few days, the server stopped responding. They had silently killed the service without telling me. I had to actively contact them to find out that they had done this "because of pedo site". They don't offer true tunnels but instead use unencrypted Web proxies. Barely know English. Stay the hell away from these morons.


—Even the Swiss hate Kimmo.

About the site's forum regulars

AnonTalk's forum regulars are a bunch of people almost as despicable as Kimmo Johan Alm himself. Firstly, there's Kimmo Johan Alm with his sadistic, moody petty whims that are pure nonsense but any regular must abide by them like Kimmo is GodJesus himself and also perform the equivalent of digital analingus on him. Now a normal person would go into a rage over this alone, but the regulars not only are fine with it, they have all developed Stockholm syndrome and think that Kimmo's sick insanities are normal.

And that's not all. Any pics of someone whose age is more than one digit incurs the wrath of the regulars and then a banning. For instance when someone links to media of Zoe Kimball when she was 14 at the time, the forum regulars are all "Alright, damn, that's not a loli, that's a granny." and "You have failed us anon. Die in hell."

AnonTalk is not actually anonymous

On AnonTalk, you must use the same user ID for every single one of your posts. When AnonTalk's server is seized, all the police have to do is check the logs for AnonTalk and find your IP address to match your poster ID. Then once they seize your computer and find your ID & password stored on there they will have enough evidence to prove in court that you made all of the posts under that user ID. AnonTalk's server logs are insecurely deleted every one month. Meaning that if you visit AnonTalk more than once a month, your IP address is always stored on the server. The white-listing feature on AnonTalk is useless, as after you have been white-listed your original IP address is stored in case you abuse the privilege.

Regular AnonTalk users are deluded by Sysop into thinking they have any anonymity whatsoever, when in reality they are just being manipulated into becoming grammar Nazis by a fat ugly pedophile.

AnonTalk's memes

Fucking idiot
Kimmo is the lovely woods guy. His home is right by the woods and an elementary school.
"Fucking idiots" and "Un-fucking-believable"
Will have random bold, italics, ALL CAPS, and varying exclamation points. This is a meme that came about by mocking how Kimmo always uses this in his bulletins, though Kimmo uses these phrases everywhere, even in private messages to his moderators. These are mostly found on clone sites.
You sir, are and idiot
Kimmo goes on 4chan and says this in every post he makes that's not a direct spam for his website.
What grinds my gears/What X my Y
Retarded meme constantly on AnonTalk that has spilled over onto the clone sites.
Ask an X anything
AnonTalk has nonstop posts of this nature. This meme has spilled out as a cancer of the chans. At one point Kimmo even tried to ban it on his site but he overturned it because it made his site's traffic decrease by 90%.
The lovely woods
For about a year, AnonTalk had someone posting ceaseless bad poetry by some pedophile about wanting to take children to the "lovely woods" for romance.
A name for a bot that is designed to rape Kimmo's best site on the internet. He invents this meme in this bulletin.


Example of AnonTalk spam on 4chan showcasing the fine culture and moral superiority that Anontalk has over "Retardchan".
AnonTalk's most replied to topics
Some ISPs block it as a pedo site.
Charles Darwin would be proud.
Kimmo considers himself very good at detecting trolls. Apparently he's wrong.
Fuck you French bastard, this was OUR IDEA.
Like, wtf, srsly.

AnonTalk is a BBS that says it has anonymity even though there's an ID system which is just forced tripfaggotry. It's like wearing a mask, going up to a person, yelling your full name as loud as possible, and then saying "I'm anonymous, though! LOL!"

Its content is mostly centered around pedophiles talking to other pedophiles. It's full of lulzy topics like, "How can I get a hug from a little boy?" It has such posts as how somebody met a woman and then met a jailbait and asks the Internet who to date with amazing answers such as:

Easy decision. What matters more to you, personality or tits? Are you looking for a possible relationship (jailbait) or a fuck toy (tits)? Would you rather be the teacher (innocent little jailbait) or the student (experienced girl (whore) with big tits)? I'm admittedly biased, but to me the answer is obvious.


—Anonymous 483f3ac9a28b96.78845000, on how ten year olds have a lot of personality

Most content is mixed between pedophilia, loli discussion and more pedophilia. If you ever see content that is not pedophilia, 100% of it is Kimmo Johan Alm using multiple IDs to talk to himself--if you point this out your post will be deleted and you will be banned.

Here are some wonderful quotes showing how much better AnonTalk is than 4chan or any other inane message board:

Right after the lolis (and shotas, regrettably) had been swimming, it was my (and all other disgusting grown-ups') turn to swim. There was a bunch of lolis on the outside who stood at the glass wall (at a door) and looked in at something for a really long time. It felt sort of awkward to be looked at while trying to swim like a pro. I bet the lolis wanted me to go out and play with them and let them ride on my back and have them sit in my lap and use my head as a pillow for their soft little bums. Or maybe they wanted to be with me in there in the water… The water smells special after a bunch of lolis have bathed in it. Almost like a sacred liquid.


—Anonymous 47ae211000a6a8.34833955, on how he's fucking insane

I saw a little girl outdoors: She had pigtails and was walking around, looking behind her and up to the buildings or the sky. She looked confused and worried. Maybe she wanted me to save her from her terrible life and for us two to live together…


—Anonymous 47ae211000a6a8.34833955, knows exactly what girls are thinking

Ether works great. Aqua-dots used to work better. Crush up Ambiens and inject into juice containers for best results.


—Anonymous 47ae211000a6a8.34833955, Do-It-Yourself and stop asking for CP

In addition, it also contains lots of fun polls where you can see the results to discover that a significant portion of the users have raped children, a significant portion of the users who are parents have molested their own children, etc.

AnonTalk's "free speech" claims

Pretty much anything you want to say is banned and "If you bypass this, you will get banned."

Kimmo and his pedosheep spread the big lie that AnonTalk is a free speech site. Anyone who even hints on their forum that it's not a free speech site will get banned and their IP address redirected to Last Measure.

AnonTalk's FAQ unintentionally gave quotes of how AnonTalk actually is:

  • "All the countless inane technical and usability issues aside, they randomly censor "controversial" posts and ban people "for fun"."
  • "All these fucking high-on-power hypocrites (commonly known as "modfags"), preaching their pseudo-moralistic values and shoving their random rules down our throats."

Kimmo is so insane that if you make a post with an opinion different from him or something he wants to keep secret on his website and send it to show preview and never post it, if he's online, he will read everything sent to show preview and within minutes he will ban your IP from the site, purely out of a crazed sadistic stalker nature. He will then of course go around screaming about how his site has no traffic and how the internet is working to silence his "free speech website".

His site has a million word-filters and all of them are stupid. All intelligent discussion is banned. Furthermore, if Kimmo has spammed a website, then any word related to it also is blocked. Pretty much the entire internet is blocked.

Kimmo and his regulars, of course, are always on a mission to lure young children to the forum so they can be lured to a pedophile's basement. However, every child that has come has been banned automatically by the site's software for failing to have 100% perfect grammar and spelling. This has been mentioned to Kimmo who has promptly ignored it and banned those who mentioned it.

AnonTalk's FAQ does clarify the "free speech" that it allows:

  • "What I mean by "uncensored" is that, for example, "little girl lover" discussions are allowed" Kimmo originally had this quote in there boasting that his site is for pedophiles. After having his website banned by every registrar, he has later edited this down and tried to deny his site was a pedophile site.

Basically, you can discuss raping your 3 year old granddaughter, raping your toddler, and exchanging links on where to find CP. For everything else, it's actually easier to get your message on national TV than to get it to stay on AnonTalk for an hour. The only thing people are allowed to say is content in 100% support of pedophilia. That is all. If people say anything else, Kimmo and his mods will delete it. Any messages that remain there that are exceptions are posted by either Kimmo or his mods.

The whole pickiness on spelling and grammar is a complete lie. They only exist so Kimmo has an excuse as to why he deletes a post. Fact is that all threads that are pro-pedophile can written in the style of JeffK and they're just fine with them. For example, topic 14634 has been up for over 11 months.

In reality, Kimmo neither cares about spelling/grammar nor is good at it. His bulletins are chock full of grammar errors like, "Due to the fact that nobody ever better themselves, this board no longer has a concept of temporary ID bans — they are all permanent."

AnonTalk also auto-bans people for typing in ALL CAPS when most of Kimmo's bulletins are just that. What's more, Kimmo did an angry bulletin once full of his signature phrases UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! and FUCKING IDIOTS! saying he'll ban anyone who starts a sentence with "And", saying it's incorrect grammar, yet all the while, he'll regularly start his own sentences with "And" even on his baywords downtime status site, totally forgetting what he just said.

You will also get your IP address banned and redirected to Last Measure if you do anything such as: voting on a poll in a way that Kimmo doesn't like, entering "kimmo" into his magic 8ball bot "The Oracle" that doesn't post anything to the forum or entering "kimmo" anywhere on the site, etc.

In addition, if you evade your Anontalk bans, Kimmo will have you banned from the internets:

Repeatedly bypassing bans here will cause you to get abuse reported to your Internet service provider and permanently cut off from the entire Internet.





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When Kimmo, as he calls it, "spreads the word".
It's very frustrating that none of you seem to lift a finger to spread the word.


—Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, May 2009 bulletin

Why are you reading this instead of posting quality topics and spreading the word?


—Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, May 6, 2010 bulletin. He forgot that he set it so his users were required to read all new bulletins before they could make further posts.

Why are you not spreading the word?


Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, July 21, 2009 bulletin

I've asked you countless times, but you just won't spread the word…?


—Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, September 16ish, 2009 bulletin

AnonTalk does have users, but how did they find the site in the first place? The site has never purchased ads, not that a pedophile site would be allowed to in the first place. Is it search engines?

Google can go fuck itself. It gives us virtually no traffic and has hardly indexed any of the pages despite having a custom sitemap in their format and doing everything technically right. It is painfully obvious that Google has added a manual censorship flag on this domain. Your help is thus needed to spread the word in other ways.


—Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, July 2009 bulletin

No, it's not search engines.


Wait, one person is spreading the word:

It's very sad and frustrating that you consistently completely ignore me when I ask you to spread the word and link here. You obviously don't. The traffic that does come seems to be (more or less) exclusively due to my own efforts.


—Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, portion from a September 19, 2009 bulletin

Hmm what efforts might those be?

Spamming of 4chan

This service/Web site is 100% legal and its servers have never and will never violate any rules, such as sending spam.


—Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, Legal

Anontalk is what happens when you stick a hamster up your butt.jpg
AnonTalk NEVER spams, obviously.
Nope, not one bit.

Time Magazine [2] says "Spammers don't even bother to spam 4chan." But anyone who has been to 4chan can tell you that every single thread has "w w w . A n o n T a l k . c o m" in it, often several times. Time Magazine, of course, is what Wikipedia considers a reliable source. later changed to a huge image macro and they increased their spamming so that 50% of all /b/ posts are spam. Even when /b/ goes down and no one can post, this bot is still able to post somehow. Spooky. AnonTalk even has a thread surveying the site [3] and everyone there found the site through spam on various chans.

Anontalk takes it too far (march 2010)

Kimmo, while having a life mostly consisting of fail, actually managed to make some win on the internets with his autistic compulsive superpowers. He succeeded in trolling moot with an epic spamflood that had been going on for over 9000 years.

On 10 March 2010, in utter desperation, Moot posted the following message in the top of all boards on 4chan:

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Kimmo Alm Emails.

Obviously, the posting of this message resulted in Anontalk being gangbanged by Anonymous for the over 9000th time, as can be seen by the following message on the Anontalk status page on March 20:


I’ve tried everything, but the old server is just too weak. Since you never donate, I have tried countless things to optimize everything, but it’s simply not got the power needed. Right now, it’s being maintained, which takes forever.


— Anontalk getting pwned again

But, as always, Anontalk survived the raep and a couple of weeks later moot removed his desperate outcry despite the spam still being epic in proportions. Result: Anontalk gained huge exposure on 4chan for free. Kimmo couldn't have hoped for better publicity in his wildest wet pedophilic dreams.

Meanwhile on #anontalk

<Sysop> Can you access AT?
<zork> im on skype with annabelle
<zork> lol
<zork> yeah i can :)
<zork> Slow though
<rnd> only if i use
<rnd> doesn't work
<zork> i use
<zork> works
<zork> but slow
<rnd> doesn't work either
<Sysop> Fucking retards. This planet is full of worthless dumbcunts who all try to destroy anything that is good.
<zork> True
<Sysop> I have to get a hardware firewall now.
<zork> Sounds awesome, i have no idea what it is
<Sysop> I don't even have money for fucking food.

Sysop spams TOW constantly

The sysop of AnonTalk, under the impression that Wikipedia is full of pedophiles, lets his spambot loose there. Of course, too lazy to write a proper spambot that inserts links into all articles, he just had a bot that pretended TOW was a message board and his bot did to TOW what he does to 3-year-old boys. So Wikipedia did this[email protected]/2008-06/msg00904.html

Butthurt, Sysop posted anonymously pretending to be some innocent third party with a fake story:

Anonymous 21cc9a050a0d5529e7644530ce4cd225 started this discussion 3 months (2008-07-04 02:04:06 UTC) ago:

I repeatedly tried to add AnonTalk as an article, with a well written text about the site, but within seconds some fucking faggot inserted a "tag" which "speedily deletes" it and posts a lot of pre-written drivel on my user page. Now the article is blocked from being created at all.

Don't bother wasting your time contributing to that shitty site — your edits will just get reverted instantly by the 16-year-old mods who sit on huge butt plugs and fap to their powers as they destroy your work and ban you. Same story as always…

An example spam is this unsneaky spam. Kimmo often hits the same article over and over; see the history of "Until It Sleeps"; now he's spamming the link of 4chan in the same article, big surprise.

Kimmo's spam of Wikipedia is so bad that Wikipedia's Abuse Filter even has four of them for AnonTalk, #7, #215, #228, and #230. You can even see the spam flooding in here with #7, #215, #228, and #230.

To top it off, many bots copy Wikipedia articles and sections of them verbatim without reading them. Occasionally, this will happen while AnonTalk spam is still on a Wikipedia article. This has resulted in AnonTalk's spam spreading far and wide everywhere!

Kimmo is also known to spam ED, FuckedCompany, KKK and every other site with a submit function.

AnonTalk ads

On July 2, Kimmo published a bunch of posters in PDF format on the /save_AT page. If you ever encounter one of these posters in real life, make sure to contact your local police station immediately, most likely there's a child molester living nearby. Be sure to point out that AnonTalk is a pedophile site and display evidence of this.

However, Anonymous soon abused this as well. A guy named "ltamake" added a "poster" that actually had a copy of ATBBS hidden inside of it (original can be seen here). Kimmo raged, deleted the image, and posted a bulletin about it. After that, he stopped accepting posters.

AnonTalk's attempts to destroy other websites

Kimmo gets ISPs to block 4chan

Main article: AT&T Blocks 4chan

As the press such as Fox News [4] have mentioned, Kimmo used IP address spoofing combined with DDoSing and filing lots of false reports to cause major ISPs like AT&T, Comcast, and Cogent Communications to block access to 4chan.

Kimmo vs Tinychan

You are still hosting the illegal clone "" of my Web site on your servers. Remove it immediately or I will sue you for $100,000/day. Respond to me ASAP.


—Kimmo Alm, On being fucking crazy

Tiny-hime fucks up Kimmo's shit
Kimmo Alm often used to throw fits at a people he had promoted to moderator.

Jan Martin was one of the first moderators ("wiseguys") of AnonTalk back in 2008. After being unmade as a wiseguy in 2009, Jan founded the first clone of AnonTalk and began spamming it on AnonTalk. Lulz followed.

You have 24 hours to take down your AnonTalk clone or I will contact your
host and get them to remove it for me. I've done it before to another
thief and I will do it again. I will also contact PayPal and you will lose
your account with them if you keep this up. Sorry. It's nothing personal,
but I cannot allow you to drag my hard work around in the dirt like this.
Maybe you are just a kid who got inspired by my work. Sort of flattering,
I guess, but you need to think for yourself!

Thank you in advance for understanding and cooperating.

> Unfortunately sysop your copyright claims are unfounded, unless you can
> specifically show me the piece of coding which conflicts with your
> copyright terms I have no reason to take down or make any changes to my
> site.

Are you blind or just a little dumb? It's a clone. Admittedly a crappy
one, but still a clone. The worst part is that you don't even give any
credits and claim copyright on top of it.

Take it down, kid, and do something original.

> In fact I hadn't even heard of your site until a user mentioned it to me.

Bullshit. Take it down.

> Now that I have seen your site I am very disappointed to even be
> associated with the content posted there. Pedophilia is a crime, and if
> you aren't part of the solution you're part of the problem.

Now I'm 100% sure that you are a retard.

Your site will be taken down.

> I apologize for being so aggressive, I understand that you are suffering
> from a serious mental disability.

Tinychan shut down January 2010 due to DDoS.

Ever since then, AnonTalk and Tinychan have spammed and DDoSed each other back and forth. Eventually the DDoSing got Tinychan kicked off Dreamhost, though Kimmo being the pathological liar he is claimed that it was all his complaints to Dreamhost that did it. Then Tinychan moved to 4chan for extra lulz.

Kimmo's fraudulent DMCAs on YouTube

In March 2010, Kimmo has been filing fraudulent DMCAs for non-copyright violating YouTube videos about him or his website and he has been filing them under the name of one of his enemy, Jan Martin. TehBigToaster later claimed that he actually did this, but who the fuck knows?

He has hit every single video mentioning him or AnonTalk on YouTube. A small selection of the biggest loses are: YouTube Favicon.png Anon5850 who has been posting a video of Anon visiting Kimmo's home. He also took down the funny Hitler video. He has also been hitting YouTube Favicon.png Kakashi465 who has posted several rant videos against the pedophiles of anontalk. Below are Kakashi465's responses:

Kimmo, in his usual style, has basically admitted to all the false DMCA claims. Dmca admission.png

Countering AnonTalk

Operation Antfuck: The Empire Strikes Back

"What did YOU do in Operation Antfuck, daddy?"
Operation Antfuck

See also:

On December 12th 2008 Anonymous finally says NO U to AnonTalk's constant shitpost spamming clogging up all the *chans' tubes and declares WOAR!!! on the Swedish meatball "Sysop".

All the *chans were vigorously spammed with the raid date of December 13th/14th (GMT) and several IRC channels were set up -from Rizon to to better coordinate a massive DDoS of AnonTalk faggotry.

Although ED itself does not troll or conduct raids, the Queen and her court gave their blessings to these fearless and godly Internet Superheroes, wished them God speed, and dispatched reporters to the battlefield.

A day before AnonTalk was to be buttræped, Anon's forward scouts ascertained that AnonTalk was completely down and this intel led many to believe that Sysop had pulled the plug on his crappy site to evade the wrath of Anon. There was also speculation that since he'd recently had his advertising pulled and his GayPal suspended with the loot still in it, AnonTalk was dead because of massive amounts of FAIL. However, /b/tards awoke to fresh AnonTalk spam copypasta threatening legal action to anyone foolish enough to DDoS without 7 proxies. This was met with raging boners and joy that the faggot was going to try and put up a fight.

Ultimately, nothing of value was lost and AnonTalk came back a couple of days after spending some quality time with teh rAIDS. Meanwhile, 4chan's /b/ came to a grinding halt after hundreds of newfags deserted the sinking ship as it was getting walloped with a tsunami of spam. For a few glorious hours, /b/ was almost as good as it never was; /b/tards didn't have to bump their own posts and threads didn't 404 in 30 seconds.

Remember, remember, the 13 of December
AnonTalk, 6pm 4chan time, and DoS.
I see no reason why victim, time, and method
Should ever be forgot...

/b/rothers, let me speak frankly for a second.

Despite /b/ never being good, Despite the newfag cancer. Despite large amounts of fail, /b/ is still my favorite place to hang out. We are Anonymous. We create the lulz that everyone tries to copy. We create jokes that turn into overused internet pop culture. There is no substitute for /b/. We all are cells of a larger being. Each of us just as important as the other. We are Anonymous. We are legion.

Make Anontalk suffer. It is a blight upon the face of our internet and a mockery to our power.

Never forgive. Never forget.


—Anonymous to Anonymous


AntFuck poster

Long ago, AnonTalk declared war on Anonymous and moot. When moot was winning the Time 100 Influential people poll by a landslide, Kimmo used his spambots and his army of brainwashed followers (called AnTs) to downvote moot until even the Jonas Brothers exceeded moot. (Keep in mind Kimmo was spamming his site to /b/ at the same time, too. He is always spamming his site to /b/.) Anonymous could not stand this faggotry, so a few Anons decided to do Operation Antfuck 2. However instead of using methods like DDoS that have always worked, they just tried to post insults to the forum and they didn't even use the proper technique. The raid was a failure.


April 11'th, everyone gathered in some IRC channel where we met this dude named "f." f seemed like a pretty cool guy, eh was talking about taking down AT and shit and didn't afraid of anything. Until all of a sudden, he used his botnet to take down the site about an hour before the raid was set to commence, which was after the irc used bwraep to suck down around half of AT's reported normal monthly allotted bandwidth. /b/ rejoiced, some more anons wanted more justice so they egged f on to take down as proof it was in fact him that DDoSd AT. Which he did. Fin.

Kimmo surrenders

Sysop announces his surrender

On April 17, after recovering from a three-day period of downtime, Sysop announced that he would stop spamming the chans. Once again, Anonymous has proven himself to be unstoppable and immune to all attacks. But Anonymous will not stop in his quest until this horrible travesty of a site is crushed into the ground, because no one who comes up against anonymous lives to tell the tale. So get reporting to his ISP and the FBI, etc.!

Less than two weeks later, the spam resumed and the great circle of spam was complete.

Trolling the site

Kimmo's so-called advanced artificial intelligence moderation system is in fact a bunch of crude word filters and a lot of banned hostnames. Beyond that, there is no automated moderation at all. When nobody is moderating the site, it instantly fills with posts that Kimmo doesn't like.

Some wiseguy [Kimmo-speak for assistant moderator] traitor (hopefully not you) has apparently leaked screenshots of the internal tools here. Fuck him/her and burn in hell.


—Kimmo "Sysop" Alm, privately to his assistant moderators

Want to make a new thread and not wait 3 minutes? Don't use the restore ID function as that makes you wait 3 more minutes each time. Simply export a dozen AnonTalk IDs and to import nto your browser for later.

Because of his complete lack of friends (both online and IRL) Kimmo goes nuts when no one posts for more than an hour. Therefore it is probably best to only spam when other people are actively posting because otherwise you'll just be giving him something to do.

By 2010, every single "wiseguy" on his site was a secret troll. The only reason they remove trolling is that Kimmo will unmake them if they don't.

Additional trolling techniques

As it is near impossible to post on Anontalk through a proxy (which you will probably need due to Sysop's constant arbitrary shitlisting), it has become necessary to find new ways through which to troll the fuck out of the site over and over again.

  • Create a clone - download AnotherTalk's free open source code for ATBBS and go create an AnonTalk clone. Kimmo is pretty pissed about it and tries to shut every clone down with fake abuse reports and DDoS attacks. Source code is on the bottom left of the page here. Kimmo considers all similar software to be illegal clones, despite the fact that his software is a clone of UBB.classic, written in 1996.
  • Polls - The AT polls have absolutely no restriction on who can vote on them. Get behind a proxy and vote down any idea for changes to the site or anything that promotes paedophilia (or in fact anything that Sysop likes). The more people do this, the more likely it is that Sysop will be butthurt over the amount of people not subscribing to his ideals. Sysop now bans people for voting in both female and male polls, now 99% of his userbase has left/been banned for being transexual. He really fucking rages hard when you vote on both male and female polls so make accounts just to do that over and over.
  • Private Messages to Harass Sysop - It used to be the "wishing well" that did this but Kimmo has since blocked it. However, still works but only if your host name isn't banned. But what will work is to file an elaborate abuse report. Kimmo blocked it so only regulars can use it, but it still works if the hostname is banned. To bypass it, edit your cookies from so num_posts is in the hundreds and you can use it again. Then you can just bomb those shit in and nothing is stopping them. Kimmo will shit himself. Or go to and use a bot or script to generate random junk.
  • Post shit - It is easy to get unbanned from AnonTalk. Try to make a "quality post" using Tor... It won't work, but if Kimmo notices you tried to post something decent and were blocked, he will whitelist you. (Save your ID/password until he does this.) Once you're whitelisted, go ahead and troll, spam or post copypasta (that always works well).
  • Discuss the site with a thread - Start a thread that makes a negative comment on the site. Kimmo hates people saying anything bad about his precious board.
  • Rogue Wiseguy - This one takes a bit of time and planning. Kimmo is so desperate for Wiseguys that his requirements are stupidly low - 100 posts. All you need to do is *shudder* contribute 100 quality posts, then apply to be a Wiseguy saying something like "I've always hated Retardchan, I want to help banish its idiotic users from the Best Site in the World™" and when Kimmo makes you a wiseguy, you are free to go completely batshit and ban fucking everyone. Be warned, when he catches you he will ban you, shitlist you and scramble your password. Who cares? You'll have caused enough rage that he'll shit bricks.

Wiseguy lulz.png
The above was performed by an anonymous Tinychan user on a wiseguy ID that Joe DDM (a somewhat notorious TC namefag) had donated to him with this as the intent; however, Joe DDM could not do this himself because his parents found out that he was using AnonTalk and threatened to take away his laptop if he ever went on that site again.

Kimmo starts to break

"I'm losing money every day."
OK. That's it. I will no longer be working on the board until there is tons of quality traffic. There is no point in working this hard constantly just to please a couple of assholes who never donate and never spread the word or link here anyway. I'm losing money every day from being ignored while running the best site on the Web, which nobody knows about because you stupid fucks suck. It's up to YOU now. (Since you won't lift a finger to help me even now: fuck off and eat shit. AT is dead.)


—Sysop begins to see sense at last.

Keep fucking with him. He's nearing a breakdown.

New strategy results in win

On August 26, 2009, DNS host Gandi gave Anontalk the boot.

Feel free to donate some money… we’ll need it.

The gross incompetence and total disregard for somebody else’s property out there is… staggering.


The victory was short-lived, as Kimmo moved the site onto Network Solutions. But that was just a ticking time bomb as it's well known they won't tolerate bad sites. August 31, Network Solutions realized that they wanted nothing to do with a faggot who managed to get kicked off of Paypal, Google AdSense, and GoDaddy--just to name a few. AND Kimmo got his SSL certificate revoked. Lots of jewgold was flushed down the drain.

Whenever his domain goes down, nobody visits his site. The only posts during that time are obvious fake content of Kimmo talking to himself so he can avoid showing a three day gap in new threads.


March 2010: Kimmotherapy

Promotional poster for Operation Kimmotherapy

Some faggots that assembled in IRC devised a new strategy, because obviously they would be successful and not fail like the other /b/tards. To combat these new methods, Kimmo lost a lot of sleep while coding advanced artificial intelligence.

TL;DR: a botnet flooded "WHY DO YOU BULLY LOLI?" and a script shitposted a bunch of memes. Kimmo RAGED.

The Kimmotherapy raid was ultimately fail, but some dedicated anons split off to form Some 11-year-olds and continued the trolling.

It appears as if somebody finally has figured out how to use bots here. Sigh…


—Kimmo has a brief moment of clarity - March 26, 2010


Kimmo didn't build his CP bunker to withstand a biblical flood
  1. Kimmo b& all wiseguys
  2. Kimmo’s domain registrar threatened a takedown for CP links (Dear Leader had to do new programming)
  3. Kimmo’s domain registrar disabled for CP links
  4. The board spent multiple three-hour periods in lockdown mode
  5. AT was taken down for “major database maintenance
  6. Page views and new replies dropped significantly
  7. Kimmo b& browsers with empty user-agents
  8. The notes system was disabled for new users
  9. Dear Leader made a slew of grammatical errors in PMs
  10. The front page was filled with week-old topics
  11. No “grinds my gears” topics were posted

It’s very difficult to detect and I’m not sure how to stop this shit.


—WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? - March 26, 2010

Theft of the domain

Some 11-year-olds continued to harass Kimmo and report him to various agencies. Dear Leader, after failing to heed their warnings, was dropped from DNS services on April 5, 2010.

The next day, not understanding that nobody wants to have his pedo site anywhere near their servers, Kimmo tried to register Anontalk's domain with EuroDNS, this was not left unnoticed by some heroic TCers, who quickly logged on their Twitter accounts and contacted EuroDNS, demanding an answer for a simple but very important question:

@EuroDNS, why are you providing services for the paedophile website ?


—WHY DO YOU BULLY LOLI - April 6, 2010

EuroDNS, fearing that Chris Hansen would show on their door with a couple of vans and some seats, did the only reasonable thing they could and set AT's registry to

We are not providing any services and we have actually closed the site as soon as we were notified of its content. Thank You.


Gentlemen, we are winning

On April 12 the domain returned and was properly resolving to PRQ. It seemed like the battle was lost, but some 11-year-olds kept thrusting like they were fucking your mom. Victory was set in stone on April 16, when EuroDNS set the domain to a 30-day deletion period called “redemptionPeriod” and the root DNS servers stopped resolving

…the domain registrar is stealing my domain… this is a nightmare.


—Kimmo, on losing the war

Anonymous promptly back-ordered the domain and is currently awaiting the mid-May transfer of ownership. Meanwhile, they continue to rape the corpse of, now known as

Here lies ANT / Born from CP and raised with spam / Killed by CP and buried in spam.


—Burn in hell.

Bye bye DNS

I simply cannot kill my own child, so I will continue running AnonTalk BBS even without the domain. I consider it lost and even if I somehow get it back, I will not use it; only about two registrars in the world remain and they would likely soon reject it anyway. http:// or https:// followed by are now, unfortunately, the official addresses to AT. I have removed most instances of references to ".com" around the site and will update any remaining ones later. Proxy hosts continue to work for now.


—Kimmo, 29th of April 2010

Why EuroDNS did what they did

  • They hate pedophiles
  • Kimmo mailbombed them
  • They tried posting on Kimmo's site and got this:
Error: Our trusty ol' Trollbuster 2000™ has detected, most likely correctly, that you are a worthless little psycho bitch troll. Thus, you have been automatically banned and shitlisted without the need for any human moderator to even lift a finger. How does that make you feel? Bouncing up and down in your diaper? (Go fuck yourself and don't ever come back here, you utter waste of oxygen.)


—Kimmo's website automatically does this if you give the new URL to AnonTalk,, the URL to his status page, or anything because it has "kimmo" in it

  • They read Kimmo's bulletins

Domain purchased

On May 23rd, some fagtardicus purchased the domain after it was put out for sale again. A web-based chat room was set up in its place. Kimmo then started to rage, sending emails to the person who bought the domain demanding him to give him the domain back (although it would probably just be dropped again). On this night Tinychan raved, with Tinychanners asking the domain owner to redirect the site to other sites and such, such as and free screensavers.

The owner of the domain then pointed towards Tinychan, forever pwning Kimberley. In fact, was already a blacklisted word on his forum beforehand. Shortly after, a clone of AnonTalk was set up, Kimmo performed DDoS plus crapflood attacks contaning Grawp-style death threats. was also briefly used to host a mirror of WikiLeaks.

Death of Anontalk

"Last topics created 5 hours, 8 hours and 9 hours ago." ← I'll be killing AT forever very soon. The reason is that after all this time, I have received nothing but shit for all my hard work and the site is still dead, completely regardless of what I do. There is no hope anymore. I've been trying to warn you about this, but nobody has listened. The final straw was how even PRQ stabbed me in the back by hosting an illegal phishing clone, giving me bullshit excuses and ignoring all my arguments. Bye.


—Kimmo Alm, giving up.

On September 2010, Minichan's "phishing clone board" went up and began spamming Anontalk, which, combined with other factors, caused Kimmo to cease his angry bulletins for 4 days from the 13th to the 17th. On the Seventeenth of September, 2010, at approx. 1.30PM GMT, Kimmo Alm finally snapped.and closed down Anontalk forever.

Return of Anontalk

Rising anew from the ashes like Phoenix the bird.

*rises anew from the ashes like Phoenix the bird* I refuse to go. It took some serious convincing of my creator, whose only workstation died on top of everything, but I somehow got him to pay twice of what he used to (which was already pushing it) for a far better server for me (which is also relatively weak and technically ancient, though). You should probably help out for real this time and start actually spreading the word, posting quality stuff, donating money and all that…


—Kimmo Alm, pretending to be a sentient board AI, and proving once and for all that a leopard never changes it's spots.



—Kimmo Alm, feeding the trolls.

However, Kimmo necromanced his shitty shambling corpse of a board within 5 days, and followed up with the usual 'I can't kill my child' and 'Stop being dead and start spreading the fucking word this time... or else!' bulletins. He likely considers this an epic win, as he will have shown his users that he's not just a lame duck empty threat machine, and is totally super srs about closing it if more people don't come, but ironically his closing it will have driven almost all his remaining users away, and most of them will never return.

Second Death of Anontalk

On Thursday 14th October, some hero started hammering the shit out of Alm's server. Technically, this isn't a DDoS, because it's not actually distributed: one or a very small number of high-bandwidth servers are being used for the attack instead of a botnet. These types of attacks are normally trivial to stop since there's normally no more than half a dozen IPs that need to be blocked at the router level (as compared with hundreds or thousands with a real DDoS). It isn't known why Kimmo hasn't stopped it, but many speculate that he likely pissed off PRQ to the point that they are not willing to help him, likely because he sent death threats and/or spammed their support ticket system. Since the site just had the usual 'I will kill AT soon if you don't spread the word' bulletins a short while before that, most of the regulars simply assumed that the site was shut down once again, ensuring that the shitty website will be even deader than it was before. However, those who know anything about the internet will realise that the error message is a timeout message as opposed to a cannot find server message. The site is still down as of October 31st, and the person or persons behind the attack wish to remain Anonymous. Since AnonTalk's death, the regular users of Kimmo's site have migrated from his unauthorized illegal clone to several of the legal clones.

Second Return of AnonTalk

Remember, remember, the fourth of November. Kimmo brought PedoTalk back from the dead yet again on an American Host called Black Lotus with DDoS protection. Despite being hosted in the United States, they don't seem to give a shit about all of the questionable material on the site. Kimmo tried really hard for about 2 weeks to keep his rage bulletins to a minumum. Of course, being Kimmo Alm he quickly lost his shit, spurred along by faggots from a different, shitty BBS coordinating crapfloods on an IRC channel. After a few nights of being mercilessly spammed, Kimmo showed how far gone he really is when he posted this bulletin:

The minimum amount of posts to bypass pre-moderation has been raised from 10 to 100 due to all the worthless subhuman fucktards posting only to get established and then spamming their illegal clones here. New wiseguys needed since at least one of the previous set was a traitor (AGAIN) and it's impossible to know which one; all three deny it as always. You should have a minimum of 2,000 posts and your ID should be at least 2 years old. Or donate a minimum of $500 (but then you still need 500 posts minimum).]


—Kimmo Alm, on how moderating his shitty site is something you need to pay 500 dollars for the privilege to do

Losing the ability to easily flood the site, a boycott of AnonTalk was called for, and only a couple of hours in, Kimmo exploded with rage. Because you now have to have your first 100 posts pre-moderated by Kimmo, there is really no point in trolling the site, but cuntbots are still A-OK. AnonTalk's activity dropped to virtually zero.

Third Death of Anontalk

Depending on the response from a certain company, this might be the last bulletin ever. If AT goes down today, I simply have no means of keeping it on-line anymore, nor do I really have any will to after being treated like shit for so long for creating and running the best Web site on the Internet.


—Kimmo, 20/11/2010.

On November 19th, 2010, ltamake opened a new clone called on Kimmo's host, Black Lotus. The clone ran his proprietary (he will release the source code soon) ALTBBS, which is an exact clone of AnT. This made Kimmo rage (supposedly, BL got DMCA takedown notices and rage from him, but never forwarded it to ltamake), and he soon came to his senses by shutting down AnonTalk. The guy, ltamake says he will continue the clone, but it will be moved to the Tinychan server since he cannot afford Black Lotus. Ant dead.png

Third return of Anontalk

On November 27th, Anontalk went online again, this time making the ability to read kimmos bulletins a privilege for regulars only. Reading Kimmo rage was the only reason for anyone to visit Anontalk anymore, the shambling corpse of the site is suspected to be even more dead this time. UPDATE: As of 11 January, the bulletins are public again, probably because Kimberly realised people were just reading them at IWantABro anyway.

Anontalk Turns Three

Kimmo, in true self congratulatory manner, has posted a massive block of text proclaiming himself a programming genius and celebrating the fact that his aborted fetus of a shitty board will soon turn three. Preparations are already underway for completely not giving a shit. Laugh, cry, but ultimately be afraid of just how our Kimmo is losing his mind, here (at least until it's hosted somewhere else). Pay careful attention to the posts made by his "fans" to get a true sense of his madness.

I've really put my soul into this carefully crafted piece of art (do you think that is that going too far?)


—Kimmo Johan Alm, going too far

To the surprise of absolutely nobody but Kimberly, PedoTalk's birthday did not result in his site magically becoming popular as he described in the thread above. This has led to a stream of RAGE bulletins, and even threats of flouncing.

I'm closing AT for good very soon unless there is a drastic change for the better. There's nothing but trolls and fucktards on the entire Internet; the cancer has spread too far and I've been unable to heal it because nobody helps me in any way, not even by posting here. I've wasted so much time writing abuse letters to ISPs who ignore me completely and refuse to cooperate in the least, keeping horribly illegal sites online forever while gladly fucking with AT constantly. There is no hope left. Eat my shit.



While he sadly did not follow through with the threat, he has continued to descend further into madness. He has now started inexplicably posting bulletins as "Sgt. Sysop".


The 4th death of Anontalk

On April 25th 2011 Anontalk died. This is the last bulletin Kimmo posted:

Important: > 33 topics


Even I have a limit where I won't take this fucking bullshit from you any longer. You've come very close to that lately. If you have any interest in saving AT, start spreading the word massively to at least hundreds of new people each, every single day, from now on. Take this seriously.


— Kimmo Johan Alm, before the death of Anontalk.

As it turned out, Black Lotus finally told him to GTFO.

On May 1st, Anontalk was replaced with a massive tl;dr page from Kimmo stating that AnT would not be coming back until he had made a lot of money for himself. No one knows when or if that will happen, or if it's just Kimmo-speak for becoming an hero.

AnT final message.png

AnonTalk BBS is now completely dead and will never return

On 18 August 2011, Kimmo finally realised that he will never be an eccentric billionaire and wrote a rather lulzy paragraph on his site.

AnonTalk dead.png

In addition, his personal site contained this simple message:

No Hope For Humanity.png

Watch the Stockholm obituaries carefully, ladies and gents!

The Current State of now hosts Kimmo's shitty webgames, and his English Guide For Dummies. Is a DDoS eminent? Only time will tell.

The Book of Kimmo

See AnonTalk/The Book of Kimmo

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